Swapoornatva kriya Process Instructions

First, please understand that the person in the mirror is the incomplete half of you. So when you complete with the person in the mirror, you restore completion to the person in the mirror and inside you as well. 


·         Sit in a comfortable position facing the mirror

·         Connect with the person in the mirror

·         Look directly into the eyes of the person in the mirror

·    Contemplate on incidents/situations in your life where you experience low level energy emotions such as anger, guilt, frustration, agitation with yourself (incompletion in some form) from those incidents/situations - in the present moment

·         Now take responsibility for liberating yourself from this incompletion that you have kept alive for yourself

·         Re-live those incidents/situations and talk aloud with the person in the mirror

·         Repeat re-living the incidents/situations and continue talking again and again till you experience being free of the low level emotions inside you


Repeat this process each time you are stuck with low level emotions related to yourself.