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In today’stalk on Bhagavad Gita,chapter 6, verses 11 & 12, Swamiji gives specific instructions for sitting in meditation. Sri Krishna tells us to “sit in a clean spot”.Nithyananda expands these words to include not only dusting the physical space before sitting, but also cleansing our inner space of agitation, craftiness and dishonesty. The inner space should be filled with spiritual acceptance. We withdraw from attention to external objects and sit in the silence of unclutching.
Today 108 'The Sammyama' participants successfully completed 21 days of living on liquid while maintaining high energy and normal life and exercise routine. Swamiji blessed them all asking them to live like Gods and shivaganas a complete Nirahari life (people who live wihtout solid food) proving to the world the strength of feeling connection and the power of initiation. He said the next 'The Sammyama' would accomodate participants in any language, and anyone who wanted to repeat 'The Sammyama' are also welcome. All Sammyamas at Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam would be a free offering from Swamiji to the world. Also starting Sep 12th Swamiji will be again starting the 1st level Nirahara Sammyama, so whoever is interested and is above 18 years can join on 2 way during every morning satsang.
Also in today's morning satsang, Swamiji presents a herbal discovery to his followers. While visiting his pontifical seat at Madurai Adheenam, he learned of a siddha medicine (ancient herbal medicine tradition from South India) called kadukka podi (Chebulic Myrobalan or Harra or Haritaki) which purifies the blood and increases oxygen transport. Preliminary investigation has indicated that oxygen levels in the bloodstream may be elevated by 300% above normal. Swamiji  advised his disciples to take 1 tsp of the herb every night before retiring for the day. Anyone with medical problems should first check with their doctor.
Swamiji also announced that going forward the first level programs called ASP/LBP Level 1 and NSP/LBP Level 2 would be called Nithya Dhyanam and Nithya Kriya respectively.
In an interview with the German publication Yoga Management Magazine, Swamiji answers questions about his upcoming World Tour,November 2012 through January 2013. Awakening the World involves awakening our own inner potential energy so that we make a spontaneous leap into super-consciousness.  He explains the natural phenomenon that has occurred as the gravitational field of the Earth is gradually being reduced. This is not a disaster as many fear; rather it is an opportunity to become lighter in being.The reduced gravity affects mainly our thoughts:we have the potential to become more light-hearted and creative.
Also during the satsang Swamiji explains the origin of the name Bidadi. Bidadi is the village next to the headquarters of Nithyananda Dhayanpeetam ashram, near the South Indian city of Bangalore.
When the maharajas (kings) of Mysore (about 4 hours' travel by car from Bangalore) decided to establish a royal seat in Bangalore, they camped in the area where Bidadi lies now while their palace was constructed. Bidadi means "camp" or"temporary lodging".
Swamiji extends the metaphor of living in a "temporary lodging" to our entire life on Earth. We are just visitors here, borrowing a human body for a few decades. When you remember that perspective, we grow more light-hearted and take our circumstances less seriously. Swamiji says beautifully "Be a visitor on planet earth. You will always be in bliss."
Today was the last day of IA program. After puttig the participants through a series of meditations, everyone got their final energy darshan before having a grand feast with 21 naivedyam items from different temples across india. The evening was spent sharing experiences..