Nithyananda_Technique For Healing Past Pains

Wed, 2013-01-02 22:12
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TALKS FROM MORNING SATSANG ON JANUARY_2_2013 FROM BIDADI ASHRAM, INDIA In today’s morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) explains the first step in the process to enrich ourselves and the lives of others. Before we can accomplish anything we must complete our unfinished patterns through sapoornatwa, the practice of listening to past hurts and resolving them. Even if the person we carry bitterness or sadness toward is unavailable, we can do the process by speaking to a mirror. When we listen carefully without judgment, we will hear the other party’s reply and peace can indeed be made.
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Paramhamsa Nithyananda, explain, process, enrich, hurt, person, bitterness, sadness, judgment, peace.
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Sadashiva Samarambam  Asmadacharyam  Gnana Sambandacharya Madhyamam  Asmadacharya Paryantham Vande Guru Paramparam


I welcome you all with love and respects.

I welcome all the devotees, disciples, satsangis, samajis sitting with us around the world at this moment in 828 places through Nithyananda TV , 20 places having video conferencing, Nayana Deeksha in 218 cities and 24 countries around the world.

I welcome all of you with my love and  blessings,

From today I will spend at least one more month making all of you digest the message for this year,helping you all implement, supporting all to imbibe , supporting you all to live it, feel, vibrate with it.making this message into your bone marrow.Next one month til February 2nd we will do this.

May be Mahakala will do Aksahic reading on Authenticity,Integrity in various ways, through various methods we will imbibe this great truths.

I have some good news about Kumba mela .Kumba meal , planet's largest human gathering ,large humanity is happening this year  from January 10th to March 14 in Allahabad in India.

I will be there in Kumba mela  February 6th to The 16th ,Feb 6th and 7th , there is a large , world's largest spiritual congregation  all most 40000 sadhus, Maha Mandaleshwars are expected to gather . VHP is organizing, we also received invitation, I will also be there from February 6th to 16th ,I will be at Kumba mela.Food and accommodation is free ,any one who wants come and stay there through out the Kumba mela from Jan 14th to March 14th , 2months and few days extra..Food and accommodation will be free for all even during my stay.Any body wants  can come and join.Only thing we have restriction , 250 people only we can accommodate.Register your name, if you register don't miss.I wanted to remind  you ,if you register and get confirmation , did not come and use that space ,goes waste,it would have gone to some body ,they would have used it.If you waste naturally next time on wards you will not be able to register any  free programs in Dhyanapeetam.That is the only request I have.If you have not got the confirmation, please don't expect accommodation in our tent.But you can expect food in our tent.Food is free. Who ever comes, we are having to feed even 50-60,000  a day.Food,you will not have any problem in getting very good quality , I can say hygienically prepared , rich South Indian and North Indian food.Both will be available.For that you don't have to enroll or register.Accommodation also is free no monetary involvement.But you may have to get confirmation because we have very limited seats ,just 250 people.

We will also be having Rudra homas, different poojas and homas continuously happening.

Huge Nithyaandeshwara, Nithyanandeshwari, world's largest Nithyananda and Nithyanandeswari  metal moorthy  is also taken to the Kumba Mela.We will have continuously poojas and homas , every thing will happen.If you want  to enrol for poojas and homas, yo can enrol.You can sign up.

Any body is there want to be there when I am there in Kumba Mela please sign up before 10th January.We are closing the sign up.When you want to go up there when I am not there, you can even go straight there, they will accommodate if place is there.It it  is over flowing, they cant accommodate,if the place is there they will accommodate.It is not a problem at all .

I do encourage all the people especially my disciples not to miss Kumba mela.It is really really to be seen.You can see sadhus, literally burying their head for 21 days ,you can’t say they have tube under  and breathing through that ,no.You can see literally in front of your eyes raw mud .They bury their head through legs they will breathe 21 days.You can see sadhus sitting inside  the underground being covered for days all the yogic feats.You can really enjoy.

One more good news ,from today we will start Dial the Avatar.We will restart Dial the Avatar.

Very soon 3D satsangs are going to happen.All over the world people can experience 3 dimensions satsangs, especially our temples .As first phase we are working on linking  Los Angeles, San Jose, Toronto ,Seatle, Oklahama,Ohio,Bidadi, Hyderabad,Thiruvannamalai.these are the places ,we are plabnning for the first phase.You will have 3D satsang.Means same type of seat will be put in all these places-centers.This will bring the impact especially in Akashic reading. You can expect very soon Swamiji appearing in 3D.It will look almost like this.This is 3D technology.Soon you  can expect Swamiji appearing in your cities .We are working mainly the temples all over the world.I think  by the end of this year we will have  at least 100 satsang centers watching master live  3D.Let us use best every available technology to teach spirituality to the world.

The moment I announced Dial the Avatar , calls have started.

Today's subject imbibing these great truths  of Enriching Enlightenment.

From tomorrow satsang hall will be closed the moment screen opens.Hall in charge the moment satsang starts halls should be closed.

Unless you live with integrity,you are not a being.

Integrity is life.It is life breathe .

Be very clear any body who is an ashramite or volunteer residing in Bidadi, any person residing in Bidadi, in campus and Thiruvannamalai , all our ashrams , who is residing, you may be ashramite, ananda yogam, gurukul,teachers, staff , you may be any capacity if you residing in the campuses .If you are an ashramite, sanyasi, sanyasini or brahmachari ,brahmacharini if you are not residing in the campuses morning sastang being in time a life for you.Being ashramite you commit with integrity every day morning satsang you will come in time and authentically imbibe . if you are an ashramite or residing in our campus  and ashramite , if you reside in our campus ,you commit with integrity to be here for the morning satsang 7am IST with integrity, imbibe what ever is happening with authenticity. All you guys say yes ,if you are agreeing for it. Life starts with integrity.Not only spiritual life,life starts with integrity.

All our organisers ,program coordinators ,i request, demand and command  every program, whether it is a celebration, or get together ,classes,every program the time has to be respected.Time is Kalabhairava.Any where disrespecting time is disrespect to Kalabhairava.That is not allowed.That is not allowed in our sangha .

From today new era starts for Dhyanapeetam.

Live with integrity.

All over the world Dhyanapeetam stars a new era by bringing integrity to the timing .Keeping Mahakala as witness,  commit to Mahakala and all of you  , whole humanity, I will honor all the timings announced by me and the sangha in every program. Everyone is expected to commit with clear understanding of honoring the time.

First thing enrich enlightenment.Foundation for this whole thing is Poornatwa.Completion of all the patterns you carry.

What is Pattern. An action unfulfilled as per your fantasy either because of outside hindrance or inside hindrance is in completion.

Please understand ,if expectations are not met yourself or by persons outside ,it remains as incomplete , for example ,you always wanted to wake up early morning and practice yoga but you never succeeded in that ,it remains as in completion.You always wanted your father to be very loving and caring and he never honored your expectation.that remains as in completion.

Completing all the in completion. Completing, please understand completing  all the in completion is the basic step in the life.Whatever hurts you are carrying ,if any body reach out to that person feel complete.If you are not able to reach out to that person at least sit in front of the mirror , invoke that person and complete.

Unless poornatwa happens ,nothing nothing can be done.Life does not start.

Same way with in you ,if you have certain fantasies about you ,the ideas about you  either fulfil them or drop them.If you can afford to fulfil them with your adopted life style fulfil,if you cant fulfil it authentically with your adopted life style drop.

Authentic listening , please understand , authentically listen to the cries of your heart , Your heart continue to  cry for your attention.Authentically listen,Listening does not mean  you will just do your heart says.Even if you are ready to  give your ear ,after telling your heart says it is OK you have heard me that is enough.Many time even in your family, in your team people does not want you to solve their problem , they just want you to listen to their problem.Once you listen even if you don't solve it is OK .

First thing understand complete with yourself  and complete with others.

Completion has to be taken like spiritual practice for at least one year .One year go on dig out  with whom all you carry in completion.If you are carrying in completion with me  sit with my photograph .Every photograph listens to you and respond to you ,it is independent intelligence.Understand very authentically and integrity, I tell you this word.this body is chinmaya vigraha.Embodiment of subconsciousness without any rajas and thamas , restlessness and inertness.It is Shuddha Chitha Chinmaya Vigraha, any shadow of it, even if you painted it because you paint it after you visualize it .Already the chinmaya vigraha has entered your heart and came out through your hand , it has filled your inner space.Even my remote paintings , pictures done by eN genius kids about me is chinmaya vigraha.

Understand  Chaya is Kaya - Shadow is original.Portrait is being . Either is rajas or  thamas is added in the body then all photographs may not be chimaya vigraha. Only when I am in satwa photographs taken is chimaya vigraha .But I tell you I have not added this time any thing. A pure Shudda Chitha Chinmaya Vigraha.Any of my photograph, any painting  , any portrait  done by any amateur artist is shudda chitha chinmaya vigraha.Sit with any one of that and complete ,I will listen to you .I am listening to you..I will help you to listen to your own heart.

First learn to listen to your own heart's cry.Most of the time you are not listening  to yourself.Sit in front of a mirror talk what ever you wanted to tell yourself , spend tme with you. Talk , talk. Listen as a person inside the mirror.Listen,listen,listen .This one process of completion of yourself humanity will walk out of depression.

Humanity can invite this one practice as lesson in your schools, educational organizations  as curriculum for bringing up human beings .Helping humanity to sit with mirror and talking to themselves. Completing your self poornatwa.

Swapoornatwa means completion of your self.Try this  any of you have knee pain, back pain ,cant sit straight, cant sit in vajrasana ,do this swapoornatwa,sitting with  mirror and completing with you. Next  day you will sit with out pain.Because every pain you carry inside you as  different parts of your body is nothing but not completing with you.

Understand , the disturbance is  from  not from outside it is alwasy disturbance from inner woman.It is alwasy from the woman in the inside.This is noting but in completion inside

There is a beautiful story in Narada's life .Before he was given the status of Chiranjeevi, Deva Rishi .Seems narada was made to go through .Life with Narad ,he is one of the celestial media officer, that is the right word to use.He was made to go through living with beautiful naked woman  and the rivers of nectar, alcohol ,somarasa  all types of pleasures and wide varieties and wild quantities because he was not touched by all this he was given the title of Deva Rishi.I know I am not going to put you in that situation, I know what chaos you will create.Don't worry, don't fantasize, I am going to help you for that.No all I am telling you is completion inside.Listen to your heart's cries.May be your heart is crying it want certain pleasures,lust or love that may come from lust.Your heart may be craving for it listen.I am not saying just go behind heart and fulfil.No.Just listen.By listening itself your heart  will get finished saying that is all I wanted, leave it, don't need any thing more.

Sit in front of a mirror ,connect with the person you are seeing in the mirror eye to eye.with your eye contact .Sit alone with the mirror ,alone with yourself. One of the great Avadhutas happened  in Southern part of India ,he is called Vaikuntapathy Ayya .He was called Ayya, Vaikuntapathy , a great Avadhutha , great social reformer , still they have around 3000 temples all over the world . There only mirror is the deity.He knew this technique and he promoted this technique.Mirror is the deity, you go and stand infront of the mirror and talk to your self , complete with yourself. Poornatwa and come back . His samadhi is there near Kanya kumari.He is called Vaikuntapathy, great Avadhutha .

In his memory ,respect to him, we will dedicate a mirror in all our centers and ashram , where people can come and do swapoornatwa .

Beautifully framed mirror should be kept in all our centers and ashrams , where people can come and do swapoornatwa. As a reminding the process of swapoornatwa. Please understand completing with yourself.

Let me describe the technique .Comfortably be seated in front of the mirror .Have deep eye to eye contact with the body and reflection.Please understand both put together is you.I will call as Kaya and Chaya ,both put together is you.Let the kaya and chaya have a deep eye to eye contact .The moment you have deep eye to ye contact .First thing you will have is ripples .You are waiting to cry yourself.You are waiting to cuddle and cry yourself.Cuddle yourself and cry yourself for so many things you did to you or others did to you .The injustifications you did to you and others did to you ,waiting to cuddle with you and cry.Cuddle your chaya ,hold your chaya and cry .Nothing wrong .Complete.

All the temples and centers commit to establish the mirror .Swapoornatwa mirror with in tomorrow morning satsang please rise your hand .With in 24 hours you will establish in your center for people doing swapoornatwa,This is dedicated to great Avadhuta Vaikuntapathy. Vaikuntapathy Ayya , dedicate to him.He was promoting this process.

Just this Swapoornatwa eases so much makes the miracle space available in you.Ananda Ghanda is what I call miracle space..

Complete, complete it with yourself .let you talk to your shadow , your chaya .You will be surprised ,your shadow will start talking to you., advise you..Listen to you.

Will relive you from fear, relive you from many of your lust patterns , relive you from many of your attention need , will relive you from many of your quilts.

In Bidadi campus ,I commit to you all to build 21 chambers with mirrors.Very soon we will be having 21 chambers with mirrors.It will look like rest room, mirror chamber required,every day you go sit and talk to yourself  to Swapoornatwa.

Sit with mirror to Swapoornatwa .Complete with yourself. Whenever you feel any disturbances in you ,just sit with a mirror and complete .If you sit with mirror and start completing,you will learn two things .You will learn to listen ,yourself. listening to.

Plead undertsand , when you start learning  to listen to yourself , then you will know how to listen to others.

Listen, listen  listen, that is the completion starts, whether the completion with in you or others.It starts by listening

I request only people who have done atleast once completion with the mirror  today, I request ,only you should  come for tomorrow morning satsang.

If you did not find time to complete with yourself using a mirror for some reason ,please don't come for tomorrow morning satsang.If you are here for tomorrow morning satsang , i assume , you are giving a statement to me saying ,I at least tried once to sit with the mirror authentically and complete it myself.Of course completion will not happen in one sitting.Huge amount of in completion will one session.May be in few sessions complete completion will happen,but large amount of in completion will be completed with this one session.

I can trust gurukul kids will do it.I have so much of trust. they are my hope.I know  either they will catch the mirror available or they will go to bathroom and bring it or some one will go to Bangalore and bring 25 mirrors.Some how these guys will do it.But they will do it  by the time they come here tomorrow morning.I will tell you they will do it.So beautiful to have you Gurukul Kids.It is so beautiful.

Very soon you can expect me to give Krama Brahmmacharya to Gurukul kids.Gurukul kids are heading towards it in very right direction.They are really heading in right direction.Don't think I decide on feedback Iget.I know.Very soon I am also going to initiate Gurukul kids to Nirahara Samyama and levitation, Kundalini awakening.

First they have to sit on bed and practice , then they will sit on nail bed and practice.Step by step practices.We will work on it,

If you send your children to Gurukul ,understand, I am literally enlightening them. Nothing can be done and in turn they will enlighten you.This is what is meant .In tradition if one child gets enlightened 7 generations before and after gets enlightened.

Start Swapoornatwa today.Step by step ,I want all of you to experience enriching enlightenment.It is the first step.Do the completion with the mirror.I know most of you are too busy , busy with the conclusion of your mind.Chaos of your mind.Insecurities of your mind.Diseases of your being..If you are so busy , you don't even want treatment.. Because to take medicine , you have to sit up.You don't want.Come out of the self induced sickness.Live life.

Sit with mirror today.Listen to your heart's complaints about yourself and about others..You may be carrying lot of complaints about me.

Listen it it. Don't feel , don't go under the carpet. Listen.By listening millions of in completions will be completed.

All our ashrams should plan and execute as early as possible this mirror booths ,means having a place , having a corner  with big mirrors  where people can sit  and connect with themselves and  complete with themselves. Near the mirror there should be a small board giving clear understanding instruction about this process.Pen down clear understanding and instruction about this process.Whole thing is dedicated to Vaikuntapathy, great Avadhuta.You can get biographical details about him from the Internet. and we dedicate the process to him.He is a great Avadhuta helped millions of people clear themselves through this process.How many of you have already heard about him - Vaikuntapathy.very few-God , he is very popular in South especially near Kanyakumari area, he has great following.

Where ever the mirror booths are there understand my Presence is there .I will support you guys for swapoornatwa.for completion with yourself.

Do it with integrity and authenticity.iI will be there to ensure the process is successful.and complete for you.

We will be starting the next batch of Nirahara samyama from tomorrow , who ever wants can enrol .

Next batch of Nirahara samyama will be starting  from tomorrow, you can enrol by sending email to register you self.

Today I will take the dial the avatar calls.After the call we will have meditation and end the satsang.

Few minutes of meditation

Just settle down in Ananda Ghanda ,the vibrant living space which makes any thing you carry there as reality.

Relax.You may open your eyes.

I bless you all to achieve success in the completion process.

I bless you all achieve , experience, live , express, radiate, share, explode   and enrich with eternal bliss Nithayananda.a

Paramahamsa Nithyananda's Message for the New Year 2013 on the 10th Aniversary of the Mission

Tue, 2013-01-01 07:08
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TALKS FROM MORNING SATSANG ON_JANUARY_1_2013 FROM BIDADI ASHRAM, INDIA In today’s morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) celebrates the 10th anniversary of the founding of his organization and mission. His clarion call to disciples and devotees is now to look forward at their possibilities, not back at the past record. Although the mission has had challenging moments, inspiration has not been lost! As long as inspiration is active, the sangha has not lost anything. Nithyananda launches this New Year with the enjoinder to move through life in integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enrichment. When we express ourselves with integrity and authenticity, take responsibility for our thoughts and actions and for the circumstances around us, we begin to enrich the lives of others and guide them to enlightenment.
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Paramahamsa Nithyananda, celebrate, anniversary, possibilities, challenging, inspiration, sangha, New Year, life, integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enrichment, enlightenment.
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Sadashiva Samarambam Gnana Sambandacharya Madhyamam Asmadacharya Paryantham Vande Guru Paramparam
I welcome you all with love and respects.
I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis sitting with us around the world  at this moment 1110 places  through Nithyananda Tv and 32 places having 2way Nayana deeksha in 269 cities  and 33 countries around the world.
I bless you all on this auspicious day of Sangha Day.The day of our movement's birth.As you all know we have decided to celebrate January 1st as Sangha Day.My Birthday will be celebrated as per Vedic calender.This year it falls on January 6th.But we will continue January 1st as sangha day, the birth of our Nithyananda Sangha.
Today we are 10years young.Looking back ,just 10 years , Ten years ,Ten years .All tone , we can sing the ten years.
We have completed 10 years .I am really happy  and blessing Nithyananda Sangha for what it was doing  and standing up in this ten years.
Number 10 is very important in all spiritual organizations. Tenth year and tenth Guru  will give rebirth to sangha. In Shankara Sampradaya Vidhyaranya  was the 10th guru and Ramakrishna mission, Veereshvarananda was 10th.In all big sampradayas  10th year and 10th guru gives rebirth to the Sangha. I think really this 10th year we are reborn.
I can see so many cities sitting with us in two way video conferencing now.Blessings to all of you.
Blessings on this Happy New Year for every one.
Los Angels Ma Kumkum ,Birthday Blessings for you.Blessings for Hyderabad Medical camp and Annadanam.
And today's releases- Guaranteed solutions online book in Romanian language ,it will be available in Life Bliss program , translated by two devotees,Gabriella, Lilly.Blessings to the devotees.
Let us move to today's message.
Today's message as you all know is going to be the message for the whole year, I know all of you are waiting for that Mahavakya, this year
This year's mahavakya , the core message with which we all work is Enriching with Enlightenment .
Enriching with Enlightenment  has many layers of meaning.
Enriching yourself with enlightenment ,enriching others with enlightenment , enriching the whole world with enlightenment.
Go on , enrich every body with enlightenment.Enrich yourself continuously with enlightenment .
Bring integrity into your words which you utter to others. and to yourself.
Bring authenticity to the way you hold yourself for your self and the way you hold yourself for others to experience yourself.
Bring responsibility in your inner space for every happening, every thing.
Go on enriching others ,enriching every one.
Drop the past records.Past track never gives you the confidence the possibility.Unless you see the possibility ,life does not flow in you.Excitement does not happen in you.If you are seeing the past records there will be a deep sorrow.Always past records bring deep sorrow,because past records by nature is death.Possibility by nature is life.Forget about the past records.Look at the possibility.Who ever interested in life should look at the possibility not the past record.Past record is neither as bad as you remember nor worthy of remembrance being remembered.
Understand it is neither as bad as you remember.Nor worthy of being remembered.Past records never lets you remember or believe the possibility.Possibility is life.
I can see even in your clap, the way you sit , kind of hangover still on you guys.Come on ,come out.It is enough.Life is possibility.Not past record.
When you plan for unimaginable, the things which you cant comprehend when your nervous system is loaded with things you are not able to even comprehend excitement oozes in your nervous system is Bliss.Understand Bliss does not come to lazy bums.Bliss does not happen to people caught in the past records.Past record is death , possibility is life.
Oh My devotees, disciples and humanity ,I give the clarion call this day - Look at the possibility only.Not the past records.As I said it is neither as bad as you remember nor worthy of being remembered.Possibility is life.In every zone,when you look at the possibility life happens to you.
Bring tremendous integrity in every words you utter. Authenticity, the way you hold yourself for yourself and for others.
Please understand this four words  are the keys how to  enrich enlightenment. First word - Integrity 2nd -Authenticity , 3rd- Responsibility 4th- Enriching.
First integrity in the words and thoughts means integrity in the words you utter to others and to yourself .stand by the word.When your life stands by the word you utter , the words you utter becomes reality.It is a method for vak siddhi.Understand If I have integrity, I give a word , I will give my life to fulfil it.When you have that decision will , any word you give cosmos fulfils it.cosmos comes to your rescue.
Understand when you have integrity ,if I give word , I will give my life to fulfil it.Cosmos comes to fulfil your words.Vak siddhi happens to you due to integrity. Integrity in your words you give  to others and the words you give for yourself.
Authenticity , the way you hold yourself for yourself and the way you hold for others you hold yourself.Bring authenticity in the way you hold yourself for others  and the way you hold yourself for others to perceive you to hold yourself.
Enrich yourself with authenticity.
Keeping Mahakala as witness with integrity and authenticity I declare, I happened and created ,running this sangha with integrity and authenticity.There are some things which you dont understand about me.If you think the out come is good , you call it miracle.If you think the outcome is bad you call it immorality. I am neither touched by what you call morality or what you call immorality.Of course there was not even actions which you can call as immorality has been caused. that is different but some parts of me which you dont understand you think out come is good.Like Materialization , teleportation or healing ,you dont understand that but the out come is good , so you call that as miracle.There are some components which is  not even there that also you dont understand like in your own names.I am very clear , I declare integrity and authenticity with which me and the sangha is functioning.
Every devotee, every disciple, every satsangi, every samaji, every sanyasi should bring every human being integrity and authenticity in your life and words and every thing.Wash your whole life with integrity and authenticity. Go on acid wash with integrity and authenticity.
Responsibility , 3rd word.Feeling responsible for every thing happening.Understand when ever I feel responsible for every thing happening  all problems get dissolved and they just disappear.Every time a problem is brought to me , when I take responsibility, I feel empowered.I am responsible for every thing happening in and around me.It is a very powerful strategy for victory and sauces.This is the strategy.
Whether you understand or not , I am the embodiment of success and victory in all the wars whether I have been  dragged or I entered. Feel responsible  even for enemy's army.We will know  what to do.
Responsibility empowers you, however complicated the enemy may be.Hiranya Kashibu and Hiranyaksha , what a complicated guys.This guys ask for a boon neither to be killed by man or animal ,inside or out side what a complicated boon.Narasimha took the responsibility , won the game. Why do you think sitting on the steps now..Neither inside ,nor outside.Take responsibility ,it empowers you "Even if you are put in a ship or ocean Namashivaya stands by you "  It is prahaladas's authenticity and integrity brought Nrasimha into the pillar.Prahallada's father was asking  whether your god be in this pillar.When Prahallada's dad's hand was moving Vishnu was resting. but the moment Prahallada's hand started moving Vishnu  started running, Lakshmi asks what happened , what happened .My devotee is showing the finger , where he has to show the finger there I have to enter into that pillar.The integrity and authenticity of Prahallada , which angle the innocent child hand of Prahallada stop ,Narasimha has to appear.Small kid is looking at which pillar is nice and choosing,I dont know whether he was playing pinky pinky ponky, which pillar to choose.
When you have the integrity and authenticity of Prahallada Narasimha lands for you, appear where ever you ask even in stone. When you dont have authenticity and integrity even if God comes, you will throw stones on him. With integrity and authenticity some stone god will appear ,you stone him to eternity.Without integrity and authenticity you stone him unto death.Stoning him to death and stoning him to eternity -I am coing a new word stoning to eternity means  stoning  him to iternity  ( carved out of stone).Even a stone becomes god , god  appears even from stone.
When you have integrity and authenticity of Prahallada , when you have integrity and authenticity, when you give your life to fulfil your words cosmos intervenes and fulfils your words.
I tell you all devotees, disciples  and dear detractors I  will be here continuously making myself available to the world enriching the humanity with enlightenment.
Ten years before  on this very land by the grace of Mahakala , I made this very sankalpa and I made this very sankalpa again I will be available here continuously to the whole humanity. Enriching with enlightenment
Responsibility empowers you.I tell you an important secret to you again anad again responsible without becoming powerless , never give up on people. I never give up on people. even when they give up on me. I dont give up on them.I continue to work on them.Understand take this as important key.Dont give up on people.This is maths of life.
The number of people you have given up is minus in  your life . the number of people you dont still give up is plus sign in your life.Make the calculation ,balance sheet of your life.This will prove your life is in profit or loss.This will prove whether you are running in success or failure.
Whether you are running in failure or success is not decided by the incidence,by your spirit.I tell you nothing has been lost if you have not lost the inspiration. I was talking to some of my ashramites. They were asking me .Swamiji, I think we lost so many valuable years in  unnecessary litigation  and people abusing us . I told no, nothing, nothing has been lost  as long as you dont loose your inspiration.,nothing is lost.what is few years time is eternity.I am going to be available here continuously with the body and evena after leaving the body . This is our life I told those ashramites whether me or you for both of us  with the body or after leaving this body this is our life.When I am in the body, I am going to be doing this .After leaving the body in a different plane i am going to be doing the same. Same ways the parivaris,you will be doing the same in the body and doing the same in different plane  after leaving the body.Now you are using the camera to capture these  messages and spraed to the world .Latter on you will appear in the dreams of people and give the same message.
When you are in the body you will be teaching them in their waking state , when you are leaving the body, you will teach them in their dream state or in the higher consciousness that is all.This is our life , where is the question of wasting few years. If the inspiration is not lost nothing is lost.If the inspiration is lost every thing is lost.
Understand by the divine grace of Mahakala Bhairava ,Mahadeva, we have not lost inspiration. So nothing, nothing is lost.
I wanted to remind all the devotees ,if you are here watching  be very clear you have not lost the  inspiration.We have not lost the inspiration, I can clap the hands for you guys.. When the inspiration is not lost nothing is lost.Dont worry..
Neither we lost time, nor we lost life.Neither we lost time neither we lost inspiration.inspiration is life. Dont give up on people. this is the first step to feel responsibility.
Feel empowered  and responsible . Life happens to you out side .Please understand  life  happens to you with others not you. When there are students you area teacher. When there are kids , you are a mother.When there are brothers , you are a brother , when there is a father you are a son, when there is a  employee ,you are a boss, when there is a boss you are an employee. life happens to you  with others. People  who are outside you .Enrich them.Only by enriching them your life get enriched. Dont be selfish. your life does not happen just inside. I  used to feel why Vivekananda made this statement  Atmano Mokshartham jagath idayathe cha - this is the ideal he gave for his sangha . the sangha he created .for the enlightenment and for good of the world .I was thinking why he gave such idea to enlighten the world.When I became mature enough to understood Vivekananda, I realized life happens to you outside yourself with others.If you are just sitting inside  the dark forest ,not even seeing an animal , you are no way related even  to  an animal.You dont even see a human being  athama mokshartha is enough , Enlightenment , working on yourself enough , enriching yourself with enlightenment is enough. Even when you are imagining others , you are interacting with others.If you dont even remember others  enriching yourself with enlightenment is enough ,but that is not the  way life is happening with you.Let us  see experiantially how life happens to you . We have to start from where we are standing.Experience is ,experience of life happening to you through others. Your employees decide  you are good boss or not, your children are deciding you are  good father or not , your father decides you are  son or not, your brothers are deciding you are good sibling or not ,your teacher is deciding you are a good student or not , your student is deciding you are good teacher or not , your patient is deciding you are good doctor or not,Your doctor is deciding you are good patient  or not .Life is happening to you from out side from others.
Unless you enrich others with enlightenment , you life is not going to be completely enriched with enlightenment. Decide to enrich your boss with enlightenment , you will have the completion with your relationship  with your will be a complete employee.Decide to enrich your employees with enlightenment,you will be enlightened CEO.You will be complete boss.Fulfil in that dimension.Decide to enrich your spouse with enlightenment.
Now you need to remember dont give up on people.I have seen persistent detractors and people who have enmity towards me.With this experience i tell you , your spouse can never be worse that the people whom I am facing.But I never give up on people.
If you have to learn  just only one thing from me,learn this one.I never give up on people.I dont stop training .I have passion when they train , now they have to transform..I have patience to wait if they have not transformed.even for years with the same passion.Burning passion of the sun, cooling patience of the moon,
When I tell you people they will be so passionate to transform now.Just now an incident happened .The Brahmmachari was responsible for the garlands,he made a mistake, you guys cant even make out. when I asked him ,the words are so passionate ,he has to transform now.but I asking the same questions with the same passion for last 10 years, still he has not performed. I have the same passion to ask him the same question  now after 10 years.For doing the same mistake Even though you cant make it, every thing is perfect, garlend id beautiful , what is the mistake, only I can make out.It is insider secret.
I dont give up on people.Dont give up on people.people are life.People around you are life happening to you.If you give up on them , you are giving up on life.When ever you give up on people , you commit partial up on people is partial suicide.
Not giving up on people is the victory of the war.Victory in the war, victory in the life is not decided by one incident .It is decidede by the ability to not to give up on people.There are people happened in your life in the form of family members, team members, customers, clients, suppliers , what ever way.When people happen in your life , dont give up on them, enrich them with enlightenment with integrity and authenticity.
Whenever you dont give up on people,you decide not to give up on people , you are empowered., you are empowered.When I asked him today morning about the mess up he did with garlands ,I trust he will transform by next time.But I dont expect he will transform next time.
Understand ,he will transform by next time ,but I dont expect ,he should be transformed  by next time.If he fulfils my trust, he blesses me.Dont give up on people.That is life.That is life.
Life is happening to you through others.Through people.When you give up on people, you give up on life, which is suicide.
No. Today morning when I saw that messing up, I dont ask him  based on my past records ,10 years I asked him, he has not transformed , is he going to transform now , then I give up on him.If I say alright you dont do this work you get out , I will have some body else, again I give up on him. No.Neither keeping quiet, nor discarding is what is called not giving up on people.
the damaru of Shiva is the symbol of not giving up on people. Fire is integrity and authenticity , Trishul is enriching.Dont give up on people.
We have not lost any thing because we have not lost our inspiration.
Listening, listening, listening ,listening and not giving up on people .
People ask me some times, you say damaru is not giving up on people, Fire is integrity and authenticity and Trishul is power, what is Shiva is having to show the responsibility.
His very life is responsibility.His very presence ,by very presence of statement he makes responsibility.He is adhara . responsibility for existence.Every thing he has.Holding the Gnaga to save the planet earth ,drinking the poison to save the universe .Neelakanta is  responsibility ,Gangadhara is repsonsbility .Keeping the snakes with himself getting people away from problems is responsibility.Every thing of Shiva is responsibility.If Bhoothas show this responsibility of not giving up on people .he does not give up on bhotas, pretas, ganas.Every thing around him shows his responsibility.
Understand with integrity and authenticity all of you think for a moment how quickly you give up on people , that quickly, If I would have given up on humanity ,on people,you thing you would have been here. To be on this seat not to give up all you guys. Not to give up on people, how much, how much this body has to go through for last ten years. Just look when a small boy came to this forest and declared ,I stand with integrity and authenticity to enrich the  world with enlightenment. Even few people was standing around me  smiling inside their heart, what does he mean , some with devotion stood with lot of fear ., some with apprehension, some with mocking smile, some thinking he may bel loose,very few, trees ,plants and the nature stood with me saying Tatasthu.So be it and we did it.We have done it.We are doing it.We will do it.
Oh humanity listen dont give up on people.This is one tatwa truth  again and again strengthens my shoulder..Dont give up on people.Go on enriching., enriching, enriching.
just in this Inner Awakening , one of the beautiful Inner Awakening , all of you may be aware with 232 participants of inner awakening , around 25 eN Genius kids  around 30 volunteers  and ashramites and  a Guru was floating in the ocean in transition to new consciousness.One of the best programs I have ever done. Even I have so much of fulfilment , the job satisfaction.I have done my job.In inner awakening one person was asking me , she herself experienced, levitation, and kundalini awakening and every thing , when I told het to give advise to her daughter , she said  she doesn't belive in mysticism and all , I said what do you mean ,tell her , you are her mother ,you are not mad or loosu to go through this experience. I asked her, are you authentic in your kundalini awakening,She said yes. Do you really jump by kundalini awakening or you just jumping inauthenticity.No she said I am authentic  in every thing happening, the go and show it to her .tell her you are an authentic being , you are her mother who  love he with all the authenticity  and you want her to test this. Only then she realized yes right.I said dont give up on people based on past records. earlier she may not have listen to you because  you yourself may not eb iintegrated and authentic.Now bring that integrity and authenticity. and dont give up on people.
Enrich, enrich people., enrich people.If you give up people , you will give up on your self , you will loose your confidence .You will give up on yourself. Dont give up on people. Dont give up on others .
Not giving up on people is life.That is maths of  your life. The number of  people you have given up  is  a loss  and the number of people have not given up is  gain .This is the profit and loss account statement , find out which list you are in, your own list.whether ur are in the list of people you have given up  or  are you given up or still you have not given up  on you find out that.That is the evry important thing.many times you give up on you.When you stop trying to wake up for yoga, you are giving up on you.When you stop trying your integrity  and authenticity with out compromise , you gave up on you..When you started giving up on people  you gave up on you.Find out whether you have given up or not. Dont give up on you. That is the first step you need to do today..Dont give up on you .Decide  with integrity and authenticity, I will not give up on me.
I will not give up on me.based on my past track record, past record. I work on the possibility.To give up on people you dont need family., it include people in  your community, in your locality, in your society., in your state, in your country and in your universe.Dont give up on people.When you dont give up on people ,when you decide  not to give up on people, you feel empowered in the shoulder .Your shoulder feels the strength.
Whenever your shoulder feels tired, when ever you feel tired , understand i am not going to give up on people.I am a person who has no individual family. Thousands see ,I am their family member.Even in the face book.How amny family request.I am literally living with cosmic family.Rahu ,Kethu, Shani , Shiva, Durga, Kali ,Subramanya, Shukra, Guru, Chandra , these are my family members.I literally live with a cosmic family.I dont give up on any body, including shani, evn though he broke my hand.Sade sath , he has to break, he had to make the fracture happen.It is a law.You cant imagine  a guy who is so well protected continuously by so many brahmacharis  and assistants.So protected even when he was arrested.Can have a fracture in hand , you will never imagined,Shani has to fulfil his routine .It is too mystical, but I want to tell you guys. I want to share with you guys..The moment I fell from the horse and had the fracture .Moment I got up saw the fracture .I saw it,  said fracture let us go to hospital for proper medical care. the moment I looked up ,I perceived very clearly  Shani Mahatma was standing with folded hands, Oh Lord ,I have to do the responsibility you gave me.I have to fulfil the cycle.I did it .
Whether you understand it or not ,these words are with integrity  and authenticity, he was rhere . I smiled at him.
I have to play the game with in the rules.If Sachin comes to play street cricket  and he wins , you cant call it as a message from Sachin.That cant be taken as teaching..I need to show equal fight.Only then teachings become valuable.Teachings become reality.So I had to play with in the rules.Then I said it is OK , wehave to obey the rules.
I dont give up on people.I know this statement is mystical  Some may feel , those who understand  mysticism.some may feel nuts.It is ok . I will not give up on you. I will go on  making statements again and again and again until you understand the science of mystery.
I an not going to give up on you guys whether you are a devotte, a disciple, or a samaji or satsangi or a sanyasi  or detractor  whatever way you engage with  me.I am not going to give up on you.I am not going to give up on people.
I wanted all of you to understand ,never to give up on people.
The important message on 10th anniversary , completion of one decade , 10 years of Nithyananda sangha .The message is dont give up on people. Dont Give up on people.
I tell my ashramites a worker  working in construction labour  who is working in your department, if you cant teach him science of enlightenment , integrity, authenticity , whom are you going to teach .Dont give up on people.If he is alive he can be enriched.Dont give up.Carry this one message dont give up oon people.That is the message for this whole year.
That is practical instruction how to enrich with enlightenment .Dont give up on yourself and dont give up on others.Dont give up on people.Enrich with enlightenment.
Dont give up on people.
Enriching with enlightenment means enrich yourself with these great four truths of integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching means not giving up on people.Enriching others with these four things integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching by not giving up.Enrich them so that they also enrich others.let the whole universe be enriched  with enlightenment.
I bless you all to achieve, experience ,live, express,radiate, share, explode and enrich with enlightenment.
Let you all achieve, experience ,live, express,radiate, share, explode and enrich with eternal bliss -Nithyananda.

Nithyananda_ Don't Give Up On People

Sat, 2012-12-29 22:02
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TALKS FROM MORNING SATSANG ON DECEMBER_29_2012 FROM INTERNATIONAL WATERS In today’s morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) ends his twenty-one-day Inner Awakening retreat by imparting the essence of its teachings with all his sangha. He instructs his followers never to give up, especially not on the people they share their lives with. Whenever one person decides that another cannot change, that their interactions are stuck in a negative pattern, the decider has already given up on the other. Nithyananda points out that even when his devotees give up on each other or on him, he never gives up on them. Those people that one does not give up on are embellishments to life; those one abandons are losses. To fully flower in enlightenment, never give up on anyone.
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Dont give up on people 29th Dec 2012
Sadashiva Samarambham Ganana Sambandacharya Madhyamam, Asmadacharya Paryantham Vande Guru Paramparam
I welcome you all with respects
I welcome all devotees,disciples, satsangis, samajis sitting with us around the world
Today avatara brahmotsava ,2nd day and Nirahara saymama level 3 ,9th day, am I right and The Samyama successful completion today.
Please understand The Samyama has only completion no ending.
Successfully , victoriously completed 14th IA.This is the best Inner Awakening I have ever done  so far.
All the Inner Awakening participants who are supposed to receive Rudra Pooja and Kalabhairava yantras , it is waiting for you at the Singapore terminal, get this at the end of satsang.It has been brought , some body has to get, it has to be energized  and then it will reach you.By the time you get out of the ship, terminal, you will be given.Because I need little time for energizing the whole thing
Kalabhairava yantra ,whoever has done pooja will receive ,Rudra pooja yantra every one will receive.Yes who ever has not received.You will be given one.Please understand that Rudra pooja yantra each one will receive.Even if you are 2-3 members in a family each one will receive, who ever has not received please receive it.
Nice these guys have organized it , got it ready .Sree chakra is easy to make This Rudra and Kalabhairava are special,but these guys have done it.
Kalabhairava yantra ,we were supposed to get 50 made,but not having time,actually sheet cut rolled through a press, so these guys are saying 20 they were able to make.Flight time was over,he was literally running.Ten people will get by mail Kalabhairava yantra,but Rudra pooja yantra is already ready. They will get it good.
Today satsang is carry this experience of Nithyananda Ghanda.
What you are carrying in the Ananda Ghanda will become reality.
Please understand your Ananda Gandha is the source of your life.just like any slide kept in front of projector light becomes reality.Any truth, any tatwa kept in front of Ananda Ghanda becomes reality in your life.
Constantly have beautiful tatwas in your Ananda Ghanda,let your Ananda Ghanda build beautiful Sangha around you.
Only when the beautiful sangha flowers ,your Ananda Ghanda is really functioning.
Understand that is the proof ,your life is aligned , your relationships are flowering, world is happening around you, fulfilment is overflowing .The sangha is happening around you.That is the symbol Ananda Ghanda is active alive and over flowing.
Understand the lotus  and the beautiful garden shows the river is flowing in the region.
Result shows the cause. So ,if the sangha is happening around you then Ananda Ghanda is flowing.otherwise ,it was flowing.
Essence of this whole Inner Awakening is completion in your relationships,integrity in your words to others and yourself,authenticity in your life, responsibility towards the world enriching humanity.
Go on completing with people.Go on listen to people.Go on radiating what coming to people.Dont give up on people.
Whenever people come to me and tell,Oh my wife doesn't listen, Oh my husband doesn't listen , they are not devotees, so many things. Understand I dont give up on you. How can you give up on people.It is not that you listen to what ever I am saying.The moment you come and tell ,my spouse does not listen to me,it proves you dont listen to me.If you listen to you will not have this problem. You will know very clearly how handle them ,how to take no out of them and make them express yes.If you are not able to do that ,you are not listening to me.But  I dont give up on you,even if you dont listen.Then why do you give up on them.Tremendous patience and listening ,listening, listening ,listening .
J.Krishnamurthy says " Listening is God " , when I read that line ,I misunderstood as listening to guru's words is god, no any listening, even this sound is god Listening is God.
In your listening god is happening to you, dont interfere.Love is the only nuts and bolts my sangha is hanging, my sanga is built.Otherwise there is no commitment , staying in the ashram, who were doing very important work, they can just drop and leave.There is no contract including my CEO,COO, CFO all Os can just dump everything and say O, because there is no body paid. including me no body gets paid.
Love is bolts and nuts which is my whole structure is created and held.Nothing else. The guy start creating the mic system and the guy managing your food and the guy who arranges for the seat , any body can dump.Tomorrow the seat may not be here. some times people take the seat also and go away .
It is just the love with which whole thing is standing.But the only quality whole thing is built is I dont give up on people. Understand I dont give up on people. Even when they leave the sanga I tell them , I will continue to train you as life  and whenever you feel life straining  ( ad intervention- pl check here ) - Master does not waste time  .
Some times in life you go through Apa. Apa means unnecessary suffering.  But master takes care you do only tapa, the necessary process for ultimate flowering.With master , there is only tapas .there is no apa, there is only tapa.Just purification.Only the necessary processes.which is mainly some times painfuller ,whatever you call it,but only necessary.
I donot allow my people suffer  one mg extra that what is necessary for them to breaking out of patterns or enlightenment.
Understand , Mahakala as witness , I give you this statement with integrity and authenticity I never allow my people to suffer even one micro milligram extra.I myself dont like suffering because of that I dont like my people suffering.It is a simple straight forward policy- I dont like suffering, so I dont like my people suffering.Only the minimum basic required,some times you dont listen without suffering.Only at those moments, the minimum required dosage like anesthesia , how the  minimum required dosage is used., same way minimum required dosage suffering is allowed in your life to wake up nothing more,nothing more.If I dont do ,life will do.
But unfortunately in life there is no regulating mechanism, it is an automated anaesthesia.Some times more than  what is required in life wake up calls also land in you.
For example ,if you need to learn some strong lessons from your spouse,from your better half.If Master is guiding your life naturally you will say,alright let him have affair there itself all the lessons and no marriage  and let him be liberated.
But in the life there is no regulating mechanism.You may land, after 22years may learn lessons, by the time you dont have life for lessons.I am giving one example, I am not always against marriage , almost always against marriage.
Jatindar and Sadana will ask what about my question.Jatindar has asked me a question-Your ideas about marriage I wanted to clarify, we had really wonderful marriage.My blessings. I am really happy that Jatindar and Sadana have wonderful marriage.I can say Jatindar and Sadana are exemption.Exemption group is existence of law.
Any how much of the things when the master is regulating much of the apa is avoided.Means unnecessary sufferings are avoided,only tapa is done.
Even when they are not able to handle minimum pain required to wake up ,then  they try to sangha and ambiance or having connection with me , those sufferings will go away.
Please understand ,I want to make the statement  very clearly to the humanity as the integrated carrier of this great name Nithyananda , I love Bliss and the joy which is the shadow of Bliss and I neither accept nor promote or recognize any suffering in any way.Naturally because I dont accept ,i will never ask suffering in your life.Wherever a little pain you may have to go through is nothing but a wake up call.
Let this be very clear ,if you avoid the wake up call from the master, there may be some thing else in life .If you avoid the fire alarm from the master, then you have to go for sprinkler only ,life sprinkler,our alarm is much  better than life sprinkler.
I dont give up on people even when people give up on me. I tell them alright when life teaches you ,if that is more difficult come back,I am there available, because in life there is no automated regulatory mechanism  sorry there is no intelligent mechanism ,it is automated regulatory mechanism ,till you wake up suffering is sent to you. and you dont even know why it is sent to you.
With master the thing is tapa, with life much  is apa , apa means unnecessary non required suffering.
My biggest strength is I dont give up on people .I wait wait  wait bring that to your Ananda Ghanda.No question of giving up on people . Please understand this, contemplate on this very deeply , authentically  and answer me with integrity ,how you give up on people in that same speed If I am giving up on you ,please tell Me ,how many of you think you  will not be here.
Then you know the speed with which you give up on people in that same speed and frequency  in that  same way if I made my decisions to give up on you all  so any of you will be here wasting your time.So dont give up on people
Understand people are life nothing else is life.Not money ,it can be created by people not buildings.It can be created by people ,any thing can be created by people but nothing can create people.people are life.
The people you give up on in your life are the minuses of your life People whom you did not give up in your life are pluses of your life.This is the maths of life.Sit and do maths of your life.How many you did not give up all of them are your plus , how many you gave up a,all of them are your minus.See whether your life is running in loss or profit.This is the balance sheet of your life .balance sheet of life is different from  your balance sheet of economy.The money balance sheet , every body knows how to do it.Your auditors know how to  play with ,if you are with IRS , your IRS agents know .Your balance sheet is a game between auditor and IRS agents. That is not the real balance sheet
A small story : A small county in US,  mother was crying standing in a park , calling for help ,help.Few people were walking in the park gathered , started screaming at this fellow ,my child has swallowed a quarter coin ,please help get it out. two, three people tried so many things ,it was not coming out.One guy came and he did some thing and the coin just came out, the mother was so happy ,pleased  she asked are you  a doctor ,he said no IRS agent.
Your money balance sheet is nothing but  a fight between CPA and IRS agent.I think none of you guys understood auditor .CPA , I think that is the word.
Understand , this is your life's balance sheet.I really want all of you to do this home work.See how many people you did not give up in your life. Write  all those names  all those are your plus points.
I can see Bidadi ,having Nayana Deeksha from Dakshinamoorthy.
How many people ,you just gave up  all that is minus.Giving up on people means,let me describe whom  you have come to conclusion you will not be able to enrich their Anandha Gandha with your  Anananda Ghanda. Any how still I have the hope and continue to work  enrich their Ananda Ghanda to your Ananda Ghanda , you are not giving up on them.If you have decided, it is not possible , that is what Giving up people- Your loss..
Whenever people come and tell Me, we want to do some thing and create sangha Swamiji , I am not able to do, it is not happening, it is nothing but  a statement  you coming and telling I  gave up on people.
Carry this powerful tatwa in your Ananda Ghanda  and make it reality.Nithyanandoham .You can see the moment you remember the tatwa the will is awakened.
The essence of Inner Awakening to all the satsangis who are sitting all over the world , dont feel ,you missed Inner Awakening.I am giving  the essence , bring integrity to the words,you utter to yourself and others, bring authenticity in  your life style, Bring responsibility and commitment to the whole world.Wwhatever is happening dont give up on people.
Go on enriching others  through which naturally you will be enriched.This is the essence of Inner Awakening.
Now before completing The Samyama ,to day also The Samyama participants are required to do this process.
some other mantra and continue to be Nirahari . Still I am not able to program as of now. The Nirahara you guys are having, The Samyama you guys are having is a programmed ,gifted software , not you did tapas and built it.
Understand ,good or bad, fortunate or unfortunate I will program only with this sound.
I can see Arunachala -Thirvannamalai ,Blessings.
Whenever you feel like eating or you want  to pont  the rejuvenation do Ajapajapa  to awaken energy directly from the space , the intelligence will be awakened
Let us do the Samyama process now.All The samyama and Nirahara Samyama participants sit, meditate visualize ,you have become huge banyan tree ,Bidadi Kalpavriksha, Bidadi banyan tree with roots,fruits and the energy
Relax, You can open your eyes.
I bless you all to Niraharis
I bless you all who are sitting around the world
Let you all aceive, experience ,live , express radiate, share and explode in  eternal bliss  Nithyananda ,Thank you.

Nithyananda_Share Your Best With the World

Fri, 2012-12-28 06:52
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TALKS FROM MORNING SATSANG ON DECEMBER_28_2012 FROM INTERNATIONAL WATERS In today’s morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) inaugurates the Brahmotsavam of his 36th year Jayanthi (birthday). The organization of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam is now one decade young! As global civilization enters the post-2012 shift into super-consciousness, Nithyananda urges his sangha to share with the world the insights they integrate through him, so that all can benefit from the new frequency of spiritual awareness.
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Paramahamsa Nithyananda, birthday, decade, young, global civilization, 2012, consciousness, world, insight, benefit, frequency, spiritual, awareness.
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Sadashiva Samarambham Gnana sambhandacharya Madhaymam Asmadacharya Paryanthan  Vande Guru Paramparam
I welcome you all
I welcome all devotees ,disciples ,satsangis, samajis sitting around the world
To day we begin My brahmotsavam celebrations.
Lot of good things happening.
Seeing Bidadi,having nayana deeksha of Dakshinamoorthy
Great today is very auspicious day.Arudra darshan.Shiva dancing happened today .He graced his devotees by giving darshan of his dance today.We ill all whole tonight.
and Nataraja in the form Mahadeva gave darshan today to Pathanjali, Manikka Vasagar.
Tonight is the birth night of Ramana Maharishi.Ramana Maharishi was born tonight.Tonight they will be celebrating.They follow more English calender,because of lot of western devotees.They will start late night and do it tomorrow.
Today is also fullmoon day.
This Brahmotsawam, this year we will be having  all the victories and good supportive auspicious situations,ambiance to spread sangha and spiritual message,spiritual work.
Blessings for people who are watching sitting around the world on this auspicious occasion.
Today Inner Awakening special is whole night meditation.We will be having Rudra pooja in the night, at least late night meditation and vadadeeshvara pooja and Gayathri initiation which are today's special.
All the rituals are happening properly. If the world see ,Bidadi all sacred rituals and celebrations happening.
Blessings to all the devotees on this auspicious occasion.
Formally inaugurated avatara brahmotsava.
35 years over.This also another one important celebration, we are completing the 10th year.We have become a decade young organization.Just 10years.Almost all the auspicious qualities we demonstrated in the 10 years.Intense work, every one, we can stand any attack and tireless work.
Usually on this day I accept padapooja after the flag hoisting,may be that is why it happened today.Let us do the Pada pooja after the process.
I see very clearly this year ,authentically  ,I tell you all the problems are disappearing.Legal problems and all the other complications ,every thing disappears.
We will have a beautiful ambiance inner and outer to spread the spiritual teachings and message and live.
This year let us become enriched in the integrity , authenticity  and responsibility in enriching others as a message.This year's statement I will reveal on January 6th.
My message today the satsang subject - the essence of Inner Awakening is continuously enriching yourself by enriching others with what you have.
What is the greatest thing you have tell me.The Clearance. Me in You as Clearance .Enrich every one with that.
Enrich every one, Me living in you means what all the ways you have been enriched,enrich others life the same way,
Drop the doubts ,others may not be ready.World is ready.drop the doubts others may not be ready. Drop the doubts others may not understand.
Yesterday I was doing a devotee one of our lady  devotee., she doe snot believe in mysticism .Make her understand tell her ,I am your mother, I am not  a fool .I am apart of your life.Understand with the sincerity.Tell her I am not a fool,I am your mother.Listen to me what I am saying , listen to her authentically present.You will be able to enrich.Same thing I want to tell you all.Dont think world is not ready, World is ready.Tell I am a human being like you .I am not a fool. Say,world is ready to listen.
I will start the samyama process.
All the samyama participants Nirahara level 3 and all The Samyama participants, all of you please , sit close your eyes and visualize and become Bidadi Kalpa Vriksha , Bidadi Banyan tree with deep roots, leaves branches , fruits and  energy - Namashivaya
Banyan tree Meditation
Relax, open your eyes.
I bless you all  sitting around the  world.
Let you all achieve, experience ,live , express radiate, share and explode in eternal bliss Nithyananda ,Thank you.
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