Catch the spiritual cognition

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 Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The greatest wealth in life is spiritual cognition. When you are cornered, when you are in crisis, when you are suffering, don’t think money is security! Spiritual cognition is security. Making decisions out of spiritual understanding is the ultimate security. Try to catch the spiritual cognition – means, taking decisions out of spiritual understanding. If you are not able to make any decision, but the suffering is too much, at least surrender to the spiritual understanding. Please understand, how you behave when you are cornered, when major support in your life is suddenly taken away, that is your original face! When you are in crisis, if you try to find security in spiritual cognition – you are a Brahmana. If you run and hide and try to find security in money - you are a Vaishya. If you run and hide and try to find security in power - you are a Kshatriya. If you run into unconsciousness, hither & thither, like an elephant runs when you throw crackers at it - you are a Shudra.

Spiritual freedom is, not having suffocation inside. Till your cognizance is completely soaked in spirituality, till all your understanding about you, life, everything, becomes a spiritual cognition, there is bound to be suffocation in you. Spiritual freedom is the ultimate wealth; anything else you call as wealth destroys your life. I am trying to define and create spiritual freedom in every human being. Living Enlightenment is nothing but making all your life’s decisions based on the spiritual understanding.


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