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In today’s morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals secrets of Kundalini. Kundalini is the largest untapped natural energy source on the planet! Once it is awakened it can grant any wish and accomplish any goal. Swami Vivekananda teaches that when we pray intensely, it is Kundalini which answers our prayers. Kundalini allows us to access the untapped regions of the brain, manifesting miraculous powers and heightened intelligence. How to awaken Kundalini? We can light our lamps only from an already-burning fire. An enlightened master can transmit the frequency to our bio-memory. Nithyananda prepares to confer this initiation in the near future.
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambham Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamam

Nithyananda Paryantaam Vande Guru Paramparam

iss samay hamaare saath upastith sabhi darshakon aur bhakton ka main prem evam aashirvad sahith swagath kartha hoon.

aaj ke iss vishesh satsang mein aapki kundalini shakthi ko jaagrut karnewaale ek adbhut aur asamaaneeya dhyaan mein aap sab deeksha praapth karenge.

Today, we will work on Kundalini Shakthi, experientially understanding and experiencing it. First, I will define Kundalini Shakthi. Please listen!

Kundalini energy is your inner potential bio-energy which is available in your Being in the form of potential. Only with the right method, knowledge and process, when you awaken, it becomes reality in you, realization in you.

Listen! Largest untapped natural resource lying with humanity is Kundalini energy. When you awaken your Kundalini energy with the right knowledge, right context, right understanding and the right technique, right process, it can give you anything you want! Kundalini brings the space of Positivity to you, space of Possibility to you, space of Leadership to you, space of Enlightenment itself to you! Kundalini is Kalpataru; it gives anything you want, and the space of not wanting anything!


pehle kundalini shakthi ki paribhasha suniye. kundalini shakthi aapme upastith jeev urja hai keval usey jaagrut karne ke baad hi vah aapke vaastaviktha ko parivartith kar sakthi hain.

All the techniques, kriyas, yoga, pranayama, meditation, process, rituals, everything is only to awaken your Kundalini, either partially or fully. Vivekananda says beautifully, even during your intense prayers, it is your Kundalini which is awakened and answers to your prayers, responds to your prayers. All the religious traditions, spiritual traditions, mystical traditions, work only on awakening the Kundalini energy. If you remove the methods and process of Kundalini awakening from any religion, they will just become socio-political set-up. It is the Kundalini awakening process brings religiousness to religion. 

It is the Kundalini awakening process brings religiousness to religion, spirituality to spiritual traditions. Other than the Kundalini awakening process, everything else is a socio-political set-up, socio-politico rules and regulations. How the essence of a sweet is Sugar, essence of a religion is Kundalini awakening process.

maanavtha ke saath sabse bada sansaadan har vyakthi ke bheethar ki kundalini shakthi hain. sabhi tantra, pranayama, yoga, kriya, ya sabhi keval aapki kundalini shakthi ko jaagruth karne hethu hi banaaye gaye hain. har dharma ke siddhant evam prakriya aapme upastith kundalini shakthi ko jaagruth karne ke liye hi banaaye gaye hain.


Understand, Kundalini energy is your inner potential energy, inner potential bio-energy, physiological psychic energy.

Psychological physic energy is sex. Physiological psychic energy is Kundalini. Listen! Psychological physic energy is sex. Physiological psychic energy is Kundalini. Means, if it is established in psychological space, but flows towards physical plane, it is lust. Even though it is established in the physical plane, moving towards the psychological plane, it is Kundalini.

Kundalini shakthi aapke jeevan mein sambhaavana laathi hain, sakaaratmaktha laathi hain, nethrutva laathi hain, evam sarvochcha jeevan mukthi bhi laathi hain.

Again and again, science is proving, even in our brain we are using less than 13% one three percent! Even the top scientists, people who are considered the most intelligent beings happened on the Planet Earth, like Einstein, even they all have used only one three percent of their brain, 13% of their brain! Then most of us must be using much less than that. 

Listen! Brain has two parts: one, mechanical parts which takes care of your mechanical functions of the body - movement of blood, movement of intestine, movement of the heart, movement of lungs, just the mechanical basic survival need, management part.



It is like whenever you have bandh in India; means, every once a day! Already we don’t work, why do we need bandh, I don’t understand! Anyhow, we all have wrong methods of showing our protest. So, when we have bandh, we allow the basic survival needs to function, like milk, food, medicine supply. Same way, in your body, practically your whole life you are in bandh! You allow only the basic survival mechanism to function - lungs, heart, intestine, the minimum need. That is what I call mechanical parts of the brain. 

There is other part – non-mechanical parts of the brain which is endowed with extraordinary powers. Please understand, powers like a telepathy, teleporting, materialization, they are no more just mystical or mythological. No! They are math and logical ‘mathological! They are no more mythological. Enough of scientific researches have been done on them - established they are not magic. They are Math and Logic! The possibility for telepathy, teleporting, Kundalini awakenings extraordinary powers like materialization, all these are available in every one of us. Our brains are hardwired to experience higher possibilities, higher consciousness. That part only I call it as non-mechanical parts of your brain. Please listen, there are tons and tons of scientific research done on telepathy. 


Recently I was studying an article. Two persons are made to sit in two different rooms and asked to meditate. If a light is flashed in front of one persons eyes, the other person’s brain also responds to the same light, reacts to the same light as if light is flashed in front of the other persons eyes, even though light is not flashed in front of his eyes! Like this, tons and tons of researches are done to prove the power of telepathy, teleporting, materialization, to prove the possibility human-beings have. 

I commit with you all, before the end of the satsang, you will see in front of your eyes at least some teleportation and materialization. Listen! I have done enough of scientific studies and researches. I have materialized in front of fluoroscope machine, in the CT Scan, MRI scan machine, and I have proved there is no duping or magic or malpractice involved in it. I have already done enough of scientific researches to validate the authenticity of these powers. I am continuing to do some more scientific researches on studying and proving it in more different ambience and conditions. But I have already done these researches in controlled conditions to prove the validity of these powers. 

Listen! Whether you accept or not, understand or not, your body carries at least 70 times more possible energies and powers than what you use in your day-to-day life. Science has proved it through various methods and ways. Just a small alteration in your brain can make you live without food for months! I am not giving you any fantasy theories. I am giving you the practical experience of hundreds of my devotees, my disciples who are living this Nirahara Samyama. May be, next Sunday I will take one special satsangh on Nirahara Samyama and benefits of Nirahara Samyama.


The inner potential energy you have, the possibilities you have is what I call non-mechanical parts of your brain. Awakening your Kundalini, directly awakens the non-mechanical parts of your brain and gives you the extraordinary powers like telepathy, teleporting, materialization and what not! And it gives you the space of Positivity, Possibility, Leadership and Enlightenment.

dhyan se suniye, aapke mastish me do bhaag hain.

ek bhaag vah hain jo aapke dainik yaantrik karyakramo ko karne ke liye aapki sahaayatha karthi hain - jaise aapka chalna, baath karna, ithyadi. yahi bhaag, aapke hruday ko, evam fefde, ithyadi shareer ke ango ko, chalaathi bhi hain.

aapke mashtish ka doosra bhaag aapme upastith gair yaantrik shakthi aur urja ko jagruth karthi hain. kundalini shakthi ki jaagran se yah bhaag aapme jaagruth hotha hain. tab aap materialization, teleportation, jaise asaadharan shakthiyon ka ashTa maha siddhiyon ka anubhav karke unhe vyakth kar sakthe hain.

Anima, Laghima, Mahima, Eeshitvam, Vashitva, Praapti – all these ashTa maha siddhis are possible! Dhyan se suniye, Your brain is hardwired for all these higher possibilities. Just because common man did not have access to this science does not mean it does not exist. Just because common man does not have access to the country’s treasury, you can’t say country’s treasury does not exist. Same way, just because you do not have access to these extraordinary powers, don’t think these powers don’t exist.


aapka dimaag uchcha sambhaavana karne ke liye saksham hain. yahi bhaag aapke dimaag ka gair yaantrik bhaag hain. yeh bhaag har vyakthi ke liye upalabd hain. yahaan, sabhi ashTa maha siddhiyon ko anubhav karke evam unke vyakth karne ki sambhaavana aapke liye upalabd hain.

All these great powers are possible. It is a simple inner science.

Listen! Kundalini Shakthi can directly make you more productive, more aware, more conscious, intuitive, ultimately rich. It will take away the low idea you carry about you. It will take away the lower self-image you carry about you. It will show you your possibilities. It will show you the power of your intuition. It will awaken your intuition. It will awaken your intelligence. You will forget tiredness and boredom. You will do smart work; not just hard work, smart work; and with this smart work, naturally, you will see you are more active, alive, productive in your job, in your business, in your day-to-day life. 


You see, if I say what all ways Kundalini will be useful to you in your day-to-day life, it will look like, if you win a lottery of 100 Crore, you can buy a best shaving blade, you can buy a good cot, you can buy a good flat, you can buy a good chappal, you can buy a good doormat! If I make this statement, how funny it looks! That is exactly it will look if I say what all you can do with Kundalini enerygy. You can just do anything! You can just do anything!

Kundalini shakti seedhi tarah se adhik safaltha, srujanaatmaktha, evam santushTi ke stithi ko aapme jaagruth kartha hain.

It will first bring the space of Positivity in you, Possibility in you and it makes you a Leader. Anywhere you go, people know you are the leader, you are the owner, you are responsible, you are the energy center! 

jab aapme kundalini shakthi jaagruth hothi hai sabse pehle aapme sakaaraatmaktha jaagran hothi hain aur aap jaha bhi rahe vaha aap netha ban jaathe hain.

Dhyan se suniye

It is because of non-availability of the right technique and right gurus, people are in a way distanced from the Kundalini Shakthi and the weird ideas about Kundalini started spreading, fear about Kundalini started spreading.


Kundalini shakthi aapke nijale chavi jo aap apne bheethar rakhthe hain, usey door kar degi . kundalini shakthi aapme sambhaavana evam sakaaraatmaktha laathi hain; aapko nethrutva laati hain.

Soon, very soon, officially I will be starting a mystery school. Of course, unofficially I am literally running a mystery school. Every day my morning satsang and this whole organization is nothing but mystery school. But, soon I will be starting officially the mystery school where this science of Kundalini awakening is taught to everyone from a new born child to elders. Great entry to graceful exit! All level people will be taught the Kundalini Shakthi. You need right understanding and right method, right process and right guru; then Kundalini is practical and extraordinary possible. 

When your Kundalini is awakened, you can just program your bio-memory as you want. Just declare when your Kundalini is functioning, when your body is responding to the kundalini energy, at those moments declare yourself, ‘I am the space of Positivity, Integrity, space of Authenticity, Possibility, space of Responsibility, Leadership, space of Enriching, Enlightenment!’; simply your body and mind will radiate it, and universe will respond to it! When your Kundalini is awakened, when your body is responding to the Kundalini energy, you can heal others and yourself. You can enrich your mind and others mind. You can enrich your body and others body. You can even give energy darshan!


dourbhaagya se sahi guru na hone ke kaaran kundalini shakthi ke vishay ko aap galath nazariye se dekhthe hain aur usey poori tarah se galath samajhthe hain. isiliye aapko aavashyaktha hain sahi guru ki jo aapko sahi tareeke se kundalini shakthi ke baare mein maarg darshan kar sakey aur sahi prakriya se aapki kundalini shakthi ko jaagruth kar sakey.

mera aur meri sanstha ka uddeshya yahi hain. mera aur meri sanstha ka uddeshya yahi hain. main jaldi rahasya shaala banaanewala hoon jaha sabhi sthalon mein logon ko kundalini shakthi sikhayi jaayegi. iss jag mein mahaan pravesh karna se lekar sushobhith roop se nikhaas karna. ab aap aapke bheethar upastith jeev urja kundalini shakthi ka jagran swayam anubhav karenge.  

You can catch the fire for your lamp only from the burning lamp. So, Kundalini also can be transmitted only from a bio-memory in which the bio-energy is already awakened. Bio-memory can be awakened with concepts and ideas. Bio-energy can be awakened only by living it and enlightened consciousness. Only in a bio-energy in which the enlightenment is happening, an awakened bio-energy, awakened Kundalini only can transmit that into another one body, awaken another one person’s Kundalini. 

ab aap aapke bheethar upastith jeev urja kundalini shakthi ka jaagran swayam anubhav karenge.


Kundalini can be awakened by thousands of methods. I usually use four methods.

• One, by giving the right principles about life, mind, body. When you understand the right principles, your Kundalini can be awakened. 

• With the right pranayama, kriya, the Kundalini can be awakened. That is the second method.

• Third, with the initiation, through transmission of the energy, by the touch given on the third-eye, Ajna Chakra.

• Fourth, just by a mere will the transmission of energy can be done.

Through these four methods, Kundalini is awakened. 

In the Nithya Dhyanaa Yoga, I use the first method, giving the right knowledge and awakening your Kundalini.

In Nithya Kriya Yoga, I use the second method, by giving the right process and awakening your Kundalini.

In Healer’s Initiation, I use the third method, by the touch on your third-eye, awakening your Kundalini.

In the satsangs, I use the fourth process, just by the mere will awakening anybody’s Kundalini wherever they sit.

In Inner Awakening, I use all four methods to awaken your Kundalini, so that the awakened Kundalini energy stays eternally, permanently in your Being forever. It becomes part of your bio-energy and bio-memory forever.


Kundalini shakthi kaiii tareeke se jagruth kiya jaa saktha hain.

pehle sahi gyan evam samaj ke dwara,

doosra sahi prakriya ke dwara,

teesra ajna chakra ke jaagruthi ke dwara,

chautha keval ek druD nischay ke dwara.

When a enlightened being awakens your Kundalini, you will not have any negative side-effects. You will only experience all the positive things happening in you.

main hamaar ikkees din ka kaaryakram mein in chaaron tareekon ko upayog karke aapki kundalini shakthi ko jaagruth kartha hoon.

Now, all the viewers on Sadhana channel can see in front of your eyes, thousands of people experiencing Kundalini awakening and body responding to their Kundalini awakening by the light levitation; not only people who are sitting in front of me, people who are sitting thousands of miles far away from me in 50 countries around the world at this moment.

ab TV ke sabhi darshak aapke aankhon ke saamne hazaaron logon mein kundalini shakthi ka jaagran dekh sakthe hain.

We have done many brain researches also. When people respond to the Kundalini awakening, it proves very clearly their mind enters into the space of restful awareness, high restful awareness, highest awareness and the deepest rest.

keval mere saamne baithe huve logon ka hi nahi, balki mujhse hazaaron meel door video conferencing ke baithe huve log ka bhi kundalini shakthi jaagruth hotha hain.

Kundalini shakthi ka jaagraN hona ab aap dekhenge.


Now, I will enter into the process of awakening the Kundalini energy. Next few days, I will teach the meditations also to all the viewers of Sadhana TV. Today, I am going to demonstrate the people who already experienced Kundalini awakening. In few days, I will teach the process to awaken your Kundalini also to all the Sadhana viewers. 

Now I request all the people who are sitting all over the world, just sit in Upanishad; means, be unclutched. Visualize every thought happening in you is just the fish jumping in the ocean of the consciousness.

Sit straight. Close your eyes. Cognize with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, the space of unclutching; with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, be unclutched. Feel every thought happening is just the fish jumping in the ocean of consciousness. Either sit in Vajrasana or Padmasana. Close your eyes and be in Upanishad.

Let the power of Kundalini be awakened! With Integrity, Authenticity and Responsibility, I declare, let the power of the Kundalini, awakened Kundalini from this body, awaken the Kundalini in all the bodies sitting with us all over the world!

Namah Shivaya!


Relax! You can open your eyes. Om Shanthi! Shanthi! Shanthihi!

In the next few days’ satsangs, I will expand more on Kundalini, its awakening, methods and process, benefits - about the details.

aaj ke satsang ka saaransh hain – ek adbhut jeevan shaili ko anubhav karne ke liye aur aapka mann chaaha vaastaviktha ka srujan evam anubhav karne ke liye aapki kundalini shakthi ka jagraN sabse moulik avashyaktha hain.

isiliye aaj hamaare saath upastith sabhi darshakon mein aamantran detha hoon ki aap sabhi log hamaare ikkis din ke karyakram Inner Awakening mein bhaag lee jiye aur aapke bheethar upastith kundalini shakthi ko jaagrut karne ka yeh sunehra avasar ka laabh uTHayiye.

I invite all viewers to participate in our 21-day meditation program to experience Kundalini awakening experientially in you and eternally for that energy to reside in you.

Blessings to all of you!

Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching with eternal bliss, Nithyananda.

Thank you.