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Paramahamsa Nithyananda decodes the verse 5th of Kena Upanishad, which shows us the goal of life. Our worship and work should be shipped i.e. ‘WORKSHIP’ towards the highest Infinite, which is Brahman. Many times, the later part this verse is mis-interpreted by atheists, agnostics that the idols of Gods and Goddess should not be worshipped being the limited objects. But this is not what is the meaning of this verse. Swamiji thunders, “Listen. When Upanishad says - viddhi nedaṁ yadidamupāsate – it means: don’t keep finite limited objects as goal of your life, don’t be in love with them. Many time, you will be worshipping Deities, but you will be in love with wealth, name and fame. Here the word UPĀSATE, I will translate as – what ‘people keep as their goal, and worship and cherish here as their limited, finite object.." Speech cannot illumine Brahman, Sadāshiva. Mind cannot illumine Sadāshiva, vāk (speech) cannot illumine Sadashiva, visualization cannot illumine Sadashiva. Then, why vāk, why vizualization, why mind? Because if you start seeing the Source of vāk, mind, vizualization, what illuminates vāk, what illuminates vizualization, what illuminates mind, you will find the Brahman. Don’t see where I am showing, see WHO AM I. Today’s subject for Vākyartha Sadas is – WORKSHIP and WORSHIP. What you WORKSHIP, what you worship? In this two, is there anything finite, or both are infinite. Because that is going to be the important decision. Your workship and worship should be infinite, if they are infinite, you are already the favorite inheritor of the Cosmos. yad-vācānabhyuditaṁ yena vāgabhyudyate tadeva brahma tvaṁ viddhi nedaṁ yadidamupāsate || 5 || That, which speech does not illumine or reveal, but by which the speech [vācā] is illumined or revealed and expressed—you must know That alone as Brahman, the Absolute existence, and not what people worship and cherish here as this finite, limited object. Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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nithyānandeśvara samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām
vande guru paramparām |

I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

I welcome all the Devotees, Disciples, Sarvajnapeetha Yajamans, Nithya Satsanghis, SriMahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, Visitors, Viewers, sitting with us, all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Facebook live, YouTube live, and through two way Video Conferencing, having Nayana Deeksha, all over the world.

I welcome all of you with my love and respects.


I’ll recite 7th, 8th , 9th  verses. Please recite along with me :


yaccakṣuṣā na paśyati yena cakṣūṁṣi paśyati
tadeva brahma tvaṁ viddhi nedaṁ yadidamupāsate || 7 ||


Eighth verse:


yacchrotreṇa na śṛṇoti yena śrotramidaṁ śrutam
tadeva brahma tvaṁ viddhi nedaṁ yadidamupāsate || 8 ||


Ninth verse :


yatprāṇena na prāṇiti yena prāṇaḥ praṇīyate
tadeva brahma tvaṁ viddhi nedaṁ yadidamupāsate || 9 ||


Actually the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th – all the 5 verses are powerful repetition. Please understand……when a speaker, ahh Dharma….ummm…..I think Karma…..Karma is Karma…..Karma, karmunda, Karma. This is not powerful repetition.  He’s just so powerless, he does not understand what he is going to talk. And he goes on repeating something. He’s not powerful repetition.

He knows what he is talking. He wants people to listen and he is clear about why he is repeating. He’s powerful repetition. Understand, there are two types of repetitions. Because you don’t know what to tell and you don’t know what you told and you don’t know how you are clear or you don’t know what you want to convey. You know which road to take. If you want to listen, the powerless repetitions, you know which road to take. If you want to listen, POWERFUL REPETITION, take Mysore Road.  




Listen…..4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, all these 5 verses are powerful repetition, especially 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, these 5 verses, same word:


viddhi nedaṁ yadidamupāsate

viddhi nedaṁ yadidamupāsate

viddhi nedaṁ yadidamupāsate; viddhi nedaṁ yadidamupāsate;

The full line – tadeva brahma tvaṁ viddhi nedaṁ yadidamupāsate; that full line is repeated five times. As I said – tadeva brahma tvaṁ viddhi nedaṁ yadidamupāsate – is the most number of times, repeated verse in all the 108 Upanishads.


I wanted to explain the sacred secrets in these verses, one by one, the way you can grasp. So actually, I am going to go to the 9th verse first, and then come to the 7th and I’ll explain, because how you grasp, how you can understand, I’ll explain step by step.




The ninth verse:

yatprāṇena na prāṇiti yena prāṇaḥ praṇīyate
tadeva brahma tvaṁ viddhi nedaṁ yadidamupāsate || 9 ||


Now I’ll give you the translation


That, that which one breathes, not with the breathing, but by which the breath, in-breathes vital life energy, prāṇa, being impelled by that Source of life, you must know That alone as Brahman, and not this, which is worshipped and cherished work-shipped here as the limited object.

Listen, I’ll repeat once more.

That which one breathes not with the breathing but by which the breath, in-breathes the vital life energy, being impelled by the Source of life.


I tell you…...some of the anti-hindu elements and pseudo Hindu elements translate this verse, translate this thought current of PRĀṆA, the thought current of PRANA, as the organ of smelling. No. Listen….Listen, PRANA,, breathing is not for smelling. Please listen, it has multiple purpose, if you try to translate that as a smelling, the whole sacred secret is lost. See, having a physical relationship may bring a child, but that alone is not physical relationship. Having a child alone, is not physical relationship. Physical relationship, has ten other dimensions, components. Smelling alone is not PRANA. One of the job of the PRANA, is smelling. Listen carefully, you need to understand, first the principle of breathing, PRANA, life energy. It has…. is not just smelling, it is experiencing. I tell you, I’ll give you a simple example. If you breathe a hill, or a ocean, or a river, just by yourself, you will breathe peace. The same place, same hill, same river, same ocean, if you breathe, with the people, with whom you have complete Completion, you will breathe Bliss.




The same place if you are with the fellows with whom you don’t have Completion, they are forced on you, please listen, whenever the ideological relationship does not exist and only biological or blood relationship exists, they are load on you. Blessed are the families, who have a common ideology as their source of inspiration. Blessed are the son and the father, mother and the daughter, brother and the sister, husband and wife, who, Swamiji is the connecting point. I tell you, because the ideological Completion is there. You have tons of reasons to hang around. You have tons of things to talk around. You have tons of reasons to be together, I tell you. I’ll give you this one line, if you have tons of reasons to be together that is Completion.


I tell you, till you are enlightened there can never be Complete Completion, but your Completion is more stronger than your small incompletions, so incompletions becomes irrelevant, is Completion. Listen carefully, till you are enlightened there can never be Complete Completion, but the Completions you are having is so powerful, the small, small incompletions are irrelevant, that is Completion. That is what is the Completion you can achieve, you should think of, you should imagine, you should wait for, you should be aspiring.




Breathing is not smelling, breathing is breathing the energy, life energies of the people around you. Understand this example, a beautiful beach or a hill or a river, if you are breathing it all by yourself, you will breathe peace, if you are breathing that same space with the people whom you have a Completion, you will be breathing Bliss. Joy. The same place if you are breathing ,with the people whom you have incompletion, you will be breathing Hell.


Understand this example, whenever you go to an energy field, where the great Beings lived like Kali Temple of Dakshineshwar, Srirangam Ranganatha Swami, Arunachaleswara, Meenakshi, Viswanatha, where the great Beings lived - breathe that place. I tell you, still they are alive, in those places, still their PRANA is alive, in that places. Breathe. Breathing is not smelling. Smelling is one of the side effects of breathing. Breathing means being alive, living that place, tasting that place, experiencing that place. With a person with whom you have Completion, friendliness, even breathing in that person’s space gives you so much of life, that is why you always want to hang around, not with right people, but with the people with whom you have a Completion. Understand everyone is trying to hang around with the people with whom they have Completion. Actually, I can very clearly see in our Ashram, who hangs around based on that I’ll know, where that fellow is heading. Because he is enjoying that PRANA. He is enjoying that life, that frequency.




Understand the PRANA, you enjoy, the life energy you enjoy, is most important. Under the banyan tree, still, you can live the PRANA, of Sadāshiva. He is there. Saptarishis lived in Ram Nagara, because Sadashiva and Devi and Nandi, lived here. Still all the Sapta Rishis are in the form of huge seven hillock, single stone in Ramnagara. They heard Agamas from Mahadeva, under this banyan tree. If you read the Kamika Agama description, where Sadāshiva was sitting, and teaching to whom all, everything hundred percent fits with our banyan tree. See the description. See the description, then you will understand. Read the original verse and see the description. Maybe later on I will explain. After Sadāshiva taught the Agamas, the Rishis were living in Ramanagara, and practicing. That is when Rama comes. When He heard, the Saptarishis are living. He comes and stays here, then Saptarishis bring him. He also came and heard, not only the Agamas, the Upanishads also, from Mahadeva directly. And then after the war, after Rama wins the war, after the Patta abhishekam, he brings Hanuman, Sita and Laxmana, Bharata, Shatrughna, the whole battalion, to show where all he lived. The Rama leela sthanas. That time, the same place, Rama sits, and describes to Hanuman, what he heard from Sadāshiva, because Hanuman is the incarnation of Nandi. Nandi himself came to support Rama, in his Avataric mission, as Rama is the great devotee of Sadāshiva. Rama taught whatever he heard from Sadāshiva to Hanuman. That is what is recorded in Muktikopanishad, as the 108 Upanishads. Under this Banyan tree, you can breathe Sadāshiva. Breathe.




Breathing is not smelling. Same way, if you sit in a dark room, and go on breathing, you will only be in hell, not only you will be in hell, you will be creating hell for others. People who are interested in being hell, you go to hell, don’t put others in hell. Not relating with people constantly sitting in dark room is a disease, as per Vedic psychology and sleeping when this is being told. Understand…..Yesterday in the SMKT meeting I was telling one important truth, the more and more number of people, want to hang around you, more and more success in everything you do, it means, you carry that kind of PRANA, where people feel rejuvenated, refreshed by breathing your PRANA. By breathing your PRANA. It is not necessary that you have to be completely Complete with everyone, for people to enjoy your PRANA. No. If you are completely Complete with you, and go on encouraging Completion with everyone, that itself will rejuvenate everyone’s PRANA, whoever comes around you, will feel they are rejuvenated. Whole Inner Awakening is nothing but 21 days, you breathing my PRANA, that’s all. That’s all. Now this December, this whole Sadashivoham is nothing but I am letting Sadāshiva, to breathe through this body and you’ll be breathing Sadāshiva’s PRANA, that’s all. Sadāshiva in His full form. Powers and possibilities and experiences. You’ll be just breathing Sadāshiva for 21 days, that’s all.




Understand this science of breathing. It is not just smelling; it is something far deeper. See, all this healing. People come and tell me,” Oh, I got healed by you from this problem, that problem. It is nothing but you breathe My space for few seconds, that’s all. And this Initiations, last two days, I am sitting and working, next level of Initiation to the kids. They just put the book and read the whole book, from the mirror. Now only, they are mastering. They have not mastered, they are mastering. I tell you, within next one week, I will make this whole Macaulay’s education system, redundant for my kids. Actually, once they put the book away and read that book through the mirror, jnananjana mirror, the whole data will get into their system. Any question you ask, they will verbatim repeat the answer. If book is wrong, their answer, will be wrong. If the book, is right, their answer will be right. If book, has spelling mistake, they will do the same spelling mistake. That verbatim, they will be able to repeat. Even autistic kids, the special attention needed kids, the special kids, nothing just if they breathe my space, that’s all. If they breathe my PRANA, that’s all. Simply healing happens. Not only healing, they radiate my brainpowers. They will become more powerful than normal kids. You bring abnormal child, I will not give you the normal child back, I’ll give you super normal child back. Because they breathe my PRANA.



Understand the importance of breathing. It is not smelling, you are breathing Life. It is too important, you need to constantly be aware and alert, whom you are breathing, like whose food you are eating, with whom you are eating, matters, with whom you are breathing, matters. And if thousands, more and more number of people feel rejuvenated and happy, by breathing your space, you will be blissful, naturally you will be loved, you will be wanted. That will make you more and more blissful, more and more loving. I tell you, what you breathe out, becomes your character. Whatever you deny, becomes your weakness, pattern.

Whatever you breathe out becomes your character. Breathe out love, breathe out Completion, it becomes your character. Whatever you deny, I cannot do....he will talk … who knows, only I know. After two days, all this is not working for me…..One day I have these ambitions and activism, second day I don’t know where it goes. All this denial will become your pattern. Whatever you breathe out, which everyone around you enjoys, becomes your character. I tell you, breathe out, breathe out, breathe out joy. Let everyone around you breathe, the Joy.

Let everyone around you breathe the Completion you radiate, the ecstasy you radiate, the excitement you radiate. Even though it called psychological disorder, by modern psychiatry and psychology, I don’t know. This modern day psychiatry and psychology. I don’t know. Ayoooo… This modern day psychology and psychiatric… the modern day psychology and psychiatric, is forcing me, to revive the Vedic psychology and Vedic physiology and Vedic lifestyle, because every day, I am delaying their killing, few, few more, thousands. Few thousands more.




I tell you whether in business, personal fulfillment, joy, love, relationships, contentment, health, in everything, if you can breathe out more and more joy, Completion, and more and more people love to hang around you, feels rejuvenated, love, energy, Completion, all that, that is what is success. That is all is success. It is not some cunning technical, strategically, planning. No. No. Ramakrishna never had a strategy. Till he was in the body, he had only two-digit number of Disciples, not even three digit. For his own….when he left the body, the number of people gathered, is two digit, not in three digit. That is also lower two digit, less than fifty. Not above fifty. Higher two digit means fifty to hundred…. lower two…..fifty to ninety-nine. Lower two digit means ten to forty nine. It is lower two digit, less than fifty people. See the photos taken, when he left the body. It is less than fifty people, but he created those fifty people, forty people, such amazing powerful Completion space. Everyone who came, in their breathing space, BREATHED Ramakrishna. That did the job.




Understand, if more and more people are able to hang around you, if more and more people are able to feel rejuvenation around you, if more and more people are able to feel the Completion with you, that’s all that matters, that’s all that matters. This is the photo of… taken, when Ramakrishna left the body, that’s all, was number of the people. Before they took the body, to the cremation, the photo was taken, that’s all, was the number of people gathered. And you will be surprised, only now I remember, today is the day, he left the body, August 16th. August 16th. August 16th….God.

Too much coincidence! August 16, 1886. Actually, usually I don’t even remember the date of that day. Today I suddenly, I remembered, it’s August 16th….Today is the day, he left the body, 1886. It is now 2016, means 130 years, maybe…….when he left the body, it was lower two digit but whoever breathe, their space, all of them experienced Ramakrishna. If I can make, that kind of Beings….of course, I will make it. You only have to make sure, you are part of that. I am going to make it. You only have to make sure, you are part of that. Whose breathing itself, thousands enjoy. Thousands enjoy breathing in whose presence. They feel more Completion, more rejuvenation, more excitement, more joy, more bliss, more fulfillment. That’s all is life. That’s all is life. That’s all is success.




I tell you, more and more people, enjoy your breathing space, more and more they will want you. When you feel you are wanted, you will start expressing more and more of this and that will become your character. That’s all is the virtuous cycle for Completion, fulfillment, success. When something becomes character you start living it, believing it as you and that leads to enlightenment itself. Understand the science of breathing. Tomorrow, I will expand. In further satsangs, I will expand, what Upanishad is talking about this science.




yatprāṇena na prāṇiti yena prāṇaḥ praṇīyate
tadeva brahma tvaṁ viddhi nedaṁ yadidamupāsate


I heard this verses first time from Issaki Swamigal in the Arunachala, I remember, when he recited, the whole hill reverberated this verse. I wanted to at least take this Nithyananda Yogam participants to Arunachala and chant these same verses, so they will again breathe, the space of issaki Swamigal and Me and Arunachala. And of course, original plan was to take them and show, where I breathe Arunagiri Yogishwara’s space. I’ll add now this also. It just reverberated.


yatprāṇena na prāṇiti yena prāṇaḥ praṇīyate
tadeva brahma tvaṁ viddhi nedaṁ yadidamupāsate


I will expand, reveal more and more sacred secrets in the further satsangs.


With this I bless you all, let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaitam Shaivam, the Eternal Bliss. Nithyananda. Thank you. Be Blissful.