Ma Nithya Jnanatmananda Swami

Ma Jnanatma Swami is a initiated spritual healer and a sannyas disciple of Paramahamsa Nithyananda
Swamiji blessed Ma Jnanatma Swami with a trishul saying "Whoever you touch will be healed. You can touch the picture of the person and do distance healing. Whoever you touch with this trishul will be healed". Since then, Ma Jnanatma Swami has been healing people in person, on facebook, via whatzapp etc. 
Ma Jnanatma Swami shares, "the minute I touch someone with this trishul and be in the space of Shivoham, I can just feel Swamiji's energy flowing through me and through the trishul and healing the other person".
I am very happy to receive this initiation from Swamiji and am now available to anyone who is in need of healing.
You can call / email / facebook / whatzapp me.
Phone: +91 7760980635
whatzapp: +917760980635
skype: ma.jnanatma.swami
Counselor Contact: 
+91 7760980635
Ma Jnanatma Swami is a initiated spritual healer and a sannyas disciple of Paramahamsa Nithyananda
Swamiji blessed Ma Jnanatma Swami with a trishul saying "Whoever you touch will be healed.

Ma Nithya Prematmananda Swami Specialist Spiritual Healer

Sharing the Give of Healing with World

Ma Nithya Prematma Ananda Swami was initiated as a specialist healer and a distance healer by His Holiness Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji. She says, “Swamiji blessed me to be a healing specialist and a long distance healer, using an energized healing spear to heal anyone, both in person or even with their photo. This is an extraordinary gift from Swamiji that I am blessed to have and share with the world.”

Counselor Contact: 
+1 909 230 1002

Ma Jyotikananda Swami - Specialist Healer / Distant Healer

Ma Nithya Jyotikananda Swami started to heal after being blessed by Swamiji to be a Healer. Jotikananda Swami brings the moment of Swamiji initiating her as the healer with the blessings "Whoever is touched by this Healing staff be cured of all their ailments" and gently places the healing stick on the person or the image of the person. Miraculously many get out of pain instantly and even those with serious medical conditions experience a miraculous cure within few hours  many of whome were given up by the regular medical system.


"With Swamijis blessings the healing happens instantly" says Ma Nithya Jotikananda Swami. From knee pain to emergency medical condition people have sought and experienced miraculous recovery. Having the initiation to heal Ma Nithya Jyotikananda Swami is ready to heal on the phone or in person when circumstance allow

Counselor Contact: 
+91 9585475385 / +91 9159148860


Dr. Sri Pranananda Swami - Specialist Healer / Distant Healer

Swamiji initiated Sri Prananda Swami into healing by giving his energized healing stick and blessed this will be a Vaitheshwara (a great Healer) and said with this energy "start healing any one coming to you for any disease, if you touch with it (the energized healing stick) it will heal"
Since then Sri Prananda Swami started healing many who came directly and also those who requested healing via email, phone or whats up. Prananda Swami explains "I take the photo sent to me and bring myself to the Ananda Gandha and heal people by touching the healing stick on the photo"
Further Prananda Swami adds "People are reporting immediate healing i.e. within 2 to 3 minutes of I starting to heal they experience relief  of what they sought healing for I just ask them to pray to Swamiji as i heal and they say they feel the energy flowing through their body immediately".
Counselor Contact: 
phone / whats app: +91 94980 28199

Dr. Ma Atmapriyananda Swami - Specialist Healer / Distant Healer

Dr. Ma Atmapriyananda is an intiated Spiritual Healer and disciple of Paramahamsa Nithyananda.


She has been travelling and attending healing calls at various parts of Tamil Nadu and is also a Specialist Distance Healer.
People find relief in just a single telephone request for healing. Swamiji initiated and gave the healing stick blessing that people will be healed when she performs healing. Dr. Ma Atmapriyananda brings her consciousness to the "Ananda Gandha" and prays to Swamiji as she touches the seeker with the healing stick. When healing over phone she brings the image of the person to be healed and if a photo is presented she touches the healing stick on the person's photo.


People repot being miraculously relieved of pain and suffering instantly and long drawn diseases are healed in days.

Counselor Contact: 
Phone: +91 72590 17848


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