Hon'ble Court levies penalty of 2.75 crore rupees on Vinay Bharadwaj, false witness against Swami Nithyanand

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31 October 2017


In a major victory for Swami Nithyananda, the Hon'ble Court of the Principal Senior Civil Judge & CJM at Mysuru on 16th October 2017 gave a strong judgment against the witness Vinay Bharadwaj who had made allegations of unnatural sex against Swami Nithyananda. Vinay Bharadwaj has been ordered by the Hon’ble Court to pay a sum of Rs. 2,74,94,447.5/- which is Two crores seventy four lakhs ninety four thousand and four hundred and forty seven rupees with interest at the rate of 9% p.a. from the date of the suit till realization within three months.


Vinay Bharadwaj is one of the main conspirators in the case of extortion and blackmailing related to the video allegedly showing Swami Nithyananda with actress Ranjitha, which case is undergoing trial in the XI Metropolitan Court, Saidapet, Chennai.

Vinay Bharadwaj is also the witness in the case filed by Lenin Karuppan in 2010 against Swami Nithyananda which has been stayed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.


Delivering the judgment in a packed Court hall, the Hon'ble Court made some strong observations.


The Hon’ble Court observed about the grounds for the conspiracy and “false allegations against Swami Nithyananda and his mission” being in the “groundwork for a defense” of child rapist Vinay Bharadwaj:

“From 2008 through 2009, the defendant (Vinay Bharadwaj) misused his position and sexually molested and abused at least one minor child at the Seattle Temple.

The defendant (Vinay Bharadwaj) learned that the minor child would not keep secret what he had done her despite his manipulative attempts to silence her and that the family of the minor child was ready to bring him justice and the defendant started to lay the groundwork for a defense and developed false accusations against Sri Nithyananda Swami and his mission which are none other than the plaintiffs.”


The Court went on to observe about the critical July 2009 evidence proving the falsity of the allegations against Swami Nithyananda:

“In July 2009, the defendant colluded with Arathi S Rao, a friend of the defendant and former devotee insinuating that Sri Nithyananda Swami had abused some of his followers, although no one had made any such allegations at the time.

In order to disprove or discard all these documentary evidence, absolutely there is no material placed by the defendant.”


The critical July 2009 evidence referred to in this judgment proving that the statement of the alleged rape victim of Swami Nithyananda Arathi Rao is false, is one of the key documents suppressed by the investigation authorities and which was ordered by the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka to be produced to the trial Court and thereby uphold the fundamental right of Swami Nithyananda to have a fair defence. The said evidence has Arathi Rao’s own email admission in mid-2009 six months after her last alleged instance of rape that she never had any kind of sexual relationship with Swami Nithyananda.


The “irrefutable documentary evidence” also included the medical records of the alleged rape victim Arathi Rao from 2004 to 2009 showing she has had 4 highly contagious and incurable STDs some of which are transmitted by mere touch, and which reveal a number of falsities in Arathi Rao’s allegations of rape as on the dates she alleges to be raped by Swami Nithyananda in India, her medical records reveal that she was with her doctor in University of Michigan Hospitals, USA, seeking relief from her STD breakouts.  


After the “consistent and corroborative evidence” and analysis of all the “irrefutable documentary evidence”, the Hon’ble Court ruled:

It is held that the defendant liable to pay totally a sum of Rs. 2,74,94,447.5/- with interest at the date of 9% p.a. on suit claim amount from the date of the suit till realization within three months to the plaintiffs- Foundation.”


This ruling marks a series of judgments in favour of Swami Nithyananda by various Courts of India. The Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka had earlier quashed the cases filed against Swami Nithyananda in 2012 by some vested elements. A few months ago, the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka further ordered the investigating authorities to submit all the evidences found favoring Swami Nithyananda in their investigations.


Lenin Karuppan and Arathi Rao are currently facing prosecution for the blackmail, extortion, indecent representation of women and criminal conspiracy by them against Swami Nithyananda in the trial Court in Chennai.  


Here are the highlights of the detailed judgment: