Authenticity - Shraddha - Second Principle

Authenticity is you being established in the peak of your capability and responding to life from; who you perceive yourself to be for yourself, and who you project yourself to be for others, and, what others expect you to be for them.

Tune yourself to the highest of what you perceive as you and what you project to others as you. Authenticity is death for your boredom and intense excitement for life.

Now let we see the principle of authenticity and how it creates a space of possibility in every dimension of life. Bring yourself to the absolute peak of your capacity, your capability, of you, then there's no wastage of inner powers. The lower aspects, dimension of you become empowered when you waste the energies of your higher capacities. The biggest danger you have in your life is using the in-authenticities of others to become your own inauthentic. Do not use the in-authenticities of others to justify your own inauthenticity; do not think this makes you right. Whatever you are projecting to others you have to be in the peak possibility of that. All human beings should learn the science of living and practice the science of living in peak possibility. Everything brought inside your mind, in front of your mind should be responded with the idea ‘possible’. Whether it is related to your body, profession or relationships, when you bring yourself to your peak possibility, relating to body becomes health, relating to profession it becomes wealth, relating to others becomes happy relationship, relating to whole life it becomes enlightenment. Bring yourself to your peak possibility, continuously. Without allowing tiredness or boredom, again and again. Don’t bother about the number of failures. Look at the number of successes you had in your life.

Any fear, any depression stems from some form of inward inauthenticity. When one’s inner space is completely authentic, the power to lead and inspire others spontaneously blossoms and the individual radiates natural leadership. A leader is one whose kundalini is the most awakened among the members of a group. Quite naturally all will turn to that person and follow his direction. This ability to galvanize and motivate our surroundings clears the path to enlightenment.

What is Authenticity?

  • Bringing your authenticity to the peak;
  • Bringing your possibility to others to a peak;
  • Being in the peak of how others want you to be for them;

    AUTHENTICITY : When you become Authentic, you create the right authentic world around you. You attract the right set of authentic people around you. If you decide to live with authenticity you will simply be attracted toward a society that lives with authenticity. When you carry authenticity,
    Nothing can stop U – No one can stop U.