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Nithyananda Peetham, Bengaluru Aadheenam is bustling as crowds arrive to celebrate the 39th Avatara Dinotsava of His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

After the Nithya Satsang, devotees and visitors gather at Raja Sabha to witness the Celestial Marriage of Meenakshi and Sundareshwara. The Meenakshi Sundareshwara Thirukalyanam originates in the ancient city of Madurai, where Lord Shiva Himself came down as Sundareshwara to marry the Queen, Meenakshi Devi.

Later, His Holiness arrived to perform the Visesha Deeksha, which is the second initiation into living the lifestyle of Shivoham, enlightenment, as prescribed by Mahadeva in the Agamas.

During the Shivoham Process, Paramahamsa Nithyananda awakens the Kundalini, life-energy of the participants and transmits the experience of Shivoham. 

At Nithyanandeshwara Hindu Temple, His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda welcomes the Pada Yatris, who walked by foot for over 10 days from Tiruvannamalai, the holy city and birthplace of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Yatris lay down the coconut bundles, at the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, which they carried all the way with them. The coconut represents the mind, ego, which they are surrendering at His Feet.

The evening concluded with the high energy of the Jayanthi Brahmotsavam Procession. In the presence of His Holiness, Mahadeva, participants were soaked in bliss, parading around the Ashram with the Deities.