Get out of phobias

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Q: Are phobias the result of some evil happening in a past life? - Irfan Ahmed, Bangalore, INDIA

Irfan, there are some phobias that are the result of some evil happening in past life, but not all phobias. Understand, if anything that happened in the past life is affecting your present and future, it is an evil happening! All phobias are nothing but mood swings. When mood swings are strengthened, they are called phobias; when phobias are in initial level, it is called mood swings. Whether it is phobia or mood swing, there is only one thing to watch - whether they are able to repeat something in greater frequency, or you are able to repeat in greater frequency. They say ‘Life is bad’ hundred times, and you repeat ‘Life is good’ 120 times! Whether you are going to repeat more number of times, or the phobia is going to repeat more number of times, is the game!

If your phobia says, I am afraid, afraid, you say, I am beyond everything, I am beyond everything - that’s all! Don’t say, I am not afraid, because the word afraid is there. Just say, I am beyond everything. Or just do the mantra. A powerful antidote for phobia is ajapa japa – eN-Chanting. Understand, all phobias are frozen mood swings. The only solution is ajapa japa. Decide not to lie down along with phobia or mood swing - stand up with ajapa japa.


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