Lust to love

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Lust! A word loaded with all the wrong meanings! What is lust, really? And how is it different from love? Put simply, lust is an energy that demands. Love is an energy that gives. That’s all. Whenever we are asking, asking, asking in our relationships, that is not love – it is lust. If we are driven by fear or greed in a relationship, that relationship is driven by lust – whether it is with our spouse, our boss or our child. Why do we have so many problems in our relationships? A major reason is because we are lusting after approval and attention. The bad part is that when others change their opinion of us we suffer. It’s like we build a house of cards with approval certificates from other people and it all comes tumbling down when others change their attitudes towards us. These kind of relationships will only bring restlessness and defensiveness about the qualities we think of as ourselves. What we need to do is start expressing the natural love inside of us rather than lusting after the want of attention from others. Basing ourselves on attention from others has obvious drawbacks whereas opening the floodgates to flood the world with love carries much more potential. The key for transforming our relationships from lust to love is to approach each interaction with the attitude of giving. Simply give, whatever the situation. Just go on adding to the lives of others. This will open new dimensions in you and prove to others that they too can go beyond the constraints and expectations of society.