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In today’s (11th April, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals how our teamily is part of and a reflection of us. Any incompletions we carry with our teamily can be found in some disturbance of our body or mind. But if you don’t reflect an incompletion in their eyes, be clear and complete that there is no incompletion – don’t create one. Let us remember we are the source of everything that goes on outside of us because it reflects our inner space. Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe. visit:
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Paramahamsa Nithyananda, teamily, body, mind, incompletion, create, inner space.
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars who are sitting with us all over the world  this time through Nithyananda TV, Lotus TV, Sadhna TV, Eshwar TV, Janashree TV,  two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha ,many countries, many cities around the world.

The cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing: Charlotte-Srisailam, Nithyananda Nagaramu-Hyderabad, Nithyananda Nagara-Bidadi, Nithyananda Nagara-Tiruvannamalai, Seattle-Chidambaram, Nithyananda University-Los Angeles, Nithyananda University-Paris, Singapore-Singapuram, Ohio-Prayag, New York-Varanasi, San Jose-Madurai, Oklahoma-Somanatham, Toronto-Kailasam, Houston-Kalahasti, London-Kashi, Varanasi,  Scottsdale-Arizona, Oman-Sivagangai, Dakota Dunes, High Point-North Carolina, Tuen Moon-Hong Kong, Santa Fe-New Mexico, Bogota-Colombia, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Jorpati-Nepal, Bangalore North, Guadeloupe-Rameswaram, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, Minot-North Dakota, San Antonio-Texas,  Kuala Lumpur-Palani, Hosur Dhyanapeetam.

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

We will start on the Science of Living Advaitha, Science of Living Enlightenment, the Teamily Process.

When you start working with your team, face all your so-called difficulties.  Listen. Nothing is difficult on this earth, but you have to DO it.  The good news is, nothing is difficult.  The best news is, you have to DO it.  If you don’t do, you don’t need to do, then what for life?  Nothing, nothing is difficult.  When you start relating with your teamily, please understand, the first thing will happen to you is, your ability to speak into your listening will happen.  I tell you, your intestine can be programmed immediately as you want.  If you just know to speak into your listening, your intestine can listen to you immediately.  Your intestine will just listen to you, your heart will listen to you, your liver will listen to you.  I am telling you after experientially experimenting in last two days.  

Last two days I was diagnosing the root of this cough.  And I was instructing the body, ‘Hey, alter it yourself.  Clear it.’  The body said, ‘If I have to do this much of work, the throat has to work this much.  Then I may need to recreate the whole throat and the whole organ with a new kind of a strength.  Just give me a few days, I’ll make it happen.’  Then I said, ‘Alright, till you do that, you don’t need to wait for the stomach to become alright.  You clear that.’  I saw clearly, the root of the cough has stopped immediately.  Now, only the throat, the new system is getting built.

Please listen.  Please listen.  I am on national television, and whatever I am speaking, I am responsible for it!  I am telling you on national television, you can talk to your organs, you can talk to your body; it’ll listen to you.  Only when you face your teamily, complete with them, when you learn to speak into their listening, simply you will see, your teamily is nothing but the representations mirrors of your heart, kidney, liver, brain.  If your teamily is completely disintegrated, disorganized, your body is also disintegrated and disorganized, your mind is also disintegrated and disorganized.

Your mind has many components: Chittha, Buddhi.  “Chittha” means, all the memory storage.  “Buddhi” means, which orders a special file to be drawn.  For example, the moment you see somebody wearing the kaavi-coloured dress, you would have had a good and bad experience, both, with that colour.  If your Buddhi orders the bad file and the Chittha will supply that, that is what becomes incompletion.  If your Buddhi orders the good file and that is what the Chittha will supply and that only leads to friendliness.  

Understand, whether your perception, sensory activities leads to more and more incompletion or friendliness is decided by the responsibility with which your Buddhi behaves. The responsibility with which your Buddhi behaves.  Listen!  Please understand, if your Buddhi cognizes from the space of Advaitha that, ‘everything I am responsible, I am the source’, then it always orders the right files to the Chittha.  It always orders the right files from the Chittha. Your mind has so many components. Your mind is your teamily.  Your body is your teamily.  Your teamily is your body and mind.  Understand?  When you are able to speak into the listening of your teamily, you will be able to speak into the listening of the different components of your mind, the different components of your body.  

Few devotees were requesting that they need time for completing with all their teamily members.  I agreed to extend.  Only two more days, forty-eight hours.  I don’t want to extend more than that.  So, tomorrow, day-after-tomorrow.  Day-after-tomorrow morning satsangh, you should come back to the satsangh after completely completing with all your teamily members, so that I can lead you guys to the next level.  

So, before Guru Poornima, I wanted at least a bunch of people living this Advaitha practically.  How our kids do the Rudra Homa and make the gods pleased, they please the gods and make the heavens shower.  Yesterday, when they completed the Rudra Homa, no cloud; it was complete white, open sky.  I went to the temple and asked them, ‘Did you guys finish the Rudra Homa?’  They said, ‘Yes, Swamiji, we finished.’  I said, ‘It HAS to shower!’  They brought the prasadam to me.  And, when I put the prasadam only after putting the Prasadam,  Homa Prasadam, when I opened my eyes I realized  now already I accepted because I accepted, all the gods have accepted, now it HAS to shower! And these fellows had a very short cut way. And it simply showered in few minutes!  Normally it drizzles, yesterday it just poured!  

Understand, I want all of you to radiate enlightenment, to radiate Advaitha with all its powers and siddhis.  Never have the beggar mentality of acquiring siddhis, accumulating siddhis.  It is like you steal in your own father’s garden, mango garden.  No!  You own it!  The moment you are my disciple, I tell you, you own the whole Cosmos!  You are the favourite inheritor of the Cosmos - Brahmanyam Bahuputhrathaam.  

Understand, for the few people who have done great charity, God gives wealth.  For few people who always do good, he gives power.  For few people who share food, he gives them grains.  For few people who are able to bring up the kids as good citizens of the society, he gives the “santhaana” –  the kids.  Only for few, he gives Himself as Guru.  Many get his wealth; many get his land; many get his properties; many get his powers; very few get Himself as Guru!  Understand, the moment you are my disciple, you are the favourite inheritor of the Cosmos.  Be very clear.  You don’t, do not move with the idea of acquiring siddhis, it’s a beggar mentality.  Be very clear, it is your nature; wake it up!  Know very clearly, it is your nature; you don’t need to accumulate, acquire.  Start thinking and acting from the context of Advaitha.  Start thinking and acting from the basic truth of Advaitha; automatically, these siddhis will start expressing. Sometimes even you don’t know which pipe you opened it and water will be flowing there.  You will be radiating the siddhis.  

So, today and tomorrow, day-after-tomorrow, I will explain on this principle of teamily, why a teamily.  If you are locked in a prison  of 10 feet by 10 feet, and somebody tells you there that if you are free you will have the whole universe for yourself.  And that foolish, stupid prisoner, he starts imagining, ‘Now only 10 feet x 10 feet I am allowed to use.  Then to acquire 10 feet by 10 feet more, how many years it will take for me?  Then to acquire 100 feet by 100 feet, how many years it will take for me?  Then to acquire one acre by one acre, kilometre by one kilometre, how many years it will take for me?’  If this stupid fellow calculates that way, how he is foolish and does not know the truth, same way only you are struggling saying, ‘This one body controlling itself is taking five year training for me.  Still I have not controlled.  Then one more body I have to control. Then third body I have to control.  By the time I feel oneness with the whole Cosmos, I don’t know how many janmas it is going to take!’  No you are fool!  You are stupid!  If that fellow just gets out of that 10 feet by 10 feet prison, the whole universe belongs to him!  Same way, if you integrate this one body and complete with it the whole universe belongs to you.  The whole Cosmos belongs to you!  

When I say, ‘Work with some eleven people to create a teamily and Advaitha’, don’t think, ‘Once I establish myself in Advaitha with eleven people, then I will have to start with hundred people, then I will have to start with thousand people.’  No.  Once you master these eleven people, with the whole world you will experience Advaitha!  Because this eleven just mirrors your incompletions with the part of your body, parts of your mind, parts of your being.  See the people with whom you share your food, you share your bed, you share your house, you share your office, naturally in all of them, in all their eyes you will reflect all the incompletions you have.  Your teamily, in their eyes the incompletions which did not reflect, you don’t have, understand that.  If you don’t reflect some incompletions in their eyes, be complete you don’t have that incompletion.  Your teamily also is not having that incompletion.  But you doubt whether you have that incompletion or not; means, it is self-doubt; it is not incompletion.  

When you work with your teamily, the problems you face are the only problems you have with your body, with the different parts of your body and the different parts of your mind.  That is why I am insisting on your teamily.  Understand?  That is why I am insisting, first create a teamily.  When you start planning Completion with them, the problems you face...Don’t stop, find solution.  Find solution.  When you complete with the people with whom you are sharing your life, you will simply have the power to speak into the listening of your own various parts of the body, you will have the power to speak into various components of your mind.  I tell you, I tell you as a person who is using his mind to its optimum. People who are living around me they know, when I am instructing about the University Syllabus and designing how the legal and social and brand structure of the University has to happen, the depth and preciseness, and the next moment remembering some brahmachari’s or brahmacharini’s whole file from the day they joined, what all they did,  what all the patterns with which they struggled and how they grew up and where they are, and where they need to move, I tell you without any pride or arrogance, I am putting the mind to its maximum use.  With this experience I am telling you, if you complete with your teamily, you will put your mind to its maximum use.

I tell you, please understand, I wanted to give you a very deep insight.  If you catch this, you will understand one of the most secret of the universal law.  Listen.  If you want to be a Councillor of a small town, naturally all their interests, the interests of the citizens of that small town should become part of your thinking.  If you want to be a Chairman of that town, all the interests of the citizens and the interests of the Councillors should become part of your thinking.  When you are Chairman of a town, you think, ‘If I become the Chief Minister or a Prime Minister, how much of power and pleasure I will have, how much of glory I will have!’  Please listen, but by the time you evolve as a MLA or MP or Minister or a Chief Minister, so many lakhs and lakhs and crores of people’s interests should become part of you, your thinking. Don’t think...  Actually, many time people think they will be able to retain their personal desires, their personal interests, and climb the ladder of power.  No by the time you climb the ladder of power, many of your personal interests will be pulled out of you, and the remaining personal interests  you are retaining is what I call “Corruption”.  

Climbing the ladder of power without giving up your personal interests is “Corruption”.  Climbing the power ladder giving up your personal interests is “Dharma”.  Listen. It is very subtle point.  When you climb the ladder of power, automatically, by force, much of your personal interests will be pulled out of you.  And, I tell you, becoming the part of others’ interests and allowing the others’ interests as part of you itself can become joy.  When others’ interests become part of your joy, it is called “Vairagya”.  Listen when others’ interests become part of your joy, it is “Vairagya”.  Means, the personal interests have lost power over you.  

Climbing the power ladder and still struggling hard to keep the personal interests is “Corruption.  Allowing the personal interests to disappear into the others’ interests and climbing the power ladder is “Dharma”.  Allowing the others’ interests and enjoying it as personal interest is “Vairagya”.  And becoming a catalyst for others’ interests is “Enlightenment”, “Moksha”.  Whether you are in the field of entertainment, politics, spirituality, social service. Understand, I am giving you the sutra of Dharma, the law of life.  Whether you are going to be a cinema celebrity or political celebrity, or spiritual celebrity, or business celebrity, or social leader, social revolutionary, whatever it is, I tell you, it is your ability to give up your personal interests and allow the others’ interests as part of you. The ability to allow the others’ interests as part of you is “Success”.  The ability to allow the others’ interests as your part is “Success”.  And when you work with the teamily, you will understand, you will really, really understand your personal interests are not that strongly powerful over you other than your joy of fulfilment.  Understand.

See, the lust pattern is created in you because you did not enjoy love.  When the love is experienced and the fulfilment starts, even you will be surprised how your lust pattern has melted down.  You will feel cheated by your lust pattern.  You will really feel cheated by your lust pattern. ‘You fellow, trusting you! I have done so many things of building a house, catching a wife! Building a whole family. Suddenly when I am kept everything ready you are not there!’ Trusting your lust pattern and building your life is like trusting your sneezing and building a Hot House!  Because you sneezed once, you never, ever, wanted that again, you create a special temperature house around you and you carry that with you wherever you go.  For a simple sneezing do you need that big a solution?  

Same way, many time the lust pattern is nothing more than a sneezing, but you have built so many things just for that one pattern.  By the time you built and prepared everything and looking in, that pattern is not there!  ‘Aiyyaiyyo!’  Understand because, for the lust pattern when you build whatever you need, somewhere you will hit and experience love.  Suddenly because of that love, the lust pattern loses its power.  Why do you think pornography has become such a large multi-million dollar industry in the Planet Earth?  Because the foolish fellows are cheated by the actual lust pattern, because they worked so much for it, by the time they completed the work and looking in to the lust pattern it has disappeared!  It is like there’s a small plant, small mango tree going up, and you feel, ‘Wow!  The Mango is going to happen and let me fence it!’  You go around and fence and do everything.  And by the time you come back, the plant is dead! You walk six kilometre and cut the wood, five kilometres and brought the thorns, two kilometres and brought the rope, one kilometre and brought the scaffolding and you tied everything. When you get there plant is dead!  So then what to do?  Come on at least bring pornography! In trying to infuse power into the dead pattern is pornography, understand.  Whether it is food or lust, anything!  A big, big advertisements for food, the McDonald’s tower, is food pornography. The big, big burgers advertisement is food pornography!  Trying to infuse interest into the dead patterns and making it look like larger than life is pornography.  It does not need to be restricted only to lust.  Food - in every field!  And ear-abusing Rock Band are also sound pornography!  Ear-abusing Rock Bands!  I defined Pornography, understand.  It is not restricted just to lust.  In any field trying to infuse interest into the pattern which does not have power over you, but, because you believe that pattern has a power and you built your life, now the pattern is dead you realize your life is empty, you want to give false pseudo life to that pattern, you put ventilator on that pattern,  is pornography.  Through ventilator you can keep somebody alive, but not living! You can keep somebody alive, but not living.  That is why pornographists may keep the lust pattern alive, but not living.

Listen.  Please listen.  When you start working with your teamily with whom you share your bed, if you complete with the person, person or persons with whom you share your bed, you will be complete with all your lust patterns.  The person or persons with whom you share your food, person or persons with whom you share your office, person or persons with whom you share your life, complete with all of them.  You will see so many of your patterns do not have power over you, but you infuse power into them through pornography.  Your violence has lost power over you, but by seeing constantly horror movies and entertaining, cherishing horror thoughts and yellow journalism, you are infusing power into your violence.  Yellow journalism, horror movies are violent pornography.  Pornography of non - violence, pornography of multiple variety, pornography of lust, pornography of violence, pornography of food.  Liberate yourself from all these and come back to the true and ultimate space of Advaitha, Shuddha Advaitha.  Working with teamily will make that happen to you.  Working with teamily will make that happen to you.  

Understand, any principle will become reality in your life only based on the intensity with which you are adopting it.  Just the other day I was talking to one of the Mahants.  I said, ‘The deity becomes God because of your devotion to it.’  See, in the temples, nicely carved statues are there in the pillars. They only become the pillar statues, decorative pieces. But uncarved simple stone remains as Swaymbhu Linga in the Garba Griha receives worship as the God!  What a funny thing!  So, it is not an external carving which makes a stone into a deity.  It is our internal devotion makes a stone into a deity.  How we hold it makes it deity.  Same way, this Advaitha, how you hold it is only going to make it as a reality in your life.


I bless you all.  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing  eternal bliss, Nithyananda.  Thank you.