Pancha Kriya – 5 Essential Yogic Cleansing Techniques


Pancha Kriya” literally means 5 (pancha) and Kriya (process) are the five powerful cleansing techniques to remove the toxins from the whole system and balance the 3 main doshas, (vata, pitta and kapha doshas) the biologocal energies in our mind-body system. These techniques not only cleanse our body, but bring peace and balance to our mind and lightness and bliss to our being.

As per the ancient vedic science of health and wellbeing – the Ayurveda, our body is based on the principles of the 3 doshas. Doshas are the biological energies made up of the 5 elements of Water, Air, Space, Fire, Earth, that make up every human body-mind system, which perform different physiological, hormonal functions in the body. The 3 doshas are vata, pitta and kapha doshas. The Pancha kriya is a powerful way to keep these doshas in balance, by releasing out the impurities stored inside our system for years.

Pancha Kriyas – five cleansing methods as per Ayurveda – cleaning your eyes, cleaning your mouth to intestine through neem juice, cleaning both nostrils through special kriya using water, cleaning nose and throat through a special tube, using enema to clean the rectum. We have qualified, experienced Siddha doctors to teach Pancha Kriyas – five ayurvedic kriyas to heal the system and cooperate with this spiritual transformation process.

Swamiji instructs us on a technique to cleanse the body which then leads us to raise our vibrational frequency. The Pancha Kriya technique can be learnt from a practicing Siddha doctor; Swamiji includes it in his signature meditation program, Inner Awakening. A slender rubber tube is placed within the nostril to irrigate the inside of nose, mouth and throat with warm salt water. This eliminates phlegm.Phlegm is the body’smanifestation of cloudiness in the mind and/or spirit;when we purify phlegm we likewise cleanse our thoughts and illuminate our spiritual understanding.

A seed does not become an overnight tree. And so also a Nirahari needs intense friendliness with the body to allow it to gradually and naturally reclaim its freedom to get back to its natural food – energy!

A plant needs constant nurturing to be able to hold the energy supplied to it from the nature – the sunrays, the air. Sometimes, it even needs protective fencing from animal grazing and wild weeds. Same way, a Nirahari needs constant fencing of Pancha Kriyasin the body to flush out the toxins, diseases, and negativities stored in our muscle memory.

Pancha Kriya is a wonderful routine that keeps us energized to absorb the life-force throughout the day. Each kriya handles the specific part of our body system, and so it is a complete system.

The Pancha Kriya forms your essential routine. Your daily ritual when done with spirit, become spiritual.

Just as an athlete or a Yogi, prepares his body every single day with steady practice to expand the limits of his body, a Nirhari too does Pancha Kriyas to support his/her body, when the body gets flooded with the intense energy during the initiation by the Master, who Himself is the source of the Cosmic energies.

A Clean Body, the Ultimate Spiritual Solution

The Master, a born Yogi Himself, reveals the untold truths of our body-mind. “You need to know a very important truth – the power of problem can never be reduced, the power of solution can never be increased by mental practices. It is simply your hormonal space. Your body needs to be clean. Nothing else. It just needs a chemical balance. Nothing else. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa says – ‘keep your head and stomach always cool’, because both are connected, just by the right body, means keeping your body clean.

Your body’s sickness, it has nothing to do with your mind. I tell you, work on your ‘Body’. You just need to keep you stomach clean and light. Nothing else. You just need to carry your body gracefully. Nothing else!”

Pancha Kriya cleanses the body and makes it ready for the Samyama and the Haritaki powder is said to activate the non-mechanical parts of the brain.

Along with Pancha Kriya, a Nirahari participant also begins and ends the day with powerful herbal Siddha drinks – Neema Juice and the ultimate nectar, Haritaki powder.

Pancha Kriya is one of the latest techniques introduced by our Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda which needs to be included in our daily lifestyle. The techniques include

1. Eye Cleansing with Eye Pot
2. Nose Cleansing with water
3. Nose Cleansing with Sutra neti or Rubber neti
4. Drinking neem juice
5. Rectum Cleansing by Enema