U.S. Federal Court Issues Nearly Half a Million Dollar Judgement Against False Victim Aarthi S. Rao

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Ohio, USA - The United States District Court Southern District Of Ohio issued a judgment against Mrs. Aarthi S. Rao and in favor Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam of Columbus in Delaware, Ohio (NDC) (Case No. 2:13-CV-00526). The order states, “It is hereby ADJUDGED, ORDERED, and DECREED that judgment is entered in favor of Plaintiff, and against Defendant Rao, in the amount of Four Hundred Sixty-Three Thousand, Two Hundred Eleven and 25/100 Dollars ($463,211.25), plus attorney’s fees ($10,568.30), plus costs ($603.20), plus post-judgment interest in the amount of 3% per annum.”

Further, the court also found “The allegations contained in Plaintiff’s Complaint are deemed admitted as true against Defendant.” The complaint against Rao was based on Rao’s defamatory acts, including but not limited to false rape and abuse claims against H.H. Paramahamsa  Nithyananda, the spiritual head of NDC, and her role in the morphing of the false video of  purportedly Nithyananda.  These false claims levied by Rao against Nithyananda, combined with her incessant statements of Nithyananda followers of being “brainwashed” and also “cult” members caused immense and irreparable damages to NDC.




Excerpts of the complaint showing the false charges alleged by Aarthi Rao in this default judgment case: