Date Title
12-Mar-2018 The Physics Of Guru - Disciple Relationship
06-Mar-2018 Secrets Of How You Sleep, Wake Up And Dream
27-Feb-2018 Circuitry for Power Manifestation - Scientific Secrets Revealed (Intensity and Continuity)
09-Feb-2018 Be Ferocious With Your Boredom And Tiredness
08-Feb-2018 The Inner Space You Carry Is You
09-Jan-2018 41st Jayanthi Message - Humanity has waited too long for Superconscious Breakthrough
17-Dec-2017 Mahasadashivoham - Introduction to Superconscious Breakthrough
10-Dec-2017 Amritattva Aushadha - Reversing the Effect of Tim
07-Dec-2017 Why Your Body Needs Detoxification
28-Nov-2017 Your Self-Doubt Cannot Stop My Initiation For Manifesting Powers
24-Nov-2017 Initiation into Mind Reading
22-Nov-2017 Why Do We Have So Many Gods In Hinduism
21-Nov-2017 Your Body Manifests What You Believe
20-Nov-2017 Be in Tune with the Cosmic Principle of - 'Life is for Others'
19-Nov-2017 Manifesting Desires Through The Third Eye - Online Workshop
17-Nov-2017 We Are a Nation of Integrity
16-Nov-2017 Anubhuti & Anubhava - The Two Sides of an Experience
15-Nov-2017 Initiation to Manifest Powers of Body Scanning & Healing
11-Nov-2017 Maturity Makes You Manifest Life with Kalpataru Process to Manifest Powers NOW
10-Nov-2017 Science of Giving Superconscious Breakthrough to Animals
10-Nov-2017 Ask The Avatar - Rapid Fire Q & A On Facebook Live
05-Nov-2017 Awakening Wealth Consciousness - Aushadha, Sacred Energy Herbs Process
21-Oct-2017 Science of Giving Conscious Breakthrough - Core of Indian Civilization - Nithyananda addresses Ohio
18-Oct-2017 Ask The Avatar - With Meena Das & Ned Narayan - On Art v/s Kalaa, Beings Of Other Planets From HIndu Puranas, Future Of India Revealed
17-Oct-2017 Devotion in Relative Existence & Oneness in Reality - Manifests as Powers
16-Oct-2017 Evolution From Human To SuperHuman MahaSadāshivoham Tour Kicks Off In New York City
14-Oct-2017 Introducing Mahasadashiva & Multiple Dimensions of the Universe - Royal Sacred Secrets
13-Oct-2017 Ask The Avatar - Modern Youth, Freedom & Choices, Rehabilitation, Extraordinary Powers
12-Oct-2017 Ask The Avatar On Avatar’s Ultimate Quality, Cosmic Play, Extraordinary Powers And Powerful Cognitions, 11 Genders, Dimensions Of The Universe
09-Oct-2017 Ask the Avatar - On Gods, Aliens, Reincarnation, Multiple Dimensions, Future of Humanity
08-Oct-2017 Ask The Avatar - Celebrate Guru Bhakti Through Sanyas