The Greatness of the Cradle of Sannyas – Vedic Tradition

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Sannyas is the backbone of the Vedic tradition – the most ancient living civilization that flourished like the mind today can only imagine!
Whether it is knowledge-seeking Chinese monks like Hiuen Tsang or invaders like the Greek Alexander or the barbaric Mughals, one thing that attracted both ends of the spectrum of people was the vast richness of India – in knowledge, wealth, technological prowess, arts and culture, individual fulfillment!
This is the culture and tradition that saw the peaks in all fields of human endeavor –

  1. The born perfect language Sanskrit, which has survived thousands of years without any change of inflection when all other languages like Greek, Latin, even English, only evolved from  a few words at the start towards complete vocabulary .
  2. The unmatched literature as the revelations from the highest consciousness from the sacred syllable Om to the Gayatri mantra to the complete Truths in the Vedas and Upanishads.
  3. Holistic medicine Ayurveda based on inside-out knowledge of the human body-mind, including advanced specialties like surgery, plastic surgery, embryology; and  with unfailing, no side-effect solutions for all ailments and disorders.
  4. Mathematics most advanced that was the source of the concept of 0, decimal system of units, astronomical numbers, algebra, geometry, all the way upto modern calculus which was invented by the great Bhaskaracharya
  5. The pinnacle of aeronautics which even modern science only dreams of like inter-stellar travel, besides regular flying machines powered by Electricity, air and water, Steam, oil, solar power, magnets, etc. Ironically, the flying machine as described in Yantra Vidya by Rishi Bharadwaja was reconstructed by a man as late as in 1895 and successfully demonstrated airborne in Bombay (at the beach) at 1500 feet, 8 years before Wright brothers achieved their first flight!
  6. Leaders in navigation as shown by the very word navigation which is derived from the root Sanskrit word “navagat”. The technology contained everything from the magnetic needles to show direction (Matsya Yantra) to the rules to construct ocean-going ships as described in the ancient text Yuktikalapataru, produced the best ships that could navigate the globe.
  7. The Vedic civilization achieved the peak in the field of warfare with advancements like the nuclear powered atomic bomb (Brahmastra), Shataghnis (fire that kills 100 people at once) which were canons being placed on forts and used for emergency, inter-continental missiles, rockets, and rifles and guns (described in Shukra Neeti). But the unparalleled beauty of the Vedic civilization is that even the science of warfare grew out of the highest consciousness, and hence in its entire history of over 10000 years, not even once did Bharat invade any place to expand its territorial boundaries. Instead it conquered the world through the power of knowledge.
  8. Amazing architecture and town planning, which built huge temples, palaces, well-planned cities, irrigation systems, engineering marvels like the Iron Pillar in Delhi that is still magically unrusted
  9. Politics and Economics (Arthashastra which is unmatched and being studied in international management schools today), law as thought through in depth in Manu Samhita
  10. Holistic indepth knowledge of varied fields like agriculture (Brihatsamhita, Arthashastra, Krishiparashara), jewellery (Garuda and Agni Puranas telling about the quality and grading of jewels, discovery and mining, astrological significance); arts of music, dance, drama (Gandharva Veda by Bharata Muni)

The inner world spiritual strength and outer world prowess is what had the Vedic civilization spread to the whole globe!
After the huge Mahabharat war, the Saraswati river dried up around 3000 BC, and the migration of the people happened from the current India to other places like Americas, Middle East, etc.
As per racial studies, astronomical observations, archaeological findings, linguistic studies, ethnography, etc, the Vedic civilization geographically spanned (carved stone images show facial traits of all the 5 major races of the world showing the Vedic people had navigated or knew about the whole globe):

  1. India, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Afghanistan, Tibet
  2. South East Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia, Java, Sumatra, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam
  3. Japan, China, Korea
  4. Middle East
    1. Egyptian - 8000 years ago Egyptians were Indians emigrated from India with their arts and high civilization. Some proofs include a Bhagavad Gita verse found in a Pyramid dating to 3000 BC, Shiva linga in Ammon temple, and the strikingly similar Vedic social customs
    2. Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, Israel, Arabia- flourished with Yunani and Ayurveda systems, Vedic forms of irrigation and agriculture, fire temples, cultural centers. There are Vedic scriptures found in Central Asia. The Arabic numerals originated from Bharat and were passed on to Western countries.
  5. Americas
    1. Maya, Aztec, Inca, North American civilizations (similar to Vedic and South East Asian) – with Vedic deities excavated showing Vedic lifestyle, social customs similar to Vedic
    2. Destroyed by the bone-chilling barbaric Spanish conquest in 1500’s which fanatically destroyed 500 temples, 20000 deities, countless books and finally the whole Mayan culture
  6. Africa
    1. The ancient Swahili language similar to Sanskrit
    2. Similar gods, rituals, nature worship, last rites, etc

The heart-rending downfall of the prosperous Vedic civilization started in the last 1000 years when the blood-thirsty civilizations like the fanatic sections of Christians of Europe leading crusades and invasions, and the barbaric civilizations like the fanatic sections of Mughals invaded the Vedic cradle India and destroyed the knowledge, temples, libraries, sciences, customs, rituals, and brutally decimated thousands of people per day.

Today the Vedic civilization is like the wounded mother, calling out to her children, all of us who have benefited from her. It is high time we protect her and restore her rightfully deserved honor!
How do we do this in the most authentic way?
By first strengthening the backbone of the Vedic tradition – sannyas.
Come, enrich the world by becoming a sannyasi!