Nothing is unchangeable

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Friday, 02 March 2012

Understand, all the so-called natural responses you are having in life was created by you at some time! Whatever you say as happening spontaneously in you is also created at some time in life. All your responses are either prarabdha or sanchita. It is not swatmaprakasha, self-effulgence. If you have a natural taste for sugar, do you think it came by itself? No. You created it one day. Because the responses you feel as natural had been taken up by you long long ago in unawareness, you don’t feel the load of it.

Now, I am asking you to take conscious decisions. Your liking sugar is not good for health, drop that response. But you say - no, no, it is like forcing! So when you started liking sugar, did it happen spontaneously? No. That was also picked up long ago. Whatever you feel as natural in you right now is nothing but the plastic flower shaking in the wind, showing as if it is alive. Understand, there is never a thing which will be naturally flowering except enlightenment. All natural flowering will not be a response, all natural flowering is responsibility. If anything other than responsibility is happening in you, understand, it can never be natural. When the boat goes into the ocean, naturally it feels shaky. But life is expansion, life is ocean. So anything that can expand you, make you responsible - just take it up. I will not call it force, I will call it tapas.


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