Date Title
09-Jul-2017 Guru Purnima 2017 Message – The Sacred Secrets of Guru-disciple Relationship
04-Jul-2017 You Become What You Eat - Why Eat Organic, Vegetarian, Sattvic Food?
03-Jul-2017 Maximize Shaktipata - Prepare With Yoga, Pancha Kriya And Vedic Software
01-Jul-2017 Secrets to Open Your Heart, Experience Breadth Dimension of the Universe
28-Jun-2017 Three Levels Of Yoga From The Veda Agama Tradition
26-Jun-2017 Awaken Yourself With The Power Of The Avatar’s Prana
25-Jun-2017 Morning Spiritual Routine Is The Fuel To Reach Kailasa - (Living Sadāshivoham Process 15)
23-Jun-2017 First Step To Power Manifesting, Shaktipata : Connecting To The Conscious Space
21-Jun-2017 International Yoga Day 2017 Message - Yoga Has Religion, It is Hinduism!
20-Jun-2017 Science Of Accessing Different Dimension Of The Universe - In Your Brain!
05-Jun-2017 Is Your Relationship Demanding Or Does It Leave You Feeling Deprived?
25-May-2017 DEEKSHA - Initiation Gives Humanity The Superconscious Breakthrough
18-May-2017 Pull Yourself Out Of Delusion, Make Integrity Part Of Your Skillset
17-May-2017 Integrity Decide To Vibrate You To The Thought Current You Cherish
01-May-2017 சதாசிவத்துவம் - மனித உடல் எடுத்த எல்லோரையும் அழைக்கின்றேன்!
30-Apr-2017 Fulfill the Thought Current you Cherish Within Yourself; Become an Adheenavasi to BE YOUR OWN BOSS!
23-Apr-2017 Attune to the Logic and Flowing Logic of the Cosmos and Experience the Core of Life
23-Apr-2017 What is the Purpose of Life, and How can it be Realized? A Personal Invitation for YOU!
23-Apr-2017 Manifesting Powers is About Becoming One with the Source of Shakti: Sadashiva!
16-Apr-2017 SADASHIVATVA: Change Your Experience of Life by Awakening Your Depth Dimension
16-Apr-2017 Bring Depth To Your Actions, Experience Sadāshivatva ( Living Sadāshivoham Process Session 10)
10-Apr-2017 "பரமஹம்சரின் கல்பதரு சத்சங்கம் - வாழ்வை கடந்து வாழ்தல்"
09-Apr-2017 From Manifesting Powers to Manifesting Cognitions: Sadashivatva Chalo! The Cosmic Door is Open Now.
02-Apr-2017 Be Your Own Boss Q&A: How to earn profit, stand up as a Leader and much more.
01-Apr-2017 Be Your Own Boss! Develop the Right Cognition to Live a Truly Rich Life as You Want
11-Mar-2017 கல்பதரு - நீங்கள் விரும்புவதை அடைவதில்லை, நம்புவதைத்தான் அடைகிறீர்கள்
10-Mar-2017 Infinite, Infinite, Immediate! Understand This to Open the Spectrum You Have Not Yet Seen
05-Mar-2017 Ask the Avatar with TV Mohandas Pai on Dharma, the Future of World Religions and More
05-Mar-2017 Ask The Avatar with TV Mohandas Pai on Dharma, the Future of World Religions and more
03-Mar-2017 A Celebration of Living Enlightenment: Swamiji's Free Gift to You on Jeevan Mukth Jayanthi
03-Mar-2017 Jeevan Mukti Jayanti 8th Anniversary - The Book is a Living Goddess, Radiating Enlightenment