Q & A On Logic & Conditioning, The First 3 Dimensions, Space & Time Vs Akasha & Kāla

Thu, 2016-12-15 07:12
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In this video (15 December 2016), Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives insights on the limiting logic of the length dimension and how it relates to the collective societal conditioning. He also answers questions about the length, breadth & depth dimensions and differentiates between the english terms 'Space' & 'Time' vs the Sanskrit 'Akasha' and 'Kaala'. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click http://bit.ly/20j90wr to subscribe.
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Participant - Just going deep into where is this limitation of length coming from, it seems that public consensus reinforces and therefore I see it as absolute reality.




Swamiji - And there is a word ‘social conditioning’.




Participant - So in other words, how to differentiate what is my Consciousness imagining and my freedom...Consciousness freedom, where I can have lot of creativity from what is absolute outside fixed and something I can’t change. I think we evolve from childhood with certain things being reinforced, so everybody agrees that this is fixed. Since everybody agrees, it becomes more and more fixed in my mind. So can we say that length is not absolutely fixed but because everybody agreed therefore I imagined…..




Swamiji - I can….I can...you are right. For practical utility value, we agreed some comparative reality and started believing that as a existential reality, which is not true.




Participant - That’s how we ...the length became. (Became...I should say... You are right.) So then, another similar idea - is it language a problem, because even if I am not speaking to other people, the... even if I am talking to myself, I…..(Swamiji - I tell you, language is a problem.) the categories, even if I am thinking in languages...in language, I am using categories….a particular category requires differentiating, what this fan is from everything else which is not the fan. So therefore...therefore what is possible and not what is not possible is defined as part of the language….




Swamiji - Rajivji, from My experience I tell you, all the people whose mother tongue is the language with multiple option words, for example, just for this one (gestures towards the stick in His hand) - Sanskrit may have 300 words. The multiple option word mother tongue people, have a very high developed brain grooves. From My experience I saw. So in a way I’ll say, for example, if you utter a word ‘cow’ and the time it takes for the English person to grasp the visualization and the ‘cow’ and a Sanskrit person ‘Gau’ and the time it takes, at least 1/100th means the person who knows the Sanskrit, catches it - less than 1/100th time, with the more precision because the words there is wide option, so brain by its nature requires to be in high alert, when you handle that language.




Participant - So it seems that one of ways to explain why human beings went down in this capability, is because of the language and the public consensus. And the Rishis probably being alone, meditating, less public consensus and using the right...




Swamiji - Actually, unfortunately in the modern day, public consensus are becoming the University syllabus. In our Rishi’s culture, University syllabus used to be made as a public consensus. Rishis sit and developed University syllabus; that is made as public consensus.




Participant - And this is getting worse because advertising is telling me - what is good looking, what is bad looking, what I should buy and so we are getting worse into that ... they are making length more and more length…




Swamiji - Yes….You are absolutely right.




Participant - Swamiji, whenever...when you gave me the Agni Samyama initiation in Kumbh Mela, you said, “You’ll be able to see inside.” I was able to see inside, but now in this last process, I was seeing things like the core of some planets and everything and it’s completely opposite to what we have all been led to believe in the modern thing. For example - for like Jupiter and all and what I saw….




Swamiji - Actually, actually what I am saying… Guru - if you can see your brain, you can see the reflection of Guru. If you can see your throat, you can see the reflection of Rahu. (That’s exactly, how I saw…) If you can see your liver, you can see the reflection of Shani. So each of the Grahas are reflected on your organs and they instigate, guide - that is the way they influence and impact your life.




Participant - My question is related to the…..my question is related to the length aspect, as it pertains to Artist. So traditional Indian artist can visualize an image and created exactly in the form of a sculpture or painting and even if they make 10000 paintings, it will be exactly the same, not like every time they make, it will be different each time and use a word like...creative expression or something. They can reproduce it exactly the same. So are they able to do it because they remove the length aspect and when they ….




Swamiji - I should say, from the young age they grow, so the length aspect is not pumped much...given much energy. Creativity and the...doing this repetitively same thing, is a unique to Hindu Arts; creativity and repetitively producing that. All our temple deities are handmade. You will see so much of similarity, even though it is handmade; not machine made, handmade... but so much similarity you will see, almost 90% will be same.




Participant - There is a question on third eye. If the third eye can see that, which it can and if it can see this also, then it can perceive this and that the same way, Swamiji, and is that the space of Oneness Swamiji?




Swamiji - I should say, visual Oneness. Actually, in the seeing you experience Oneness. Actual Oneness is whatever you see you will feel One with it, that is actual Oneness. Now you are...see, if you can this - see that, it is called 3D Oneness. Actual Oneness is 11D Oneness, where you will feel - everything is you, not just seeing, feeling everything is you.




Participant - Is it like a quantum shift to that space...




Swamiji - I should say, quantum shift in your visual Oneness.




Participant - Yesterday and today, we’ve been learning about length, depth and….length, breadth and depth. My question is...I have 2 parts of the question. 1st part is - we have made lot of business decisions, family decisions or life decisions - all these days, which we might have made it in length, depth or breadth, which are right, wrong, be it certain decisions which just come from the gut of the feeling, again some have gone right - some have gone wrong. Now when we have this knowledge what you have shared with us, how do we handle those situations when we come across them? Those mistakes, those wrong decisions...




Swamiji - Means….what I am saying...even the impact of the past mistakes when it is repeating, it’s only a new problem. So deal it and cut it across.




Participant – Deal it with the new knowledge what we are getting…




Swamiji - That’s all. Understand. Your whole future is nothing but dealing with the past mistakes. No, is there any future other than dealing with the past mistake? Come on! No we all have this big mental blockage. Understand. Future is nothing but dealing with past mistakes. If you remove all the past mistakes caused problems, there is no future! How many of you…..no just see! See with open eyes! For how many of you - clicks? At any given time, when you wake up to certain truths, your future is continuation of the past mistakes presenting itself.




Participant - The concepts you explained about being able to excel in multiple subjects. You mentioned that actually what...what limits us is our length and if we only….




Swamiji - I should say - the denial dimension of length.




Participant - Yes, so….let’s say one doesn’t deny anything, imagining he can excel in everything, but still the…..and you mentioned that….




Swamiji - The moment you say ‘imagine he can excel in everything, but still….’ - you have not imagined completely. Next…




Participant - You said that ‘in order to excel in something, you don’t really need a lot of time, it only takes….’




Swamiji - Understand. See, he is telling, “Let me imagine I am rich fellow, but how will I get my next meal?” That’s what he is trying to ask. It means, you have not imagined you are rich guy. Next….




Participant - Okay, I had a point but….if you want I can state it ….okay, so doesn’t in excelling something, even though we invest all of our….100% of our Being into every moment...moment of within excelling it doesn’t...I mean some subjects are complex and takes time, doesn’t it?




Swamiji - No. Efficiency is nothing but engaging with life. Efficiency has no independent qualitative, quantitative say over your life. You might be working on the same MNC machine for 50 years. The last product you might be...you have produced, might be a mess. First time you are picking up, you can be producing something extraordinary. Efficiency has no role; only involvement with life. Even if you are efficient doing the same object 20 years, if you do not attend to this cutting and moving, you will be a mess.




Participant - Another question please. You said that I mean...my understanding of the length is that it might be redundant for us and if we only be able to…. (Means?) move it from….(My understanding of….?) of...of length, if we would be able only to remove length from the….




Swamiji - Actually, when you...when you get into the depth, length is redundant, useless. Because you are not getting into depth... length is the homeless man’s poor version of depth.




Participant - You mentioned also that when you saw….when you saw the blueprint of the building, you were able to...immediately get the number of everything in the measurements and all that. But still you said that in order to convince others, you had to spend another 10 days…




Swamiji - No, no, no, I have to speak it out so that the Stapadhi will start working na. The person who carves, for him I have to explain... because he is the space of length.




Participant - But isn’t depth is subjective in the matter that one…(Yes, it is subjective.) So don’t you need a common...common language, common logic, in order to….




Swamiji - No, no, depth was a common language in those…. at once upon a time.




Participant - So length can be redundant?




Swamiji - So, if that kind of a Beings when I get, I can convince…..I can convey what I am saying within may be 2-3 hours. Here also, whoever has a depth, they immediately catch Me, without much wastage of time of Me, explanation. You see, I told you na, that I can sit and convince you, why you should be vegetarian for 20 days - but that is a lengthy process - ‘length process’. The moment I establish My Adhikaratva, means authority to teach you, by demonstrating what I am committing, then if you immediately pick it up, it’s called depth teaching - the depth process. You see, let’s not make ‘length process’; let’s do depth process.




Participant - First of all, thank you so much for the whole experience...it’s been amazing and...Oh, sorry I said that, thank you so much for the whole experience in Sadāshivoham. It’s amazing and specifically the Yoga sessions...I mean, I have been practicing for several years and I never experience such things, thank you so much….




Swamiji - Thank you. I have...whatever you all practice yoga is in length. I have taken the yoga to the depth and brought it to you. That is what is that entanglement process. I have taken the yoga to its depth and brought it to you.


No, if you….if you experience this dimension, then you will understand the utility value of the other dimensions. You see, I need to convince you, to live without length. More blissfully you will start living. Today morning also in the yoga, actually today morning yoga is 300% more effective than yesterday morning’s session, yoga session. How many of you felt that all that gas got released and your body became flexible? See, actually that subtle...you see, when you eat and the food undigested becomes gas in you, same way when you breathe, the prana undigested becomes Apana in the….all the joints. Apana makes joints rigid. Apana is responsible for arthritis. All the teachers, the shouting lifestyle guys will not have arthritis. Lawyers, who job is screaming, they will not have arthritis. No, I am telling you. If you start screaming, you will not have arthritis But if you start screaming at others, your bones will be broken, that is different No today, so much of sound is released, especially when the kundalini hits your stomach and the sound gets released, the whole Apana caught in the joints gets released. You will be surprised, such a simple thing can release the...make the body so flexible. I saw in the Facebook, so many people posting - “My body became so flexible, it is doing so many things, which I can never imagine I can do.” How many of you feel - body became so flexible? Wow! Thanks to Raghupati Yogi, giving Me all these tips.




Participant - When Satori happens to an individual, what state of consciousness…




Swamiji - I should say, space opens up and enters into time, length, breadth, depth, everything for certain amount of time and then closes it again.




Participant - But why not able to hold the…




Swamiji - Because the…the body is feeling too new, uncomfortable. Anything you are too new, you feel uncomfortable. So you need to be told about it, you need to be supported to settle down. Then when it comes, repeats again, it doesn’t leave; it settles down.




Participant - Okay, Swamiji one more question. Can it be created or is it something…..




Swamiji - It can be just rebuilt again. It can be consciously rebuilt. (By the individual.) By the individual, even when I am doing process, if you remember that experience, it will suddenly click and repeat.




Participant - Jayaji, (Yes.) When people die, that time only the length and breadth switches off…




Swamiji - No, no, no, actually, when people die, length and breadth is left here, only depth is carried to the next body.




Participant - Swamiji, I am trying to understand - what is belief, in terms of…. what does….what is belief?.....in terms of dimensions...




Swamiji - Belief… Belief is a too poor word. I should say, I will not...promote belief in any line. Whatever I am promoting, nowhere I require I ask you to have belief. I established My Adhikaratva, I established My authority by the Sakshi Pramana and only as an extension of Sakshi Pramana, I give you the commitments about life. It’s only as the extension of Sakshi Pramanas. See, even this Sadāshivoham whole process, starts with Sakshi Pramana. As an extension of Sakshi Pramana only the whole thing. So I should say, belief….




Participant - Swamiji, about the possibilities - impossibilities, many of the things look like they are possible, but can’t be experienced. Example - my eye can see 200 meters from here. Since it can see 200 meters, it is capable of seeing any distance, but….




Swamiji - It is not possible as on now. Listen. The moment you decide it is possible, but not yet become experience, your whole attitude towards life becomes a large ‘Yes’. If you don’t even understand it is possible and you say, “Now it is not experience and it is not possible” - you are a atheist. “Now it is not experience but it is possible” - you are theist. But it’s not belief. Belief...this is not belief; this is from Sakshi Pramana moving further – because you can see 20 feet, you can see 200 feet. Sakshi Pramana moving further is not belief. That is the theist.




Participant - So what is the thing which...how we can make it in the power to….




Swamiji - See, how to make it, for each of the making it, there is a clear system. Now for your eyes, as you asked - third eye, awakening it is the best. But each ‘how’ we have answer, but this basically looking into possibility, makes you say ‘yes’ for life. I tell you, now you decide, “I can see 20 meter, then I should be able to see 200 meter.” Even if you don’t make that as a reality now, in the further janmas you will be manifesting it. You see, listen. Every possibility you keep in you, is a empty vessel you keep and during death you are showered with Ganga... you will hold energy in all those empty vessels and come back. That is why I say, “A man who keeps lot of possibilities in his inner space, even when he dies, he takes an amazing birth”, because when you leave the body, such large amount of energy is available before you take birth. You go through the Cosmic treasury. But if all your vessels are kept upside down, you go and come back as empty as you went. So even having understanding about your possibility, makes a vast difference.


And I tell you, every night when you fall asleep, especially with this spiritual alchemy products, you go through a very powerful zone. Keep this possibility vessel and get there and come back, you will come back with filled vessel. Really! I am not overpromising you. I am telling you exact truth.




Participant - Yes Swami, Swamiji one more question Swamiji. Few years back, just before physically meeting you, I just went through one experience, where all of a sudden it just...the whole sound became muted for me, it stayed for the whole day….




Swamiji - Was it….was it peaceful? (Completely peaceful Swamiji, enjoyment….) Actually, that is the space of Shanti. It is possible, where the length gets switched off. In... during the process, sit and remember that, it can be repeated. I can bring it back.




Participant - Swamiji, in which dimension do thoughts exist Swamiji, is it length, breadth and depth or….?




Swamiji – Length, only length. Breadth carries only visualization. Depth does not carry thought at all. Depth carries only cognition.




Participant - When Swamiji had said that, “Time is created only when thought moves on space”, so…




Swamiji - Listen. At least little bit of length is required for time to be generated. If there is no length, time cannot be generated. You’ll be in a just unclutched space.




Participant - So Swamiji, my question is - suppose a person doesn’t have that much of denial and has multiple capabilities, still won’t that person have conflict “What I should be doing in this moment?”




Swamiji - No! The con...first thing, you are asking imaginary question. If somebody has a multiple intelligence, he will not have conflict about the day to day life. He just knows how to flow, he knows his priorities. Conflict is when you don’t know your priorities. If you know your priorities, there is no question of conflict. Conflict is itself, is con-man’s flict. Part of you has become con-man... that is why conflict.




Participant - So to continue that with a personal experience - from childhood I have been brought up in...to get up at the Brahmi Muhurta and study, not do yoga, but like study and I enjoyed that. Now like if I want to switch and ….I am conflicted, I know yoga is a priority…




Swamiji - No, no, no, what I am saying, you should…..it means, you are not clear about your priorities. Child….from childhood days, they told you means, at that time they may not know about the value of yoga. Now, you should know your health is in your hands. See, in 20s if you do yoga - in 30s you’ll be healthy, in 30s if you do - in 40s you’ll be healthy, in 40s if you do - in 50s you’ll be healthy. If you missed 40s - 50s will become disease. If you miss 50s - 60s you may not be even there. So understand. And it’s up to you.


I tell you, health should be your first priority, because anything else you build and you are not there then what is the use? For whose sake are you working? For whose sake are you working? Health should be your first priority. Make this as a point, the moment you wake up, attend to the health related needs - like do yoga, walking, jogging, running, whatever, whatever, whatever. Health should be your first priority. Otherwise whatever you are building for whose sake? For the people who are waiting for you to die?!




Participant - Energy seems to exist independent of length, breadth, time and space time, would that also qualify as a dimension?




Swamiji - No, no, no, energy is a... I should say, if you equate the word ‘energy’ to the electricity and all, it is like a space vibrating. If you equate the word ‘energy’ to AdiShakti, it’s a Kārani. Kārani of all these 11 dimensions. Now that Kārani energy only I invoked in all of you, during the last few minutes process - Kāli. Kāli is the Kārana Sharira of the Cosmos. Kārani of the Cosmos. She is responsible for making you cognize whether something is possible or impossible. She decides, to make you Sura or Asura.




Participant - So energy you are saying is the basis for all the 11 dimensions.




Swamiji - Aah... yes... if you look at...if you give the meaning of the energy to the higher meaning. If you say energy is this power and all, then I should say its vibrating space that’s all.




Participant - So matter also falls under vibrating space?




Swamiji - Matter should fall under vibrating space. Even this is vibrating space. All these are vibrating space.




Participant - Earlier you said, “Brahma painted all our life in a big screen, and the...if you have to manifesting power, how we can manipulate what’s going to happen and can we postpone the dancing...




Swamiji - Listen. There is certain amount of freedom you have, like a if a cow is tied with a 4 meter rope left, he cannot do anything beyond that 4 meter, but within that 4 meter he can stand, sit, lie down, all that is his freedom. Within that 4 meter how he behaves, if he behaves properly, the rope may be extended to 7. If he behaves completely nice, the rope may be even removed once for all. So all Beings do have a certain limited freedom, in the initial level. How we play with our freedom, decides whether to... it should be extended or it will not extended.




Participant - How does...how does it compare with astrology, whose predicting the future?




Swamiji - That is what I am saying. There are some things which are said, for…. You see, it’s like a … if you switch on...if you put a CD and switch on the tape recorder - MP3 player, if you don’t interfere, it will be going on with that programming. Same way, with this present mental setup, if you proceed how your life will be, there is a...that is called Parabdha. But you do have a freedom to interfere, switch off - on, rewind, fast forward, pause. Educating you about your freedom is Initiation. Letting you live your life is Parabdha. People come to Me, ask, “How is my life going to be?” I ask them, “Do you want prediction, go to My Balasanths.” “If you want Me to change, come here.” If you want to know what is written, go to Balasanths. If you want to rewrite - come I’ll do. Understand. There is 2 different level.




Participant - So, what is the  ??? Shani which is right now for Vrischika Rashi, ??? Shani is running. Is it janma shani?




Swamiji - If somebody...if somebody does not know how to interfere with the effects generated by the liver, means Shani’s impact, what he will go through, you can read in the Panchika, you can read in the all the news channels. That is a parabdha. But if you are suffering and if you want to change, ask in energy darshan, I’ll intervene. What Brahma writes by hand - Guru wipes by leg.




Participant - I just want you to shed some light on Cosmic Will and free will, from yesterday I have been trying to request this question to you. So I am being doing some prayatna to come in front and ask this question. So is it Cosmic will that I have to ask you this question or is it my free will that allowed me to ask…




Swamiji - The question – ‘Ask the question’ is free will. Answer is from Cosmic Will.




Participant - As you said the Cosmic Will, where does it fall, is it in all the LBD - the length, breadth and depth?




Swamiji - Yes. Cosmic Will permeates everything.




Participant - So then the free will when it plays, where does that fall?




Swamiji - Free will….You see, free will is one small bit of the Cosmic will. See, it’s like a whole railway track - 100 kilometer - and the spot where the train is moving, the spot where the train is moving is free will, the whole 100 kilometer railway track is Cosmic Will.




Participant - This LBD on that, these planets...what are moving around, these planets are having definitely LBD all. Will you suggest when we think about planets and the astrology, they are having LBD or they are having only space and…..




Swamiji - No, no, no, please understand. No, no, no, please understand. All the planets come within the space of length, breadth, depth, time, space - in that 5. (All 5 are there.) Aah, yes, yes, yes, all 5 are there in all these planets. In Swarga and all - length is missing, but all the other 4 is there. In Naraka - all the other 4 are missing - only length is there. So in Patala - depth exists, but so much of length is also available, the depth is not actively performing. So, I’ll..I’ll do one thing. When I finish explaining all the 11, I’ll tell you all the 14 planes where they fit into these 11 - Atala, Sutala, Talatal, Vitala, Patala, Bhur, Bhuva, Swaha, Tapa, Satya….all these Lokas, where they fit in, in this 11 dimension I’ll tell you.




Participant - The usual concept in the Western way is that, there is space and there is some object called planet, which is having LBD and just moving around. So they see the planet...I mean a….different than space because it’s an object. So, I mean...your revelations are totally different and it is absolutely…..




Swamiji - See, I should say, the space is kārani, kārana. Length, breadth, depth, when it moves in the kārana, the friction generated is time. That is why the mass decides the time. How many of you are able to catch - the mass decides the time.




Participant - Next one Swamiji, you said that Akasha and Kāla, they are the words for space and time. Now…




Swamiji - Rough equivalent. There is...you see, I’ll tell you one thing. Akāsha - 100 qualities are there. Space when it is translated, may be some 50 qualities only are attributed to the word ‘space’. I’ll tell you, in Akasha...when I utter the word ‘Akasha’ in Sanskrit, even the space where cloud gets converted into water, that whole weather temperature change, for that space supports. But in the English word ‘space’, this quality is not attributed to space. Kāla also, I’ll give you one example - the English word ‘time’ is not given certain glories and qualities which is attributed to Sanskrit word ‘Kāla’ in Sanskrit language. That is the difference between these two.


For example - English concept of time, is not carrier of your depth from one body to another body, but Sanskrit concept of Kāla, is a flight in which your...the reflecting mechanism, that space, is shifted from one body to another body. Listen. See, I’ll tell you. There is a mirror inside you, on which all the information goes and hits and the response comes back. That mirror is Akasha. Understand. Whenever this body stops working, kāla is used as a flight to carry this mirror and keep it in the other body. Understand? I don’t know….whether you are able to catch what I am saying? But time is not given this qualification in English language. (I am able to catch somewhere but not directly, logically.)


I’ll….I’ll tell you. This mirror which reflects. You have like this one mirror in you, which is a space, where all the information reaches and answers come back, commands come back. That is the Akasha...Chidakasha, it is called. That Chidakasha is moved from your this body to the next body...when you leave this body - on the train called Kāla. Kāla becomes the shoulder on which you ride and enter into another body. But the time is not given this glory and definition in English. So that is why I am saying few of the….when I use the word ‘Kāla’ the depth with which I can explain, I am not able to when I use the word ‘time’.


See, it is like a one blind man, one handicap...one person with... who has no both the legs...who does not have both the legs, one person who does not have both the eyes - become friends and the guy who does not have legs, was carried by the guy who does not have eyes. So the...with this eyes he will guide, with this leg he will walk. The time and space relationship is like that only. One fellow cannot do something and another fellow cannot do something. Within the body, time does not have a big role than the space is bolted in the body, but when the body is not there, space cannot respond, so time only has to carry him. Blind guy and the guy without legs; Blind guy has legs, he can walk. Guy without legs has eyes, he can guide. (Both are complimentary to each other.) Yes. When you say, “Both are complimentary to each other, you are Sura.” when you say, “Both are incomplete”, you are Asura.” Understand. When you say, “Both are complimenting each other”, you are Sura, Deva. When you say, “Both are incomplete, how can they exist, how can they live, it’s impossible” you are Asura.




Participant - Swamiji, kindly reveal the Sanskrit word or the Agama, what are the words mentioned for LBD - length, breadth and depth, as you mentioned about Akasha and Kāla?




Swamiji - The depth is called Ghana.Ghana.




Participant - Okay. (Ghana.)  But in English that’s sort of density.




Swamiji - I should say, all cognition, all cognition is intense undividable length, breadths’ manifestation. Let Me put it in this way. If it is a cheese, it is Ghana. If it is a milk, it is length. It it’s a ghee, it is breadth. Got it? Trying to find which is the right word to convey this... the length and breadth; because Sadāshiva uses when it comes to the measuring the Yāgashāla, He uses one word ‘Neela’ not NeeLa, Neela and when it comes to building the aircrafts, He use a different word. Unit itself is different. So I just wanted to...I’ll get the right word and give you; what will fit more when I explain about dimensions. Please understand. The length concept used, during construction - length concept used during ship building - is different in Agama. I don’t know why? The unit itself is different and the formulas are different. In the construction, the length is dealt in a normal way, how you deal in the Western way, like a unit and all that. But in the space building or ship building, length is not dealt like that; it is dealt more always associated with Ghana. Length does not get involved in any independent calculation in ship building without Ghana. Without ….you see, it is...it is...that He describes, in ship building, in any moveable, like a ship or airspace in all that, length becomes feminine who does not have a independent existence without the Ghana, but in all the immovable, like building the house or a palace or a temple or a Yāgashāla, length becomes a male, independently it can stand. So the word used is masculine length word in the...for immovable, for movable - a feminine length word. I am yet to discover - why the difference? All these dimensions are given genders by Sadāshiva. He also gives genders.




Participant - The usage of the words - length and breadth in English this is the….I mean, if you call this part as length, then this part is width. And there vice versa you can change. So the length and breadth words are interchangeable, but the concept You were saying it is not….




Swamiji – But in Agama it is not interchangeable. It is not interchangeable. Not only that and it is also...the gender identity is given for all three of them. May be the formulas used in immoveable and formulas used in moveable, have a different purpose, so they are given a different gender identity. Still, I am yet to discover the context - why here different there different. I only know two different. I am yet to stumble upon the context.



Exploring The Dimensions Of The Gods - Logic Of Suras & Asuras - Sadāshivoham

Thu, 2016-12-15 07:10
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In this video (15 December 2016), Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals the dimensions of the Gods - Suras and Munis. It is a dimension where the breadth and depth dimensions are present, however the lengrh dimension is absent. He also explains how absence of length increases one's ability for visualization tremendously and how the logic of length makes us uni-dimensional and leads us to tiredness & boredom. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click http://bit.ly/20j90wr to subscribe.
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I’ll introduce the whole 11 dimensions completely and answer all the questions you have about the 11 dimensions.


Please listen.


The normally what you perceive in your day to day life, the length, breadth, depth, that is one dimension. Then, only breadth and depth exists in one dimension. Listen carefully.  Only breadth and depth exists in certain dimension. If you want Me to give an example - there will only be visualization and cognition, no verbalization. Some dreams...sometimes in the dream you will seeing, only visualization, only cognition, no verbalization. How many of you have experienced that kind of a dream?


And even this object [gestures at the stick in His hand] - it’s breadth and the depth can be left and length can be moved out. Then what will happen you know? Really! Length can be moved out. Then, if you hit... put your hand like this, you will see object, if you put your hand like this, you will not feel the object.


I’ll explain further.


Materialization happens from this plane. Understand. Any object gets dismantled and goes into this plane and in this plane only the movement is possible, then again it gets assembled. I think, this will give you much better example. If this length, is taken out of this object, to any length this can be shifted. If your ego is taken out of you, you can just become Sadāshiva. Ganga is flowing. One bamboo is floating on it. Because that bamboo is floating, you call this side Ganga, that side Ganga. If you lift the bamboo, it’s Ganga. Same way, this length makes this object not to be moved in length. Defined length differentiates this object from the space of length. Your defined degree, makes you dumb to all other subjects.




Please understand. With all My integrity I am telling you. Actually, just now while I was walking, I said, “I am feeling too good, please call all the Aadheenavasis, the Balasanths, everyone - the session is going to be grand. I am going to be….I don’t know what all I am going to reveal.” So, I was giving instruction. Actually, I was releasing more and more sounds, but they were able to grasp only these few words and then they were, “Aaah?...Aaah?...Aaah?” Only then I understood, I am now operating not just on the verbal plane, I am operating from the mouna plane; means, where breadth and depth will be there and length will not be continuously existing. Understand. That is what is called ‘Muni - Mouni’. The length - logic does not continuously exist but the visualization ability and depth, both will exist.


For example - We are going to build 8 floor building here for Gurukul. The moment I see the plan, I can precisely tell the number of switch, 3 plugs needed. My visualization - how many feet the foundation has to go, how many feet the rooftop kalasam will come - does not take more than flash of second. I just know how the temple is going to be, that’s all. It takes almost 10 days for Me to verbalize it to the Sthapati, to do as I want, because visualization is like a cotton, breadth is like a cotton, verbalization is like a thread. Like a flash visualization happens in Me - breadth, and the depth recognizes it, but length is missing.


Actually length missing is not bad, it is good. Whoever...for whoever the length is missing, only the breadth and depth is existing, they are called mouni - muni; because verbalization constantly is not there, it’s missing. Same way, they are also called Rishi - mantra drashta. Whoever can see mantra is mantra drashta rishi. Upanishads are not saying, “Who can hear the mantra”, No! Who can see the mantra is mantra drashta rishi. Listen. Listen to this very carefully. The definition of Rishi in the Vedic tradition, is not who can hear the mantra. You always think, “Mantra is sound, we should be able to hear?” But the definition says, Mantra drashta - who sees mantra, not who hears mantra.


Understand. There is a space where length is completely missing, only the breadth and depth exist. That’s what I am trying to convey to you. That space is All Intelligence. This object, the moment it identifies itself with this length, it misses the whole Cosmic length. If this can be removed, it can be pushed into the any Cosmic length and it can appear in Ohio, it can appear in Oklahoma, it can appear in Atlantica, wherever, wherever you want. The length can be again assembled, then it will be again back to that same dumb walking stick. Listen. This is what actually I was trying to convey to them and they were not able to grasp.




When you identify yourself as lawyer, unfortunately you always function in the mould of –‘denying everything else is only asserting what you mean’. Understand. Listen. The operational logic of a ego is ‘yes’ to something, ‘no’ to everything else. I wanted you to know... just now before the session I was lying in My courtyard. I could see very clearly all the organs, internal organs of this body and all the bodies around Me. So when I got up and started walking towards the session, I was thinking, “Why people lose this power, capacity?” This is one of the power Sadāshiva describes. Listen carefully. When you have been told to see external things, you always feel, “If I have to see this, I should not see anything else.” If I just remove that length... all length starts with denial, limitation. If you...actually what you think, if you have to excel as a lawyer, you are strongly believing you should not know anything about medicine. You can’t be a doctor. If you have to excel as a doctor, you strongly believe you cannot be engineer. Look into it carefully. You always calculate. For example - “Oh, if I have to become lawyer, I should spend 4 hours on it. If I have to become a doctor, I should spend 4 hours on it. If I have to become engineer, I should spend 4 hours on that.” “All the three if I master, end of the...my career I may make 100,000 dollar in each. But if I put everything into law itself, I may make million dollar in law itself. Then let me put all my everything into law.” You start believing very subtly but stupidly, ‘if you have to excel you have to put all of you into that’.


Listen. That ‘all of you’, the meaning is not the quantity, it is supposed to be quality. The big difference is whenever you think all of you should be put into one for you to excel, it is this moment, not 24 hours. For how many of you it clicks? But that stupid belief we have... understand, if you catch this understanding you will really grasp one of the major self-denial thought current, which is not letting you manifest powers. You always think, only by denying something in something you excel. But, the length...length is the dimension responsible for that. Your logic is responsible for that. Your thinking thought current is responsible for that. Now you may get an idea, “Now knowing all this, how is it going to become reality for me?” Know it; making it into reality is My job.




Understand. I am not only talking, I am putting certain ideas into you, the proof of what I am saying is, you will start talking many ideas which you never heard from Me in this class. Verbally, you would not have heard from Me, but you will start talking those ideas very clearly about this 11 dimension. That is the proof for what I am saying. Now listen these 2-3 things. How much ever you can understand - understand, the part which you can’t understand, I’ll talk to you directly, which is not known to you. There is you, which is not known to you, I’ll talk to you, that guy directly. Whatever is known to you as you, with that try to grasp whatever I am sharing.


Every time you making the choice of ‘yes’, makes you live, engage with life. Unfortunately your deep belief, pattern, only by saying ‘no’ to everything else, your ‘yes’ is intensified. A faltu lesson given to you in your schools, in your examinations, this thought current is drilled into you in a violent way. Actually, a person who logically thinks “3 hour lawyer, 3 hour engineer, 3 hour doctor - at end I’ll make 100000 dollar, better if I put the whole thing as lawyer, I’ll make million dollar” - never achieve success because his thought current is faltu. It is not about 24 hours put in the lawyer, makes you successful lawyer, any amount of time you spend, the quality….the whole Being put in that, makes you successful lawyer.




Understand. Not the length but the breadth and depth makes you successful. Whenever you mistake your length is responsible for success, you make foolish decisions. All decisions made trusting the power of the length, leads you to failure. Mark this one statement - “All decisions made trusting the power of length, leads to failure.”


It is like getting into a mud horse and trying to cross the river. Listen. How many of you really feel, “Yes, this hits”? This clicks? I can give you now tons and tons of examples. Even intellectually understanding and telling your third eye, “it is not necessary you need to exclude seeing the internal organs to see the external, you can include” - will open up the third eye 360o, which I will do it for you guys today. That’s actually one of the next powers. You can see your internal organs. You can see your internal organs.


In 8 places, Sadāshiva gives technique for this; in Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, He gives….He talks about it. That is one of the part of the Agama. Well known Satyananda Saraswati, Osho, even Muktananda, all of them commented on that. In that, there is a technique, Sadāshiva talks about it.


You also need to know, every part of you where you made yourself believe ‘you have to deny one part to be master of the other part’, need to be broken and completed. Every time...see listen, for example - your third eye...your both eyes and third eye, we should say, all three eyes, are able to see externally, they are not able to see internally, you have not done any big damage to you - you just told all three of them, “You can’t see internally”. If you just tell them, “You can see internally”, they’ll open up; that’s all. It may be look very funny, but when I break...make you experience one or two powers, then you will understand, “Eh, it is all that much only.” Because for closing, you have not done any big crime, so for opening also you don’t need to do any big tapas! You need somebody to tell you this truth, that’s all. Understand. Understand.




You see, you praising by Guru’s grace everything is happening - great, but you praising Me should not be out of weakening you. You don’t have to put yourself down to raise Me up. Understand. Praise Me only from the right context, that is the safe for Me. Praising Me cannot be used as a diversion for your mistake. Many people do that. They will mess up, come to Me and praise, “Only you can do all this Swamiji. Nobody can do all this.” What it means? I have messed up, I have bungled up, now I just have to manage the show, without you turning your gun towards Me.


Listen. Removing denial opens up so many powers and possibilities in you. Even if you praise Me out of denial, it is dangerous. Listen. Sometime, as I was telling now, you have not done big wrong crimes to lose certain powers, so you don’t need to do big tapas to gain that power; you just need somebody to remind you. In this situation, if you praise Me for reminding ‘you are right, I am right, we are integrated.” If you over praise, “No, no, no, no, no. You have given this.” The praising is not integrated and the same pattern will continue when you want to blame, when you are depressed. Unintegrated persons praising is the most dangerous food, which you should never eat.




Let Me come back to the subject of this breadth and depth. Now, you can talk to your third eye and tell your third eye, “Because you should see this, you don’t have to stop that.” I can do a small support, I can get into your bio-memory depth level and remind that. That’s all is the process. It’s nothing but, sometime the deeper part of you, you lose connection. Listen carefully. If you feel at some points of your life, even you are not able to handle you, those moments only even you lose the connection to the deeper parts of you. So at that kind of situations only, My help may be required to tell the deeper part of you, which is not listening to you. That is what is all about this whole process.


How many of you understand this concept of denial? How many of you feel, like that many part of you, you have denied? Very foolishly.... because of your belief ‘only if you deny something, in something you will excel’, which is not right, which is not right. Actual truth is, if you take up everything comes in front of you, you will excel in everything comes in front of you.


This Nithyananda Yogam Participants, had the opportunity of seeing Me closely, how I sit in My courtyard and conduct My Cosmic Court; whether it’s the Balasanth having pus in his ears, needs healing or somebody came and stole something in some branches or some devotee got into accident, he needs immediate healing I need to attend... how I sit and go on micro managing tirelessly, almost 800 to 1000 decisions I make a day... without decision fatigue.




Actually, two days before the Sadāshivoham started, I took the Sadāshivoham team, all around the Campus and I was telling them, “Aye, don’t think you guys have done a big job. All of us put together, we made 2000 phone calls and 100 successful phone calls; that’s all. Don’t think about what you did based on the result, think only based on what you did. If you think based on the result, you will fall into decision fatigue.” Decision fatigue is one of the biggest suffering of the corporate mind. And I said, “All of us put together made 2000 phone call and 100 successful phone call; that’s all.” The whole team collapsed... came down to Planet Earth! I should say, Got grounded from the airy...airy…. fairy...harry


Result is the sign of our completion, but based on result you cannot assume what you have done, when it comes to what you have done...see, feeling about what you contributed, should come only from what is the effort you put. See, what I am talking is the talking from the context becoming egoistic out of air, thin air. All this….alright this whole thing is done, what these guys have done? One phone call to this contractor, one phone call to the umbrella fellow, one phone call to the dombai fellow, one phone call to the volunteers team, they tied it - over!! No, let us come down.


See, I am telling you, inside Me how I feel about My life you know? I get up just go round, flirt few minutes with the deities. Actually, if you want to see My face blushing, you should see when I am seeing Anandeshwara. All My best pictures are when I am blushing at Him, when I am seeing Sadāshiva and blushing at Him. Actually, our deity Nithyanandeshwara Sadāshiva at the temple, I have made it exactly as I saw Him as Arunagiri Yogeshwara in Arunachala and then the Devi is Maha Saraswati, our Adi Shakti in temple, She….you see, I had the darshan of Maha Saraswati in Badri, where that Saraswati enters into the underground, that Saraswati is not Brahma’s wife, no! Please understand. Adi Shakti is worshipped as Maha Saraswati, Maha Lakshmi, Maha Devi - who is not wife of Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra - No! Who is feminine source of Brahma, Vishnu, Rudras. So the Maha Saraswati’s darshan I had; exactly as I saw her, I have made. So when I see that two deities, that is the best picture you can get of Me; whole face will be blushing. So that is what exactly I feel about My...I just come and blush with the deities for few minutes and go around, tease some of the brahmacharis and make fun of these Balasanths and then come back and sit and just spend little time asking some questions and answering some questions. Sometimes questioning your answers and sometimes answering your questions. Go back and rest back into Samadhi; that’s all.




You not building castles in the air about your contribution... keeps you away from denial and keeps you grounded about life. The decision fatigue is all about entertaining denial; when you entertain denial...listen carefully… you need to justify you are doing too many big things, so you have to always weigh yourself based on the result, not based on what you contributed. This is one of the biggest corporate problem. And I tell you, decision fatigue damages your liver and intestine. If you remove decision fatigue from your life, you will grown younger. Decision fatigue starts as delusion - ends as disease. Decision fatigue starts as delusion, grows as disorder, ends as disease. I know many of you are not convinced that you have a decision fatigue. You all feel that really you are contributing something... because it is such an important - “How important I am for the society and for the people around me” That is one of the important food you eat that is being now denied.


Understand. Listen. You may now think how the length and this denial is connected? Whenever you decide I will not put my energy on lawyer, engineer, multiple things, I’ll put only in one, you will start seeing your efficiency to engage with life drastically comes down due to boredom attack. You always think, “I’ll put all the 12 hours into the law and master and you forget to understand there is something called boredom, which will be attacking you, you’ll be falling prey for it, you may have to face that in your course; you don’t plan to handle….you don’t have a right plan to handle the boredom... but you deny all the other entertaining aspects of your routine. When the boredom attacks, you collapse. Denial always leads to low efficiency, low engagement with life; when the engagement with life comes down depth of the boredom increases. Depth of the boredom, denial, less engagement with the life, decision fatigue, is all one and the same. How many of you are catching? All these are just one and the same. Not only in your corporate life, even in your spiritual third eye life, even in manifesting Sadāshivatva you play the same stupid game. We all cheat ourselves. Listen carefully. The length part of us goes on denying our complete existence. Your 360 possibility is denied, reduced to 120 vision, due to your length and idea of “if this is there, this can’t be there”. How many of you are catching?




Understand. Now before taking you into the next dimension, I wanted to give you a glimpse of this dimension. At least I want you to know it’s a possibility. I am going to spend few minutes, to tell this truth to your bio-memory. Now I told your logic. You try to tell this to yourself; especially to your third eye, especially to your third eye. Just like how you talk to others, talk to your third eye, tell, “Because you are seeing this [gestures outwards], you don’t have to deny this [gestures inwards]. Because you are seeing this [gestures outwards], you can see this [gestures inwards].”


Understand. “Because you are seeing this, you can’t see this”, is āsuri - asura. “Because you are seeing this, you can see this” - sura. Sura means ‘because of this, is this also possible’ - is called God. ‘Because of this, this is not possible’ is called Asura - demon. The definition of Sura and Asura in Puranas is ‘because of this, this is not possible’ is Asura, means cutting, denying. ‘Because this is possible, this is also possible’ - is Sura, awakening, raising, God. Who is God? Who is demon? Puranas define ‘because I can see this, I can’t see that’ is Asura. ‘Because I can see this, I can see that’ is Sura. How many of you are catching what I am saying? Actually, it’s a meaning of the word... the Sanskrit word ‘Sura - Asura’ is wherever logic is used for possibility, it is called Sura. Wherever logic is used for impossibility, it is called Asura. You can say, “Because I can see this, I can’t see this”, “Because I can see this, I should be able to see this.” How many of you are catching this Sura - Asura, please raise your hand? Suras always manifest powers - Asuras always lose into powerlessness.




The basic mental thought current principle...for few minutes you sit and talk to your third eye about the Sura. There is part of your third eye which you may not be able to contact. It’s not that everyone have that problem. Understand. Few of you may be not able to reach your whole third eye. So for them, I will support by reaching out the unattended...the part of you which you are not able to reach out, I’ll reach out. And tell this same truth to that part to wake up.




Step 1 - you will tell yourself about the possibility of internally you can see.

Step 2 - literally start rolling your eyes and start seeing, without imagining. Don’t imagine because you know how the liver will be, heart will be, lungs will be, brain will be - don’t imagine. Just try to see how it looks. Who knows what is there - what is not there and how it is there. Shall we start for few minutes? I wanted you guys to catch the glimpse of what is breadth and depth without length. If I make you guys catch that glimpse, I can lead you to that next, next, with more experience. First few minutes, you don’t have to close your eyes, sit straight. Keep your eyes open. With your eyes open, you can talk to yourself. Give instruction to your third eye - “Because you can see this, you can see that.” It is not necessary because you can see this, you can’t see that. You don’t have to be Asura. So awaken the logic of Sura, means Gods - “Because you can see this, you can see this.” Continue for few minutes, talk to you with your eyes open.


Have conversation with your third eye, it is possible because your third eye is a living energy. You can talk to it. Tell yourself, “Because you can see this, you can see this.” Even to both your eyes - all three eyes. Talk to all three eyes. Tell both the eyes - “Because you can see this, you can see this.”



Glimpses of Sadashivoham 2016: Participants Share About Flying, Yoga, Pooja, Powers and More

Wed, 2016-12-21 12:38
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Nithyanandam! In this amazing closing ceremony for the Sadashivoham 2016 program, participants share some of the amazing experiences Swamiji gave them, including yogic flight during the first darshan, seeing through the third eye, experiencing authentic ritual pooja and homa, connecting in Oneness to the deities, developing the body and having physical breakthroughs in yoga, connecting with Annapurna Devi in the dining hall over delicious satvic vegetarian food and much, much more. The best news is, throughout 2017, Swamiji will be offering Sadashivoham as a part of each and every Inner Awakening, (including all the spiritual alchemy products!) starting on Shivaratri. Don't miss out! www.innerawakening.org
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Nithyanandam, My name is Irena, I am from Ukraine, but right now I live in New Jersey. I ran my   own little business
I work with little children. I came to found out about Swamiji this August, and actually when my friend told me,  “You have to go where they teach kids, to read with blindfold.” I was like; it’s impossible, it does not happen.” Within 10 days I was talking directly to Swamiji, 10 days, I was talking directly to Swamiji, on two-way conference, 10 days.  So, I knew I have to come here. So when there was one, the first day, then we had the process, Sadāshivoham, I started feeling, tremendous amount of energy, my body started, moving all around first I started to control it, because I did not know it was Kundalini, at that time, I had no idea what was is that. And, I just started giving up controlling it, and I started feeling all this joy, happiness first my body started moving all the way around, than my head, then I was like, lifting up, and then, some kind of jumping, and then it happened, that I was just levitating.


I did not know that it was levitation, but I flew all the way from the back of the hall, all the way to the stage, where Mahayoga, she came up to me, she took off my eye band, and she was like; everything is okay, you have to go back to my spot. So she brought me back to my spot, and I flew all the way back again. It was amazing experience. After that I felt so much joy and happiness, I cannot even describe it, it's like going to a first date, like, you waiting, like, it is... Tremendous amount of joy, happiness, and I wish, I feel blessed, that I could feel it. Thank you Swamiji that you gave me that experience. And then I was crying all the way, and when I had a chance later, to talk to Swamiji, and say, “Why am I always crying every time I see you?” And he said; “You just remembered, that you get back home.“ Thank you Swamiji.



Nithyanandam Swamiji, my name is doctor Vinesh, I am from Malaysia. I am a medical doctor by profession currently I am my continuing my doctorate studies in the field of public health.  Specifically of dogma’s and violent behaviour. My breakthrough is such, on the first day of darshan, what happened was during my thesis I am doing very large scale, involving  students from whole of Malaysia approximately 3 to 4 months ago we came to a major obstacle, where my supervisor and me couldn’t continue due to very major complications. So to make matter worse, the deputy of education, higher officials of ministry of health, and my funders of national institute of Malaysia, were pressurizing me, to get the results as soon as possible, because they need it fast. So this has given me a lot of impact on me, on my health, my behaviour, my thinking and my relationship, and one thing I am just thought to myself, “I am going to Sadāshivoham and I am going to surrender everything to Swamiji.” So you won’t believe this; during the first Darshan, Sadāshivoham Darshan, I was in disbelief, when the conceptual framework of my research was in front of my eyes, I was wondering, “Did I bring my notes today?” No. It was like, Swamiji was holding the framework, and he was actually giving me the solution on what I should do, what should I remove, and the whole complexity of my research just came to conclusion, I just got a solution, and I realized that, “Oh, so, this is how simple it is.” But what I wanted to say is, through this breakthrough that I got, I am completely healed, and whoever is within me my family, my wife my children, everyone I feel that all of them are healed completely. And what I wanted to say is; I know that Swamiji is in every part of my life, I did not know he would go to the extend of my doctor thesis, being my supervisor. And one final word what I am going to do is I am going to go back, talk to my supervisor, hopefully I can include Swamiji as one of the author in my manuscript, thank you, thank you Swamiji.




Nithyanandam, I am a Hindu but I had no idea about the puja rituals, and the sacred Rudra Abhishekam, rituals, that we were, asked, requested to do in the morning. A rebel in me had to be overcome by total will persistence and it helped, because I did not manage to miss a single puja to day. However, what I noticed was, this is not a routine puja even while you are doing the puja, there are little occurrences ether around you or with you that can really annoy you, nag you and does not help you to have an enjoyable, wonderful experience. And with Swamiji’s grace; I had a breakthrough two days ago.  And managed to create a space within me of Sadashivatvam where I said to myself, “No matter what I am going to have a wonderful puja experience every single day. With integrity, deep reference, devotion, with Swamiji, our Guru, and Sadashiva himself. “ It has been two days, everything has unfolded so beautifully, and I would love to continue this magical entangle of puja every single day.




Namaste, Swamiji, and Ashta Rishi, my name is Ashim I am from New York, I am a serial entrepreneur, and I am doing serious Vaastu studies for the last 4 years. I came here on day zero as, a devotee, as a fan, and as a participant. It is day 21 now, and I stand and declare, I am a disciple, a Shiva Gana, and a Shaivaite,  and a Shaivaites. And thank you for showing me what that is.  I’d like to share, the only way I can show my gratitude, really
I cannot even look at Swamiji it is too much. To share my gratitude, I want to share the story, how Sadashiva landed in me, on Deepam puja day.


It was 2.30 in the morning we were waiting, on a procession and starting to do puja but I was in a lower state of Consciousness, Swamiji was teaching the 25 states, I realized I am just a mortal, Jagrat, waking state. And I wanted more, I was feeling very frustrated. So, I concentrated , I saw him in my third eye, and low and behold, the conversation started. He said, “ Just do the completion process.” I’m like, “I don’t want to do the completion process, it is too long. Authenticity, integrity, and all this.” He said; Sadāshivoham. As soon as he said, he walked right by, I( didn’t even notice he walked right by, then the energy started. We sat down for the puja, and I felt my energy rising. I felt my spine becoming like whole. I went to do these Mudras, like this, you know, my hands like this.  I saw sparks in my head, or I felt sparks, and my tongue started circling the top of my palate, I don’t know, like this. And it latched on the back of my throat. And the circuit was complete. I became a shaft of light, and I experienced that for a while.  And what I just described, it took like 20-40 minutes, mind you. I was in a great Blissful beautiful state, and I realized, the same puja what we were doing the deepam puja I experienced right then and there I was in gratitude. I went to Banyan tree afterwards. And I realized the Banyan tree was also in a state of aliveness, in a shaft of life. And I went to the tree, just to touch it and honor it. And I realized the tree was connected to all the Lokas, it took me in elevator all the way up. It felt like I was being called from home by Sadashiva himself. And all the Devas, and deities and all that. Now I know when I leave this, body I am going straight to the top, I am taking the elevator to the penthouse.


(Cherry Nair)

Nithyanandam everyone. My name is Cherry, and I am from Mumbai, This is actually my third IA in one year, and every IA has been such an amazing experience, and every experience has just been higher and higher and higher. This time, I actually have never experienced levitation, or actually a single movement in my body. Every single time I sat in the Mandala, all three eyes, I mean all two eyes actually, and, I sat like a stone. And, this time, for the first time I experienced levitation and it was so beautiful as Swamiji explains, you know you are lifting by grace. And, my body felt so light, so beautiful? And, I was just in a state of Bliss. And initially, when I got that desire to laugh and scream, I was like; “Euh, that's not me don’t do that, don’t do that; don’t scream, don’t laugh. “And, just holding it inside me, I realize, I do need to let it out, and I did, and it just made me feel, like I am somewhere else, I was in some, another level. And the second, day of the process actually, when we were doing the meditation, I had the visual of a planet and the Cosmos, and I started looking at it in a way like, “Oh my God, I had not seen this before, ” apart from the stage background. And, I literally felt Swamiji holding my hand and taking me through the Cosmos and the planets. And, just one day before that I had an experience, where I had a being feed me three spoons. And, I remember the story where Swamiji said, he was offered a beedi and He did not take it; and this time I was like, Oh my God, I am going to take it, and I did. And I had no idea what that was, or what it was, but I just knew, Sadāshivoham is something else. It is out of this world, it is the ultimate Cosmic happening. And I am so, so, so blessed to be here Swamiji.  Thank you.


My name is Vasu Brown, I practice orthomolecular medicine, which is Holistic physician practice in US. When I left India in 93”, my mom died five years later. This is last gift she gave me, Annapurni, from Kashi. And I felt I lost my home, I felt homeless since then, because I felt like my in-laws are in America, I am married to American, I felt I could not come home, and when Swamiji send invite; “Welcome home,” I felt so healed, to just hear that word. I know destination Bangalore is permanent for me. So I heard him say that he is preparing for grooms family, and I feel I attended a 21-day wedding celebrations, and he treated us, literally like God, and Goddesses. He fed us personally; each one got a spoon from Him, and the items were, 40 different items, prepared according to Bhaga Shastra, Agamas. I never knew God would make such delicious meals. And this was going three times a day, plus snacks, plus tea, coffee and whatever you want to eat, in addition. My mom used to always make xxx (20:50). And, I used to go around tree in my yard, so, it almost felt like I came home, I loved that feeling. So, on the third day of Mandala, when they needed to do the Mandala, I stayed back, I did the Mandala. I did not realize I was accountable to get on my bus, I didn’t realize it, so I missed my bus so to speak. But then I said you know, “Swamiji will take care of me, do let me finish my job.” So, I finished around 3 o'clock, and the girl from Hong Kong, who is a volunteer, she allowed me to bring me to the dorm, and that's when, I met the bride’s side. So, I could see the groom side of the xxx (21:32) hotel. So I could see the bride’s side. And the bride’s side was beautiful They, they were always eager to hear, “What did Swamiji say today?,” “What did they give gift today?” So, they always, you know, tune in. So I always went on my bathroom break, on the bride’s side, and I stayed at night on the groom's side so to speak. And then, the next thing that happened, magic, my mom actually, I am not clear why, actually, my mom after she died, she showed me, she was under the Banyan tree, with lots of souls meditating together in silence. So, I saw the Banyan tree, and my soul felt so fulfilled.



And when He did the Maheshwara puja, it was amazing. He did xxx (22:17), that's what I called it, and He scooped out, and he gave, literally we were eating out of his hand. And, he scooped out one handful, and I could not hold it with two hands. And the most magical piece was, his mom, who was the first Saint, and all the other Saints fed each other. And I was thinking,  “What a beautiful thing. “They say in heaven, the forks are long, so they feed each other.  In hell it’s short, I mean, in hell they try to feed hey never get fulfilled, and I could literally see how it is in heaven, feeding each other, themselves, and they never get fulfilled, and I could literally see ow it was in heaven, feeding each other, and that was a beautiful moment. And how Swamiji was like, making everyone sing, and making fun of them, and that was the most precious thing I witnessed, and like they say he fed my mind body soul, anything I wanted, like the prayer, that goes, xxx (23:22) He fed every aspect of my Being, and I am so blessed, and finally I can say to Swamiji, “Mom I am home. “


(Jana Tang)

Nithyanandam everyone, I am Jana Tang, I am from Singapore. I would like to share about celebrations and kitten dance. We have many Darshan initiation, and kitten dance, and all the celebration.  I felt you feel the energy building up, so for me, as a freelance dance teacher, I am always inspired to dance, to dance of Bliss, without any aches and pain in my body. So it is almost impossible, every time after workshop in dance, I feel a lot aches. But when I come to Sadāshivoham, I have been dancing non-stop, in between the whole 21 days, during the Sadāshivoham program. I never felt aches and pain. I want to say that this is something I never have experienced before, this is one of the Sadāshivoham Shakti that is working on me. I can almost dancing and jumping, above ground, almost two feel high, like a grasshopper. I feel like you have experienced it, especially, I feel like I am wearing Cosmic DJ Disco tech. Swamiji is our DJ, our Cosmic DJ, and especially Mandala. He was in the middle, playing music. Changing all the time, and we were dancing, and all of that was so amazing, I was really in Bliss. And then I want to say,  because I feel so integrated, with the energy, when I'm dancing I remember what Swamiji said;


He mentions, that if we dance, we have no weight, when I start dancing, my joints are like dislocated, already, like dislocated, like puppet. So if we can dance like that, with no body weight, he saying we are actually completing a lot of completion in our life situation. Whether it be finance, relationship, work issue and all that.   So I believe dance is also one of the big thing that Swamiji is expressing through us. Whether it is in relationship situation whether finance, work situation and all that. Dance Darshan, I really love it so much. So the celebration is non-stop, we were watching, waving with the umbrellas and the flags, so amazing. So this will be something that anchors strongly and learn more from Swamiji as His real disciples, and devotees, and this is our anchor home, and share with more people, send more people to Swamiji; Cosmic discotheque. I am very grateful to Swamiji, thank you very much.



(Chico Pfeifer)

Hello, my name is Chico Pfeifer, I am from Holland, but live in Spain. Before I wanted to say the experience of my Yoga, the first moment I came into this community, I saw some Kundalini experiences, I believed it, I saw it was true, but still there was some part of me that though, “I don’t know, if I have to believe this or it is a little bit...”, I was criticizing myself. Anyway, the first day when we had this Nithyananda Yogam, and Swamiji came into the room, there was this moment, when I kept staring at Him, and I kept staring and staring, in that moment, I don’t know what happened but, on the moment my body started to move, and again, and again, and then I realized, Oh my God. So then I knew like, this is true. Yes, it was, a huge experience, it made me even cry that I go like, Oh My God, it was such an overwhelming experience. And then Swamiji says, “Okay, do all the Asanas which you normally cannot do, which you have problems with.” I am not so into yoga, I am honest, but I knew my limits of my body. But on that moment, I could stretch my body; I could do anything I wanted. It was my body, but it also felt like it was not my body because it was too flexible. So that was greatest experience since I am here. And I want to say to Swamiji, “Thank you for having me here, and thank you for all the presents and all the process work”, and thank you for let me believe that I am a special Being.




Nithyanandam Swamiji. What a wonderful 21 days of ecstasy and experience, lifetime experience. I I am here to share about the yoga session, when I was here even before the session happened, in the glimpse, Swamiji said even if you are 100 kgs and above, you don’t worry I’ll make you lift and I’ll do all the asanas. It so happened, in the Nithyananda yoga session, Swamiji came in, He just gave us intense energy and Kundalini awakening. All of a sudden, He asked us to do Shirasana. You might see, I am not a work-out guy, very much seen by me. Immediately I was doing it, and to my surprise, I was just lifted away, and with full balance, and with full lift, and it was amazing. I will tell you one thing, in Tamil, xxx (29:32). He does what, He does what he says, and says what He does. To add one more thing, xxx (29:53) he does whatever he does whatever he does not even say.



Pranams, Swamiji, pranams, to all the akhada members, Namaste, my name is Nandini Kartrey, I am a bio-physicist, who recently has been teaching quantum bio physics, quantum entanglement, and his connection to Vedic science. A week or so, Swamiji encourages us, to connect with the Sadashiva energy at the Vaidya Sarovar, during our Puja, so I decided to experiment, and the next day, I went and when I started Puja, I gave it my complete attention. Starting with Swamis Guru puja, half way through the guru puja, I had a feeling of such intimacy with Swamiji. An experience I had never had, in that kind of level of intimacy, it was beautiful, it lasted that whole puja. And then when i went to the Rudrabishekam, I continued with that focused attention, and as I poured the water on the Lingam, I did it slowly, with what I call loving attention. Very soon, the energy started emanating from the Lingam, and that energy from the Lingam, came towards me, and embraced me completely, and that embracement, what I experienced, was pure contentment.


A contentment, I had never experienced before. I can only say it was pure contentment, and that, and love from me, poured onto Lingam, with the water that I was pouring, and that lasted not only during the whole puja, but the whole day, it was just tremendous, and Swami had been talking to us about the 11 dimensions, and he had talked about length, breadth and depth, and length He said was logical, more intellectual; moving to breadth, which was more expansive. So all I have to say, when I teach the class, it is more intellectual going, perhaps and then and experience I had was depth. And I can say that quantum entanglement is not just a 100 year old, Western scientific discovery. Rather 1000’s years old Vedic science discovery and reality. A reality that each; a reality that each and every one of us, can experience. xxx (33:25), Swamiji, xxx (33:27). Thank you.


(Alok Sharma)

Nithyananda, I also go by Baba Lokananda,      as some of you may now, Pranams Swamiji to the punch, all my fellow Sadashiva-ers. I am from Chicago, I want to talk about little the body process for the 25 states of consciousness. I spend little more than a decade with Swamiji, and during this time He blessed me tremendously. But, during third day of Sadāshivoham program, Swamiji put us Turiyatita process. Upon emerging from the session, I found that I absolutely had no thoughts. This profound state allowed me to experience reality without the filter I normally have and my perspective I normally have. More importantly, the impact really came from the next three days, where I was overcome with a state of being washed with a sweet intoxication. The feeling was almost like being drunk, while still having full engaged with life. Please note that this program is Satvik, and, there is no alcohol, only alchemy. I really look forward, to being initiated permanently into this state, with the blessings of my God, Goddel, Guru and best friend Paramahamsa Nithyananda.


(Ma Nithya Sanatanananda)

Nithyanandam, my name is Nithya Sanatana Ananda, I come from Montreal, Canada. If you look at the stage on my right, all the gift that Swamiji gave us, actually I am glad that I bring the three suitcase He asked us to bring, because they are all going to fit. And I know, a lot more are coming, didn’t receive yet. One thing with all the object, every time we are receiving one object, as the earring, the necklace, the Mala, that we are holding each object, you can feel the energy and the life that was in them. For me it was very deep experience because I felt coming here, that I was drained, not such a light that I used to be and, every time, I had something on me, or holding something, my life came back, and I felt so alive right now, and one amazing alchemy product, that I had incredible experience with, was the Chidambaram Mandala, which, as we started the process, it brought me back to 2009 when we went from Thiruvannamalai to Chidambaram and suddenly a flow of love came to me, just gratitude, tears, could not start crying. And finally, to a point that I realized, the Mandala, I was not holding the Mandala, but the Mandala was holding me. And It was Swamiji, I was in his arm and He was holding me, reassuring me, yes, I won’t coming back as what I was, but I will be coming back as Sadāshivoham.

Sadāsiva Brahmendra’s Initiation - Autobiography Of The Avatar - Sadashivoham

Thu, 2016-12-15 19:52
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In this video (145 December 2016), Paramahamsa Nithyananda recounts the incident from His life when He was initiated by the great Tamil saint Sadasiva Brahmendra, into the power of spiritual healing and initiating others to be able to heal. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click http://bit.ly/20j90wr to subscribe.
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This is the bamboo stick for Healers to heal others. This stick has a big story. First time, I started initiating others into healing in a Jeeva Samadhi, means a living tomb called Nerur Sadāshiva Brahmendral Samadhi. In Tamil Nadu, there is a Jeeva Samadhi of a great Enlightened Master -  Sadāshiva Brahmendral. I went to His Samadhi after I realized  My Sadāshivatva, to have His darshan, He Himself appeared and gave the Druva Grass and said, “With this start initiating anybody, they will all be able to heal.” He gave Me that science and Druva Grass. And I brought that druva grass and put it on...in our Ashram, the bamboo grove... the bamboo grove was dead at that time. I put that druva grass, whole thing came back to life and the bamboo came back to life. From that bamboo, you are all given a stick. So it represents the energy of  Sadāshiva Brahmendral’s druva grass. So with this if you touch anybody, they will be healed.



Q & A On The Multi-Dimensions Of The Universe - Sadāshivoham

Wed, 2016-12-14 19:52
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In this enthralling Q&A session (14 December 2016), Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals cosmic truths about the multi-dimensions of the universe - length, breadth, depth, time and space. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click http://bit.ly/20j90wr to subscribe.
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Swamiji - Now, I have introduced 3 things.


Length of this walking stick - this is length, this is breadth and this is depth.


In us, the logic which moves and makes conclusions is length. Breadth which influences the matter, means - the cognition influencing the matter ... spirit influencing the matter... your activism or involvement influencing the matter - logic - that zone is called breadth. Like a art, poetry, music, sculpting - where your spirit influences matter. There is a part of you independent of length and breadth - matter and emotion, can create an experience. Like I gave you the example - you can….you may be sleeping on a beautiful king size bed and air conditioned room, completely secured by the whole army around you, but you may be dreaming, experiencing a tiger chasing you, sometimes stray dog chasing you in the forest. Independent of everything external, the cognition you generate, the ability to generate cognitions is depth. Listen. Logic which always concludes is length in you. Your art, emotion, heart, which you can influence, that is breadth in you. The cognition which is independent of all this can create, generate experiences, cognitions - that is depth in you.


Same way in the Universe, all the forces submit themself to a logical flow.

The whole physics is length of the Universe.

All the artistic, where the Consciousness influences the matter, for example, I give you a boon.


You ask for healing or money, something, and I give a boon.


Consciousness influencing the matter and altering, all those things are artistic - breadth dimension of the Universe.

Vishwamitra creating independent complete new plane of existence for Trishanku, is the depth of the Universe.


Now in this LBD, let’s have question - answer. You ask whatever you want to ask about the LBD, then I’ll talk about the time and space.




Participant - So Swamiji, does it mean that dream is the depth?




Swamiji - I should say, dream is depth, but it does not mean always the depth should be right. Wrong depth. You see, here when I say ‘depth’ - your power to manifest. It can be good or bad, right or wrong. Sometime you may be in the….somebody may be in the platform, but he can manifest the experience he is in the palace.




Participant - So turiyatita is depth?




Swamiji - I should say, turiyatita itself is the source where the depth is manifested. From turiyatita you never manifest bad depth. You only manifest conscious depth. For example - a billion dollar rich guy, will never go to a shop and steal 10 dollar and get imprisoned. The material which is in turiyatita has a depth, but sometimes people do use that to make a cheap things like a ordinary dreams. Actually, your ability to make a dream and your ability to make a heaven, is one and the same. When you have a low self identity, you create some ordinary dream, where you have a small bungalow and the actor or actresses whom you want and all that. When you have a higher identity, you create Rambha, Menaka, Urvashi and Swarga; otherwise the stuff is one and the same.


Many questions will fall in place, when I merge all these 3, this length, breadth, depth - this 11 dimension, 25 states of Consciousness, 5 aspects of Sadāshiva. When I merge all these 3, tons of questions will become clear. You just know the whole….how things happen. For example - when you are having 5 ideas about you... somebody has a five ideas about them and their depth, if it becomes active, it creates a low dream; whatever they know as a best... they try to have that. When that identity is 100 ideas, then he tries to create little better dream. When that identity is 1000, then he creates heaven. The energy Vishwamitra used and created a Swarga for Trishanku, is the same energy with which we also build a home for our worker and give; nothing more than that.




Participant - So Swamiji, if someone is in the depth, then... is person ‘A’ depth - how does it relate to other people or is it just private reality?




Swamiji - No, no, no, what I am saying... As long as you have control over you, your depth influences only you. When you master your whole bio-memory and muscle memory and even push that energy through your bio-memory muscle memory out, even the Universe’s depth listens to you.




Participant - So how was Vishwamitra able to manifest such….




Swamiji - Because Vishwamitra’s tapas, he has mastered himself and the nature around him, he can manifest anything he wants, not only for himself, even for others. It’s just like giving a boon. It’s the mastery of tapas. So when you have mastered your depth, you can also master the depth of somebody and create a different reality for them, means which I am doing in Kalpataru darshans and all when I give a boon.




Participant - Swamiji, can you give one real life ….one more real life example of length, depth and the breadth.




Swamiji - Which way - as object or as a Being or as a Universe?




Participant - As a Being.




Swamiji - You logically think, calculate. If you work this many hours, this is the salary you will get is a logic, that’s the length. How to get the salary without working, is breadth. And how to take vacation and give a medical certificate and get the salary, is depth.




Participant - So one view of our self is body, mind and intellect. Will that fit into just the length or does it traverse……



Swamiji - No, no, no, body, mind, intellect - mind and intellect are actually one and the same. I should say, intellect, emotion, Being - these 3 can fit into length, breadth, depth. I should say, it’s a rough equation.




Participant - So depth is Being and breadth is…..breadth is (Swamiji -emotion) emotion and length is ...


Swamiji - logic


Participant - logic


Swamiji -intellect

Participant - intellect


Swamiji - not intelligence, just intellect.

Participant - Thank you.




Swamiji - The difference between intellect and intelligence is that fellow...one scientist trying to make 2 hole in the door for cat and kitten. As per logic, he is right. As per the intelligence, he is wrong.




Participant - Swamiji, this….the length, breadth and depth of a Being, is defined by the Pancha Kritya of Sadāshiva. So where is the question of ability that the Jeeva has….




Swamiji - Now, now please understand. You see, it’s like a...you have been given 30 meter rope. You have the freedom to keep 3 meter as length, 5 meter as depth, remaining as a depth or all 30 as a length and cry that “I don’t have breadth and depth.”  That freedom is with you. 30 meter rope is given. You can decide whether I want to spend more of my energy only in length - intellect or only in the breadth - emotion or only in the depth - Being. The more amount goes to Being, more alive you will be. If somebody rolls all 30 meters into Being, he will be independent of anything of the external world, he will be the king. He can, he can….he will live like a God, means, even his logic will be the expression of the Being - depth. His breadth will be the expression of depth. You see, unclutching, completion, all that is nothing but rolling more of you into depth. The length given is by Sadāshiva, decision to share is by you.




Participant - Suppose the Being doesn’t know how much to allot where, because again that is coming under the Pancha Kritya, whether its more of delusion, whether the Being is deluded, in which part the Being is resting.




Swamiji - The moment you feel the suffocation, delusion loses power over you. 24 hours you have, you have the freedom to be logically thinking constantly... or emotionally influencing your life and living in breadth... or spending more and more time to be sitting in your Being, strengthening the depth. You do have freedom. Surely you have a freedom, to play within that few meter rope you have. For example - that few hours you have, you do have freedom. That few hours how you spend, you strengthen that dimension of you. That decides - are you going to have more freedom or not. When a child is given a knife and that child is very brilliant and it is nicely cooking, doing only the right job, you will be...he will be given a bigger knife. If the child is...by mistake knowingly or unknowingly cutting his finger or hurting himself, that knife will be taken away from the child. So, all of us surely are endowed with certain freedom. How we play with that freedom... are we using that freedom to hurt others and hurt ourself... then it is curtailed. If we are using that freedom, to free us and free others, then it is expanded.




Participant - So is that called free Will?




Swamiji - That is called free Will. And surely we are all given enough free Will, to manage our life. And one more thing, whenever suffocation is felt by you... Sadāshiva is Karunya Murti... the moment you feel the suffocation, liberation starts in you. It is like a gold touching the mercury, the moment gold and mercury comes in contact, gold starts melting. Same way, the moment you feel the suffocation, it starts melting. And sometime, we ourself ask Sadāshiva this as a boon, “I may not be able to handle myself, pushing me towards liberation, you better appear in a form of suffocation to me and go on pushing me towards liberation. Why Tirunavukkarasar got the stomach pain? He actually asked Sadāshiva, “Till you fill my heart, let my stomach torture me.” So that is the way, he got that disease. He feels, “In the world, I may forget the whole purpose, so better you be available in the form of this suffocation. So till I become completely enlightened, you be driving me from the stomach.” Sometimes even we ourself make this happen.




Participant - and we will not be aware of this at all.




Swamiji - I tell you, there is something called soft sufferings. Soft suffering means actually without any problem, you will be suffering. Those soft sufferings are usually boons. You take it and come down. For example - actually somebody is handicapped, actually somebody is in the poverty, actually somebody is like a mad or...that and all is actual karma, but there is something called soft suffering...actually there is no reason, but you will be going on suffering - is called soft suffering, which is boon. It’s like a, for alarm clock, you give the key and this is the key you give. So you yourself decide, “I have to become enlightened within this birth. So my acceleration speed is not enough. Devi please accelerate me. Whatever it may take, I am ready for that.” Whenever you give that kind of a commitment, She gives soft suffering. She will never give you hard suffering. Hard suffering comes by karma. Soft suffering comes by boon. All soft suffering is come only as a boon.




Participant - Swamiji, just before with the length and breadth and depth. Just by having the depth, can we create even the matter, just by having the depth?




Swamiji - See, what I am saying, listen. If you are just a sandalwood tree, naturally you will have a smell. So if you become fully depth, for example - 30 meter rope is given. All 30 winded up and become a depth, your smell itself will be length and breadth. Your presence will be breadth and length. I am telling you. No way I can be so logical from My background. I am high school dropout. No, as per the international standard, I am high school dropout. I never went to University. I created University, that’s all. No, I am talking...I am telling you practical; never went to any University, never know any protocols of the University. So, from logic if you see, I cannot have this logic. It’s My depth and the smell of the depth is logic. So, each of this session is one PhD Thesis. And surely, I am not exposed to any of this physics, quantum physics books and this that, to catch the essence and chew and spit it out. See the morning satsang, whether it is a quantum physics, chemistry or alchemy, everything just gets chewed and gets….. So no way logically it is possible. No way logically it is possible. Depth, if you wind the whole thing into depth, I tell you, bluntly if I have to put it - Completion makes even your logic extremely beautiful, extremely sharp.


And anything you see, you just behave like a grinder and grind and spit it out. For example - when I, first time when I sat in the flight. I just looked and I know the whole circuit - how it is working. I know it looks like a too big claim, but what to do I have to tell you. With all My integrity I am telling you. First time when I sat in the flight, maybe I think it was 2002 or...only at that time. When I sat in the flight, I just looked around... I just know the whole circuit how it works; not by any logic. Always try to entertain yourself with your depth, means completion, unclutching. Unclutching, completion, all these are beautiful entertainments. Lot of time on unclutching, you will have amazing business strategies, amazing business strategies, amazing board negotiation words. You will just know where that guy is sitting. You will just know where you need to relate to him. Depth, depth, depth matters.




Participant - This is the question regarding the teleportation. So this involves the matter and spirit, so would it be treated as breadth or….




Swamiji - All teleportation comes under breadth. All materialization comes under depth.


Participant - Ok. Thank you Swamiji




Participant - I had a question about nature...nature, the environmental systems, the natural systems, so are they the breadth, they function within the breadth, because they have their own intelligence of how they interact with….




Swamiji - I should say, plants and all of them work only in the language of length. Their involvement and the...things does not matter much. But the animals and all work in the line of breadth; their involvement matters. Only human being can handle depth. You see, animals do not have the power over...power to manifest something completely independent of length and breadth. For example - your dog can dream only what he has seen with little alteration. But you can dream which you have never seen, completely independent of all your perceptions and the perceived informations.




Participant - The relationship between the verbalization and visualization and the source of that, now that’s in the unclutching and silence. Now that is also related to...well...you access the God Particle and the ‘I” and but now that...is that related to source of depth too or...please can you explain that?




Swamiji - Actually, this can be related. Understand this way. Intense carbon, when the intensity increases, increases, increases... suddenly it gets a breakthrough of Swayam Prakasha - self effulgent. It becomes diamond. Carbon by itself has no trace quality of self effulgent. But when it becomes intense, it gets into the zone of self effulgent. So your depth by your length, breadth, depth, you have no possibility of enlightenment. But the depth, depth, depth, depth intense, it suddenly develops the quality of self effulgent. It is ready for radiating Sadāshiva.




Participant - Wow, wow, that’s a….that’s amazing but now….




Swamiji - That breakthrough point is Satori.




Participant - Wow. Another thing just hit me now. But then we also use sound and light in like Shivoham process or mantra….




Swamiji - Initial level... as I said, initially I have to silence your length and breadth. Your length and breadth is too much running around and if ask you to control, you will create another one mess. That’s why I say, “You sit - I will control.”




Participant - Okay the sound and light can only control length and breadth but the …




Swamiji - No, no, no, see, see, listen, listen, listen. Sound and light I consciously generate, nullifies your unconscious sound and light. The depth I consciously generate - kundalini shakti, nullifies your unconscious depth. So your dreaming is bulldozed and filled by the kundalini I am awakening. Depth can be bad and good. The bad depth is the wild...the worst nightmare. Good depth is the kundalini awakening. Kundalini awakening is the antidote for nightmare.




Participant - The Will of the human being, where would it fall? In the depth?




Swamiji - It will fall in the depth only. It’s a….it’s a... depth and Will is actually proportionate.




Participant - Swamiji, so the component of listening, is it operating….it seems like it is operating in all 3 levels?




Swamiji - No, no, no, listen. 30 meter rope is given. You have 20 meter as length. 5 meter as breadth, 5 meter as depth. But you start rolling, rolling, rolling, all the 30 into depth, that process is called Listening.




Participant - Swamiji, I have one more question. I have noticed many times, when I am waking up in the morning, I am awake but my body is dead as a stone. It’s not moving….




Swamiji - That is more of a breadth, not depth. It is like a part of your imagination is not ready to settle with your body.




Participant - Swamiji, it looks like that, there is some correlation between the different states what we have, like Turiyatita-Turiytita and the depth…




Swamiji - No, no, no. In every state all these 3 are active in a smaller or higher level. For example: In the lower 9 states, more length, less breadth and almost no depth; higher states - more depth, very less breadth and almost no length. Now, with all My integrity I am telling you, I do not have any words inside. The words I uttered, gave a break, no word inside at that time. Now, I did not have word inside. Only for uttering it gets generated and gets uttered. Then back.




Participant - So it’s a combination of a state and your depth Swamiji?




Swamiji - State alters the length, breadth, depths division of you. State alters the length of the length and breadth of the breadth and depth of the depth.




Participant - So at a Being level...at a being level we keep on floating, bases our state into different dimensions?




Swamiji - I should say, states influence dimensions - dimensions influence state. If you sit and unclutch before falling asleep, you will not have the nightmare. If you have a nightmare morning, you will not be able to do unclutching. If you have a kundalini awakening, you will not have nightmare. If you have a nightmare then awakening your kundalini will be little difficult. So all of them are interconnected.




Participant - Interconnected… So at Sadāshivoham, what we are experiencing is…..




Swamiji - I am working on the unit of you. You see, unit of you is, you feel, “I...I exist.” That ‘I’, that’s the unit of Jeeva. Unit of dimensions is a space, which I am going to give you the experience. Unit of Sadāshiva is Shakti, which I am already working on you and feeding you into ...into which… Understand. More and more Shakti is fed in your mouth, more and more you will feel Sadāshivatva. Like a...if you eat, whatever you eat that only you will belch. So if you are fed Sadāshivatva, you will belch Sadāshivatva.


Unit of Sadāshiva is Shakti. I think, all of you are clear about these 3 units - unit of Jeeva is ‘I’ - unit of dimensions of the Universe is Space - unit of Sadāshiva is Shakti. So I am working with... actually all these 3 are one and the same. Shakti, space, ‘I’ - is one and the same. So awakening them and filling you with that advaita is the whole Sadāshivoham process. Actually, I am giving you some experience, then spending little time giving you logical understanding; because of the strength of the experience you understand it deeply... because of the understandings depth, you get into deeper experience. So this virtuous circle; because the experiences started, the virtuous circle is running. If the experience is not there, no listening; no listening - no experience, it will be vicious circle. Teachers put you in vicious circle - Masters put you in virtuous circle. Yes...                                                                                                                                                          



Participant - Swamiji, for the depth, you had used three expressions I think - cognitions, Consciousness and Being - so….




Swamiji - All three different words, pointing towards the same experience.




Participant - So but cognition can be good and bad, both.




Swamiji - Being also can be good and bad. Depth can be good and bad. The same, when you have a nightmare, you are going through the depth only. It’s not that depth is good. Depth can be good.




Participant - So for making it good, the cognition needs to move to….




Swamiji - Consciously if you build depth, it will be good. Unconsciously built depth, will only be nightmare.




Participant - For a happening of any event, is there any way to know the origin of that event, whether it is from depth or breadth or from length?




Swamiji - You see... never take a decision, when you have a mood swing or depression; because many time you will permanently damage yourself because you are temporarily upset. After happening, even if you know, you have taken the decision when you were in the length, it has no use. Anything ... whether the outcome is good or bad, strengthens you - is from depth. Anything, whether the outcome is good or bad, makes you shallow - is length. Even the nightmare wakes you up finally. Yes, bad depth but wakes you up!!




Participant - I wanted to ask, whether depth is inbuilt in human beings or not, or we have to build it, like….




Swamiji - You are given freedom, I will not say it is inbuilt. The possibility is there, but you should consciously build; because many time when you don’t build, you just die without even experiencing or tasting depth.I can say, Integrity is also one of the powerful way to build depth. Integrity is always the tipping point in your life. That is the tipping point and I tell you, integrity also makes you enjoy life very deeply. For a integrated person, this coffee will taste 1000 times more than an ordinary person who is superficial. Same coffee, two cup, for one it will be coffee, for another one it will be nectar. Integrity matters... increasing the depth of Being and experience.




Participant - And Swamiji, what...where do we put aggression and mood swings….is it breadth or logic?




Swamiji - It is more length...length. Usually, length damages, breadth heals, depth makes it irrelevant. When you are doing a poetry, art, dance, music - it heals. Logic hurts, emotion heals, depth makes it redundant, irrelevant.




Participant - But you...but you talked about 3 levels, like the one which you gave the trishul example and Being example and Universe. So is it that we are being better and better, like going up…..




Swamiji - I have given you understanding. For understanding I use these examples.




Participant - And can you explain depth in the Universe level?




Swamiji - Vishwamitra creating Trishanku Swarga.




Participant - I don’t know that.




Swamiji - Vishwamitra created a new heaven for Trishanku. If you are deeper enough within you, you can not only handle you, control you - you can even control things outside you. You can create your body temperature, change the body temperature and make the rain happen.




Participant - When we are not aware about this and then what’s our state?




Swamiji - Which...about which?




Participant - About the dimensions, what is our state?




Swamiji - When you are not even intellectually introduced and you are not opening...opened your eyes for it, like how a born blind man….difference between born blind and the fellow with the eyes. Ignorance is suffering. Not being introduced to the unit of You, unit of Universe, unit of God - is torture. Being introduced to the unit of You, unit of God, unit of Universe, is a mandatory basic requirement. It is a owner’s manual for a body. Along with every body, the owner’s manual should come. See, it’s like a saying, “Oh, if I have not introduced to the owner’s manual to my car, what will happen?” What will happen?! Anything can happen!!


A Gurukul, the first job of the Gurukul is introducing to every Being, the unit of You, unit of Universe, unit of Sadāshiva. That’s the first lesson and then making them understand life from the unit. You see, if you have to teach physics to the kids, you naturally teach unit of length - millimeter, centimeter. Same way, how you teach units of everything, litre means unit of liquids - 1 millilitre, 2 millilitre. Like how you teach units, you need to teach the unit of Being, unit of Universe and unit of Sadāshiva, to every Being. Not doing is the crime against humanity. Education is a education, only if you are educating the units of life. These three are units of life.




Participant - Nithyanandam Swamiji. Swamiji, I want to understand this depth dimension, the equivalent of this from the modern physics point of view. My understanding might be very limited, but I think….see, for example - what these guys are telling now, is that when we observe certain phenomena, we change the result…..




Swamiji – See,they only have gone to the breadth of the physics. See, length of the physics is A+B is C, 1+1 is 2. Now, this whole observer changes the result, is only a breadth of the physics. Still the fools have not gone to the depth of the physics. Understand. Now I can move My hand and move the Sun, is the depth of the physics.




Participant - Understood Swamiji. All these mystical powers, all this is completely….




Swamiji - See, I can move My hand here and move the Sun there - is the depth of the physics; very difficult for the physics to grasp. Even the breadth of the physics, they are catching only after so many hundreds of years. Understand. You see, length of the physics is Newton. Breadth of the physics is Observer influences the observed. The depth of the physics will be Quantum. Not these guys, the word, the ‘quantum’ word they are using. In this the ‘quantum’ word they are using, they are trying to show more agnostic, atheist way of - “This is the way the parallel Universe exists”, but they are not saying, “Our Will has a powerful role to play with the parallel Universe.”


You see, the moment you say there is certain Will which plays, then the Independent Intelligence operating the whole mechanism need to be accepted, which is Sadāshiva... which they don’t want. That is why, they are trying to keep the depth of the physics as agnostic as possible, due to their unscientific stupidity. You see, what is unscientific? Not exploring because of your vested interests. Agnosticism removed from quantum physics will make the scientist a genuine seeker... will lead them to enlightenment. Anybody who has studied little quantum physics? You can...of course, there are I know so many….Rajivji, you are….it is agnosticism, not letting the quantum physics, physicists, do the real scientific depth, because of their vested interests of not letting the Independent Intelligence possibility of existence. They go on denying, not looking at that direction, that parallel Universe has a possibility of the Will’s existence of manipulation and manifestation.


The difference between the agnostics and the Agama, Agama is very clear that depth of the physics has a Independent Intelligence playing the creation, maintenance, destruction, delusion, liberation part and understand, I am manifesting powers to establish theism of the quantum physics. The Theistic Quantum Physicist is My Balasanths. If I have to define My Balasanths - Theistic Quantum Physicist. Actually, I told some of My Balasanths, “Aye, don’t write 12th examination, I’ll make big Universities - give you Honorary Doctorate. When they bring it, tell them put it at the feet and go. Don’t touch by hand, it’s dirty.”


You see, this world needs to know, when the depth is awakened, the education is different. Actually, I am going through the fluttering period of My Gurukul; means I am at crossroads....that is why I have to justify My Gurukul so much. And in few years, you will see 10 times longer queue, this middle class Indians parents will be standing here, like how they stand outside the US Embassy for Visa, for My Gurukul admission. Now I am going through the crossroads, where I am yet to establish….you see, I have established certain things, but I have not completely established the utility value of this in the regular life. Once I establish that, then these middle class Indian parents will be standing here in queue up to Bangalore. People will ask,” What queue you are standing?” “No, Bidadi Nithyananda Gurukul admission opened, so we are all standing for application.”  


You see, when the physics is looked at from the angle of depth, with the integrity to the scientific seeking, “Athato Brahma Jijnasa” - Let us enquire into the reality for the sake of reality. Then that starts with the depth. The Being produced is called Theistic Quantum Physicist - My Balasanths; who will wave the hands and move the Planets effects and will always be bowing down in front of Deity... who can wave the hands and materialize what you want, who will always bow down and bend in front of a Deity - “Theistic Quantum Physicist.”




Participant - And even Swamiji, simple things like how they project the world to us, they...how they teach us about the world to us, it is like a random chaos. The auspiciousness, they are not able to….




Swamiji - See I tell you, Agnosticism will always end up in chaos, because any Order introduced needs justification….see, any Order introduced always points towards the Independent Will’s existence. Understand. So if the Order is introduced Will will be justified. The moment Will is justified, Sadāshiva is justified! See, what is the definition of Sadāshiva? A independent intelligence which has power over everything exists. That these guys cannot... not only does not accept, do not want to explore in that direction, which may confirm even indirectly. They are so frightened, that they do not want to look even into that direction. Theistic people denying the possibility of quantum physics ... quantum physics denying the possibility of theism ... Whole power structure Rajivji... The power corridors, trying to decide the reality of the Existence, instead of the Rishis and Seekers. Power corridors can decide who will rule, but Rishis decide who rules. Rishis decide who rules, power corridors decides who will rule.




Participant - Swamiji, what is the role of feeling connection and Guru bhakti?




Swamiji - Ah, you see understand, with anything you feel connected - love, your bio-memory starts meditating on it constantly and it becomes that. For example – a egg from chicken is taught to meditate on snake, snake will come out of that egg. See, Prahalad came out of Hiranya….Hiranyakashipu. Now, with the feeling connection, falling in love or I should say - raising in love with a Guru -the unknown parts of you which is 99.99, is all the time sitting with Me or I am sitting on it and hatching it. All the parts of you which is in love with Me, I am hatching it. All the parts of you which is in love with you - you are hating it. That part just gets hatched and you become Me. So feeling connection or Guru bhakti is like a quantum way of manifesting Sadāshivatva. It is not logical or breadth, it is a depth way of manifesting Sadāshivatva.


See my Balasanths, not just manifesting powers - talk to them, every statement, their body language, everything will be literally Mine. How many of you have observed that? It’s like My DNA! That is because of the falling….raising in love. So raising in love or feeling connection, is kind of a...you see, inch by inch burning all the karmas or just put the forest fire. Feeling connection is just put the forest fire. See, yesterday I was telling na, that if I have to sit and convince you step by step, step by step, yes, we will do it - when? I’ll only be your retirement, entertainment story. When you are retired, you will call all the...your grandkids, great grand kids or the neighbour kids and tell a story, “In those days, long long ago, once upon a time,....[coughs]....get little coffee”, and then you will continue the story. If I have to be sitting and convincing, I can convince!! I am ready! I can sit and go on be giving Satsangs. But it will be...I will only be your old age retirement story. But if you catch it, “Aye, He has already established the authenticity of the system - day 1. He has established, He is adhikaratva to teach, now after this asking Him to show the ID card every time, is waste of time.” Understand. Now it is waste of time. It is time to jump over, fall head over heels and go with it and make it happen.


When you decide to fast track your Sadāshivatva, that’s what I call feeling connection. You see, nothing wrong initially waiting for logical convincing, conclusion. But when you know already, I have established and demonstrated successful cases, from your background. If I do, you know you’ll push Me out. “Oh, you are different, you are different”! Okay, so I am not doing! I am picking up people from you. They have done the demo, so I have established the authenticity of the system. Then it is time to go head over heels, all over and make it happen. Deciding to go head over heels and fast track your Sadāshivatva, manifestation of Sadāshivatva, is what I call feeling connection or Guru bhakti. You see, ultimately I am telling you, your Guru bhakti, I am asking not for Me to enjoy, I’ll just turn it and make it as a Atma bhakti and give it back to you. When you complete with GDHD, I will complete with your SDHD. That’s all. I’ll just turn the energy, make it into your Atma Bhakti.


It’s like a cub bringing fresh grass for lion. Is he going to have a lunch or dinner with that grass? He may act in front of the cub, not to disappoint the cub, “See, I am eating….”, and he will turn this side and hm..hm. And maybe he will keep it there for the next cubs to come and have lunch. One or two meal they need to have before they realize they are lion. That’s all. Understand. Somebody asked Me in the Facebook, from the Sadāshivoham team only. “How do you handle all that attention and adulation?” I am not! I am not receiving; I am only just turning it into your Atma bhakti. Everything showered on Me, the bhakti, everything, I will just turn that into your Atma bhakti. Guru bhakti... is recommended... only... to be returned with multiple times. I should say, it is more like a investment, not like giving it away. Always Guru bhakti turns into Atma bhakti.




Participant - Swamiji, does it mean that an individual only has to focus on deepening the depth or the Being, so that the length and the breadth component automatically falls into place...




Swamiji - Yes, yes. Actually, you just need to all you need to do is how much, as much as possible, engage yourself in depth creation... Length and breadth automatically happens. People who created length and breadth, neither will have length and breadth nor have depth. People who generated depth, will have depth and length and breadth.




Participant - So Swamiji, when you intervene in our lives, does it mean that you directly work on the depth component? So…. (Does that mean…..) So does it mean that you directly work on our depth component, when you intervene in our lives?




Swamiji - First thing I should say, I am not end up… I am start up! When I enter into your life, I am not end up - I am start up. That’s the first thing. Second thing, you see, you should look at the whole thing, the word ‘end up’ is wrong. Word ‘start-up’ is right. Now this answers your remaining part of the question. Always with start-up the depth increases, everything else follows. Understand. Guru does not end up in your life, He is start-up in your life.




Participant - So my understanding is each energy centers, 7x7 creates 49 depths in each energy layers and if I am making a decision from certain depth and it is perceived as a hurt by a logical like length, am I obligated to heal it or can I say “Abhayam Sarva Bhutebhyo” and just walk away.




Swamiji - I should say, depth always deals the length and breadth with compassion. Length and breadth always abuses depth. Depth never gives up length and breadth. It deals with length and breadth with tremendous compassion and concern.


Participant - So I have to work on them?


Swamiji - Yes.




Participant - So my question is, once depth is awakened, does ethical behavior awakens automatically or does it need to be awakened?




Swamiji - See, I should say, the ‘ethical behaviour’ word if you define, then I will answer. See I should say - more integrity gets awakened.




Participant - So would you agree that then in that case it need not be externally imposed to the extent of….it is being imposed when depth is not awakened.




Swamiji - I should only answer based on the situation from which you are asking the question. For example - if you are asking from the context of ‘things should happen, we should not be forcing’. Like a... our Balasanths make the rose plant drop the thorn. They cannot touch it and remove. They can only send the inspiration and that should drop the thorn. But here, I may even take one step to deny non-vegetarian food for you here 21 days, for you to taste vegetarianism. So here, that doesn’t work. So only based on the space, this question can be answered. See for example - this 21 days I assume there are certain things which you are not exposed, you will expect Me to do R&D and give that best to you - like understandings, food, preparing your body - in all that. So in that case, you can even perceive that as a, “Oh, forcibly He is feeding vegetarian food into our mouth.” So in that cases, this logic will not work.




Participant - Just on a lighter note - how does the institution...how does the institution of marriage affects our length, breadth and depth?




Swamiji – [Makes gestures of hitting and laughs] Take this seriously, it’s not…. Basically human being has a high possibility for growth. If both decide the possibility and decide never to deny, then I’ll call that as a life of Rishi. Both agree ‘maturing of our taste should be the centre of the relationship’, then it’s an amazing marriage. I tell you, as couple people who are connected with Me, they live a real life of heaven. The maturing of the taste, if there is any imbalance, that’s it. And ... I am not talking even about the devotees whom I am seeing, even in the regular life, sometimes a person when he grows little bit, his communist ideas may evolve into capitalist. When he….you see, when he has no responsibility, he will be communist. When a individual responsibility comes, he will be capitalist. When the whole responsibility comes, he will be really beyond capitalism, a kind of...I should say, I should develop a new name for Sadāshiva’s economy. So he will move to that. So even in the life, your taste, your taste in the field of entertainment, your taste in the field of food, or your taste in the field of thinking, strategies, economy in multiple levels, the maturing of the taste is always nullified, if the other partner is not willing to raise. It is like a sometimes you will have such high profound open up, but when you come back, you have to be...you are expected to be same as you left yesterday. It is mandatory. And for the sake of the other person’s consumption, consumption, when you try to get back to the older state, you also forget the opening ups happened. Marriage has killed millions of discoveries; because you are mandatorily expected to be a same person and this confirmation that you are the same person and you are still in love, denies multiple opening up. And both understanding ‘we will grow and celebrate each other in every level, will be the real marriage. It all boils down to ‘let us be open…’


You see, let Me very clearly put it. The Saptapadi - seven vows... Agama... Sadāshiva gives in marriage. He beautifully describes – sex is the act between two individuals who revere and celebrate each other. That act does not need to be used to confirm that love exists between each other and that act does not need to be the scale to measure ‘both of us are still in the same plane’. Understand. It should be independent of our maturing and maturity of the taste. It should neither be bonding force nor be confirming force, but be sharing act. But so much of insecurity about the confirmation about other’s...other person’s love, or the other...our need for the other person’s life. You always wanted to confirm, your existence is needed in the other person’s life. So this insecurity denies possibility of any opening or happening or growth. If this understanding is brought between the two person and ‘me shedding more old skin and you shedding more old skins, is going to make us more better related and we both are going to celebrate our togetherness more joyfully’ - can make marriage a real marriage, like Meenakshi and Sundareswara. Meenakshi and Sundareswara. I should say, that is what makes Sadāshiva and Parvati.


So always make sure before marriage, both of you understand the possibility of the opening up. Today your idea about money will be different, tomorrow it will be different. Today your ideas about love will be different, tomorrow it will be different. Today your idea about the entertainment will be different, tomorrow it will be different. ‘So both of us, we will revere; not just respect - revere, reciprocate our maturities and we will celebrate each other’s maturity and respect the need for maturity to be alive’. If somebody is listening to the same music for 10 years, that fellow should need to be buried as quickly as possible. No the maturing of the taste has not happened and that is what you are expecting from spouse; then you are living with a dead body, that is going to torture you like a ghost. Understand. Maybe that understanding will, the first vow itself “let’s grow everything together, share everything together”. The second vow, “let us do all the cultural, social, spiritual activities together and constantly mature and celebrate our maturity” - the Saptapadi vows. Very beautifully, Sadāshiva gives that 7 vows.




Participant - So would it be right to say that the basis of marriage should be enlightenment? A journey together towards enlightenment…




Swamiji - I should say….I should say, based not even enlightenment - supporting each other in the growth.




Participant - So it is certainly not a legal contract as it is seen in the West. Marriages should not be seen as a contract between 2 people to coexist and share their life..




Swamiji - In Hinduism no divorce. Till death you can’t divorce.




Participant - I am sorry, I didn’t get that.




Swamiji - In Hinduism no divorce. It is Cosmic contract. If you are afraid of legal contract, it is Cosmic contract in Hinduism. (Participant - Got it.) No divorce. (Participant - Thank you Swami) Clear? (Participant - Yes.) Do you know Sanskrit does not have the equivalent word for divorce. We don’t have divorce. I should say, Hindu marriage does not have divorce. It has an important aspect of initiation and training before marriage which is missing, is causing the whole mess to this country. Premarital education which needs to be done is missing. That is causing the whole mess. Otherwise I strongly deny the very possibility of divorce. The very idea of divorce should be destroyed. Thoroughly get educated, try once, if it fails - take Sannyas. No, that is as simple as this.




Participant - In a better attempt to understand and digest these truths of LBD, the first thing that came to mind was a film by Christopher Nolan - InterStellar. I was wondering if you had watched this film.




Swamiji - No, I watched the movie, but I am not able to attest the whole thing. When I saw the Matrix movie, I can say at least 30% the concepts are true to the original. In the InterStellar movie, I am not able to find more than 2-3%. So I just….I am not able to attest it. Yes...




Participant - the unit of space...I mean unit of Jagat is space - can you explain little bit more and then…




Swamiji - Listen. Gap between one thought and the other thought is space – here [gestures inwards]. Gap between one big bang, another black hole is space – here [gestures outside]. Listen, listen carefully. LBD active, LBD active, on the space generates time. Anything gets active on the space generates time, space is the canvas on which all these 4 exists. Listen. Whenever a mass rotates, it creates gravity. Whenever LBD gets active, it generates time. Where all 4 exist is space. Because you have space inside, you are able to perceive everything. Because there is a space in the Cosmos, all the generation, maintenance, destruction, delusion, liberation happens. The space here [gestures inwards] - Chidakasha - perceives everything. Space here [gestures outside] - Parakasha - allows everything to happen.


Little more... Little more - Eyes receive information, digitize it...I should call - bio digitizing, sense it, it hits at one space and the response comes back. For example - you see the snake - response of ‘let’s run away or beat. The spot where this information hits and the response comes back, is called Space - Akasha. The spot which responds to information is Space. If the thought.. the gap between one thought and the other thought is too little, you do not perceive the existence of space. If there is a more gap, you perceive the existence of space. It’s like a….if you are taking 2000 files, quickly you have to come back. If you are taking only 2 files, you can spend time with him. Ability to spend time with him is called luxury - Lakshmi. I know hmmm hmmm hmmm. At least you are able to get it, get what I am saying.




Participant - I got, but that….you said space between the black hole and the big bang, but black hole happens in the big bang, am I correct?




Swamiji - That is why I am saying - Universe happens within the Universe. From the nose of Sadāshiva, He breathes out Universes, in the mouth of Sadāshiva they all merge inside.


Participant - Black hole.


Swamiji - It comes out and goes in. Comes out and goes in. That gap is space. Listen, listen, listen. Somebody made this [shows the stick He is holding]. The effort he put to make this, decides how long it is going to retain its shape, that effort is space... for this. Where this information goes and hits and response comes out, that is the space for this [gestures inwards]. Where all this goes back and comes out, is the space for this [gestures outwards]. Length of this, breadth of this, depth of this [gestures towards stick], length of this, breadth of this, depth of this [gestures inwards], length of this, breadth of this, depth of this [gestures outwards] - I explained.


Now, the space of this [stick] Energy came out of the space of the individual which is put to keep this in its shape, is the space for this. If more space is spent on this, it can collapse or remodel itself. Am I right? So that is the space for this. And for this whole, the energy with which it is generated by Sadāshiva, is a space for this. Based on that proportion of the energy, it exists. If there is a more energy which nullifies this, it goes back which we call Kaliyuga. I’ll..I’ll give more examples, I’ll give more examples. I am just translating precisely the Hindu Cosmology verses. Listen. This has length, breadth, depth. When I move this, it generates time. On which I am moving this, is space. Now, if there is no movement, this will stay for more time. If there is more movement, the time of it comes down. But even if there is no movement, the time is going to work on it. It’s not that it is exempted from time. But if it merges into the space by Samadhi, time cannot work on it. The only thing which has a capacity to merge into the Samadhi - space and avoid time working on it, is human being, human Consciousness. Too profound, so that is why you feel, “Oh, it is not imminent.”  No, it is imminent. Next I’ll make this, make you understand how it is imminent.




Participant - That’s why the animals etcetra cannot be ….




Swamiji - They need to get into the human body for enlightenment. See the statements I made, are literal formulas. Now apply these statements and go on bringing more questions. Once I make this statements fit with your questions, you will understand they are not just profound, they are imminent. They have immediate effect; they have immediate utility value for your life.




Participant - You are describing the unit of Sadāshiva as Shakti. Shakti is Devi, its feminine. Can you….




Swamiji - When I said ‘unit of Sadāshiva is Shakti’, I did not use it in the language of the Devi who has a form. For Her also the unit is Shakti. Understand. Out of clay, the elephant is made, rat is also made. You can’t say ‘the rat and elephant is same’, you can say ‘both are made of same material’. Now you are trying to say ‘both are same’, which is not right. Because the perception elephant generates and the perception rat generates, is different. They may be made of same material, but the experience they generate in you is different.




Participant - Is the material more feminine?



Swamiji - It has no idea of feminine and masculine. I am not going to be attesting feminist ideas. No. Even though I am a Shakta, the Shakti component, does not have idea of masculine, feminine. Thank God!




Participant - Swamiji, the...something else you were saying of the two to be in…




Swamiji - See, listen. The cricketer who is standing on the ground with bat - he is Sadāshiva. The guy who is waiting in the gallery to substitute if needed - he is Avyakta Sadāshiva - unmanifest Sadāshiva. The power with which he is hitting the ball - is Adi Shakti. Clear? So surely, I cannot say Shakti is feminine.




Participant - Thank you. The other question was you talked about being in depth to be empty and downloading, so is it like a Being is like a being a conductor, where you are not storing, so…




Swamiji - I should say, the idea of storing, very limited memory, is from Google. Your body is not Google. The whole Brahmanda can be stored in Pindanda. Google has a business reasons to give a limited memory. Sadāshiva has no business reason to give you a limited memory. Actually, He has all the reasons to give you infinite memory. You do not need to imagine there is a central server, you only live Google and research. I should say, the whole Cosmic archives is inside you. Just your liver is enough to store the whole Cosmic archives. If you are thinking your brain is the archives, you are wrong. Brain is a browsing center - liver is the archives.




Participant - My first question is, is there a hierarchy in this length, breadth, depth, time and space…..first length comes and then breadth comes…




Swamiji - I should say, not hierarchy - depth….10 frequency of length is breadth, 10 frequency of breadth is depth, 10 frequency of the depth is time, 10 frequency of the time is space. Like this it becomes more and more intense. For example - one thread is a length. Ten thread is breadth. 100 thread is depth. 1000 thread is time. 10000 thread is space.




Participant - So there is interdependency?




Swamiji - I should say, qualitatively but not quantitatively. So you can make length out of space but you cannot make space out of length. You can’t take space out of length, but you can take length out of space.




Participant - And the second question is where do emotions lie...so we complete the emotions, when we relive and complete it….so where does that happen actually...




Swamiji - That happens more in a breadth and depth.




Participant - So cognitions, it is in depth or breadth?




Swamiji - Cognition means depth.




Participant - Okay and cognition gives rise to emotions…?




Swamiji - No, no, no. Then it is a confused breadth only, emotion only. Cognition will be always certain, sure.




Participant - So if I carry, “I am afraid”, kind of a cognition. So that will trigger fear in breadth?




Swamiji - Ah, then it is a depth only.




Participant - So in the manifesting powers, is that happening at space towards length?




Swamiji - I should say, from space towards... some powers are from space to time. Some powers are from space to time to depth, like that.




Participant - So if there is a block, if there is a manifestation happening and that is not getting expressed, means at what level is the block in the….




Swamiji - The more...you see, I tell you, most of your blockages are not even worthy of called as blockages; just unattended-ness. You don’t take it seriously. It takes 3 months for you to even recognize some place and importance of it. You are still...some of you who are not expressing the powers, still you are feeling you are in a cinema theatre. I need to tell you - you are in Aadheenam…. That’s all is the blockage, nothing else. Still you are thinking you are in a cinema theatre, having IMAX movie and different hero that’s all. No, that….that cognition...it...I should not even call it as a blockage, I should only call it as ‘slumber’; because none of your blockage is powerful enough to block Me. Understand. I always tell people - tell your problems how big your Guru is, not your Guru how big your problems are.




Participant - So Swamiji, are...can we say that the three dimensions discussed are three kinds of causation. First is cause-effect that’s purely mechanical, predictable, formula, 1:28:30 always this place is that. Second is Consciousness producing effect on matter, cause-effect. Third is Consciousness by itself producing an effect. So all the 3….




Swamiji - Without even the help or support... independent of length and breadth.




Participant - Yes, so the three ways of producing effects.


Swamiji - Yes. You are right.


Participant - So this is the theory of causation. There are three kinds of causations. Just….




Swamiji - Yes, three kinds of manifestations.




Participant - When a person starts falling more into depth, then the rules of how one operates on length starts to change...right..?




Swamiji - Yes. Actually, length reduces... breadth reduces, so your worrying and constantly soaking you in your worrying disappears; because no energy left out for worrying. Understand. Otherwise, you worry about everything and if you don’t get anything also, “Oh, today everything is going well, I think tomorrow it’s going to be hell. How many of you have this worry? “Today if everything goes well, tomorrow is going to be bad day.” How many of you have that, raise your hand? Almost it is a universal.




Participant - Just one final question. So then the idea that length is logic and intellect, is also partially true because then it is changing with the person where they are.




Swamiji - Yes… because the person also is losing his logic. Whenever you are not able to handle yourself, the truth is on the depth side - you are on the logic side. It is like you sit on the branch and cut the root of the branch. That is what you do, when you are sitting on the logic and trying to manage all the decisions - decisions of depth, but from the logic.




Participant - Swamiji, my question related to medicine and disease. So the diseases…. medicine, allopathic medicines and diseases. So the diseases that happen that in length and breadth...that’s…




Swamiji - No, no, no. It is not always….actually, all psychosomatic diseases happen from...actually they happen in depth and manifest into length and breadth. But we dump medicines on the length and breadth, so depth never gets healed.




Participant - How….that’s the depth of …….




Swamiji - Listen, listen, listen. Psychosomatic disorders, let Me talk about that - Starts in depth, manifests in length and breadth. Chemical which is not...which cannot get digested, assimilated, into our muscle memory and bio-memory, touches only our physical aspect, stops manifestation of symptoms, does not cure the core - disease. But herbs has the capacity by it’s very tendency to dissolve into us completely, become part of even our muscle memory and bio-memory. That is why, when the herb based things without putting….without becoming part of the chemical, when it goes inside, it does so much of healing. Actually, chemical based medicine is only few hundred years old. How can that be called as traditional medicine? It should be herb based medicine.




Participant - True. Does the depth of the patient itself or treating physician, does it affect the effects of…




Swamiji - The treating physician does not directly affect, but your bio-memory or the best wishes, your energy can affect independent of the medication you provide.And the feeling connection of the patient with the doctor, makes the depth of placebo effect more. Placebo is more, when the patient has a feeling connection.


Participant – Okay... Got it Swamiji




Participant - During Brahma Muhurta, one is able at a specific time, within a certain state of Consciousness, one is able to manifest their desires and ...bring it into matter. Now can we make our depth... influence our depth in that state of Consciousness?




Swamiji - Actually, during the Brahma Muhurtam, depth has not yet started becoming length and breadth. So anything added there also becomes length and breadth when the length and breadth starts getting operated.




Participant - Okay, and we are able to positively influence that to grow deeper and then the... more in a positive way.


Swamiji - Yes. Yes. Yes




Participant - How the neurological experiences can be generated, independent of outer circumstances and can be established permanently in us?




Swamiji - First thing, do you understand neurological experiences are generated in your dream independent of outer circumstances? How can that be created, you are asking? You see, I’ll talk about this example of this alchemy products. If I utter a word ‘cow’, immediately that animal picture starts appearing in your brain. Am I right? So I instigate a neurological experience by My sound. Same way, there is something called Deva Bhasha, through vibration I can instigate certain experiences in you.




Participant - Irrespective of outside..?




Swamiji - That is what is called Deva Bhasha. So those vibrations can be stored in a product and it can go on instigating that in you constantly, whatever you are doing as your everyday routine, whether you are lying down or sleeping or anything. That is what I am doing. How many of you already started feeling the effect of that alchemy products, when you are sleeping with them. Raise your hand! This is the witness, just see, that’s all.




Participant - That...that experience can be permanent in us?




Swamiji - Yes. Neurological, when the effect is created, it is permanent enough. Now, you understand that is not waste of time and energy. It’s all real science. I am doing something real.




Participant - Swamiji, when a person is established in his depth, how he perceives the external physical reality of the Universe? Is it different than what we perceive….?




Swamiji - Yes. surely it is different from a person. See, person who is in length - all the time feels everyone is enemy. Person who is in the breadth, all the time tries to romance with everyone. Person who is in the depth, all the time sees the reality as it is.




Participant - I just wanted to understand, this Universe is infinite, where is the….it doesn’t understand...mind doesn’t understand that. Where...when it will understand? In what way…?




Swamiji - No, no, no. Mind can never understand Universe. How can one thread understand 10000 thread saree? Can one thread understand this whole shawl? NO! Understand. Your saliva can never understand the whole Ocean. So mind can never understand. Actually, if saliva enters into the Ocean, to understand Ocean it will lose its quality of saliva and become Ocean.




Participant - And so many things about Sanatana Vedic Hindu Dharma you revealed, it was so amazing….




Swamiji - And I am going to reveal the Hindu Cosmology. As per Agamas - Hindu Cosmology.




Participant - Yes Swamiji. Swamiji, one of the things about Vedic…..




Swamiji - You also need to know, Hindu Cosmology talks even about that plates on the Earth, which causes the earthquake. I strongly believe, if we do little research, we will be able to predict earthquakes as per Agama. I only have to spend little time and do research and establish to all of you. I commit with you guys, in next 2-3 years I will do it. I will do it. We will be able to...you see, just like we are able to predict through our Panchika, lot of things like a cyclone, so many things. This cyclone Varda is predicted this year in the beginning itself in the Panchika, Panchanga. Arcot Panchangam has clearly described the Varda cyclone, with date - that precise. And I am very sure, Agama gives a detailed description of 480 - 4 8 0 the plates on the surface of the Earth which causes earthquakes; with the description of the countries established on those plates. So if we study and map it, we can do lot of predictions of their movements and the speed with which they are moving and the direction towards which they are moving.




Participant - I think for the Himalayan Belt, like that Nepal earthquake...it will be a fantastic...thanks Swamiji. Swamiji, about the Panchanga also, the wedding...you know in India, we spend so much money, time, effort. If we create a small….I request you to create a small course for people who are gonna get into wedding… so they understand this Saptapadi, for people like me.




Swamiji - Actually….not course, I’ll make it as a set of videos and upload it in the YouTube, so that people...wherever they are they can study it and then get married. I’ll do that. Actually, I am looking at these 7-8 projects –

before getting pregnant, learn what you need to know from Sadāshiva.

Before getting married - know what you need to know from Sadāshiva.

Before getting into the school - know what you need to know from Sadāshiva.

Never get into college!!


So I really wanted to make this set of videos - ‘ Before doing this, please learn what you need to learn from Sadāshiva’, his inputs. Gurukul is the greatest gift you can give for your children. I tell you, till the age of 21, other than life - life living - anything else you dump on the child is no way useful for the child. Come on, let Me have a survey. How many of you really used in your life, day to day life, what you learnt before 21 in your school colleges? Raise your hand! No really! Hardly maybe 5%. Maybe they have woken up between the question! At least I am not using; maybe language by mistake. But 90% of it, we are not using!


Understand. The fundamental definition of education is individualistic and the curriculum is generalized. Why you need to study? The ‘why’ is all individualistic, ‘what’ is all generalized. How many of you are understanding this BIG mismatch? Why you need to study is individualistic - what you are studying is …….???  Gurukul basically teaches life, see that’s what I actually I am doing. All I am trying to do in the Gurukul is layers and layers and layers and layers of bliss memory - life is good, be involved with it. If I put it in essence: layers and layers and layers of bliss memory - life is good, that conviction ‘life is good’ to the bio-memory level - depth, and “Eh, get involved with it.” ‘Get involved with it.’ that’s all I am trying to do. After that, that is enough they will make money, make relationships, make children, make profession, make career, everything they will make. But in the regular school, you steal that and give all the so called skills. There are tons of researches, all University gold medallists researches become such impractical, their love life does not last long more than 2-3 years, divorces. No, they can’t settle down in any one job, they become homeless; there is vast percentage of University Gold Medallists becoming homeless. How many of you have read those researches? There are at least 7- 8 shocking revelations on researches. That title of that research itself, the article itself – If you are University Gold Medalist, soon you will end up homeless; because they cannot settle down in a job. That street smartness, you see, what is street smartness you know - strong belief ‘life is good’ in your bio-memory, strong belief ‘I’ll make it happen’ in your muscle memory. That is what is street smartness. Schools and colleges steals that away from your child and gives the efficiency. How much ever new revolutionary schools come also, those teachers themself are not having that as a bio-memory or muscle memory. How will they be able to put that into the kids?! Understand. Gurukul is the best you can do to your children. Actually, you have two choice - either don’t give birth, be a Sannyasi like Me - if you give birth, at least make sure they flower like a Gods on the Planet Earth. They live like a Gods on the Planet Earth. Purposely I keep the academic standards of Gurukul low and education standard high. Indian middle class parents always mess up with these 2 - the academic standard and education standard. Academic standard is repeating the book. Education standard is affirming life positive. Yes...




Participant - Swami, regarding the karma, by birth, by birth, we accumulate our karma and by karma we are facing all the problems. So where does it….as to like length, breadth, depth or time….




Swamiji - The karmas are recorded...you see, time is the paint, space is the canvas. More repeated actions are carved in depth. Less repeated thing are carved in breadth. Very less repeated thing are put in the length. So now it is up to you, whether your depth should be pure depth or your depth should be patterned depth. Whatever you repeat again and again will become part of your depth.




Participant - It means the actions Swamiji, that should….




Swamiji – Action... even thought current.... So now, if you feel suffocated by karma, you have repeated something 10000 times. Now, different programming, repeat it 11000 times.




Participant - Swami, and you showed a stick, right, if it is in Samadhi - it is out of time….it means what Swamiji?




Swamiji - Space does not get affected by time, because space is subtler than time. But time gets affected by space.




Participant - Nithyanandam Swamiji. So I am wondering about the Western concept of time, which is linear. Its point A - you are alive or you are born and Point B - you are dead. So this concept is in the length and in a very superficial….




Swamiji - Actually, it is not at all a concept. It is a utility understanding. You see, dollar is different from wealth. Many places dollar cannot be useful, what you get through dollar only is useful. Same way, the Western concept of time is as shallow as dollar. It is only some utility calculation value. Otherwise how will you lose one hour - gain hour? What a funny thing! Losing one hour - gaining one hour! A Hindu Panchanga can never understand this losing one hour and gaining one hour. Understand. Do you know – for us even day starts with sunrise. I don’t know how many of you today observed, I got little late for the Dwajarohanam, it is supposed to be 6:40 to 7:00; I told the Sun, “Don’t come out till I finish the Dwajarohanam.” And today 40 minutes, sunrise late. See the Bidadi sunrise time today…. See there is a Google thing, there is one website, where the sunrise time is - supposed to be time and actual time is recorded. Today will be 40 minutes late. You want you see…. It was, actually. Only after I came out finishing the Dwajarohanam, Sun was even seen in the East; not because of cloud! Cloud means, He will be seen higher.  




Participant - So this concept of time ties into their concept of life and death - right? Whereas our concept of time is more cyclical and thus we believe in reincarnation, is there a fundamental difference?




Swamiji - No, no, no. What I am saying Ma….what I am saying - do not even connect the Western concept of time to the ideas I am teaching. Better let Me use the word ‘Kaala’; that’s all. Let’s not even use the word ‘Time’. That brings lot of mess. Kaala - over! Kaala Akasha.




Participant - My question is - quantum entanglement, does that include depth...a...time and space?




Swamiji - No. Actually no, no, no, Shaktinipata - Quantum entanglement operates from space. Because the space is entangled, everything else gets entangled.




Participant - So that would be the same as the realm of Oneness - correct?




Swamiji - Yes. you are right. See, actually what I do you know - I just become One with all of you and tell Myself, “Eh, how you woke up in this body, wake up in all body.” That’s all.




Participant - So its the entire space of both - Saguna and Nirguna - right? (Yes.) So the entirety  - Oneness. So from that One, the physicists would be able to connect the two - right? So that is most direct way to connect….(Yes.) And the other question….



Swamiji - See, parallel Universe is Vishista Advaita. Multiple Universe is Dvaita. Oneness and Cosmos, the concept of Cosmos is Advaita and pure Oneness infinite number is Shuddhadvaita.




Participant - And the Shuddhadvaita is the quantum entangled space.




Swamiji - Yes, Shuddhadvaita is the Sadāshiva’s teachings in Agama. Whatever Sadāshiva teaches in Agama, He calls the philosophical part as Shuddhadvaitam. The applying part as Shiva Yoga and the actions as Kriya.




Participant - Swami, I just wanted to ask - how does form and function affects space and can it affects space negatively or positively?


Swamiji - Tell Me - form…..? ( How does form or function...and or and function affect space and can…..) Form and functions? I am not able to…..


Participant - How does the design…..how does the design of something affect space as it interacts through space, either air or space. So does it...is it possible for a design to have a positive or a negative effect on space? Or on air or…..




Swamiji - Can you ask precise question. For example - Here I have put the Mandala. No, here I have put the Mandala, special drawing and I made all of you to sit - it does have a special impact on your inner space.




Participant - What I am saying is if a aircraft or a car is going through space and time, so as it goes through space does it create like energetic chaos or does it create energetic harmony? And is…. my understanding right?




Swamiji - I should tell you….I should tell you. The aircraft, the way it is designed manifested, if it is from the natural flow, I should say, it only creates harmony.




Participant - So does badly designed content based on badly designs or badly derived science, does that have a negative effect on the evolution of the Planet?




Swamiji - Sure.




Participant - So an improvement in design then affects the entire Planet for positivity?


Swamiji - Yes. I should accept it. You are right.


Participant - Thank you Swamiji.




Swamiji - I do see, the smoke of petrol carries the pain of dead bodies. Whenever a dead body is burnt, who is not enlightened, the smoke carries the pain. I have seen the same many time in the petrol smoke; because many animals got killed, that only becomes petrol na.. Not all the time, many time I have seen this.




Participant - Actually you spoke of zero and infinity and I think that in Hinduism I feel one of the things that we’ve not distinguished clearly, is the concept of positive infinity and by this I don’t mean plus or minus infinity. So by this, so by this, I don’t mean plus or minus infinity, I mean positive infinity and I think that we’ve somewhere along the line, we lost the idea of positive infinity which is...which is based on creating harmony whether it’s through art or any other action or design. And I think that is now starting to come back…




Swamiji - You see, I’ll tell you the Hindu concept of zero and infinity. Zero... if it becomes active - infinity. [twists the band in His hand demonstrating 0 to ] Zero... if it becomes active – infinity ... Shakti, thats all is what I can grasp from Agama. From Agama I tried to find whether we contributed zero and all that, I am not able to find any other references. I only found, the addition of the Shakti - Activism makes Shunyatva into Purnatva; nothing else. And how much the Western concept agrees with it, I don’t know. Addition of the...see like a zero becoming active is infinity.




Participant - I have experienced this and I have created a sports system around this, where basically the body goes from zero into positive infinity, goes through a memory loss and then with the help of Shakti it reorganizes itself at the level of intelligence. But if you can’t activate Shakti, then intelligence also doesn’t tend to move, takes a lot of effort. So this is something which I wanted to share with you as well….long story…. Thank you...Namaste...




Participant - So space - time was devised about a century ago. It’s a mathematical model that bridges space and time together. So I am a little bit confused on how exactly it works?




Swamiji - I do not know about the space-time mathematical model you are talking which is discovered century ago. I am talking about something which is discovered Yugas ago. I should….that is why...better I use the word “Akasha” and “Kaala”. The space - time cannot be the right equivalent word for that. Actually, space….all of you need to know, space... listen, is living energy. Just like “I”, you see, bit of space caught in your body is “I”, whole space vibrating is Shakti. Bit of space caught in your body is “I”. The space vibrating with the whole is Shakti. So all three qualitatively same - quantitative only is different.




Participant - Swamiji, I wanted to understand more about how matter comes out of space. Matter comes from space? Is it true that matter comes from space? So when matter comes from space, does it exist separately or is it’s existence dependent on space.




Swamiji - Rajivji, actually matter does not come out of space. I should say, it is rooted and exists in the space only. It is a kind of a...for example - one part of Me becomes bone, one part of Me becomes flesh, one part of Me becomes skin, it just celebrates its existence by becoming so many parts. But finally everything is established in the Oneness.




Participant - Sure, so there is a general relativity theory which says something similar and Western scholars have not been able to understand it philosophically, because it’s too bizarre. So I am just wondering if our theory explains it, what general relativity says is that, “Matter is a property of space.” It’s like if there is a tornado or a cyclone, the cyclone does not exist separate entity from water. It is only the water spinning; from space it looks like its a separate object moving. So you can say cyclone is a property of the water. It is water behaving in a distorted way, and it looks to us like a separate object. So what general……




Swamiji - So what Agama says and I should say even My experience. In the level of matter, water, it does not have independent Will, by the time it becomes a cyclone, it develops a independent Will. When it moves... more and more towards the space...for example, if it is a bucket water, it does not have independent Will. If it’s a rain, we can ask it to come or stop. So when it moves closer and closer to space, it develops a muscle memory, bio-memory, independent existence, the space. For example - how the information through our eyes reaches and hits at a space in us and comes back with a response, that space is what I call Akasha. That Akasha gets developed when something gets closer to the Akasha, even if it is a matter. So that component is not explained in the West; but Agama again and again repeats. A stone is a matter, but huge Himalayas develops an independent Will. Fire - same way, a forest fire, develops an independent Will, it can go up-down-right-left - like this it can decide.




Participant - So they are saying that physics general relativity says…..




Swamiji - For example, you see - ant does not have everything human beings have. But when it grows towards human being, it develops everything. Same way, stone - as a stone it is matter, but when it becomes a huge hill, it develops a independent Will. Himalayas has independent Will. Ganga has independent Will. So it is no more just a collection of large millions of litres of water, it develops an independent existence. (Because of size.) Size. Not only size, getting closer to the space. You see, that only explains why we worship hills, why we worship rivers, why we attribute divinity to the nature. Sadāshiva gives at least three examples, in a various places. Due to the larger existence, the space it occupies, the ups and downs it goes through, due to all this, the kind of a muscle memory and bio-memory itself starts getting built in the system. He says very clearly that Ganga built a muscle memory for herself to be self purified. So there are certain natural objects, which we consider as matter, when it goes to larger scale develops independent Will... you can relate to that Will and play with that Will. they can listen to you, respond to you. As a Sakshi Pramana, I’ll establish this because some way we will have to establish this. This is very important even to save the nature and ecology. You see, Earth is not large mass, by the time it becomes this large mass, it becomes a Will of Bhuma Devi, an independent intelligence... called Bhuma Devi.




Participant - Jayji, in the Avatar Shastra it is written that you are awakened in all the 11 dimensions. So sometimes in those portals or whatever that time when we see Jayji in it, are we seeing you….




Swamiji - Yes, Me only. I should say, now you are seeing Me in the first floor. In the...if I have to appear in that 11th floor, I get into the lift, which is My advaita space, doing pratyahara from this body and mind. Go to the 11th floor, come out of that lift. By that time My colour and some of the qualities will not be same. But some will remain same just to tell you it is Me. Only the ID card level qualities will be retained, others will not be there same.




Participant - So Jayji my question is - when….when we have such an experience of seeing you like that, does it mean like only...even though like right now I only remember me here. But for all of us we are with you in all…..




Swamiji - Surely, if you have seen that, you are experiencing Me there also. Actually, this teleportation and all happens, only if you have experienced Me in multiple planes.




Participant - But does it mean all of us are there also, but we don’t remember it, we are not aware…




Swamiji - All of you are there also and you don’t remember. It’s unused Apps - how in your i-phone. You see, somebody gets the I-Phone 6 and knows only how to press the number and make call, nothing more than that. That is exactly the way, you are using you.




Participant - Is...what the kind of profession that you do, does that by nature may ground you more into let’s say - the depth compared to length? So if somebody is a doctor or somebody is a teacher, will that ground them more into the depth or is it based on the context?




Swamiji – I should say, it is more a context and cognition. There are many teachers who don’t know ABCD of what they are teaching. There are many students who know much more than what their teachers were teaching. There are many students, they know more than their teachers. There are many teachers who don’t know anything. So I should say, it is more a depth and cognition of a individual. And one more thing, whenever you do some grunt job, repeating every day, you disconnect yourself from it. You just go and stand your...put your body and your body does everything and even after coming back, you will not know what you have done, like a driving. Understand. So only if you are enjoying teaching, that makes the depth of you to grow.




Participant - So Swamiji, for example I am teaching engineering subject. When I read the Western author’s modern science or modern engineering, I feel certain kind of a irritation inside me, I feel like the mental setup from which they have expressed the whole thing. When I read it, I start feeling some kind of a uncomfort and only my head part.


Swamiji - It is possible. It is possible


Participant - So when it comes to engineering sciences, is the...I mean definitely we are making cars and all those things which are useful to the outer world or utilities. If this is not in yoga, I mean going through the modern science, then should this be changed or we should completely rely on the Vedic system and then expand it.?




Swamiji - No, no, no, I am not saying, you should throw away the cars and all that. I am only saying... the context with which they expressed and the context with which we can use, can be changed. I am not against modernization. I am only against the Westernization. I am not against modernization. See the modern equipments I am using left and right! You won’t find a modern Guru than Me - See! And any modern gadgets I get, at least a dozen gift. You...latest release - Apple watch, I have 3. Everything I have, I am using it, not I am just keeping it. I am using it! I am not against the modernization. I am only saying that much more contextual setting from the Agamic tradition can be done. Even their engineering, if you study more, from the context of East, you will have lot of things to contribute. You can add lot of things.


For example - if you look at everything as a living thing - river, everything, dams, all that can be built in a nonviolent way, which will not create earthquake or ecological damage; that is one side. Even the houses – the house space is a living space. Your body circuit - your physical circuit, should be in tune with the house’s circuit; that’s all is….Vaastu is all about that only.




Participant - Swamiji, I want to be in feeling relationship with you, but you seem to fill me completely and how do you feel, how can I understand how you feel, please explain how does it feel to be you!




Swamiji - See, I should say, how much I feel I am alive in this body, I feel same amount I am alive in that body. Only difference between this and that - the ambitions and the future plans and desire to exist is for a different reason in this system, different reason in that system. That’s all. So I do have enough of compassion for that system to slowly learn and realign itself to the highest ambition. That’s the way, I look at the whole thing. Clear?




Participant - So that means that I do not have to do anything... it’s you filling me, making me feel you




Swamiji - I should say, if you don’t deny that’s more than enough. I’ll do the job. Actually, this feeling connection is and all, is a job beyond your logic; job beyond your logic. People ask Me, “Should I except you as Guru?” I tell them, “Aye, just try to forget Me as much as you can. If you can’t forget Me, I am your Guru.” “If you can forget Me, forget me and do your job. Carry on.”




Participant - My question is almost in regards, in relation to that. How you just said that, “different ambitions”, but as you are going from length which would be the “I” the identity, into the higher Consciousness and that starts dropping, the identity starts dropping then where does free Will and Will come in ….




Swamiji - Actually, the identity is the restricted Will ma. When patterns and restrictions drop, you experience pure Will. Pure Will is Sadāshiva’s Will. “mama sankalpam shiva sankalpam astu” Let my Will be Shiva’s Will.




Participant - So then would it all….we’ll all have the same Will.




Swamiji - You see, actually, your….for example - if you understand that this hall is the best, you will try to rebuild this. If you see this same hall from outside, you will understand it is not RCC cement or permanent and you will get an idea of some permanent structure, then you will plan to build that. If you see from inside all this makeup, you may think this is the best I should have, but if you see from outside your ambition and goal will change. With the expanded perception, restricted Will starts losing its restrictions; Will withers away. When the Will withers away, you develop a new Will Persistence, it’s like a only you will have power over you, not anything else. That comes by expanded understanding.


For example - now whatever you think as your goal, if I feed you with more powers, Shaktis, and you start manifesting, that goal will suddenly becomes 100 times more, because now you know with more you can do more. The goal reaching its completion is what I call Jeevan Mukti - living enlightenment. Now, with your identity, what you understand as you, you plan for your future. If your idea about identity expands, your idea about future expands... your ambition about future expands. If the idea about you reaches its peak, your future plan and ambition and desire reaches its peak. Your ambition is your existence. Your ambition is your possibility. Life becomes juicy only by ambition, not by hitting at the past or the restrictions of past. All restrictions, suffocations, are rooted in the past. All possibility is rooted in the future. The future is you and that expands when idea about you expands. It is like a feeding you with power, makes you lion. Like a if the flesh is fed to the cub, how the cub becomes lion, if the powers are fed to you, you just become lion. So then your idea, the way you cognize, everything changes.




Participant – I see, another ...there is something that kept me thinking the other day, was when you mentioned, when you used to walk for miles and you said reached a point where your body was just walking, so what was pushing you to continue...




Swamiji - I should say, in that the time stopped working on My body, just the space was... My body has reached the space where the individual Will has withered away and the space has taken over the body. It was just moving. Yes….




Participant - Hi Swamiji, so I have a couple of questions. The Ananda Gandha and the Ajna Chakra, what correlation does it have with each other? The Ananda Gandha…




Swamiji - The Ananda Gandha - Ajna - correlation. Ajna can be easily awakened but Ananda Gandha is the place where you reside. Ajna is like a... your door. Ananda Gandha is your bedroom.




Participant - So, what powers only express through the third eye only and not the Ananda Gandha?




Swamiji - See, Ananda Gandha is the source of the whole. So Ajna is the place where the powers manifest.




Participant - Okay so, with both we can be in….




Swamiji - Actually Ananda Gandha cannot be equated to Ajna. Ajna - all the 7 merges into Ananda Gandha. Ananda Gandha is not here [gestures inwards]. It’s a door to Ananda Gandha. Ananda Gandha is the space where everything merges. This whole balloon merges into that. I have spoken elaborately on Ananda Gandha; we have even Healer’s book. With the balloon I will explain; with the balloon all the 7 chakras will be on the balloon. If the balloon bursts, where it merges that is Ananda Gandha.




Participant - So wouldn’t that like be the ultimate....




Swamiji - Ananda Gandha is ultimate.




Participant - So okay another question now. So would both...would we be able to reach….




Swamiji - There is no both. Ananda gandha is of a different level. Ananda Gandha is not even a chakra. It’s a space. Yes…




Participant - Hi Swamiji, I want to know, you know, you were talking about Vishwamitra and how he used like...how he used the depth, how he used the depth to create another Loka. So, how did he like do it, how did he physically do it. Did he just think of it and it appeared…




Swamiji - No, space is a material which you can use and do. It’s a wax, so he knows how to do that, use that wax, that’s all.



Cosmic Principles Of The 3 Dimensions - Length, Breadth, Depth - Sadāshivoham

Wed, 2016-12-14 19:49
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In this video (14 December 2016), Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains that the dimensions of length, breadth, & depth aren't merely units of measurement - there are deeper cosmic principles behind these dimensions. Length is any force in the universe which submits to a linear logic flow e.g. Mathematics, static matter. Breadth is cognitions and spirit influencing matter e.g. art, poetry, music, etc. Independent of length and breadth, the cognitions which are capable of manifesting matter is depth. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click http://bit.ly/20j90wr to subscribe.
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I am going to introduce the concept of 11 dimensions. Length, breadth, depth is not just lines, it is also principles – means, your logic. A linear thinking - 1+1 is 2 means 1+1+1 is 3. All men have one head, Socrates is a man means Socrates has one head. All these kind of a linear thinking put together is length. When I use the word ‘length’....see Sadāshiva defines length. Please understand. Everything I am going to say now, all the 11 dimensions, precisely defined in Sanskrit, I should say Prakrit...Prakrit in Agama by Sadāshiva. So listen. Unit of Self - Jeeva, unit of Universe - Space, unit of the God - Sadāshiva, all 3 unit is one and the same. Listen carefully. The Being who goes through all the 25 states of consciousness, the unit space of the 11 dimensions of the Universe and the unit space of the Sadāshiva - God Particle ... all 3 are one and the same. You will experience that later and I’ll make sure you get that. Now at least understand intellectually what I am presenting.


When Sadāshiva says,”length” - not only the line, everything which is linearly functioning. Every energy, force, which submits itself to the linear calculation, for example - if you use this many horsepower, this item will be pulled, this many horsepower this item will be pulled; it is a linear logical understanding. Anything which submits itself to this law is also length, but this law will not be useful when you are having fight with your spouse J No, there are many places ... I am just giving you one example. There are many places this law will not be useful. So whatever submits itself to all the logical linear understandings...all of you are able to get what I am saying? Length does mean just the length of this...; anything you understand by logic. If you put this much of electricity into this machine, this will start rotating in this speed. If you put this much of voltage, it will start rotating in this speed. This is a linear understanding, a logical understanding. In this, anything which functions under the law of logical understanding, is length.

And as per the West, gravity theory comes under length. I’ll prove, it comes under breadth, later. It is not….the whole gravity theory is stupid. I’ll...I’ll establish little later, first listen. Breadth means visualization; anywhere the length calculations does not fit in, but there is certain logic flows into it. I’ll give you example: Canvas, paint and the effort of the painter - all 3 put together is painting; but it is not that all paintings are going to be same. For example, same amount of canvas, same amount of painting...sorry, same amount of paint and canvas, give it 10 different painters, the 10 different paintings are going to come. So 1+1+1 is not same 3 in all the 10, but there is certain level of freedom only is available. For example, if you give the same amount of canvas and paint, he is not going to produce 10000 paintings. In the painting, there will be differences, but 10000 paintings will not be produced; so which does not fall under the clear logic, where there is certain personal freedom and involvement of the life.


Listen carefully, it is not only human life; Any life if it involves with logic and the life’s involvement impacts the logic, that dimension is called ‘breadth’. No involvement of life, matter functions with the dead law is length. Involvement of the life alters the result of the matter, only to a certain level, not completely, is called ‘breadth’ and independent of length and breadth, spirit alone can play anything it wants, is called ‘depth’.




I don’t know whether….did you guys get it? Shall I repeat? Listen. Matter forming materialistic conclusions is length. Spirit, crisscrossing the matter, influencing, changing the result only to certain level, is breadth. Spirit, independent of matter, playing and doing its own dance and can create anything from zero to infinity, is depth.


In depth, spirit matters.

In length, spirit does not matter, only matter matters.

In breadth, spirit and matter both matters.

In depth, only spirit matters, no matter matters.


Listen. This is what is dimensions of Universe, basic unit dimensions. When Sadāshiva describes length, breadth, depth, understand it is not the geometrical LBD; all this inclusive is this LBD. If I have to roughly equate it, length can be equated to your logic - individual logic, breadth can be equated to your emotion - art, poetry, sculpting, depth can be equated to your Being, where you cognize. In this trishul, listen carefully, see here in this trishul, this is the length and this is the depth and this is the breadth. Am I right? In Me, My logical thinking is length, My artistic visualization is breadth, My ability to cognize whatever exists is depth. LBD should not be understood in this level [gestures towards trishul] alone, it should be understood in this level [gestures towards His Self]. Catching it?




In the life, length means all forces which submits itself to the conclusions of logical calculation; everything which follows certain mathematics, everything which follows certain mathematics is the length dimension of the Universe. All of you are getting? Like a water, if it gathers it will go towards the slope, means lower area. That is length. Anything which submits itself to the logical conclusion and your ability to calculate and manage, is the dimension of length. Anything which can be influenced by the Consciousness, spirit and alters the result, outcome, that dimension is called breadth, where artistic… Where the matter does not matter, you can do what you want from zero to infinity, means being all alone without anything, your depth can show you - you are king of Universe. Being a Rothschild, your depth can make you feel deeply insecure. Independent of the matter.... means length and breadth, something which is in you which can create anything from zero to infinity is called depth, cognition. In this trishul, depth is this, in Me - depth is My ability to cognize. Understand.


You may be lying down in a beautiful bed in the safe environment, complete security protection, air conditioned room, but in your dream you will be suffocating and you will be running, tigers and snakes will be chasing you. So independent of the length and breadth, your depth is giving you different cognition. How many of you are catching what I am saying? So that depth is your cognition. This three are the unit normal human mind understands in your day to day life.




You see, once more I’ll repeat.

Length of this trishul - this, breadth of this trishul - this, depth of this trishul - this.

Length of you is logic. Breadth of you is art, emotion. Depth of you is your cognition. Length of the Universe is anything which submits itself to a mathematical calculation - 100 + 100 is 200. If you can come to a conclusion with your maths, all those forces are called length. If something which you can influence and alter, all those forces called breadth. There is something independent of that, you can just generate and live, that dimension is called depth in the Universe. The spirit is the depth of the Universe, where independent of this that can generate anything, like a how Vishwamitra created Trisanku Swarga - that consciousness, cognition... He was able to create a new Loka for Trisanku - that powerful consciousness.


So length of the trishul, length of you, length of the Universe. Breadth of the trishul, breadth of you, breadth of the Universe. Depth of the trishul, depth of you, depth of the Universe. How many of you are catching? Depth of the trishul is this. Depth of you is your ability to dream bad dreams even when you are in the great bungalow or the ability to have a good dreams even while you are in the street platform, that is your depth. Depth of the Universe is Vishwamitra able to create a one Svarga for Trisanku. The force of Vishwamitra which he had, independent of the length and breath of the Universe, out of his sheer Will, which he is able to manifest, that is the depth of the Universe. If he can dream heaven for himself, it is depth of Vishwamitra. If he can manifest a dream for somebody else, he is even manipulating the depth of the Universe. I think, literally I am opening up different dimensions to you. This understanding will change the way you cognize you. I guarantee you. This will be such a strong rude awakening. You will never go back to sleep without...by forgetting this understanding anymore.



Significance & Story Behind Karthigai Deepam - Sadāshivoham

Mon, 2016-12-12 19:46
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In this video (12 December 2016), Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains the significance of the Shaivite Hindu festival of Karthigai Deepam - where the Sadashiva manifests from one to many and the many ultimately merges back into Oneness as Ardhanarishwara. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click http://bit.ly/20j90wr to subscribe.
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