Making life your goal, not greed or fear

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PARAMAHAMSA SRI NITHYANANDA on Making life your goal, not greed or fear WE FEEL happy or satisfied when we are running after desires or when we run away from our fears. So every moment, we are continuously either in greed by running after our desires or in fear by continuously running away from something. Our happiness in every moment is measured only by either greed or fear. But how can you be happy or satisfied when in this moment you are running towards or away from something? This means we are not actually experiencing the moment. We are not actually living in the present moment. We are continuously in the web of greed and fear. We are either living in the past or we are in the future thinking about our list of desires. We fear if our desires will get fulfilled due to past experiences. We are never in the present moment. We can enjoy something totally only when we are completely in it and we can be complete only when we are totally in the present moment, enjoying what we are doing here and now. When you are in the current moment, when you are completely in the present moment with full enthusiasm, you are in a state of bliss. Bliss is the state of joy which has no reason and which is not affected by the past or future. It is not affected by either our fear or our greed. It is always there. Then, the current blissful moment will give birth to future moments of bliss. You enter a virtuous circle rather than being caught up in the vicious circle of fear and greed that you are now caught in. This running towards or away from something is fundamentally because we think that life has some goal to be achieved. If you are running behind a goal in life, you will be disappointed at the end of life. Sadly, you will feel terribly dissatisfied; you will feel a complete void when you look back at what you have been running for. But when we see life itself as a goal, we make the path itself as the goal. So every moment when we are on the path of life, we are achieving the goal. The goal is achieved every moment of your life. The self-realised person is active and happy because he is completely in the present moment, living in reality. The Divine Energy simply blissfully flows through him and he does his activities with that blissful Energy. He no longer needs to derive energy for his activities from desire.