Creativity is choiceless explosion

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Basic law is, everybody is good at everything. The moment you say you are good at something, not good at something else, over! It is a simple ego game. And I tell you, even your own ego is not very clear what you want or don’t want! So anything falls on you as responsibility, take it up. Choice in work is nothing but you trying to strengthen your confusion, or what you believe as your pattern. If you have a strong preference, it is a strong pattern, break it. If you have no preference and only chaos, that also has to be broken, break it.

Creativity is nothing but the depth of the honesty you express towards your possibility. It has nothing to do with just painting, dancing, singing. Just the way you carry yourself, the way you walk, the feeling you carry about you can be creativity! Even the way you sit with you is creativity. Not because somebody is watching. So work more on creativity, not on change of work.

See, normally it is all about how you feel about you, all the lies, right, wrong, the identity you carry. But once you are initiated and your kundalini is awakened, the identity breaks, explodes, and different feeling happens. Imbalancing of your identity and explosion of higher identity. Because an enlightened being is beautifully established in higher identity, just by a look, he is able to destabilize anybody’s lower identity and push them into higher identity.


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