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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda shares the secret of achieving the experience of Akshardham in this life. Akshardham is the imperishable, eternal space - enlightenment. When achieved in this life, we can experience a space where there is no difference between the states of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. It prepares us for a graceful exit because with this experience, we are in total completion with life and death.
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Paramahamsa Nithyananda, life, Akshardham, eternal space, enlightenment, waking, dreaming, deep sleep, completion, death, graceful exit.
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis sitting with us around the world through

Nithyananda TV, Lotus News Channel, Sadhna TV, and two-way video-conferencing having Nayana



Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha: Guadeloupe-

Rameshwaram, Kuala Lumpur-Palani, Vancouver-British Columbia, Houston-Kalahasti, Toronto-

Kailasam, Ohio-Prayag, Los Angeles-Arunachalam, Singapore-Singapuram, Seattle-Chidambaram, Paris-

Kalighat, San José-Madurai, Charlotte-Srisailam, Slovakia-Shivaloka, Enriching Temple-Bidadi, Bangalore

North, Ohio-Ma Shivananda, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, Netherlands, New York-

Varanasi, East London-UK, Dallas-Dwaraka, Tiruvanmiyur Dhyanapeetam, Indrani-New Jersey, Oman-

Sivagangai, Kathmandu-Nepal, Jorpati-Nepal, Mandaiveli-Chennai, Varanasi, San Diego-La Jolla…..


I welcome all of you with my love and blessings!




• 20th batch Inner Awakening, 5th day;


• 17th batch eN-Genius, 5th day;


• 19th batch Nirahara Samyama, Level-2, 2nd day;


• 9th batch The Samyama, 5th day;


Tomorrow, we will be starting 20th batch Nirahara Samyama, just to pay our respects to Gandhi. One good thing he did is, he brought that idea of non-eating into Indian consciousness for some reason. So, just for that we will start today’s Nirahara Samyama batch tomorrow, which was supposed to start today.


Today, Mahadeva is gracing us in the Leela Dhyána: “NAAGAM EIDHA PADALAM”. Today’s Leela Dhyána



Once a demon appeared as a huge snake and tried to destroy the whole Madurai. Mahadeva sends an arrow and contains the poison released by the snake and, finally, kills the snake.


So, today our Leela Dhyána will be Mahadeva gracing Madurai by protecting it from the huge demon



I will continue to expand on “THE SCIENCE OF COMPLETION”.


Before entering into the session today, I wanted to give you all a beautiful experience. See, the power

of Completion, if you are complete, there won’t be difference between your life and the Dream State,

Deep Sleep State, and what you call as your life, Waking State. And, please listen, if there is a difference

between your Dream State and Deep Sleep State and Waking State, it means still you have not become


complete. In the space of Completion, the difference between all these three will disappear, because

all the three will be filled by “Awakened State”.  Listen! Waking State is different, Awakened State is

different. And if you don’t find any difference between your Dream, Deep Sleep and Waking States

while you are alive, I promise you, I promise you, you will not find a difference even after you leave

the body.  Once you move out of the body, you will not have any difference, you will not have fear, suffering, darkness, like the Upanishads describe. Ishavásya Upanishad says, “Somebody who doesn’t live the life of Integrity, Authenticity, Dharma, enters into the dark worlds, dark spaces, after death.”


I tell you, while you are sleeping every day, dreaming every day, if you don’t enter into the dark spaces,

you will not enter into the dark spaces when you are dead. So, the best way to plan for your death is,

every night, before sleeping, do Completion for at least one hour. Please understand, every night if you

do Completion, you will not have any difference between Dream, Deep Sleep and Waking States. All the

three will be filled with something called ‘Awakened State’, and you will not have the dark worlds, dark

space, depression, conflicts, powerlessness, even after you leave the body!


I always described this experience to very close disciples; only to a group of ashramites I have described.

Very few ashramites I have described: ‘Don’t worry, there is no such thing as death exists. If you die

also it will be like walking from one department of the ashram to another department of the ashram;

because, after death also, wherever you go, it is my department only! Don’t worry! They are also under

me only.’


But, for the first time, one of our devotees who has not heard these words from me, has experienced

this space – the space of Akshardham. See, Akshardham means, the Sanskrit word means,

“imperishable space”, “eternal space”! When you are living and when you pass away, when you

enter into death, if there is no difference, you have entered into Akshardham. One of our devotees in

Houston, our Dhyanatma’s mother, had this experience.  When she wrote the e-mail, Dhyanatma came

and presented that e-mail to me. I’ll read out that experience to you guys.


When Dhyanatma came and read out the e-mail to me, or tried to show that to me, the moment I saw those few lines, I had a deep revelation: ‘It’s a real experience!’ I told Dhyanatma, ‘you send it to the Admin team, and I’ll see it later on and tell you’. After seeing, I was contemplating what was exactly happening to her. She actually experienced the Akshardham!  How Akshardham is going to be! The first devotee who experienced and came back and reported! She is Ma Padmini Behl. I‘ll read out

that experience to all of you. I‘ll tell them to pull out that e-mail and read out. But I wanted all of

you to learn an important lesson from this whole incident. I really wanted everyone to learn a very

important lesson, because when I read that e-mail, I was so happy. See, till now, Akshardham is only an

imaginary space, because none of our devotees have experienced it and came back and reported.

I will tell you exactly what I am trying to tell you all by the word “Akshardham”. See, how much ever

now you try to do Completion, Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, you drill, you act as if

you are a big guy, you are living Integrity, you are living Authenticity, you do all that drama, the moment

you fall asleep you know the dirt in which you are falling. When you wake up the next day morning, you

know you were caught in so many fears, you have been in a very low space. How many of you understand that?  That has to be addressed. That has to be addressed!


When you fall into Dream State and Deep Sleep State….. In Sanskrit we have a beautiful word: “Avastha Thraya” – Jagrut, Swapna, Sushupti. In these three states, while you fall into the Dream and into the Deep Sleep, all these three states, you should fall into the same powerful space. While you are in the Waking State how you feel things are in your control, you should experience the same powerfulness with Integrity, Authenticity and Responsibility, during the Waking, Dream and Deep Sleep States, all three.


Some people are experiencing Dream State even now, even in the waking state! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…! I am not saying you should experience dream in the Waking State. I am saying you should experience waking in the Dream State!


Listen! Completion should be practiced every night before falling asleep, so that in the night time,

even in your Dream or the Deep Sleep State, you will continue to be in that space of Completion and

powerfulness; the existence of awareness; you will know what you are, what you are doing, what is expected of you, and what you are supposed to expect, everything clearly, thoroughly!


Anybody who feels the same Completion state in all the three spaces – Waking, Dreaming, Deep Sleep

– when you leave the body, you will experience Akshardham; means, the eternal space; you don’t have



And, I have not spoken about this in public ever, because it is such a mystical subject. Even to all the ashramites I have not spoken about this. Only a few ashramites I told, ‘Hey, don’t have the fear of death when you leave the body. You will not fall into any dark space, you will not fall into any powerless space.’


 I know for sure, Ma Vishweshwara – Padmini Behl never heard this from my mouth directly. If she heard, then we can say, may be because she has heard, she imagined and all that. No! I know for sure, I have not spoken about it to everyone. If I had, I would have mentioned it in a line in passing. When she wrote her experience I was so happy that somebody experientially experienced what I described as Akshardham, the imperishable space.


I tell you, this is my Guru Vaak for my disciples, anybody who thinks myself as their guru. To all my

disciples, followers, devotees, this is my Guru Vaak, please understand. Listen to this statement!

Having health, wealth, success, excellence through Integrity Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching

is okay, great, no problem, nice; but while you are in the body, it is your responsibility to experience

Akshardham at least once so that you are clear your reservation is confirmed; your ticket, stay, place,

everything in Akshardham is confirmed, so that you don’t need to have the incompletion of ‘What will

happen to me after death? What will happen to me after I leave the body?’


I tell you, how much ever I talk to you, I will not be able to give you that Completion, what Ma

Vishweshwara is having now. See, that Completion in her being I will not be able to give you by talking.

She earned it as her experience. I want every one of you to earn it as your experience!  So, my Guru

Vaak for all of you is, while you are in the body, you should take up having your space reserved,

ensuring your space in Akshardhama. This can be done only by every night Completion before falling

asleep. Understand, before falling asleep, Completion should be a MUST! It should be like breathing!


I tell you, even if you give up morning Pada Puja, it is okay; but don’t give up the night Completion

process, because even once if you experience how your space will be after you leave the body, all the

incompletions about life and death will disappear. Now you know your space is reserved! Your space is



20:40 min

Understand, reserving your space, ensuring your space in Akshardham should be done by every disciple as early as possible. See, having your space in Akshardham is Enlightenment. That is Enlightenment, your Videha Mukthi is guaranteed.  If you have ensured your space in Akshardham, if you have ensured you’re in that eternal space, I tell you, the goal of your life is achieved. You are done, because you need a very high level of Integrity and Authenticity to experience the space of Akshardham.  Sometime it comes as a gift from the Master, but even as a gift from the Master, it comes only if you have that level of connection with the Master.  Your Integrity with the Master should be so high.  It can come in two ways: One, Integrity with the Life.  Second, Integrity with the Master.  Any one way it will come, but once you have that Akshardham experience, I tell you, there is no more incompletions with life or death.  You are now free.  

I’ll read that out that e-mail, her experience:


“Last Saturday, 21st September, Ma Vishweshwara had a very interesting dream.  The dream had happened just before getting up in the morning.”

This timing confirms that it is an experience, not just a dream. I sat and scanned the whole thing and relived what she went through, because when Jnanatma brought and showed me, I thought there is more to explore.  Usually when people come and show the email, in one glance I will say, ‘Thathasthu.’ OK I’ll take care OK blessings, tell her my blessings and healing and all that.’  That’s all. When Jnanatma came and showed this email, I felt very clearly there is something more I have to do about it.  It is a profound experience. The dream had happened just before getting up in the morning   when Vishweshwara came to the waking stage. The dream was fresh and clear.  It was more real than the waking state. Vishweshwara that is why I am telling it is not dream.  You can’t call this as dream.  It is experience. 

She recollected again, “Before getting up from the bed, first scene was she was getting out of her car and had a Swamiji’s book in her hand.  There were a group of people around.  She gave that book to one person and asked that person to read the book. The next scene looks like in Bidadi. She is sitting in a chair and knows she is going to die. There is no fear at all in her.  There were a lot of people around.  They called Swamiji. He came and placed his thumb on Vishweshwara’s Ajna Chakra and starts pressing it.  Ma Vishweshwara remembers holding some kumkum in her right hand.  She folded her hands, started saying “Ma Durga, Ma Durga!”  She wondered why she is saying “Ma Durga.”  Then she started saying “Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha”.  As Swamiji was pressing the Ajna Chakra, her breath became slow and steady, gradually.  All this was more real than real.  Then she heard Swamiji telling to the group of people around, “soul left the body, “and he also said “today we will have big Homa.” Then the crowd dispersed.  Swamiji went and sat in his seat.  Now comes the very interesting part.  Ma Vishweshwara did not have any fear to approach Swamiji.  She felt very free and childlike.”

Because, then you don’t have all these restrictions, restriction.

“She went and tapped gently on his right shoulder and said, ‘Swamiji, what is this?  Swamiji, I do not feel I am dead, I feel so alive!’ 

Then Swamiji looked at her direction and said, ‘Ma, I have put you in that space.  Just enjoy.’ 

Then Ma Vishweshwara woke up and could not believe what she just went through.  It was such a sweet experience. If death is so beautiful she wanted she can die many times. Whole thing felt so real and refreshing. With a deep gratitude Ma Vishweshwara bows down to Swamiji for giving her this beautiful experience.”


Great, this is from Brahmaswaroopa.

As I said, the whole thing is the experience.  See, actually now, you can also test whether it’s a real experience or a fantasy, imagination.  You can also test.  You may ask how you can test.   You will see, her death will happen exactly as she described now in this email.  Based on this, you guys will understand whether this experience is true or not.  I can tell you, it is clearly the experience of Akshardham.

And there is a beautiful story in the Krishna’s life:

One Gopika cries to Narada saying that, ‘I know if I leave this body, I will not have any restrictions and be away from Krishna.  If I leave this body, I know I will merge into Krishna.  So, please tell Krishna at least to take away this body so that I will relax in him, nothing will separate me from him.  Now this body is separating me and him too much.’

I tell you, actually, when you don’t have body, all these social “yes”, “no’s disappear.  These social “yes” , “no’s are the biggest headache where I also have to maintain this “yes” “no”, you also have to maintain that “yes” “no”. The law of the land and the law of the society on which you have to operate, that carries so much of “yes” “no”.   All these “yes”, “no’s, gets destroyed, disappears when you are in Akshardham.

Please understand, I am not a Guru just to give you little health and peace, wealth and excellence.  I am not against all that, but I am not just for that.  Don’t you see, even if you get health, body itself is sickness.  What is the use of health in that great sickness?  Life itself is such a big incompletion.  What your excellence can lead you to any Completion?  Life itself is a poverty.  How much of wealth can lead you to complete and experience wealthy?  I tell you, I am not just the Guru happened, the Master happened to give you a little health, wealth, or excellence, success, helping you to create the reality you wanted.  I do all that but I don’t stop there.  The real gift I wanted to give you all, the real experience I wanted all of you to have from me is the experience of Akshardham, the ultimate reality, reserving your space into that eternal space. 

I tell you, the moment you experience Akshardham even once in your life, now you are ready to age gracefully, now you are ready to leave the body gracefully.  Now Ma Vishweshwara to take the responsibility of the project of “Graceful Exit” and “Graceful Aging”.  Vishweshwara and Brahmaswaroopa, both, both of you guys should take up that – “Aging Gracefully” and “Graceful Exit”, because now you guys are the ideal.  No, this is a very important thing, I can tell you, this is one of the greatest gift you can receive from incarnation and I tell you, I really tell you, I am here to give this gift.

I wanted all the devotees, disciples, to take this up as a life, to take this up as a life.  Do Completion every night.  This is more powerful than any Kriya, any Yoga.  Actually, if you do Completion every night, you will automatically wake up early morning so fresh. Completion every night before falling asleep, Completion every night before falling asleep, is the greatest spiritual experience.

I will give you the essence in Hindi.

xxxx 33:58 Hindi -36:35  xxxx

There is a question: 

‘Swamiji, is it more important to spend the time doing Completion of that day’s incident or the past incidents?  That day’s incidents are closer to our life, but past incidents are the root of current incompletions.  So, which one to give priority?’

Please listen, the root of current incompletions, root of current incompletions, the past incidents, should be given the priority and I tell you, they will melt down in few days,  few weeks.  When the past incidents are no more there in your inner space, in your cognition, then you can finish that day’s incidents. But the past incidents which are the root  current of incompletions should be given the first priority and I tell you, that’s the most powerful –  is the right word I’ll use – most powerful process, technique.

So, the essence of today’s satsangh is:

Spend at least one hour, minimum half-an-hour to at least one hour, doing Completions with you.  You will really achieve ultimately what has to be achieved.

Let you all achieve, experience, live, express, radiate, share and explode in eternal bliss, Nithyananda.