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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals that many patterns we carry are just part of our biological clock and can be easily altered. Hunger, fear, and lust are the main patterns we encounter daily. We can observe how each of these patterns arrive at nearly the same time each day – hunger attacks in the morning, fear grips us at sunset, and lust shows up after 9pm. We should take care to never make any decisions from the space of these three, but observe how they hold us and complete with them – that is Living Enlightenment!
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all the Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis sitting with us all over the world at this time through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, Lotus TV, Eshwar TV, Janashree TV,  two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha in many cities around the world,  many countries.

Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha: Toronto-Kailasam, Seattle-Chidambaram, Ohio-Prayag, Houston-Kalahasti, Los Angeles-Arunachalam, Nithyananda Nagaramu-Hyderabad, Port Washington-New York, Bangalore Centre, Herts-UK, Johns Creek Georgia, Tiruvanmiyur-Chennai, Indrani-New Jersey, Oklahoma-Somanatham, Devon-UK, Singapore-Singapuram, London-Kashi, Kulim-Tiruttani, High Point-North California, Camus-Hong Kong, San Jose-Madurai, New York-Varanasi, Jorpati-Nepal, Oman-Sivagangai, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, Seremban-Sivakasi, Philadelphia, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Olympia-Washington, California, Paris-Home Temple, Colorado Springs-USA.

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today, Rajarajeshwari Brahmotsava! Devi, Mahadevi is gracing us on Suvarna Naga Vahana, Golden Snake Adi Sesha Vahana with Sridevi and Lakshmi serving her.  The fifth day, Suvarna Naga Vahana, Golden Adi Sesha Vahana.

Today is also Bhishma Ekadashi, birthday of the Vishnu Sahasranama.  Vishnu Sahasranama was sung by Bhishma on this auspicious day.  Actually, it will come before Makara Sankaranti; may be, in course of time, it got overlapped.  

So, Inner Awakening fifth day, Level-2, beginning today.  In the Inner Awakening Level-2, you will learn the science of completing with others.  You will be experientially initiated into the science of completing with others.

So I can also see the team joining from    Andhra Pradesh.  Team has gone to do some work in Andhra Pradesh,   Rishi  Advait, and  Bhakta, Atma and Bhaktika  I can see you guys, yes .

 So  I’ll , I’ll expand on Completion with others today. Please understand, completion with others is nothing but causing the power of completion  happen in everyone. See, completion with others starts happening if you are in the space of completion.  Actually, many people ask me, ‘I want to complete with her, complete with them.’ But  I tell them, ‘Unless  you come to the space of  completion, don’t go for  completion because  if you are in incomplete  you go there for completion,  you will only pick up fight and come back. Put yourself in more incompletion put the other person in more incompletion.’  It is both bulls are hitting in my campus, I only have to take care and the whole world is my campus!  So, I always tell people, ‘You come to the space of completion and decide   completion with others is like a causing the same space into other person.’  Causing the same space into other person,  not only that, you should now know you have to speak into the other person’s listening.  

Sometimes, even when I know very clearly somebody is going to have suffering because of their, the “grihas”, astrological influences, or their mental setup, I won’t be able to tell them, I won’t tell them, because their listening is not ready to receive it.  Either they will suspect I am lying or they will doubt I am cursing ,   so  naturally  all  I do is just keep quiet ,  maybe I’ll  be ready to  give them support.

So, please understand, when you go to complete also you have to speak into the listening of the person with whom you are completing.  

In these next six days, you will be experientially taught, you will be experientially taught to speak into the listening of the listener.  

Please understand, you have to have tremendous sensitivity towards human-beings unless you are a great Master.  If you are a great Master, you should not have any sensitivity to human emotion because they’re useless.   But if you are an ordinary human-being working in the plane of ordinary human-being, you should understand people are a bunch of patterns. People are bunch of patterns. Their money, their land, their properties, their wealth, all that is of a great help – please listen – all that is of great help in their life.  Listen, I am giving a very important example, for a person, his money, his land, his car, his relationships, all that is of a great help for him.  Because he thinks all are  great  help for him, he starts thinking slowly that all of them are part  of him and develops many patterns related to them and lives as a bunch of patterns.  Please understand, when you make ten-crore or hundred-crore , you plan that you, your “vamsha”, all of you will live with that money, but  by the time you make that money you start thinking that money has become part of you and the patterns around money have become part of you.  Understand, then by the time you have hundred-crore, you are no more capable of living because already you have become a bunch of patterns, bunch of patterns.  

Human-beings are bunch of patterns, so  even when you do good to them, even when you want to do good to them, you have to go near them very carefully  you have to talk into their listening very carefully with a lot of sensitivity.  In your case, a normal man, you supposed to create the space of completion in you and share that space with others.  That is what is “completion with others”.  But the Master’s job is a little different. He just cuts out a part of incompletion in you which you will be constantly creating with one or another and throws it for crow.  Listen, but you won’t be able to do that job, if you try to do that job you’ll only get into more incompletions and fight , you will only start getting into the fight with the other person , He is not going to let you work on him.  

Ability to speak into the listening of the listener happens only if you move to the space of Completion. Completion the space of completion is experienced only with the ability to speak into the listener’s listening, ability to speak into the listener’s listening.  Please listen, danse suniya. If you listen yourself, you will lead you to the space of completion.  Completion is nothing but you listening to you sincerely with a deep sensitivity. Same way, completion happens when you are sincere towards the other person also.  When you are completing   with other person, you may speak also,  it is not that words are banned, but you will speak from the space of listening . When you speak from the space of listening, you will complete the other person, you will complete the other person.  

Please understand, whether you are a person with life or you are a person full of patterns, when you start listening to you, you will understand what is you and what is patterns. That understanding automatically makes you live with you more and more, live less with patterns.  When you do not entertain the patterns again and again in your day-to-day life, in two-three months you will see, the patterns you have not entertained at all just dies by itself like a plant which was not watered.  You entertaining certain patterns, strengthens you, strengthens the pattern. Please understand, if you don’t entertain the pattern:

I had a pattern for quite a long time: waking up only 9 o’clock or 10 o’clock, going to bed morning 2 o’clock. Suddenly one day, I declared that I am going to start the morning satsangh and changed it, decided to wake up morning 4 or 5 so that I am ready and out for satsang.  When I did not entertain that pattern of sleeping up to 9 or 10 for ten days, over! Now the whole body bio-clock is changed.

I tell you; all your big patterns are just bio-clock, connected with some bio-clock, that’s all.  When the time comes, your mouth will ask   coffee, when the times comes, cigarette, when the times comes, beer. It is just connected to the bio-clock.  Few days, few days just move, move them, move them, move them.  If you don’t entertain a pattern just for two-three months, you will see that it becomes powerless in you and just dies. It just dies; it is just biological clock, nothing else.  When it is morning, the Manipuraka will become active asking for food,   when it is evening, the Swadishtana will start getting active asking for rest and feeling insecure.  That is why, the evening always your fears will rise. Once it is night, around 10 or 11 the Mooladhara   will become active asking for the sexual pleasure.  This is just a biological clock; That is why the tradition in the Akhada Sampradhaya, always a Sadhu has to take bath after 9 in the cold water, come and sit and meditate, he should not engage himself in any external activity  because any external activity you engage yourself in at that time, it will only be searching for sexual pleasure, it will only be inspired by that fire.    

In the morning, any activity you do, it will only be inspired, pushed by stomach, Manipuraka. If you are going towards  fulfilling that, it’ll   push,   if you are going to do something else also, it’ll  be always reminding  you, ‘I’m  here you’re  unattending ,I am unattended, I am unattended,’ asking, the breakfast fire,  till   you attend to it,  it will be asking.  Same way, by the time it becomes “sandhya” the evening sunset, Swadhisthana will become active bringing life, giving life to fear patterns.  By the time it is night -that is why I always insist after 10 you should only do completion and fall asleep. Any action you do, I insist any action you do, whether attending phone calls or chatting, any action you do it’ll  be driven by the fire of lust. The  Sannyas Sampradhaya after 9 any interaction with   other gender whether it is a phone call or  direct talk, or chat, should be completely avoided, because your biological clock will be functioning based on Mooladhara ;  In akhadas they have this rule.  

I tell you, all your patterns are nothing but your biological clock.   If you don’t entertain them for two three months, suddenly they will become powerless, they won’t have any more power over you.  Sometimes, I wonder, human-beings not knowing how to get out of these simple patterns, they mess up their whole lives; get into worst relationships, suffering so much, giving up such huge beautiful possibilities.  Never entertain fear starts during sunset, never entertain lust starts during night never entertain the hunger starts in the early morning when the sun raises, never entertain all these three because they are not real.  Never make a decision based on all these three. The hunger in the morning should not give you agitation, make you agitated if you don’t give food.  Never entertain all these three , I am not saying don’t eat in the morning , I am saying don’t entertain the patterns associated with that   morning breakfast ,  you will see such, such amount of stress  and the confusion gets awakened along with your morning hunger.  Same way, after the sunset, the  amounts  of fear will get generated.  

Listen!  How many of you listen to you? You are able to exactly able to catch all these three descriptions I am saying, and say that these patterns come to play in your system in your day-to-day life ,   any of you caught  it?    Good!  Complete it!  Complete it.

If you are caught with that morning hunger pattern, do Nirahara Samyama; you will break that pattern, do Nirahara Samyama  may be for  two months.  Means, first, Level-1, Level-2, Level-3, then Level-4.  You will break that pattern.  Same way, evening when the fear starts  raising  be active,  do something very  creative and active, like working, doing some action, some voluntary services or some puja, or some chanting, some Homa.  And the night, when it becomes 9 pm, take bath, come and sit and do completion.  In two-three months you will see you will break this whole pattern, any pattern which you have not entertained will die down in two months.  

My, this pattern  that late-night-sleeping and waking up very late, it hardly took two-three  days  for me ,  I said, ‘ Come on hey Bio-clock, set it right!’, and it   got set  right,   Over !    You can do it. It is not difficult for you, just   little completion, In ten days I even forgot that I used to be like  that.   If there is no program I  would sleep early even in those days ,   but if there are programs,  those days the meditation program itself  will go up to  12 o’clock,  1 o’clock – then I’d go and   sleep.  Because my pattern is like that, the programs were also like that, now I changed the programs itself and I changed my pattern also.

Understand, all the patterns you entertain gets power because you entertain. I have seen  in those days also, the moment the class is over, I ‘ll go and lie down that is different  but  subtly  I myself only will , may be   extending the class, sitting and talking, or doing some session  because I have this pattern  late-night-go-and-sleep and don’t wake up in the morning!  I won’t waste time ,  neither that time, nor neither  now I  waste time , but   because of my one personal pattern,  late night sleeping  and waking up late   the whole  group was having that same thing, the whole Sangha was  having  that.  Once I decided to shift and complete, now the whole Sangha is having this beautiful pattern.  By 9 at night now we shut down or 10   shut down, morning 4 o’clock everyone is up alive!  

Never ever engage in any conversation, especially with the opposite gender, after 9 pm. Keep this as a law of Sannyas, no question of interaction especially for Sannyasis!  This is not for Grihasthas   for Sannyasis!  Grihasthas also don’t go around and relate with everyone!  Grihastha does not mean you are given licence to do whatever you want.

So understand, actually, “living enlightenment” is nothing but, at some time of your life, actually you experience completion when you do the completion process or have some meditation experience  unclutching or something.  Get that fabric which you experience during that completion moment and settle down with all aspects of your life; that’s all is “living enlightenment.”  

Getting that fabric of  the completion and fixing it with all the actions and activities and routine of your life is “living enlightenment”.  Unfortunately, now in the MTV culture, the highest pleasure you’ll experience in the life as you are taught by the liberal thinking is the sex pleasure.  So that few minutes’ experience, that fabric is picked up and spread all your life.  Whole day you think about  that, work for that, move towards it for that few minutes of that experience  of sexual pleasure , that is MTV  culture, liberal thinking.  The NTV culture, liberated thinking says, the few minutes of completion, pick up that fabric and spread it all over your life and think for it, work for it, move towards it and experience it!  MTV claims sex is the peak possibility of a human being, peak possibility pleasure.  NTV claims, completion is the peak possibility pleasure!  The whole world is nothing but the fight between these two concepts, that’s all – Liberal Thinking and Liberated Thinking. They have more money so they are loud.  We may, may not have more money, we may, may not be loud, but we are clear, they are just loud.  We are Loud and Clear.

Understand, don’t allow the morning hunger to instigate patterns in you, evening fears to instigate patterns in you, night lust instigate patterns in you.  Once it becomes 9 pm, don’t talk to other gender if you are a Sannyasi , don’t chat, don’t communicate, even if you think you don’t have lust , you will not know the other person what is the intention or mood he is going  through

Complete you with the deep listening, you will be able to speak into the listening of the other and complete the other person.  


I bless you all!  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching with eternal bliss, Nithyananda!  Thank you!