Who is a true saint?

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The word sadhu should be clearly defined. First let me describe what all is not sadhu! Weak person is not sadhu, person who is committing suicide in self sympathy is not Sadhu. Sadhu is a man who has actualized all his potential energies, all his possibilities. With this actualization, if he is carrying the pattern of peace and joy, he is Sadhu. See, there is a boundary which is completely in his hand. Even though he knows that whatever he does is within this boundary, he is not going to do anything. If he has complete freedom, and then if he is ready to establish peace and freedom in his boundary, he is Sadhu. Understand, Sadhu is a person who is able, available and stable!

This word Sadhu should be very deeply realized. Because once you understand, you are a Sadhu. If you are a Sadhu, you are protected eternally, even if the whole world stands against you. But be very clear, one who is incapable and weak is not Sadhu. Don’t call your weakness as a Sadhu. No! the man who loves the space of peace in him who loves to create the space of peace around him is Sadhu. Understand, not the peace of a buffalo… not that peace! Peace with your peak potential expressing. Aligning the peace with your peak potential expressing itself. Sadhu is the man who has realized his possibilities, powers, and is centered on peace.


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