Possess nothing, enjoy everything
DO YOU respect a beggar? Do you disrespect a rich man? In today’s world, people are evaluated only on the basis of their possessions and status. A person’s worth in society is decided on the basis of how much he or she owns. Apart from his physical wealth, his power and influence become important....
Stunning Medical Results on Participants' Health from Inner Awakening, April 201
The recent April Inner Awakening focused on delving into the deeper layers of physical and psychological healing. Beginning with establishing positive patterns for living a life of total health it progressed to developing techniques for redesigning life situations to coincide with your true goals....
Who you really are!
Do you know who you really are? Each of us carries an idea about ourselves, which we think of as our identity. But how real is this identity?
Losing Weight the Vedic Way
Weight gain and obesity are ballooning out of control around the world. With obesity on the rise in all age groups and the accompanying chronic illnesses of diabetes, and depression due to low self esteem, people are spending billions of dollars on obesity and related disease.
Depression – what is the way out?
Depression is one of the most common mental disorders to overwhelm our planet in the last century, affecting tens of millions of people across cultures, ages and socio-economic groups. In fact, depression is the 4th leading contributor to the global burden of disability and disease.
Is Pain Your Friend or Foe?
We have heard that pain is the messenger from our bodies to our mind. How does your mind greet the messenger? Is it something to be shooed away because you are too busy or is it welcomed because of the warning it brings?
Relax, what's the big hurry?
Hurry seems to be the peculiar disease of our time.
From desire to worship
ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE You are always ashamed of your desires! You don’t realize, every desire you have is only a reflection of your deep desire for inner fulfillment...
Meditation makes you smarter!
There have been many studies to discern the effect of meditation on the speed and correctness of perception and response...
Which is the best meditation path?
Q. Different people emphasize different paths of meditation like yoga, tantra, bhakti (devotion) etc. Which path is best?...
Look again!
ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE We are so afraid of being sensitive because when we become sensitive, life opens out tremendous avenues which we don’t know how to handle. We remain insensitive and live a dead life because of this. We remain in a dead and secure circuit. When sensitivity flowers, every...
The secret of anti-aging
Do you know that even your random thoughts play a role in creating the reality that you perceive and experience?
What is dynamic meditation?
Dynamic meditation techniques use extreme physical tension to enter into meditation! When your body is at maximum tension, a sudden break in tension can make you go directly into deep relaxation...
Body relaxation before sleep
When you lie down to sleep, it normally takes at least 15 minutes for your body to relax totally. All the stress built up during the day has to be gradually released before you can fall asleep...
Silent Om chanting
This is a simple anytime, anywhere technique for energizing and centering yourself. Since this technique is to be practiced silently, you can do even when you are outdoors, or at work, or any time you are free for a few minutes...