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Over 100 devotees of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam have today approached the SP (Salem-Rural)and submitted a petition to against the attempts made by an individual named Gunasekharan to grab the ashram property at Seeragappadi near Salem in Tamil Nadu.

The petition was submitted by the volunteer administrators of the ashram, including Chenna Krishnan, Selvam, Shaktivel, Selvakumar, R R Kannan & others. They are also respondents in the false case filed by Gunasekharan on 3rd November this year, accusing Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam of grabbing the property from him.

Seeragappadi ashram

Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam’s Seeragappadi branch ashram is built on a 50 cents property which was sold to NIthyananda Dhyanapeetam by Gunasekharan in 2006 via a valid sale deed (document attached).

Over the years, the ashram has grown to be a community center and spiritual hub for the village. Every day, villagers are gathering there for yoga, meditation and worship. Free yoga and meditation classes are being conducted there.

The ashram was performing daily annadaanam (free food) for the villagers, visitor and sadhus. It is notable that even wandering Jain monks choose to come & stay in this ashram during their travels. 

Ashram volunteers  are also conducting marriages, ear-piercing and other ceremonies free of charge for  the villagers. Many such activities benefiting the community are being performed in the ashram regularly.

Details of the case

1.       Gunasekaran, a resident of Seeragappadi in Tamil Nadu, had sold a property measuring 50 cents to Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam in 2006 via a valid sale deed.

2.       On Dec 1st, 2006, the land registration was done with proper sale deed by Gunasekaran & his wife Vijaya, and his sister (also Vijaya) has signed as witness.

3.       Gunasekharan and his family participated wholeheartedly in all the functions related to the ashram bhoomi pooja and inauguration and took Swamiji’s blessings

4.       However, it came to be known in 2010 that he and his wife had apparently also sold us the portions of their then minor daughters without disclosing this.

5.       In 2010, the minor daughters, after becoming majors, filed a civil suit against Gunasekaran & his wife, challenging their act of selling their rightful portion of the land. THE CASE IS FILED AGAINST GUNASEKHARAN AND HID WIFE.

6.       The case has been going on since 2010.

7.       As the current owners of the property, we were also made one of the respondents in the civil suit.

8.       On 16th March 2011, the surveyor measured the land & gave the proper patta from the municipal office.

9.       SUDDENLY, at the end of July 2011, Gunasekaran filed a complaint with the Aatiyampatti police claiming that Nithyananda has ‘grabbed’ his land.

10.   ON 1st Aug 2011, Chenna Krishnan, administrator of Seeragappadi ashram, met the police of Aatiyampatti as well as the SP (Salem-Rural) & District Collector and registered a complaint with the Salem police. He also submitted a petition in the CM’s special cell about the harassment & attempted land-grabbing by Gunasekharan.

11.   On receiving Chenna Krishnan’s complaint, Salem police investigated Gunasekaran’s allegation and closed it as baseless.

12.   Now Gunasekharan, for his own vested interests, is attempting to put the same case against us again. In a maliciously and in a motivated way, he is AGAIN TRYING TO TURN THEIR FAMILY CASE AGAINST US, claiming that we have grabbed the land.

13.   We have in our possession all the necessary documents to prove that we are the rightful owners of the property. In fact, it is a land-grabbing case against Gunasekaran and not against us.



This ashram is a sacred place for more than 1000 families of Seeragappadi village. In spite of their having been granted permission to continue poojas and rituals at the Shiva temple here, Gunasekharan has been abusing devotees and not allowing them to conduct worship at the temple.

Gunasekharan and his hired goondas also trying to extort money from local devotees by threatening them using this issue.

Gunasekharan’s illegal attempts to grab the land have deeply hurt the sentiments of the local villagers, who are protesting against the move by submitting the petition today and requesting speedy action for justice.





Video: Bhumi puja function, Seeragapadi 



Video: Seeragapadi Ashram inauguration, 18 Feb 2010