Kaala - The Fourth Dimension Of The Universe Explained - MahaSadāshivoham

Sun, 2017-12-31 04:46
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In this video (31 December 2017), Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals understandings about Kaala - the time dimension of the universe along with the length, breadth, depth and space dimensions. The time dimension of the universe is not limited to the chronological passage of time. Hours, minutes, seconds also represent time, but the time dimension is something more than that. Time is a binary oscillation between moments of associated powerfulness and associated powerlessness in our inner space. By manifesting powers and powerful cognitions repeatedly, we can get rid of this binary and be established in powerfulness - thus going beyond time and ageing. When the time spent in our actions do not align with our vision for life, we fall out of tune with the universal time dimension and fall prey to tiredness and boredom - this is what Sadashiva calls Paasha. Sadashiva also reveals that time is a rythmic continuum - whatever wealth we accumulate in this birth using powerful cognitions comes with us in the next birth along with the cognitions. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click http://bit.ly/20j90wr to subscribe. Website and Social Media: http://www.nithyananda.org http://www.nithyananda.tv http://www.innerawakening.org https://twitter.com/SriNithyananda https://www.facebook.com/ParamahamsaNithyananda
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Listen, again Mrigendragama, Vidyapaada of Kaamikagama, fundamental principles and understandings about the cosmos.

Listen first thing you need to know about the Universe because you are living in Universe. Ignorance is no way cute and ignorance is not going to save you anywhere. Second: why I am teaching about this fundamental units of the Universe, 11 dimensions – because… understanding about this 11 dimensions will make you manifest multiple powerful cognitions and powers.

I will repeat. See, manifesting powers of third eye – like reading through your third eye, scanning through your third eye, is power. But understanding the fundamental principle unit – tattva, why you are able to do – because you connect your third eye with the third eye which is already awakened - your Master’s third eye which initiated you, and that third eye is connected with all the existing third eye. Then, the power you manifested through your third eye is not limited to your third eye; you can read through any third eye. That is what is powerful cognition.

Understand, so today you are going to manifest powerful cognition. Only then you will understand how understanding about these multi dimensions makes you start functioning in multi dimension level. Understand, Mahadeva very clearly says brahmavid brahmaiva bhavati. There are some Vedic verses he exactly repeats in agama –

Knowing which you become that is brahman - cosmos.

Listen carefully. Just because if you know about this pillar, it is not that you will become this pillar. Just because you know about this screen it is not that you will become this screen. But, Consciousness is such just by knowing about it you will become that.

Brahmavid brahmaiva bhavati - Knowing cosmos you become cosmos.

Because … you are cosmos. It is like you remembering some of your qualities.


I am going to introduce the next principles or the next dimensions of the cosmos. 

Length, all of you know - logic – whatever you understand as per your logic is length.  Breadth is - rhythmic flow of your logic is breadth. 

Breadth includes length. Depth includes breadth and length. How many of you understand that? Depth is the source from which length, breadth, both are manifesting. Clear?

Listen. I am defining Time. Length is your logic. Length is your logic and Universe’s logic. There is lot of gap between your logic and Universe’s logic. How many of you understand this. Breadth is your rhythmic flow and Universe’s rhythmic flow. Again there is a lot of gap; much less than length but there is lot of gap. How many of you understand that? In depth your cognitions and your cosmos cognition is one and the same.

Listen, in length things are different, in breadth close - but different, but in depth… you come to such close quarters… jumping of the flame happens in the depth dimension. Means, whatever you cognize you start causing as reality. Whatever is reality you start cognizing as your existence.

Listen, listen to the fourth statement. Time – Kaala, time is a rough word, English word. Let me use the word Kaala directly. Kaala – that’s the fourth dimension; no difference between your Kaala and Kaala of the Universe. Tell me is there any difference - your Kaala and Kaala of the Universe? You know the gap between your logic and logic of the Universe. You know the gap between your breadth and breadth of the Universe. In depth both come near, means shadow falls on each other. Your shadow falls on Universe and Universe’s shadow falls on you. But in time there is no separation. I don’t want to say there is Oneness but there is no separation. Your time and Universe’s time is one and the same.


Listen, listen carefully. Anything which makes you feel Universe’s time is different and your time is different is not you. If you feel your body is this many years old, it is separate from the Universe - that is not you. Listen, I am telling you two things. One: don’t think, “ohhh, earlier itself I heard all this vedantic lessons; that and all doesn’t work for me. The moment it becomes time I feel hungry and all my Vedanta goes in the air.” Listen, earlier failures does not confirm it is impossible for you at all. Earlier you might have failed due to various reasons, now you WILL be successful because I am going to be the reason. Listen. I may be ferocious but I am a go-getter. I will make you get it. I am integrated to my job. I will either convince your logic or confuse your logic but I will make you get it. I will make you to come to the conclusion and this cognition. Let me put it in this way. Listen.

Your length, when its frequency increases becomes breadth.

Your breadth, when its frequency increases it becomes your depth.

Your depth, when the frequency intensely increases it becomes your time.

In breadth, length is included. In depth, length and breadth is included. In time, length breadth depth is included. This fourth dimension is the space where your so called normal human life faces a breakthrough. Listen carefully. Anybody who is introduced to the time dimension - Kaala, manifests even one or two powers related to Kaala, you are liberated from death. Listen carefully. You need to know the principle unit - why you are manifesting powers or why you are not manifesting powers. If you know that solves literally every possible problem.


See I know… like how I try to find solution for every problem there are people who can find problem for every solution. But even they will not be able to find problem… if you understand this fundamental principles. Idea you have about life will get upgraded into such powerful cognition, you will have so much of relief ….not just from worries, so much of relief from powerless cognitions which can be source for future worries and problem.   “I am not married, once I get married my problems are all solved”… see people are all laughing J J and if you think, “I don’t have a son, if I have a son all my problems are solved” - see how many are laughing. “I don’t have money, if I have money all my problems are all solved” NO! As long as powerless cognitions are sitting inside you, you are not going to taste life. This powerful cognitions not only liberate you from present sufferings, it liberates you from the possibilities of future sufferings. Actually liberation is too cheap, very, very cheap actually. It’s not at all costly.

Just listen to this one fundamental truth. If you have tons of cotton and you need thread… if you have tons of cotton source material, will you be worried about having less thread? NO. You know you can make. Same way if you have understanding about Kaala you know you can make any amount of time for your body and mind.


I will give you the secret given to Bheeshma by Ganga. Bheeshma is ichcha mruthyu.  How many of you know that? He can choose death when he wants. I will give you that understanding, listen. This is the lesson Ganga gave for Bheeshma – Exist with what you think as purpose. Listen carefully. Exist with what you think as your purpose. Work only for purifying your cognitions about purpose, not bother about whether you have time to fulfil your purpose or not. Listen carefully. I am not giving you a teaching. I am giving you an understanding. The number of times you remember you have become old makes you old. How many of you understand that? Number of times you remember you don’t have time makes you not to have time. How many of you are getting what I am saying? Now the next statement I am going to make is little mystical but listen. If you die as a billionaire, when you assume the next body you will be born in a billionaire family and whatever you left will be with you. It is the law of cosmos, understand. You don’t get cheated. Listen carefully. Lives after lives after lives you are a continuous rhythm. Its little mystical but I will establish experientially for you in the next few power manifestation and powerful cognition manifestation.

Sometimes in the mathematical class they tell, “Oh, let us assume x is equal to y till we come to the result. When we come to the result you will understand x is equal to y.” Like that let’s assume this proposal: ‘Your life is a continuous rhythm. Whatever you acquired, whether power or money or love or relationship or fulfilment or completion in the last janma and where you left, where you dropped out, you again start from there.’ It’s a proposal now. It’s not a experience for all of you. It’s a proposal.

I am going to give you few more understandings. Then once it sinks…. you will understand Time. There is no crowd in front of you; there is only one and one and one. All of you are sitting alone with me; because the profound truths I am talking I am touching the core of you. I am addressing your individual cognitions; that is why even if the other persons are sitting you are having a complete a separate relationship. 


Time… is a frequency dimension of the Universe…. aspect of the Universe… where you and Universe are reverberating in the same frequency.  Unit of time of the sun, moon, kailasa and you is one and the same. Listen, yesterday I said, ‘our one year is one day for them.’ But unit is same, only quantity difference. How many of you are understanding? It’s only quantity difference but not…

So in tattva - principle unit, listen carefully, your logic and logic of the devatas are different. They are not same. Your breadth and devatas breadth not that far away little closer. Your depth and devatas depth little more closer. But in time your unit of time and their unit of time is one and the same. There is only quantity difference. Tattva - fundamental principle unit is same. How many of you are getting it? Yes… for us one year is their one day but OUR one year is one day for them. It means what? Unit is same.

If I give you some of the utility values of Time dimension, you will understand because man is such… only useful things he will listen. If I tell this is the use…dub dub dub vacchindi …then…. J then all five senses will be up and alive.

When you are working with this power manifestation… how many of you have already started feeling precisely you will come to know now it is going to manifest because you are falling into the tune of that needle, like almost that needle is showing the north, that magnetic needle is aligning… ‘aaaa now, now it is going to manifest’, ‘no, I don’t think now it is going to manifest because I don’t think the needle is aligning’. How many of you are able to catch that precision, raise your hand. Listen, power manifestation should not be an accident after few days of practicing. First few days only it will be an accident. “It may come. I am telling. This is like my wife only. Ten days before I told now it is doing.” First two three days it is okay but after few days of power manifestation you will catch ‘eh eh now I know because my inner space is connecting, connecting. I know in my spine what usually happens, happens. Now it is going to happen.’ How many of you are able to catch that.

Listen… all of you can catch what I am saying. Listen carefully, now sit up and come to that same moment, same space. Come to that same space of Oneness. Tell yourself, declare to yourself: “Whatever Swamiji is trying to teach us, let me download and manifest.” Come to that declaration, then it’s easy for me to download bunch-bunch of understandings into you. If you do not understand the fundamental principle unit, even if you manifest powers you are only part of cult, some cult. Only if you understand the fundamental principle unit and able to manifest powerful cognitions on your own, you are part of the culture. How many of you are getting what I am saying? That is why I insist so much on you understanding this fundamental principle. Only if principle cognitions… why things are happening the way it is happening is cognized by you and you design your own powerful cognitions and manifest few powers which I did not teach but on your own ability, you are part of the culture. How many of you are getting what I am saying? Neither I am a cult nor I want you to be a part of any cult. I am a culture - Sanatana Hindu Dharma - the oldest spiritual culture, and I want you to be part of that culture. That is why I want you to understand this fundamental units, principles.


Your remembrance of you powerfully associated to some subject or not associated to something. For example, you may remember you powerfully by feeling “I have young body”.  You may remember you powerlessly feeling “oh I don’t have a bank balance.” If you associate yourself with some things you remember you powerfully, if you associate yourself with some things you remember you powerlessly.How many of you are understanding this? This binary is Time, that’s all. Catch it. Listen, this binary is Time - Kaala. Kaala, Sanskrit word means jumping between associated powerfulness and associated powerlessness.

By remembering your body do you feel powerless? By remembering your mind do you feel powerful? With what association you feel powerful… with what association you feel powerless… this binary. And please understand, the number of times feeling powerless, when it increases it is called depression. Number of times you feel powerful, when that increases it is called joy. This feeling powerful or powerless by association, this binary is Time. That is Kaala. Listen, by remembering your Guru if you feel powerful you are in Oneness. Ehh Ennavena erukatumda kadavulae en Pakkam Apparam Enna ‘whatever it may be the ultimate decision maker knows my name’, that’s all leave it. That is the… actually the initiation. That powerfulness behaves like a shark and swallows all the other powerlessness.


How many of you already started feeling powerful when you remember power manifestation. “Ehh I think I can do it. I think I am making it. I am cracking the code. I am catching it.” So when that starts happening, so in that binary, the power manifestation starts adding more powerful cognitions in you. But once the manifestation starts, that binary will change, this power manifestation will start making you more and more confident, and the moment you remember power manifestation you will feel confident. You will feel, “ehh I can make it.” Its powerfulness. Understand, anything which you feel makes you powerful you start cherishing romance with it. Cherished romance… listen carefully, cherished romance makes the frequency of you in tune with Time that is why time is forgotten when you are in love. When you are in love you do not know how time passes. How many of you are catching what I am saying? Being in cherished romance with the whole life is mastering Time dimension.

About this binary… Associating with something, feeling powerless or powerful. This binary is Kaala. Associating with something and feeling powerful is cherished romance. You start cherishing romance with it; because it is making you powerful. It may be power manifestation or Guru, God, with whatever, whatever. It can be even money; anything with which you feel it is making you powerful, you cherish romance with it. And cherished romance raises your frequency to the frequency of Kaala. That is why when you are in romance with something time is forgotten. You don’t know how the time is moving. If you are sitting with your close friend three-four hours you don’t even remember time is lost - your dating period.

With the whole life, being in cherished romance… is what is powerfulness of the Kaala dimension. Catching? That is what keeps you ever young. That is why Sadashiva describes himself in Kaamikagama as eternally sixteen. In His dhyana shloka He says “I am eternal sixteen. All My disciples will remember you as Me as eternally sixteen.” He uses the word… all of us will meditate on Him as us means shivoham, sadashivoham, as eternally sixteen. I think intellectually I have given you some understanding about this Kaala and its flow in us - this binary.


Actually even now like I am heating and beating, heating and beating. How many of you are understanding it? I am not taking any class. I am just talking to somebody who is inside you, somebody who is deciding for you; because stupidly you don’t decide for you. There is somebody else sitting inside you who is deciding for you. I am talking to that person.

Ideas, listen, listen carefully. See this is not elephant. This is an idea representing elephant. Am I right? This is not elephant. Elephant cannot be so small.  This is idea representing elephant. Am I right? But all practical purpose we call this as elephant. “Ehh remove this elephant... bring the elephant… keep the elephant.” Stupid are those… representing things are considered as equalent to the real. If you start equating it to real, you are stupid. How many of you are understanding that? This body represents you. Don’t say it is you. How many of you are catching? Why you know? If somebody takes your name and abuses, you feel hurt. They have not hurt you. If this is you [Swamiji indicates towards the hand] if they put the knife you should be suffering. But if they take your name and abuse you are hurt. It means you are this also and something more. So this represents you. Catching it?

Now listen. Now is the climax punch line. In you, please listen, in you… whatever you consider as you and whatever you consider as represents you and faulty misidentification... this represents you but most of the time you go on cognising this as you. Some things are you, you are more alive in that, but while you are cognizing, you don’t cognize when you take decisions you are too alive in that. How many of you are catching the blind spot? Sometimes your profession, your career, your goals, your vision, your mission, you are more alive in that. While you are taking decision to risk them you don’t understand that. When they are really suffering, the suffering you go through you understand you are not able to handle it. How many of you are catching what I am saying?


Now listen, how this and Time is connected… listen. Your day to day time represents Kaala. I am starting again. This represents elephant, not elephant. This represents you, not you. Sometime what is you, you do not understand that represents you and what represents you, you do not understand that is you, it is called blind spot. Clear? Your day to day 24 hours’ time represents Kaala but that is not Kaala. Your Kaala is your life vision, your time is your life mission. No, I think I have missed a link. Listen, your life’s vision is to become enlightened and Yogic body - Vedic mind and living literally like Swamiji. Mission - morning till 11 O’clock sleeping and 11:30 rolling on the bed once and 12 0’ clock thinking should I get up or not! Now how many are catching? Your time, see I am talking from the utility angle… the dimension of time how it penetrates you and where is the gap; these few things. I am not talking any morality. I am talking about some of the…how the vast gap between your ideas and reality is your old age, tiredness and boredom.

Why you are not in eternal romance with life…. because what you want - what you do is different. So what you want nowhere even the horizon is seen. And you are thoroughly convinced nothing is going to be done at least in this birth… and you blame your wife. I am married to you na, over…. or your husband or your job or your country. No.

Mahadeva uses a word called pasa in agama. Not knowing why you are doing what you are doing but continuing to do is pasa. Your purpose, vision, is something; but your day to day actions or all your day to day life is no way matching. And you don’t know why you are doing what you are doing every day and continuing to do thinking suddenly one day somebody will appear in your life and change the whole thing. And when that person comes you try to change him. How many of you are getting what I am saying? The blind spot between your Kaala and Time is pasa. Now I am explaining only the problem don’t worry. I will come to the solution next. I am only analysing the problem.


What is Time? The higher frequency of length is breadth, higher frequency of breadth is depth, higher frequency of depth is Time. So if there is a problem in Time, where is the problem? If there is a problem in depth, where is the problem? Now the good news is… I gave one proposal just now. Can anybody remember? I gave one proposal telling that till the end let it be a proposal. It is rhythmic continuum. That’s the word I used - Rhythmic Continuum. For example, if you developed a very high quality of completion with you and others but suddenly died before getting enlightened, you will start from this and move towards the next step. Same way you developed a wealth cognition and accumulated wealth, suddenly died, you will be empowered and endowed with this wealth and you will start from there. Rhythmic Continuum.

Listen, listen. I am going to connect this proposal which I kept and now whatever this long understandings I have shared. You need to catch this connecting point. Each power manifestation, listen, each power manifestation is nothing but infusing Consciousness in your Time or depth or breadth or length. Listen, each power manifestation is nothing but infusing your Consciousness into your Time or Depth or Breadth or Length. Any Time you spend on it is the most useful time of your life. Because any power you manifest comes back to you till you become powerfully established once for all as Sadashiva. Listen, that is why Patanjali says, shaktis come back to you even if you have practiced little bit in some remote past birth. Krishna says:

 swalpam apyasya dharmasya traayate mahato bhayaat

swalpamapyasya dharmasya traayate mahato bhayaat.

Means, even if practiced little, removes huge fears of life.


Now listen, I told about good news, now I have great news. Fortunately your Time is lower than my space. How many of you are getting? I can just chew your Time like a betel leaf, swallow or spit it out, both; which I am going to do. I want you to know this powerful cognitions you manifest, you are going to manifest now, is because the higher space is breathed into your Time… this cognitive shifts will make many of your past memory not just redundant, just erased. Whose memory load which makes you powerless is less than 16 year accumulation load, listen, till the age of 16 in those days especially, you do not accumulate the load of memories which puts you in powerlessness, to make you experience the binary. How many of you are understanding? If your load of what… you see, powerlessness-powerfulness only then binary happens. If one load is taken away can binary happen? Now, by making you manifest powerful cognition I am going to take away the one load. The principle why the powerful cognitions are manifested and what is the side effect and after effect of that in you. I think, I know I have...too many things have gone above your head. I will do one thing, I’ll give this whole discourse, this whole understanding as a video. Watch 4-5 times. Because I have, I have cracked too many codes.


Higher frequency of length is breadth and higher frequency of the breadth is depth and higher frequency of the depth is Time. Time by its very existence is having binary effect on you. Associated powerfulness or associated powerlessness, binary effect makes you experience Time as your existence. And when the associated powerlessness volume is reduced, the number of hours you spend in cherished romance with the life increases. That intensifies the quality of life in you which in turn manifests as powerfulness and powerful cognitions. If you manifest powerful cognitions that makes you feel more cherished romantic with the life, in turn that reduces the powerless cognitions weight and stops this binary oscillation.


Pasa means doing what you are doing even though you don’t know why you are doing what you are doing. You know you don’t know why you are doing what you are doing. Listen, you know you don’t know why you are doing what you are doing and you continue to do. Knowing you don’t know why you are doing what you are doing and continuing to do what you are doing is pasa. Pasa - that makes you old and tired.




Manifesting powers makes you manifest powerful cognitions easily. See, your small identity is like a dam. Never strengthening a river can break a dam. Dam needs to be weakened only then it will break. Have you ever heard strengthening of the river can break the dam? Weakening of the dam only can break the dam. Weakening of the dam means poking on your SDHD. That can happen only by power manifestation. It is power manifestation questions what you think about you is right or not.


Understand, I am not disagreeing manifesting powerful cognitions is the goal… but I am deeply disagreeing manifesting powers is wrong. I tell you, the number of Enlightened Beings I am going to produce… I am not talking out of arrogance I am talking out of reality. Number of Enlightened Beings I am going to produce, that is going to speak the authenticity of what I am saying.


By increasing the quantity of the river cannot break the dam! Dam doesn’t care damn about river. He says, “I AM A DAM… you are a river.” Listen. From the side of the river, you cannot hit and break the dam. From the other side if you poke the hole only, it can be broken. Power manifestation is breaking the dam, drilling the dam; drilling, questioning your very smaller identity. Only that can open up and make the flow happen.




Now listen. I have given you the proposal that life is the continuum, rhythmic continuum. Based on this cognition I am going to make you manifest some of the powerful cognitions and powers. I am coming back to the logy I introduced when I introduced Mahasadashivoham. The sattva tattva … the logic I introduced is – static matter, dynamic activity, strategic existence is one and the same and strategic existence has power over any dynamic activity and any static matter. Am I right? Feels like heard one year before na? J So with this cognition you manifested few powers. So that manifestation strengthened those cognition. Now I am going to work on life is a continuous rhythm, rhythmic continuum, any way is okay - rhythmic continuum or continuous rhythm. Now the cognition with which we are going to work to decode the Time, listen, with power manifestation and the powerful cognition manifestation, I will make this into reality, means, existential reality for you. As on now it is a proposal I am giving you.




Oh, in the west proposal means different meaning! With a flower they say, “Oh will you marry me”!! Stupid!! Maybe you can consider this - Mahadeva is giving you the proposal – “Will you become me?” J J Marrying is a cheap word, four letter word. Will you become me…that’s the right proposal. Marrying is the proposal of the length dimension. “Will you become me” is the proposal of the space dimension.

Thank you guys. Be blissful.


Yama - Ferociousness From The Pure Space Of Oneness

Fri, 2011-11-11 04:46
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Yama is the methodology to rise beyond the polluted concepts, fraudulence, hypocrisy, corruption, posessiveness, violence & conspiracy within our society. The 5 vows of Sanyas - Satya, Ahimsa, Asteya, Aparigraha, and Brahmacharya - are a ferocious response to this whole hypocrisy of life. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click http://bit.ly/20j90wr to subscribe. Website and Social Media: http://www.nithyananda.org http://www.nithyananda.tv http://www.innerawakening.org https://twitter.com/SriNithyananda https://www.facebook.com/ParamahamsaNithyananda
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Yama - is ferocious response from the pure space of Oneness. Ferociousness!

My ferocious answer to corruption of the society is Aparigraha.

My ferocious answer to the polluted concepts of sexology of the society, is My Brahmacharya.

My ferocious response to this whole economy system is Asteya.

My ferocious response to this whole hypocrisy of the society is My Satya.

My ferocious response to whole violence of the humanity is My Ahimsa.

It is ferocious response… that becomes Yama, which breaks the Time.




Yama means methodology of crossing Time. Brahmacharya, Aparigraha, Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya - are ferocious decisions of the Space. When you understand this whole conspiracy - you are made to dedicate your life for a job, your declaration - is Aparigraha.


This whole legal possessiveness and illegal possessiveness, owning and possessing, this whole fraudulence, who has a right to own which? If you understand this whole stupidity and declare ferociously - that is your Asteya.


And this whole stupidity and hypocrisy of the sex and sexual ideas, floating in the air - ferocious response to this hypocrisy is Brahmacharya.


The ferocious response to this whole lie called mass and masses way of thinking and living, declaring a capital letter NO, to this whole hypocrisy of lies - is Satya.



Activating The Vishuddhi Chakra With Guided Meditation - Ananda Spurana Program

Sun, 2002-11-24 04:46
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In this video (24 November 2002), Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives insights about the Vishuddhi Chakra - Throat Chakra - and how it gets blocked by comparison and jealousy. He leads us into a guided meditation to open and activate the Vishuddhi Chakra. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click http://bit.ly/20j90wr to subscribe. Website and Social Media: http://www.nithyananda.org http://www.nithyananda.tv http://www.innerawakening.org https://twitter.com/SriNithyananda https://www.facebook.com/ParamahamsaNithyananda
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Now let us enter into the Vishuddhi Chakra. Vishuddhi means which is beyond Shuddhi. Shuddhi means purification. Ashuddhi means impuri….impure. Shuddha means which is pure. Ashuddha means which is impure. Vishuddha means which is beyond pure and impurity, which cannot be contaminated at all. The Vishuddhi Chakra actually cannot be contaminated. It is always with full of energy and life. Only we cover it with some ideas. We try to disturb it. How? How we try to disturb it? How to clear it? We will see in this session. Jealousy and comparison, that locks, disturbs the Vishuddhi Chakra… when you are accepting and understanding your own uniqueness, when you are not comparing yourself with others, when you are not jealous about others, this chakra opens.




Let us enter into the idea - comparison. What is comparison? Comparing with others - Comparing with the neighbours, comparing with the nearby person, comparing with colleague, comparing with brothers, comparing between family people. Let us enter whatever the major aspects which creates or destroys our life, the major things in our life - money one thing... let us go for some more ideas. What all the major things which affects our life? - Money….. [answers from audience] only one by one ... money, that is what….luxury comes under money, okay….health….okay...ambition also comes under money, if money is there….position….personality. Under the word ‘personality’ all the relationship can be brought….beauty. You see, something tangible, which directly affects your lifestyle, your life method….that’s what I wanted. Personality - right, money - right, education - right. Intellect, attitude, education, all things come under one category - Intellect.


People use to tell that, “I have not ego at all” - the ‘I’ itself is ego J I have no ego. The first word ‘I’ J is egoJ… it’s a vague word. Hmm. Directly you can’t do anything about ego. I’ll explain what is ego? Because this chakra is something to do with ego only. Let us attack word ‘ego’. People will feel... get frightened if I say that you have to kill the ego and drop the ego. Immediately they drop Me instead of dropping the ego. So I don’t touch the word ‘ego’. Let us go in a diplomatic way to touch the ego, because dropping the ego is almost like a operation. It should be done in a diplomatic way.


One thing, money…. next, name and fame, power….power, name and fame, everything comes under this title - name and fame. Beauty, Intellect. In these four major classification, everything else can be put - money, name and fame, intellect, beauty - these four classification. These four will do. In these four, all the other things whatever you say - education, everything can be classified under these four category. These four things are the things which affects a man’s life very seriously.




Let us enter - what is our status in these four category? Are you a rich man? Are you a poor man? J Are you a man of name and fame? You can’t say ‘yes’ or you can’t say ‘no’. Are you beautiful? J Difficult question! Honestly, you have to tell the truth, no other way. Neither you can say ‘yes’ nor you can say ‘no’. Same way, if you ask somebody, “Are you intelligent?”J, then I think J….. Surely you will be in trouble. Let’s not go for that question. “Are you an intellect?”, if I ask somebody, he can neither say ‘yes’ nor say ‘no’. All these four things which continuously haunts our life; you are almost tortured, killed, by these four major subjects, issues. You are continuously mentally tortured. Your whole day is haunted by these four subject. Is it not? Am I right? You are continuously haunted, harassed, disturbed, squeezed by these four subjects. But you don’t know your status in these four subjects.


Just open your eyes and see. You are creating your own suffering, without having any clear data. If you have a clear data that - you have such and such a problem and if you suffer - okay, we can leave it… alright you suffer. But you have no clear data, you have no clear concept, you don’t have any clarity, but you continuously suffer. Why? Just now you have told, you can neither say - you are a rich man nor say - I am a poor man; because there is a big queue. In front of you, thousands of rich people are standing, behind you thousands of poor people are standing. It’s a….this side also infinite and this side also infinite. Same way - beauty, this side also infinite, this side also infinite. Where is the scale for beauty? No scale. Intellect - this side also infinite, this side also infinite. Name and fame - same thing!


You are suffering! If your suffering is dependent on reality, if you are suffering because of this mike, if you are suffering because of one sword then your suffering is worth suffering; nothing can be done. We have to remove this or we have to do something. If you are suffering due to some tangible reason, due to some tangible thing, due to reality, then we can do something about your suffering; we can eradicate or if we can’t eradicate, at least you can leave it, no it can’t….nothing can be done. We have a clear picture - whether we can help you or we have to leave you. But here, the reason itself is not clear.




You are not suffering because of reality. You are suffering because of comparative reality. This is the key. Be very clear - you are not suffering because of reality… you are suffering because of comparative reality. There are two types of existence. One is positive existence, another one is negative existence. This plant, these flowers, they are existing positively. If you want to remove it, you can remove it. If you want to handle it, you can handle it. If you want to take it and keep it here, you can keep it. But the darkness which is inside the room, that is negatively existing. Can you do something about the darkness?  If you want to remove the darkness, can you remove the darkness? Can you handle the darkness? No! Just like darkness negatively existing, your comparative reality suffering also is a negative existence. You can’t do anything. If you want to remove the darkness, you have to throw light. Directly you can’t do anything with darkness. Just like that, if you want do something with your Vishuddhi Chakra, just throw light - just understand that you are neither rich man nor a poor man. Instead of continuously looking this side - start looking this side to satisfy yourself.


To be direct, I don’t say that don’t grow…no… grow, earn, do everything but psychologically be in a freedom, psychologically don’t be tortured, don’t get tortured. If you are continuously tortured, haunted psychologically, your work, your profession will be disturbed. If you are continuously sick psychologically by comparing with others…..if the next house person brings a AC, your house temperature increases. J If he brings AC, your house temperature automatically increases. Why?


There is a beautiful song in Tamil - Aduthathu ambhujatha pathela! Continuous comparison, continuous jealousy, continuously we are trying to live other’s desire. Mahavir says beautifully in Jain Sutras, “When a man comes down to Earth, whatever quantity of food he eats, he is supposed to eat in his life, will be sent to the Earth.” Same way, the Vedanta says, “When a man comes to the Earth, whatever he has to achieve in this life, the enough energy is sent along with him.”


If he has to become a collector - enough energy, if he has to become a crorepati - enough energy, everything is clearly sent along with him. You are given 10000 rupees and sent to Bangalore to bring 10000 rupees worthy things. But as soon as you go there, after crossing Doddaballapur, you forget about...all about why you started, with how much money you started, everything. With how much of energy you have brought, everything is forgotten and you make some friends in Bangalore and you see what they are purchasing, instead of you purchasing only for 10000, you start purchasing for 20000 or 25000, 15000 - who will pay the 15000?, and start suffering for it. That is what happens, when you come down to this Earth. You bring enough energy to live your life. What Mahavir says is not a lie or a theory. What he says is an experience. But after coming here, you start comparing with others, became more greedy. Not only greedy, you change your route. You may have taken birth to become a Doctor, but seeing your neighbour is Engineer, you tend to that side. You may have taken birth to become a dancer, seeing your sister is a painter, you try to jump into the painting. So instead of living our own life, we simply shift the centre to different life, somebody else’s life. Then you don’t live your life. You start living somebody else’s life. If you live somebody else’s life, how do you think you will have a satisfaction that you have lived?




A small story from Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist of last century, the greatest truth which is discovered in the last century, is done by him, discovered by him - ‘the theory of relativity’. This man was about to die, about to die - in his deathbed. Doctors have told only few days more he will be alive. All his disciples were sitting around him - his scientist disciples. The disciples were asking, “Einstein, if God gives you one more birth, how would you like to take birth? What is the birth you wanted? What way you would like to take birth?” What he would you have told? He told, “I should take birth as a plumber, the wood working plumber.” Then the scientist people have become simply wonderstruck, surprised. They asked, “Why, what happened? Why are you telling in this...in that way?” Einstein says, “When I was a small boy, I wanted to become a plumber, a woodworker.” In foreign, plumbers do the wood working. In abroad they are called wood plumbers. Here only the name is different. People who work with wood and a...plumbing - wood plumbing. Anyhow… then these people asked, “Why? What is the reason?” Then Einstein replies, “When I was small, I want to become a plumber, but when I went to learn the work, when I started learning, somehow my master has beaten me. Afraid to get beatings, I ran away from there and went and fall in the hands of scientists and somehow I become an intellectual and I did all these things. Even though I have everything outside, I have money, name and fame, whatever you call it, all the four things, even then I have everything - I don’t have the satisfaction that I have lived my life. I have found the greatest truth on this century, but my life has become lie. My life is not truth.”




You should learn something, great lesson from his teaching. What he said only a real mystic can say. A satisfaction of living, the satisfaction that you have lived, is the essential thing; that is the only gift you can get from life. What...whatever else you get from life can be taken away from you. Death will simply take away everything from you. You know even your body is taken away, your life is taken away, only one thing can be left with you - the satisfaction that you have lived your life. If you achieve that from the life, you have achieved whatever can be achieved from the life. If you have not achieved that one thing from life, you have not achieved anything from the life. So even if you die in a platform as a orphan but if you have the satisfaction that you have lived your life, you will have a peaceful, beautiful death. Otherwise, even if you die in AC room in the hospital ICU, top hospital’s ICU - no, you will not have the satisfaction that you have lived. That you have lived your life.


A continuous comparison and continuous jealousy, changes the route of your life. The negative existence, things which don’t exist, haunts you in your life - because you are unaware, because you are in low energy. That is what Upanishads say, Maya - yama iti maya - which is not there is Maya. But Maya is the cause for all our problems… sorrows. Vedantis say, “Maya is the root cause for everything, for all our problems.”  What is the meaning of the Maya? - yama iti maya - which is not there is Maya. How can you be haunted by which is not there?  You can be haunted, you can be harassed, you can be nagged, somebody who is existing, which is already happening, that is different; somebody who is existing, if they nag you, its okay. But you are nagged by somebody who is not existing, who is not living, who is ‘yama’, who is not there - how can it happen? This is the way it happens.


Which is not there but which you create - the comparative reality. A continuous comparison with others, actually it is not there - which you create, a purely your own creation, your own production. Actually you produce, but the title you don’t want to put your name - you put somebody else’s name. You are the producer of your life, of your life cinema, but out of politeness, you put somebody else’s name….sometime God’s name.


Somebody came and asked Me, “Swamiji, I am full of poverty, what to do?” I asked,” How many children do you have?” “Fourteen.” “Why, why did you give birth to 14?” “No, no, Swamiji, God gave.” God gave or you gave - what is happening? He gives, he produces and put God’s name. I don’t think God comes down to Earth, to produce children…. and 14! After 14 he says, “God gave.” What is happening?


That is the same thing which we do continuously. We produce everything and put God’s name. But God is not going to suffer. God has not come to Me. I told, “If God gave, let Him come to Me and I will answer to Him. You go.” Just trying to escape; you produce but you put somebody else’s name. But that is not the way… that is not going to solve your problems.




This chakra is locked by comparison and jealousy. It opens...it gets unlocked by understanding your own uniqueness. Each and every one is unique. The solution to open this chakra is given in a small story by Buddhist, by a Zen Buddhist monk. Once a King came to see a Zen Buddhist Master. You can ask, “Why always Kings come to see the Masters?” Only Kings can see Masters. Be very clear. If a poor man comes, he may pray to Me, at the most for some welfare, some money, some problems. Only if a man who is already satisfied in the outer world, if he comes, he will ask for a real wealth from Me. You go to Albert Einstein and ask, “What is the 1+1?” You are wasting your time and his time. Surely he is not a sardarji, so don’t bother J You are asking your time and his time; you are wasting. The 1+1, you could have asked any primary school teacher!


Just like that, if you come to Me and ask for some wealth, for some mundane affairs, of course I am going to answer, I am going to tell, I am going to give and I am going to do; that is different. But a man who is satisfied completely with outer world if he comes...a man who knows everything about the basics if he comes - he can directly argue about theory of relativity. What is meant by E=MC2? What is meant by energy and matter? He can discuss all these higher things with Einstein. The same way, if a king - a man who is satisfied with outer plane, if he comes - he can have directly what I want to give. He can have directly what a life can give really!  


So the king went to Zen Master and asked, “Master, what is Buddha?” He is asking, “What is Buddha state? What is meant by Buddha state? Enlightenment” Master beautifully answers, “The cyprus in the courtyard is Buddha.” Cyprus means the plant with thorny bush….the thorny bush is called cyprus. “The thorny bush which is in the courtyard is Buddha.” King, naturally he is not able to understand. He asks, “Master, please give some more explanation.” And Master says, “Do you see just next to the thorny bush, a rose bush is also existing. Both are living nearby continuously for many years, but not even once thorny bush tried to become a rose bush and rose bush tried to become a thorny bush. If it happens in you, you are enlightened.” Nothing else is needed, just accepting yourself and taking the responsibility of your Being is enough. If we are thorny bush, “Oh, so many people are coming near the rose bush and enjoying it, plucking it. The rose bush is so beautiful. I could have become rose bush.” If you are a rose bush, “Oh, so many people are continuously coming and plucking me, torturing me. I could have been thorny bush, nobody will come and touch me. I will be in a safe position.” Both the way, the other bank looks greener.


A continuous outer vision - this, this, this - never that - never in. That is the way this chakra is disturbed. This is…..this one story if you remember that’s enough. “The cyprus in the courtyard is Buddha”, because it does not compare itself with other’s life, but all our life is haunted, tortured continuously by comparing with others - comparing with sisters, comparing with brothers.



So now, how to come out of the comparison?  How to come out of the jealousy? Let us explore - how to come out of the jealousy? How to come out of the jealousy? [Voice from audience says stop comparing] Stop comparing - beautiful solution! If you all can practice that is enough. Yes, these are all…..these are all the things to be achieved - how to, why jealousy comes? What you say is okay. Can you do it immediately as soon as you go out of the room? J No I wanted something direct, practical solution. [Voice from audience says drop] Drop it? Can you? Beautiful, then okay I have no problem.


You see, the reason for jealousy, root cause for jealousy is low energy, the low energy. Low energy is the root for jealousy, because you are not able to achieve - you feel jealous, you tend to compare, you tend to disturb the others. If you can create enough energy in yourself, in your own Being, to achieve what you want to achieve, naturally you will not have any disturbance or any problems by comparing or by jealousy.


Now we will enter into a Zen Buddhist Meditation technique to create more energy in our Being to throw light on Vishuddhi Chakra. The meditation technique which is...which will activate, which will energize the Vishuddhi Chakra. All these sessions, we are dealing with 2 things: one is maturity, another one is meditation. Maturity means the Jnana - the knowledge how to handle the chakra. Meditation means - the energy to handle the chakra; not only the intelligence, the energy is also needed. Not only you should know how to operate the gear, you should have enough energy in your hand to operate the gears, then only you can fly. So about for all the chakras, we have dealt how to operate it, how to use it and we have had meditation technique to have enough energy to operate the chakra. Now, we will enter into the meditation technique. This technique is the gift of Tibetan Buddhism, the Zen Buddhism, the Tibetan Zen Buddhist technique. I’ll explain the technique. Some of you may be knowing the technique, we will go for practicing after I explain.




A deep conscious vibrations - humming - should be created in your Being. Just sit in a relaxed way. How to sit to balance your Being? The Buddhists have taught beautifully. Just squat and put your right leg on the left leg and as soon as you sit, see that your spinal cord is a straight line, is in a straight line. How to make it in a straight line? You can just close the eye and bend your whole body in front and if you feel the weight of the body… you will be able to very clearly feel the weight of the body, slowly push your body back side; slowly, very slowly, with full awareness. At one point, at certain point, you will feel that your body is weightless. The centre of gravity falls in line, the centre of gravity of your body, when it is in the straight line, you feel your body weight is less. You feel you are weightless. Just the same way, push your body back side, a little bit, again bring it slowly with awareness… on a particular point, the same point you again feel that you are weightless. Your centre of gravity falls in line. The right and the left, same way if you do it, just bend your body with full awareness, try to trace the weightless point, the less weighted point. You will able to trace at one point your whole body is weightless. Your centre of gravity falls in one line. That is the point where you need to sit, that is your asana.


This is a beautiful technique found by Buddhist, to sit for a long time. Buddhist monks sit for 10 hours per day. 10 hours they sit for meditation. I don’t think 10 minutes, any one of us can sit in one posture. But with this technique, today itself you can sit even for 2-3 hours. The technique is such effective, if you practice, you can sit surely for 10 hours; but today itself, the technique if you rightly got the point, very easily you can sit even for 2 hours, because when your centre of gravity falls in straight line, you don’t feel the weight of the body. Even when you watch TV, when you are in the office if you sit in this way, you will see your Consciousness is not much disturbed. You will be able to do your activities with more energy, with more freedom. What if you have knee pain, half of the energy will be locked in the pain. If you have a dental pain, if you have a tooth pain, you will be doing dental meditation, instead of transcendental meditation!! So what will we be doing - you will not be able to do whatever you want to do. So this posture will relieve you from the body.




First you will sit and then close the eyes. When I say, “close the eyes”, completely close the eyes. I am not telling, “Shut your eyebrows.” What we are doing in the name of closing the eyes - when we open the eyes we see all the images, we see all the pictures. When we close the eyes, we see the same negatives inside, the images flowing!! Stop seeing everything. Just close the eyes, feel that you...both of your eyeballs have become like a stone. Feel that they have become a stone. When you feel that they become a stone, the movements of eyeballs stops. Then simply you enter into the plane of no thought. Thoughts and eyeball movements are very closely related. When you stop one, the other will stop. If you stop the eyeball movement, the thought will stop. If you stop the thoughts, the eyeball movements will stop. Then after the…..once when we stop the eyeballs movement, then you will start creating a humming, a vibration. Imagine your body as a hollow tube or a hollow vessel and create ‘hmmmmm…..hmmmmm’. No shouting, so don’t worry, no shouting. No need for shouting. Just create a long vibration as long as possible, as deep as possible, as louder as possible; that’s all. No opening the mouth or shouting. Just create deep vibrations. This is enough. Relax your hand and just create the vibrations. That will give you a tremendous energy upsurge, after the 20 minutes of vibration; 20 minutes, you will be doing the vibration. After the 20 minutes, 10 minutes all of us will put our awareness on Vishuddhi. You will see a new energy entering into your Vishuddhi. This technique when it is regularly practiced, no concentrating on Vishuddhi, but today I am giving this technique specially to energize the Vishuddhi Chakra. So just concentrate on Vishuddhi, on throat chakra, throat centre. So now we will go for technique.


You see, if your body is completely under your control, you must be able to make Padmasana without touching the leg. You should be able to put Padmasana without touching the leg. You can sit in a relaxed way, no problem. If possible put….otherwise don’t disturb yourself too much. If you disturb yourself too much, you will be continuously thinking about your body. Anyway, you can keep it in a relaxed way or in Buddha posture. You can lock or you can keep in a relaxed way. Only one thing, the key points you understand - balancing the body, closing the eyes completely, creating a conscious vibrations. When you create a conscious humming, mind is stopped.




Okay, shall we start balancing the body? Close the eyes and balance. Start balancing your body. Bend towards the front, close the eyes. It will be very, little difficult. Try your best and feel the weight of your body and slowly, very slowly and try to push your body back side. And slowly, just slowly, with full awareness, slowly raise the body with full awareness. We will just bend towards right...nicely as much as possible just bend, then only you will be able to find the point and feel how your body is pulled towards the ground. Slowly come back to the centre with awareness, then only you will be able to find the centre point; the point in which we feel light, weightless, the point in which the centre of gravity falls in straight line. Now we shall bend towards left. Slowly centre your body. Feel your eyeballs have become stone. Stop the movements of the eyeballs. Feel that your whole eyes and eyeballs have become like a stone. Feel completely your eyes... eyeballs have become stone. Now, start humming from your deep stomach


(42:26) to (55:00) Meditation


hmmmmm, hmmmmm, hmmmmm.




Stop! Close the eyes and put the awareness on Vishuddhi. Put your awareness on throat centre. Just forget the whole body except throat. Let your whole energy be centred on throat. Let your Vishuddhi Chakra function beautifully.

Let your Vishuddhi Chakra move with full of energy.

Be relaxed, let your whole energy be centred on throat. Forget everything except throat.



Essence Of All Spiritual Practice - Raising The  Frequency Of Your Consciousness

Sun, 2017-12-24 20:34
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In this video (26 December 2018), Paramahamsa Nithyananda asserts the purpose and essence of all spiritual practices - whether Yoga, Pranayama, Mantras or meditation. The main essence and purpose is to raise the frequency of our Consciousness. Anything which makes us more powerful is right, anything which makes us powerless is wrong - that's all. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click http://bit.ly/20j90wr to subscribe. Website and Social Media: http://www.nithyananda.org http://www.nithyananda.tv http://www.innerawakening.org https://twitter.com/SriNithyananda https://www.facebook.com/ParamahamsaNithyananda
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You see, life is all about raising the frequency of your Consciousness. Fundamentally, whatever raises the intensity and frequency of your Consciousness, your existence, you being alive, beyond this body and mind, whatever intensifies that - is right. That is spiritual practice. Whatever reduces the frequency of your consciousness - is wrong, that’s all. This is the essence of everything; whether you do yoga or you apply the turmeric and take bath, you apply aushadha or you sit in mandala process or you meditate, you chant… anything, the only purpose of all these actions, is raising the frequency of your consciousness, means - bringing the highest peak Consciousness called Turiyatita -Turiyatita in your Being level and in your Doing level. In both… bringing Turiyatita as your Reality, is all is the essence of everything. That is the purpose and essence of everything.




Now, I am going to intensely infuse Turiyatita - the highest conscious level in your body, understand, in your Being level. Please understand. When you are alive in the body, body operates as Being, mind operates as Doing. When you leave the body, your subtle body operates as Being, the causal body operates as Doing. Now, the Being part is locked in your physical body, that is why so much of detoxification is recommended in Vedic tradition; so much working on the body. Now I am going to breathe the Turiyatita, the space of ‘being alive’ in your body. Don’t worry about what your mind does. Actually, your mind is too superficial. I am going to breathe the Turiyatita, the state of ‘being alive’, the experience of that Oneness, into your Being. Your ‘doing’ component does not matter. It’s your ‘Being’ component which matters.


Bio-memory and muscle memory is established on your body. If your Being is infused with this Turiya and Turiyatita, by and by just by your breathing this will get mixed in your Doing. That is why so much of insistence on detoxification and on vegetarian food and on getting back to a natural lifestyle.




First, I finished that Suddha - Sattva Tattva, the purity, the unit of purity - Sattva Tattva. That whole science was taught to Devi by Mahadeva. This chapter which I am dealing now, the Atma Tattva - the unit of Consciousness…. This whole 25 states of consciousness and this process and the whole meditation and the aushadha we are going to have, everything was given by Mahadeva to Subramanya. In Sarvajnanottara Agama He gave it to Subramanya and Subramanya gave it to world. So the Guru Parampara for this part of the Agama comes down through Subramanya; from Mahadeva to Subramanya, Subramanya to all the other Rishis.



Shiva Vidya From Mrigendra Agama - The Ultimate Knowledge Of The 11 Dimensions Of The Universe

Sat, 2018-01-06 20:27
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In this video (6 January 2018), Paramahamsa Nithyananda speaks about the Vidya Pada of the Mrigendra Agama which is also called as Shiva Tattva. In this Vidya Pada, Mahadeva explains the multi-dimensions which exist represented by the 25 heads of the form of Mahasadashiva. Each head of Mahasadashiva represents a certain dimension of the universe which are classified as either unit dimension, multi-dimension, multiple-dimension, or shakti-dimension. Paramahamsa Nithyananda captivatingly describes using a diagram each of the faces of Mahasadashiva and which dimension they represent. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click http://bit.ly/20j90wr to subscribe. Website and Social Media: http://www.nithyananda.org http://www.nithyananda.tv http://www.innerawakening.org https://twitter.com/SriNithyananda https://www.facebook.com/ParamahamsaNithyananda
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I welcome all of you for this Shiva Tattva Vidya Tattva session. Let’s invoke Mahadeva’s Presence, MahaSadāshiva’s Presence. Let Him bless all of us and allow us to understand Him in us - us in Him. Things I am going to talk are too strong. Till now whatever you heard, if it is one unit confusing - this will be 1000 unit J Not actually confusing, I should say that… too strong understanding .... You seeing Me is very important. Lot of ‘sammi onnuda’ moment will be happening; so you seeing Me is very important.


See one thing all of you understand. I am initiating you into deep understandings and powers. It’ll all click when you start living more and more, it will be like a… digestion, digestion, digestion. Every day you take bath, while you are under shower suddenly something will click, while you are going for 2 something will click, while you are brushing your teeth something will click. How many of you are constantly seeing now - now a days, whole day something is clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking? Because I am injecting you guys with intense energy. See, it needs certain kind of a muhūrta to be developed. Muhūrta means where you and Me are in a friendly meeting space, where things can be told as it is, where the deeper understanding can happen, where Amruta Kala can be transmitted.


See, I have spoken only about 5 dimension - length, breadth, depth, time, space. I have not spoken on all the 11. Now I am going to speak on all the 11. Understand. All the length, breadth, depth, these are all different dimension, different planes. Space in you and the space outside you - where you are living, and the whole space, is actually one and the same. Your self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial, makes you feel they are separate and you are separate. Fortunately, your self-hatred is not more powerful than My ability to initiate you. That’s the good news! See fundamentally, Mahadeva, when He describes this Vidya Pada and Shiva Tattva; Vidya Tattva and Shiva Tattva, the whole chapter is called Vidya Pada - Mrigendra Agama. It is actually 4th part of Kamika Agama but this chapter is so independently intelligent, Mahadeva has given a separate title for this as Mrigendra Agama.




How many of you are able to cognize, even roughly… that space is one and the same? Chidakasha….chidakasha is the space where we are living. Tararakasha, Chidakasha and Mahakasha. I want all of you to know, if you have teleported 21 times consistently, the Akasha element has fallen in love with you and it is in tune with you. You are in Oneness with Akasha and you don’t have death. When you leave the body, you will not lose memory. The moment Akasha element...you have Oneness with Akasha element, no more death fear.




I am going to introduce MahaSadāshiva, all His aspects and dimensions. Even if you don’t intellectually catch it, it’s okay… just sit. At least let your intellect know… He is beyond your intellect. Even that is also in a way catching it. Knowing that you can’t know it also is in a way knowing it. So you can see, MahaSadāshiva’s….the way He describes Himself in Agama with Adi Shakti.




You can see Him with 25 heads, I should say, head without third eye is head. The moment third eye is awakened, it is no more a head… it is identity. Head becomes identity when third eye is awakened. Till your third eye is awakened, even if your head is cut, no use… nothing is lost; because nothing worthy is there in the headJ Once the third eye awakens only, you become an identity. So… because your existence is needed; your existence is needed for you, for society, for humanity, for the Universe. Till third eye is awakened, your existence is nothing more than a these...animals in the slaughterhouse. People look at that only as a next day meal. It’s not looked as an animal. Of course, that is not right, that is next.  


So you can see Him having 25 heads. First layer - 9, second layer - 7, third layer - 5, fourth layer - 3, last layer - 1. Listen. Actually this 25 is not number 25, it is just countless….any identity is part of MahaSadāshiva, then it is zillion or zillions and zillions, it’s countless.






 I’ll explain, then you will understand. Please see…..see this below the 9 heads. They represent unit dimensions of the Cosmos, like the length, breadth, depth, time, space. The unit dimension, the other four don’t worry about it now. I’ll explain later. Let me give you understanding step by step, so you understand it is your own head. Listen. The lowest rung, that lowest line, represents length, breadth, depth…. Why I want you to understand you know? By understanding it, you will understand - you also have all this in you. Some of your heads are not awakened that’s all. You also have all this. Most of you are awakened only with the first head, that’s why only one head - length, that’s all. That’s all you know. And this length and in this length, for all greed…hmmm hmmm, for all fear….hmmm hmmm. Over! J You know only length.


Listen. First unit - length. All of you understand - your logic.

Breadth - your visualization or emotion - heart.

Understand. As long as there is only length and breadth, only these 2 exists. But when the length and breadth gets matured to depth, not only depth is born - in depth there are many other things born. Listen. When there is a water and land, these two are separate two units. When the water and land gets mixed, not only the fertile land is born - in the fertile land multiple things are born. How many of you are catching it? That multiple things in depth, when the length and breadth operates, the first thing starts is Shabda.


Shabda: in depth - length and breadth criss crossing… your visualization and your logic criss crossing. In depth manifest Shabda.

Like one man - one woman becoming husband and wife and living in a home, creates Shabda J Man is length, woman is breadth, house is depth. It is not just length, breadth, depth. Now the side effects starts. So that is why from the head of the depth the multi dimension starts. The next second layer is not called second layer - multi dimension. Listen. Because in that Shabda head it is not one head, it is inclusion of length, breadth depth - together. So how many heads? So four put together is represented by one identity.




Length, breadth, depth - all these are unit dimension. It is called Tattva, unit. Listen carefully. This now you all understood this Shabda head, this head, all of you are able to see… the Shabda head. That is 4 in 1, am I right? … which is not! Listen carefully. To give you the first initial understanding, I told that is 4 in 1. Now listen.


Length is 1, breadth is length-breadth+breadth 2, then depth is length 1 - breadth 2 - depth 3. So how many? When the depth is 6, how can Shabda be just 7? How many of you are understanding? Listen. So now, 1 length, 2 breadth, 3 depth - put together goes into multi dimension, so it is not 4. It’s how many? Let’s calculate. Length 1 - breadth 2 - so how many it becomes now? Plus 3 of the depth, so then 6+ the 1 Shabda, which is outcome of this 6, so how many? Shabda is not 1. Shabda is how many? 7 listen, 7+ these 3 + these 2 + this 1 - how many of you are getting? So what is the Shabda number? When you look…...no, 13. When you look superficially, how it looked? No, first 4...1 layer depth when you look, how it looked? 7 one more layer depth when you looked, only where kid/it is coming? So the...the Shabda head is not 7.


You see, how He describes you know….when you look in the front 9 faces appear. When you look in the side again 9 faces appear. When you look in the back 9 appears. When you look this side 9 appears. Then it is round! Round pyramid structure, any side if you see 9, it does not mean one layer He has only 9. Understand. Come with Me in this calculation. I am teaching you depth… how Universe multiplies… how life is multiplying.


Shabda… tell Me now! Length is 1….length 1, breadth 2, depth 3, so in depth how many heads are there? So now, this gets into Shabda, where Shabda when it is….you see, till your child is born, he is part of both of you, the moment he is born, he is one independent entity.

The moment Shabda is born, He is independent entity, having who all…. length 1, breadth 2, depth 3 as part of Him; because He has become independent, He Himself has one more length, one more breadth, one more depth. Everyone is catching? So it is not plus, it is multi. Universe is multi-dimensional, not Universe… the word itself is too small - multiverse is the right word.




Now when time is added to the length, breadth, depth, the next dimension, the next unit is Time. But understanding this in your cognition is very important. Time, when it is added, time is not 4th head, 4 head together, which is not 4, which is 1+2+3+4. Because time is born now, it is 4! Now when the Time and Shabda gathers, forms Nada. Nada means defined sound. If the Time...with the Time when it forms rhythmically it is called Nada. Shabda is wild sound. Nada is language. You understand the difference? Shabda is wild sound. Nada is language. Shabda is wild river, Nada is embanked canal, Nadakala is pure drinking water. I’ll explain about that next. It is in Nadakala, your Will is created. Understand. Your Will does not belong to a language. Sometime even what you don’t describe will become reality, because it belongs to intelligence. See, when you create a Will to manifest power, your wordings will never be adequate. How many of you understood that? The word you generate for manifesting powers, your Will, the words you generate will never be adequate instruction. It will be like a legal document only - unsaid, un-foresaid, foreseen, unforeseen. A person who can bring Integrity to his thought current only, can experience Nadakala… means, while you are thinking - completion.


Listen carefully. Listen. While you are making a Will to manifest power, if you are not comfortable and Complete enough about the instruction you generated and you are feeling very unstable, little incomplete, “I don’t know whether I did it right and am I completely creating the….”, all these - how many of you are having? That is what is non-integrity with yourself. That is why, insistence on Integrity. You….understand, Integrity is not morality. It is a spiritual power. Ability to make a clear Will, “AYE, THIS IS IT!” Leadership, Integrity is one and the same. Chastity and Integrity is one and the same. Listen now. I am not asking you to practice Integrity as a morality, I am asking you to practice Integrity to define your Nada to Nadakala; means subtle purification in your thinking. Subtle purification in your thinking makes your whole body ecstatic.




Listen. There is a beautiful story. Somebody goes to this great Swami Brahmananda - who is literally considered to be son of Sri Ramakrishna. In Ramakrishna mission, Swami Brahmananda has a higher place than Vivekananda. If you are an insider, you will understand… Brahmananda is considered to be the spiritual son of Ramakrishna. This Brahmananda Swami, somebody goes to him and asked, “I want Sannyas. I want to be Brahmachari and Sannyasi.” He was actually sitting and peeling that….potato. Bengalis… potato and sugar, even if they want to commit suicide they will add that in the poison and drink J J J Bengalis, even if they want to commit suicide, they will add potato and sugar in that poison and drink, only then they will commit suicide J J If there is any Bengali, don’t feel offended. So he was peeling the potato. Maach, mishti, tamak - that is their life.


He gave that potato to that boy, young man… and asked him, “Peel.” That guy was shocked, “I came for Sannyas and he is giving me the potato and asking me to peel!” He peeled one potato and he….the Brahmananda Swami took the potato and said, “You’ll not be a Sannyasi, get lost. I won’t admit you in the monastery. No admission, rejected, get lost.” He says this only. The subtle clarity in thinking; a level of Integrity is required for chastity. Sometimes My administrators who work around Me, I’ll tell them….the person would have done a mistake in calc...in accounts department. I’ll say, “Aye, she is not chaste, he is not a Brahmachari. There is a hole in the pot. He cannot be Sannyasi.” They will think, “How can I make such a big observation for some 30 rupee, 40 rupee accounts missing?” It is not what has happened, it is from where it has happened.




The Nadakala…..Understand. This whole detoxification is to raise your Shabda to Nada, Nada to Nadakala… to bring you more and more integrated to your thinking; that’s all nothing else. What you want, if you can tell yourself, you can get it because you are Mahadeva. Understand. Length 1 - Breadth 3 - how of you are understanding? It’s not 2, it is 1+1+ this one - 3. Depth 1+3+ what? … 3! 1+3+3 - 7! Because the moment depth is born, that is 3. The moment child is born, you can’t keep him as you want, because he is born out of you, does not mean he will be under you. You always have this stupid thing equating him also as equivalent to you. No! He is both of you put together and his own craziness. You never value his craziness. Understand. That is why you are shocked, when you see his craziness.


So now, what about Time? Aiyo, you yourself calculate! 1+3+7, so what the number? 11+11. Because the moment Time is born, it has all the identities of this 11 into it. Not even 11 - 12 because Time is it’s own independent identity. How many of you are catching? What is Space now? No actually, you will have to visualize clearly - 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 and count. By the time coffee has come to mind, “Ahh...no, no, come back…1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1” I am not confusing, I am making you guys understand the futility of your mathematical length. I am just making you guys move to the next level. How many of you are catching what I am saying?


It is not pyramid structure, it is living….identity structure. You see….aye again it is gone. Tell Me like now, you are in the Time zone. What all you can experience the very depth of the Time? Lengths - all the things. Breadths - length and breadths. Depths - length and breadths and depths. Lengths, breadths, depths and time in Time. Listen. I am not confusing, listen. Length of the length and length of the breadth, both exists in Time. Length of the length and length of the breadth and length of the depth exists in Time. How many of you are catching? Because now Time is born, the length of the Time. How many of you are understanding? You may think, “Why should I know all this?” Because under….listen... even all this being informed to your depth, you will play with the powers very properly and you will know if at all you are stuck somewhere where you are stuck and you can just clear it.




Understand. Knowledge is power - “brahmavid brahmaiva bhavati.” Understanding Brahman, knowing Brahman - you become Brahman. Mahadeva says in one verse, “If you just know what gender you belong to, you will simply become Brahmachari or highest virile person.” Highest Veerya and Brahmacharya both need not be practiced; you just need to know which gender you are, that’s all. “All failure in Brahmacharya or in celibacy is not knowing your gender” - He says. Just you know your gender, you are Brahmachari or the most Veerya person, powerful person. Any confusion, complexity, contradiction created due to sexual attitudes, attributes is just ignorance of which gender you belong to, that’s all. Same way He says, “Any confusion with Cosmos, is nothing but ignorance, that’s all, nothing else.” If Mahadevas 11 gender understanding is revealed to the world - whole so called ‘sexology and psychology’ will become irrelevant. That is separate subject. Let’s come back here.


In Time what all exists? Length’s length, breadth’s length, depth’s length, time’s length, breadth’s breadth, depth’s breadth, time’s breadth and depth’s depth and time’s depth and time - because it is born now. If you both have not produced a children, that is okay. Child….that is okay. But once it is produced, it’s an independent entity - number 3.


Understand. Multiple things coordinating its existence, in tune with the existence of everything is Universe. The Being which makes everything independently intelligent, but continues to make them all operate as independent intelligence, is Mahadeva. I’ll repeat. Length is an independent intelligent. Breadth is a independent intelligent. Depth is independent intelligent. Time is independent intelligent - Kaala - but there is somebody who keeps all this as independent intelligent and moves them, without interfering in the independent intelligence, coordinating beautifully without controlling… leading without bossing. By the innate intelligence, they all coordinate and exist AND be part of that ultimate independent intelligence. That Being is Mahadeva. Understand. This is the unique truth revealed in Hindu scriptures. Neither personality nor just automated intelligence… automated independent intelligence… INSEPARABLE EXISTING SOLID PERSONAL APPEARANCE. No, you have to catch it, no other way. I will sit, I’ll make you sit but you will have to catch it.




Space, if you talk to Space, it responds to you directly. That does not mean there is nobody higher than Space. There is somebody leading but not bossing. Who responds is innate part of the Space and above Space. He is embodied and above. Mahadeva is Kalabhairava and above. Kaala is Kalabhairava - Time. Mahadeva is Kalabhairava and above. How many of you are getting? What all is there in the Space, shall we see? Length’s length, breadth’s length, depth’s length, time’s length and space’s length. Am I right? Then, breadth’s breadth, depth’s breadth, time’s breadth and space’s breadth. Am I right? Depth’s depth, time’s depth and space’s depth. Am I right? Now, what is the number for Space? Now what about the space of….the number of Time? Time’s number and component’s number….sorry...the Space’s number and the component’s number - because Space is now independent entity. It has its own leaves allotted and its totality.


Like your son sits for a dinner... he gets his plate and your plate and your wife’s plate, because he represents both of you and he is also independent, so he gets his third plate. How many of you are understanding? That is precisely the way, the multiple intelligences are operating in you. Now how many of you understand this - ‘God is one’ - is the most stupid silly conversation human being can ever have? It is more silly than any politician’s speech; politician declaring they will bring peeeace!!! Aye!!! Aye, aye….. Understand. Not being afraid of multiple intelligence existence, consciously knowing that there is a coordination, it is not chaos, it is order in the whole chaos, brings tremendous restful awareness in you. There is an order.




One of the biggest problem all of you have is, “Oh, when I make a Will to have a health, I am doing it; it’s manifesting. When I make a Will to manifest even third eye reading, I am manifesting. When I make a Will to manifest wealth, why I am not doing it?” How many of you have this conflict? “In some zone, my Will is manifesting, in some zone my Will is not manifesting.” Understand. The moment your Will is manifesting in one zone, the order has started happening in you. Now it is only the question of healing happening in all the regions where you have committed the damages. If you can heal your headache, I guarantee you can raise your bank balance. If you can raise your bank balance, I guarantee you can just teleport anything from anywhere. You don’t need to do shoplifting. No more need for any shoplifting and nothing will be lifted from the shop. It will….sourced from the air. So don’t worry.


See if you resist even to understand this number, that is what is fear of chaos. You think, “Everything is chaos, anything I can’t understand is chaos.” Fear of unmanifest - Avyakta. When I said Shabda is 4, everyone was very happy. “Yes, Aah, 1, 2, 3, 4……J” And I said, “No, it is not 4.” No fundamentally, I want you to know – breadth is length-breadth put together and it’s own independent existence. Understand. You see, length, breadth is this...going in this direction, in this direction, in this direction, in this direction, in this direction. Fundamentally, what I am trying to convey – ability to increase the frequency of your existence, ability to be present without getting overwhelmed. Confusion is okay, overwhelming is okay, that is also part of your…..one of your head, which is unmanifest. Your own head of logic is trying to grasp your unmanifest dimension. There exist confusion which is not something away from you, as MahaSadāshiva all... both exists in you; this length which is trying to understand and the depth which is non-understandable and the confusion generated which is Avyakta-unmanifest, during this whole process. How many are understanding?




Getting comfortable with your inner space, knowing it is too large to be judged by you. Even though He is sitting with Adi Shakti, He is the ultimate Brahmachari, Sannyasi. Even though He gave this whole Agama, He is in eternal silence - mauna. Listen carefully. Can you guys understand this….put the number for Space. Then put the number for Nada….sorry...Shabda. Then put the number for Nada and put the number for Nadakala and put the number for Bindu and put the number for Bindukala and put the number for Amritakala. See, multi dimension, multiple dimension and Shakti dimension. THE MULTI-UNIT BECOMES MULTI, MULTI BECOMES MULTIPLE, MULTIPLE BECOMES SO VIBRANT, IT IS NO MORE A MATTER. IT IS JUST ENERGY. In Amritakala it is just infinity. How many of you already feeling headache? Good! J


Few minutes, shall we put the number? Come on, let’s...let Me play with your length. No, after you put the number, I will reveal the fundamental secrets Mahadeva is really telling. J Every one of you try, because you see, trying makes you engaging. Understand. Whether you are able to understand or grasp its okay – engage… engage with those words. Engage with those understandings. Shall I just give you the fundamental unit explanation? You see, Shabda is sound, wild sound. Nada is organized language. Nadakala is poetic music, rhythmic music. When the Space is added, when the Time is added to sound, it becomes a language. When the Space is added to the sound, it becomes music or vibrant, alive, living manifestation. All the Will is generated in Nadakala and becomes reality.


Then, Bindu. Bindu means whatever you are seeing as reality in front is Bindu. Why, what is the energy which keeps this pillar in the shape of pillar is Bindu. Bindukala is purity of this, like a source of life, source of visualizations. Nada is verbalization, Bindu is visualization, source of visualization, the Cosmic visualization. Amritakala is just eternal existence, which exists forever and ever… just existence, pure undying existence, in all its beautiful glorified form J

Let’s see how many of you are going to use what all formulas to…..this is called Shiva Vidya. Mahadeva describes this as Shiva Vidya Tattva. Okay, if you understand this only you will become Shiva Vidya. How many of you finished? How many of you are still doing? How many of you understood it’s not possible? And how many of you understood, it’s not possible and not doing? No question of not doing.




Now listen. Listen to one line. How many of you think Shabda is totality of length, breadth, depth - from that Shabda appears? Listen. Yes, it appears from length, breadth, depth, no doubt. So you will put the totality of length, breadth, depth, to Shabda but it cannot exists without Space. That is why multi dimension. Anything in multi dimension may be generated from some of the unit dimension, but it cannot exist without all the unit dimensions’ cooperation. How many of you are getting? So all the unit dimensions have to be present in even the first of multi dimension. Understand. I am teaching you the Tattva, unit of the Cosmos. Can sound Shabda exist without Space? In length, breadth, depth, it will be generated but it will die the moment it is generated. Only if the Space it can hold it and keep it alive; without Space can the sound be kept alive? Then without Space, the word I utter here, sound I utter here, it will die here; it will never reach your ears. It reaches your ears because there is a Space. How many of you are understanding?


So, multi dimension means all the unit dimensions have to be present there. Multiple dimensions means all the unit dimension and multi dimensions have to be present there. Now calculate J No, you are contemplating on Mahadeva and His glory. Understand. Only when your logic understands it cannot capture, it allows the breadth emotion to open up, devotion to open up. When your devotion also understands “I cannot capture it”, your depth opens up. Your depth says, “Aaah, where am I to grasp Him!” Then your Time opens up. Your Time when it goes crazy, the Space opens up. The Space only creates Oneness.


Listen. Engaging with infinity is not to measure it, but to get disappeared, dissolved into it. So till you dissolve into it, you have to engage with it. You cannot say, “ohh it’s infinity, so I am sleeping.” No! That is not….you have to calculate now. You have to engage with infinity. “Oh, it is infinity, I came to conclusion, I am sleeping”, is Vedanta. No! In Agama, you engage with infinity. Each of you, the numbers you arrive, that many number of powers you are going to manifest - then decide!!


Engaging with Mahadeva… He is proposing, “Will you become Me?” Understand. Engaging with Mahadeva, engaging with infinity. Few minutes, understand, how many of you are engaging with the infinity?


Let’s gather for next session. Be blissful.



Nirvana Deeksha - Initiation To Infuse Turiyatita Into The Body & Mind

Sat, 2017-12-23 20:24
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In this video (23 December 2017), Paramahamsa Nithyananda initiates viewers into the Nirvana Deeksha which is a very subtle process to infuse the state of Turiyatita into the core of the body and mind. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click http://bit.ly/20j90wr to subscribe. Website and Social Media: http://www.nithyananda.org http://www.nithyananda.tv http://www.innerawakening.org https://twitter.com/SriNithyananda https://www.facebook.com/ParamahamsaNithyananda
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Sri Nithyananda Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Nithyananda, Swamiji, Sadāshiva, MahaSadāshiva, MahaSadāshivoham
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Understand.  States of Consciousness as per Agama, is not states of mind as per Freud. Power manifestation is not telekinesis. Telekinesis is not equivalent to manifestation. States of mind as per Freud is not equivalent to states of Consciousness. G O D - God is not equivalent to Sadāshiva. Western idea of enlightenment is not equivalent to Hindu jeevan mukti. Western idea of heaven and hell is not equivalent to Hindu Kailasa or naraka. Please understand. You can’t do in telekinesis all these. Third eye reading is not equivalent to mid-brain activity. Those are all small things stolen from Hindu tradition. That is why, they do not have a logic of connecting everything. They can’t connect everything. So do not try to have wrong understanding Sadāshiva is God - No! He is GODDEL.


God means G O D - generation, operation, destruction. Here is He has two more extra responsibility - Lord of delusion and liberation. In Agama, the activity of Mahadeva is five - Shristi, Sthiti, Vinasa, Trobhava, Anugraha - manifestation, maintenance, withdrawal, delusion and liberation. Five aspects is not equivalent to three; don’t even think 60%. No! There is no percentage in it. Same way, 25 states cannot be equated to 3 states. The very understanding is different. Same way, so called West, knows only….Western science knows only 4 dimension - length, breadth, depth, time - they don’t even know fully about ‘space’. I am going exper….give you experience of 11 dimensions.


So understand, don’t try to map it with the Western words. I am not against it, I am only saying it is too poor. It is like you describe, “lot of drops of water put together is Ocean”! J “You know water…na…in that glass..glass. Like this lot of glasses put together - Ocean”! J You think this is the description of Ocean. No! There is totally….it is totally different dimension.



See, I am going to stitch the most subtle part of you, with My spiritual umbilical cord. See, the most subtle part of you is where you feel you exist, I am going to touch that part. This initiation is called Nirvana Deeksha, where… you stand with Guru literally naked; not without this cloth, not that ‘naked’. You very Being naked. Your core Being touched. Only then that Turiyatita can be infused into your body and mind; in your being aspect and doing aspect.


You see, morning when I was explaining, I was giving 2 words - mind and body; it’s for you to roughly understand. Much better word is, the body can be considered as Being aspect, mind - Doing aspect. Understand. You may be thinking I’ll give the def...no! No! Body is the ‘Being’ aspect of you - mind is the ‘Doing’ aspect of you. Mind does first - body always follows. Anything your body does, mind has finished doing. You cannot say vice versa. You can’t say vice versa. Anything your body is doing, mind has finished. Can you say anything your mind is doing body has finished? No! ‘Doing’ aspect of you is represented by mind – ‘Being’ aspect of you is represented by body. That’s the 2 words I used, which is again roughly equated….roughly equating. Doing-Being can be much better word.


Now, your core existence… I am going to connect with it. The initiation is going to be very soft process, almost like breeze, no music, no dance, no jumping. It’s going to be almost like stitching. How the surgeon stitches you, when you have some injury - I am going to just stitch it; stitch your Ananda Gandha with My Ananda Gandha. Just go and sleep. Actually you can’t sleep, you will see… your body, your Being aspect is in Turiya and the Doing aspect just settles on the Turiya. It’s like you will be skating on Turiya. You will be just skating on Turiya.




This is not hypnotism, mesmerism - what you are doing, not telekinesis, no Western equivalent word exists for this. It is not even Siddhi, it is Shakti. Understand. Siddhi is stepmother - ‘Chitti’. Shakti is mother! I’ll tell you the difference between siddhi and shakti. Siddhi - the powers you gain while you are travelling towards enlightenment cognition. Shakti - your...due to Shaktipata, the enlightenment cognitions shifted in you, from that whatever grows is Shakti. Listen. Because of Shaktipata, the transmission of lamp happens. From that cognition whatever grows is Shakti. Shakti is mother, Siddhi is stepmother. Shall we start?


Listen. Listen to the instruction. I am going to chant Mahavakya… as an intense vibration. So whatever sound releases from your system, allow it to release. Just try to in-tune with Mahavakya. You’ll not be able to catch up to My breath actually. Please understand. The body I use in Kailasa, the body now I am using with you - is different. The language I am using in Kailasa, the language I am using with you - is different, but the breathing I am doing in Kailasa and breathing I am doing here is same. This breath now goes to Kailasa and comes back. Only in PRANA, I am connected. All of you are getting what I am saying? So I am going to mix the Mahavakya into the prana and breathe in. You will not be able to cope up with My frequency… but when you are trying to cope up, many sounds will get released like a cough or yawning or many patterns will get released through various sounds, allow it to get released. Allow it to get released - clear!

So I am not asking you… to chant loudly with Me, I am asking you - try to tune with Me, means, when I am chanting, just try to hum along with Me. Capturing My chandas, not sound. Listen. I am not asking you to repeat what I am chanting, I am asking you to catch the rhythm of My chanting. You understand the difference between the word and the rhythm? I am going to chant the Mahavakya - Aum Nithyananda MahaSadāshivoham. I am not asking you to move your tongue and chant along with Me. Keep your lips closed, hum along with Me. Capture the chandas, tune of the rhythm I am chanting. Don’t try to capture the word I am chanting. If you try to capture the word I am chanting, you will be very gross - physical!

But I am...I want to you to be very subtle. So just hum along with Me. I am going to be chanting, but you are going to hum along with Me. So many things will be cleared. You will see many pains in many parts of your body will get released. That is nothing but when these 25 states of consciousness opens up in your system, tremendous healing happens.




Listen very clearly. Now I am going to open all these 25 states of consciousness in you very clearly in your Being aspect and Doing aspect. So problems becomes power. Shall we start? Just hum along with Me. You see, after today’s initiation, go and sleep… whole night you will be humming, automatically. You don’t need to try. You will be humming. Tomorrow onwards whenever you do power manifestation, you don’t need to chant the Mahavakya - hum the Mahavakya. You will see power manifests. When you chant… the way you manifest powers, when you hum… you will manifest 10000 times more, because the intensity is different. Till now you were running on battery, now only you are getting hooked to the grid - Kailash Grid.




[Initiation starts]


“Aum Nithyananda MahaSadāshivoham”…..




Don’t chant - just hum. Only then that...all the patterns will be released. Only then the intense sounds will be broken in your system.




“Aum Nithyananda MahaSadāshivoham”. Just keep your lips closed like….see do…..Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm


Lips should be closed, only the frequency should be happening in you. Capture My chandas means - My tune, My rhythm. See, My rhythm is connected to the breath. My sound is connected to your listening. Listen carefully.

Moocha pidicha siddan Pecha pidicha pittan

It’s a...it’s a statement from a Siddha – “When I am making, if you capture the word, you’ll only become mad. If you capture the rhythm, the breath, you will become enlightened.” Understand. Moocha pidicha siddan Pecha pidicha pittan. So capture My breathing, My rhythm. Tune yourself for that.

A great Siddhar called Bogar, who has established Palani temple, He has written a beautiful book called, “Karukidai Negandu” – means, how the thought current can be impregnated into an herb. Negandu means dictionary, thought current. Karukidai means making it, putting the thought current and making an object pregnant with that thought current. In that he describes – Pecchai pidika pittan Moochai pidika siddan.

 So capture My rhythm along with Me. I’ll repeat now.




“Aum Nithyananda MahaSadāshivoham”



Manifestation Of Powers Raises Your Frequency To The Ultimate Powerfulness

Tue, 2017-12-26 20:21
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In this video (26 December 2018), Paramahamsa Nithyananda states that power manifestation is nothing but a cognitive shift and can infuse powerfulness into any action or state that we are in. It raises the frequency of our body and mind to the ultimate powerfulness - Turiyatita. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click http://bit.ly/20j90wr to subscribe. Website and Social Media: http://www.nithyananda.org http://www.nithyananda.tv http://www.innerawakening.org https://twitter.com/SriNithyananda https://www.facebook.com/ParamahamsaNithyananda
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Sri Nithyananda Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Nithyananda, Swamiji, Sadāshiva, MahaSadāshiva, MahaSadāshivoham, powerlessness, powerfulness, states of consciousness, Power manifestation, cognitive shift
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Understand. All the 25 states of consciousness, when they happen in you due to your chemicals and hormones ups and downs, it is powerlessness. When it happens in you out of your free Will and Consciousness, it is powerfulness that’s all. When you fall into sleep, it is powerlessness, when you enter into sleep, it is powerfulness. When you fall into dream, it is powerlessness, when you decide to dream, it is powerfulness. So I have added the ultimate powerfulness Turiyatita - Turiyatita in your whole Being and Doing. Manifest all the powers.




Understand. Power manifestation is nothing but cognitive shift. It is not work. It is cognitive shift. Understand. It is just cognitive shift. It’s not work. Work is a 4 letter word. Power manifestation is cognitive shift, playing with life, playing with BEING ALIVE! Static Matter - Dynamic Activity - Strategic Existence - all these 3 has no boundary. You are One with it, you are ALIVE in everything; everything listens to you, everything decides as you want. Power manifestation is cognitive shift - raising your frequency… not work.




Nithyananda Speaks On - Experiencing God & Enlightenment, Energy, Auras & Spiritual Healing

Mon, 2002-05-13 20:14
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Nithyananda Speaks on Experiencing God, Enlightenment, Energy, Auras & Healing In this audio discourse (13 May 2002) delivered at Best Club in Bangalore by a young Nithyananda in the early days of His mission. He answers questions from disciples about how it feels to experience God and enlightenment and why it can't be described. He also reveals insights on energy radiated by enlightened masters, how to see auras and spiritual healing. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click http://bit.ly/20j90wr to subscribe. Website and Social Media: http://www.nithyananda.org http://www.nithyananda.tv http://www.innerawakening.org https://twitter.com/SriNithyananda https://www.facebook.com/ParamahamsaNithyananda
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Sri Nithyananda Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Nithyananda, Swamiji, God, radiate energy, aura, energy, Presence of a Master, Rakta Chandana Mala, Gurukulam, Chakras, ananda
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Question - Have you experienced God? Can you describe it?




Swamiji - Yes. I have experienced. One thing, have you tasted sugar? Have you tasted? How is it?  What is mean by sweet? So experiences cannot be expressed. Even the experience of tongue, you are not able to express. I have experienced with the whole body, whole mind and whole Being. The experience with which you experience only 2 inch or 3 inch, the tongue... the experience with the tongue which you have, just with 2 or 3 inches tongue, you are not able to express. But I have experienced God not only with body - with mind and with spirit… with My Being. How can I express in words?  So only one thing I can say, “Yes.” Nothing else can be told.


And one more thing, there are few proofs I can give you. Only one or two things are difference between enlightened man and an unenlightened man. If he... a man is not enlightened, he can speak much better than what I am speaking, the way I am speaking. He will be a great scholar, intellect. Even My language, if you find, My language also is not so sophisticated high class language. I am speaking in very common day to day language; My language or expression, anything, you will not find that I am a great pandit. So with the way….the way which I am talking you cannot understand. You cannot even measure. The real scale whether a man has experienced God or not is - in his Presence you will feel a beautiful energy. That nobody else can do, nobody else can radiate energy except a man who realized, who experienced God; nobody else can do that. Anybody can speak beautiful and if you find some philosophers, professors, they will speak much beautifully, much better way than Me. Go to colleges. There are so many universities, so many professors, so many lecturers. They will speak in much more beautiful way. If they have beard, it will look good also. I am man with no beard, no other…. Not only beard, whatever the outer product paraphernalia, I have no other paraphernalia. If any of you would have met Me personally, if you have met Me independently, individually, you will find Me, I am nothing more than a small child. Just My laughter or anything, it will be so simple and open and direct. Whatever I speak, whatever I convey, will not have any mystical association with it. The way in which a Swami is supposed to behave, your imagination - the way in which a Swami is supposed to speak, it will not be there even for a single inch. You will find a simple normal ordinary Being, ordinary but extraordinarily. You will find a simple Being. Through these scales you cannot measure whether a man is enlightened or unenlightened, whether a man has realized God or not. Only one scale - Man who can radiate energy, who can give energy, who can give his blessings… tangibly - who can emit energy. That is the only scale.




So Shakti - if you have realized Para Shakti - if you have realized God, if you have realized Brahma Shakti, the surrounding, the Presence of you will be very heavy. Heavy means it will be living, it will not be dead. Your Presence will be, your aura, very aura will be totally different. That’s the only scale with which you can measure whether a man is enlightened or unenlightened.


If you deeply close and meditate, you can find out whether I am inside the cave or outside the cave. You can feel the difference. If you are tuned with this energy, if I go out, you will see the different aura, different energy. If I come in, you will see the different aura. You can experience. This can be. It’s not that something maya or mantra is happening. I am not doing some magic. It’s a pure science. It’s a Presence of a Master. When I achieve….when you….if the fire is there, if you go near, either you want or not, you will feel that warmth. In the same way, when you come near the Master, if you want to feel the warmth, you can enjoy that warmth. If you don’t want to feel the warmth, you may feel a...you will not be happy, but the warmness, warmth will be there. In the same way, when you come near the Master, with love, with trust, then you will be able….not only able to feel this energy, you’ll be able to get benefit. If you come with a doubt, with some unclarity or to just poke at Me, to test, who will be disturbed? Nobody else! If you put your hands in the fire to test, whether it burns or not… so it is totally different.




And one more thing you can tell - His energy if you want the...this energy’s protection, always to be with you, you can have a mala, Rakta Chandana - red sandal mala, which holds and radiates energy for longer and in high quality - qualitatively and quantitatively which radiates the energy. This mala is energized - Rakta Chandana Mala its actually... but we are energizing it, we are energizing, having a dollar of My form… just for the remembrance of devotees. Just for remembrance they are adding it. There are many other benefits by this mala. BP gets controlled; physically BP is controlled. We already testified and we have selected from all other beads, I have tested with rudraksha, Tulasi mani, spatika, for a…. with all the things I have tested, experimented. Finally, I selected this mala only. This is the best to hold the energy and to radiate the energy. It will give you energy protection wherever you are, whenever you want My help, energy level protection, you can just remember Me holding this mala. You will feel My presence will be with you. What you are able to feel in the class and not only that, what you are not able to feel in the class also, you will be feeling, you will be having continuity. When…. with this mala you will be carrying Me with you. So it will be a great help for meditators.


Whenever you want, you can wear it. There is no rule that is only rule for this. If I wear this, should I not smoke?  Should I not have my regular routine? Should I not live my regular marital life? - Nothing! No rule! ‘No rule’ is the rule. For this mala, there is only one rule - ‘there is no rule’. Simply you can wear it whenever you want. It’s a scientific protection. It has nothing to do with religion. You don’t have to get fear that, “If I wear this, should I not do this? Should I not do that?” there is nothing else to be bothered, to be worried. Just you can use it as a protection for you. Wherever you go, whenever….whatever you want to do, wherever you go, whatever you do, you’ll be having My energy protection with you. And the people who are not having sleep, they can wear it in the night time, you’ll get a good sleep. And whatever you do, you’ll be having an energy protection, My aura energy will be with you. You can have your regular life, whatever your life is, you can continue with it. There is nothing….Yes for a funeral, functions, some death, all these things you can wear it and go and you can wear all the 24 hours, so it is up to you to decide. Only one thing, don’t keep it on the floor. The energy will be sucked by the Earth. So don’t keep on the floor. Keep it in some place, where you…. With respect. That’s the only rule.




Yes…..dogs and cat, both of them have got that energy and dogs have got a different aura itself….different aura….that is why, anybody if they are going to die, in that area, dogs will start barking, shouting. They can see the aura of a evil spirit or that man’s prana….. prana sharira is leaving, they can see. Yes, it is possible for you also to see the aura body or energy body if you can practice 11 days one simple practice - never look into any light directly and don’t see TV, everyday wash your eyes thrice. Within 11 days, you will be able to see the aura body of any human being. Our devotees who are healers, they have all seen My aura. Not only seen My aura, they know how to develop their aura.


And you are not diagnosed by your….any disease. I am diagnosing you through your aura only. With your aura only I am able to diagnose you; where the aura is disturbed, where the energy is disturbed. Actually, I don’t know the medical terms; whatever your pain, whatever you call it, this – that. I don’t know anything of medical. These medical terms and all, I don’t know. Actually, what is cancer I don’t know. But I know what is the problem in that energy… in that energy body what is the problem I know; just I equate that energy, that’s all. So I am diagnosing you with that energy only, with that aura body only.




Chakras - actually chakras, aura body, energy, these are all different words, but only same thing, nothing else. As you think, if you are really experienced, then you will understand, these six chakras are also not six chakras differently. They are one and the same - six various parts, six parts of same chakra, same energy. So you just whatever ideas now I have given, with that you just work. You will understand more and more things. You will get….you will feel developed, you’ll get developed … about these ideas also.




Generally I don’t give anything, just some...few months before we started giving. Many people have requested, “Swamiji, please give us something to remember you, to have some connection.” But the one thing I can tell you, “This is just like a cell phone for Me.” This will be cell phone. Just hold and remember. You will see that I will be there. My Presence will be there. With the trust, you will feel immediately, without trust you will feel one or two days extra...you may take one or two days but surely you will feel. That much I can give you a guarantee. It will be just like a cell phone. You can immediately contact Me; wherever you are, you can contact Me. You will see...not only you will see….now when you listen, these things all looks like a story or a novel, but when you experience only, you will find these things are truth. These things are …...because it is not the thing that a….you are not able to believe, it’s not your mistake. This science actually is lost.




In ancient time, this science was existing in the India. When the Gurukulam system got disturbed, when the Gurukulam system died, this science has completely disappeared from India. That is why, when I say all these words, you are looking at something as a new, but when you experience, then only you can understand. When you listen somebody’s experience, then only you can understand. Then only you will able to …..


I am not at all here for healing. I am just here to give you the joy, bliss, ananda. Ananda takes care of everything and that does the whole magic. Just put the….bring the lamp in, naturally the darkness has to run out. There is no need to fight with darkness. You just bring...take a big sword and shield, “Let me go and fight with the darkness, which is inside the cave.” What will you do? At the most, you may beat yourself. So nothing can be done through that way. Just bring a small lamp, candle, you will see that darkness has disappeared. So what I am bringing, what I am giving is, just an Ananda Shakti, the energy of bliss, energy of ecstasy. Naturally you will find that so many things are disappearing. It is simply disappeared. I am not solving your problem - simply dissolving it.



Secrets of Attracting Wealth Workshop(Day 2)

Sun, 2016-08-28 00:25
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Secrets of Attracting Wealth Workshop (Day 1), 27 August 2016: Wealth is not a thing to be accumulated or managed, wealth is an extension of you! The right mental set up is required to create wealth and celebrate wealth. Only an enlightened master can give you the right mental set up.Total adundance includes but is not limited to having all the money you want. It is having all the beautiful things you want to be part of your life. Although many people have mastered ways to attract money, the rest of their lives are not fulfilled. Come learn to attract not just wealth and finance but true abundance in your life. Whether you have it or not, wealth is one of the most controversial subjects which conflicts people their whole lives. Now come learn the keys to a truly prosperous life of wealth in both inner and outer worlds, which includes but is not limited to financial wealth. Whether you're rich or broke, this workshop will be a breakthrough for you to reach the next level. Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click http://bit.ly/20j90wr to subscribe. Website and Social Media: http://www.nithyananda.org http://www.nithyananda.tv http://www.innerawakening.org https://twitter.com/SriNithyananda https://www.facebook.com/ParamahamsaNithyananda
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Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Nithyananda, Wealth, Manifestation, Completion, Cosmic Truth, Enlgihtenment
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 I welcome you all with My love and respects.

I welcome all of you for the second day sessions. First I want to answer your questions. Listen. I will give priority to all the questions related to the sacred truths, sacred secrets I was explaining yesterday. I will give you the gist again in a few minutes.

 First thing. You do not manifest what you desire, but you manifest what you believe. You manifest what you perceive, you manifest what you cognize.  If you cognize struggle as you, if you believe you  as a struggle, you will manifest only that. If you believe, if you cognize , if you perceive, you as the ups and downs you will manifest only that in your life. So the first basic truth, so if you perceive yourself as a struggle, you will manifest only that— and you desire health, wealth, joy, Completion, Enlightenment, stress-free, beautiful, blissful content life, but you perceive you are not qualified for that, or that is not going to happen for you, you are not capable of taking responsibility for that. Unfortunately you manifest what you perceive, not what you desire.

Unfortunately, you manifest what you believe, not what you desire.  Now this gap, struggle is what I call incompletions, mental patterns. When the completion starts happening, your perception, your beliefs, become your desires.  Your desire and your belief becoming one, is what I call as Completion.  Then simply you start manifesting, what you want to manifest.


Listen I am revealing one of the important sacred secret Cosmic truth.

Upanishad says, "If you reveal the Divine secrets to unqualified people, your head  will burst." First when I read that,  I thought, oh this is just  to frighten us. Actual problem in your life towards Enlightenment, higher consciousness or to achieve anything you want to achieve, to realize your intention to be, if you have missed today morning LSP, I recommend and request all of you to see today morning the Living Shuddhādvaita Process it's freely available.  Please watch. Listen, that will really help you.  That is like a  complementary session to this whole Secrets of Attracting Wealth Program. I will give you an essence.


Listen carefully. Whatever you want to be, Enlightened, healthy, wealthy, whatever the actual work you need to do is on your fears. Actual work you need to do is on your fears. You are working on many wrong things. You think you need to work on your desires, you think you need to work on your Energy, You think you need to work on your activism, you need to work on your intelligence, NO, I am telling you intelligence is not informations, it is ability to handle information. That comes only when you crack down your fears. In the path of Enlightenment, if fear is a wall, desire is just a small rope hanging between two pole. Guilt, may be a  small one  thorny bush in one corner which you many not even need to  attend. Many things which you many not even need to face, you go on wasting your time on it, working on it.  Actually what you need to face is you need to crack down on your fear. that is the most important wall you need to break. Even here the Secrets of Attractive Wealth, the most import thing you need to break is your fear. You need to crack is your fear. It's for the courageous.


 Actually I see, from My own experience I tell you, wealth worship the feet of courageous people. End of the whole secret. You may think it looks too plain, too bland. Internalize your inner space. Intranalyze this truth, use this truth as a weapon to beat yourself down.  Understand, if you beat your self with the truth, you will never collapse you will raise up.  Wrong part of you will be broken, destroyed.  Not the right part. If you beat yourself with lies and luxuries you will unnecessarily not only create powerlessness, you will be growing in wrong direction. Drill yourself with this one truth. Actually you need to work on fear.


Listen. Please come to the space of listening. Listen. I told you the purpose of this  is two thing.

1) To clean up the incompletions, patterns you carry about the wealth and create a right space a powerful magnetic energy center in you.  To attract wealth,  situations supporting you to create wealth, people supporting you to create wealth  making you like  magnetic energy center.  For manifesting the wealth the way you want.

Listen. I have done only the first step yesterday,  today I will do the second step now. Its not magic, some mantra, some  Jaadu. NO,  It's a clear science. Anything you decide as your perception, belief, cognition, intention, life, you become magnetic energy  center for that. That is why these psychiatrist are the most… that is the profession more number of people become mad. No really. Psychiatrist are the professions where the maximum number of people become mad. It is a statistic actually. They need this punishment because this fellows make everyone believe they are mad. No recently this stupid fellows this whole psychiatrist association has gone crazy. They declare every human emotions has a disorder. No, just to bring whole world under their umbrella,  as their patients, they make everyone believe  their patients and finally they become sick, mad. Really. Listen, because anything you intend, you become energy center for it, you become magnetic energy center for it. You become magnetic center for it. Now, consciously decide, what you want to manifest in next three month in your wealth field. Please understand, now I am going to awaked your kundalini shakti and concentratedly make it flow in the direction of your wealth. I will make your intention now as an energy field for you. Next 3 months, don’t even plan for some 30 years. NO.  Next 3 months, what you want to do. Don't even plan  with your abilities. Here  just  your abilities are not going to be working. My abilities are also going to support you. So don't have the restriction based on your ability. You write clearly  what is your intention, what is it you want to manifest in next 3 months in the field of wealth.  Whatever you think as wealth, sometime you may think more than money currency, some person as a wealth for your life or some situation as  wealth for your life, some being active or  whatever, whatever. Whatever you consider as your wealth, sometime people feel even extra ordinary power as your wealth. Whatever you consider as your wealth, you want to manifest, attract in the next 3-months please pen down. Decide very consciously because I am going to stream your kundalini energy into this thought current into your intention, so it will become reality. Please do not take it light. 

I bless you all. Let your desire become  intention and reality. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing Living Shuddhādvaita Saivam the Eternal bliss Nithyananda, Thank you,  Be Blissful .


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