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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expands on the lifestyle of Sannyas. The purpose for life is for completion! Only in the lifestyle of Sannyas can you both fully live the science of completion while enriching others by teaching them how they can also live in the space of completion. Sannyas can take us out of survival-need mode and social ignorance and is the best way to reach out to planet Earth, empowering people to live in completion!
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

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I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Lotus TV, Sadhna TV, two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha, in Janashree TV, Eshwar TV, all over the world.

The cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha - I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

I have a wonderful announcement.  First, from December 1st, we will be having the satsangh morning 7 to 8.  We are preponing the satsangh time.  After three surveys, majority of the devotees, listeners, viewers are requesting that 7 to 8 am will be much better than 8 to 9 am.  So, we will be moving the morning satsangh 7 to 8 am. Between 7 to 7:40 satsang and 7:40 to 8 dial the avatar calls. I’ll be attending to your calls and blessing you all and we have also organised in all the channels you will have, you will be listening to my voice in that language. For example in Sadhana you will be listening in Hindi, in Lotus channel you will be hearing in Tamil, in Janashree you will be listening in Kannada. So each language our own you will be listening in your own language. How? You will see.  So Pada Puja will be happening every day morning, 6 to 7, Satsang 7 to 8. The morning yoga for the Ashram will be shifted to evening.  Morning Akhda and yoga will be shifted to evening.

Soon we will be having live satsangh in Telugu Channel also in Telugu voice. We have already we are signing contract with different channels.  It will be 7 to 8 in the satsangh in your own language, and 7:40 to 8 Dial-the-Avatar.

I’ll expand today on the same subject Sannyas..

Today, 21st batch Inner Awakening, 21st day.  The conclusion day.  We will be working on unique process – unclutching from all the incompletions in the bio-memory level.

Sannyas. Please listen.

All our Sannyasis are doing Sannyas Yatra. All of our Sannyasis are doing Sannyas Yatra doing padayatra, inspiring youngsters to take up the life of Sannyas and to live with intelligence.  From more than 20 places all over the India people are doing padayatra towards Tiruvannamalai. From Tiruvannamalai all together to Bidadi, Sannyas Yatra.

And I also have one more announcement.  From December, Nithyananda TV English, Nithyananda TV Tamil, Nithyananda TV Kannada, Nithyananda TV Telugu, all four will be functioning and Nithyananda TV Hindi - five will be functioning. You can expect a lot of wonderful spiritual programs.

Let us expand on Sannyas.

The purpose of human life is you experiencing Completion and, please listen, you experiencing Completion and working, radiating, showering – please understand, I am using three different words: “working”, “radiating”, “showering” – others also with the same space of Completion.  This is the first and foremost goal of life.  Completion, Completion, Completion!  Be established in the space of Completion.  Go on helping everyone around you to reach the space of Completion.  Help yourself to be in the space of Completion.  Go on enriching everyone to be in the space of Completion.

Understand, in no other lifestyle you can live in Completion, go on inspiring people to be in the space of Completion.  Sannyas brings out best of you.  See, a common middle-class man spends almost 90% of his life just food, shelter, clothes.  These three literally takes away 90% of his time because one-third of his life goes in sleeping.  In the remaining two-thirds, first twenty-five years goes to get education for food, clothing and shelter.  When you start making all that, you are already fifty, waiting for death.  So  large part of your life disappears  just trying to get food, shelter and clothes.  All I am trying to tell you is, by offering Sannyas I take away that basic problem from your life.  Now come on start moving to the next level.  It is enough. You are stuck in the same rut.  You eat what for?  To work. You work what for?  To eat – over!  You don’t come out of that rut of the basic survival need.  Let us raise the human-beings consciously to the next level.  Human-beings need to be told about the next possibility.  Human-beings need to be told about the next possibility, please listen. Possibility.  

Please listen, you need to know a very important truth:


People, who change after the change happens, SURVIVE.

People, who change along with the change, SUCCEED.

People who lead the change are LEADERS!


People, who change after the change, SURVIVE.  People, who change along with the change, SUCCEED.  People, who cause the change, LEAD!


I am telling you, I am the change for the world. Not as a pride, not as egoistic; I am telling you a simple truth.  I am the change!  Change along with the change itself to succeed.  Why do you want to change after the change to survive?  Sannyas is the biggest change I am bringing to the world, making it as a mainstream lifestyle.  You will see in a decade, every city in the world will have a monastery, a Hindu monastery, a Nithyananda Sampradaya monastery.  Every city in the world because, we have something great to offer to the world.  We have something huge to offer to the world.  The integrated sanatana Hindu Dharma has something great to offer to the world.  It is time human-beings learn the Science of Completion, human-beings learn the Science of Jeevan Mukthi, human-beings learn the Science of Living Enlightenment.


Understand Sannyas is going to be the greatest revival of integrated sanatana Hindu Dharma intelligence.  This is the only way we are going to stop the suicides, drugs and death; we are going to stop depression, destruction.  Sannyas not only completes you, you become the instrument for people to achieve Completion, humanity to reach Completion.  Humanity should experience Completion through you.  You should become part of this great spiritual change.  


Remember this one statement:


If you change after the change, you will SURVIVE.

If you change along with the change, you will SUCCEED.

If you cause the change, you will be LEADING!


If you decide you want to be a leader, now is the time. Be a cause for the whole world to experience Completion.  Be a cause for the universe to experience Completion.  


Last four days I am continuously talking about Sannyas.  I think today is the fourth day on Sannyas.  I tell you, so much is stuck in my throat, so much to tell the world.  Let the Completion be a driving force in your life, not just adrenaline and testosterone.  As of now, life is run by these two hormones – Testosterone and Adrenaline.  Please be liberated from these two.  Let the Completion run your life.  Let the Completion be centre of your life.  


Completion should be taught by living.  I tell you, Sannyas is the best lifestyle, you can teach Completion to the world by living.  By living you can teach Completion.  


I just feel there is a traffic jam in my throat.  So many ideas want to come out.  I am looking at Sannyas from so many angle – angle of individual completion, social completion, universal completion, completion of the humanity, ultimately completion of the Cosmos.  I am looking at Sannyas from so many angles and I tell you, from every angle this is the best lifestyle.


From time immemorial, all the great acharyas, all the great achievements, I am just glancing at the whole Indian history.  I can see very clearly, this colour is the most bright, heroic colour throughout the Indian history.  The character of Bhishma in the Mahabharata, in each epic the characters the character of Hanuman in Ramayana, they excel more than any other heroes of the epics. Hanuman excels than Rama!  I can be very bold about it!  Bhishma excels than Krishna!  I am very bold about it!  That is why; the only good thing we have is saffron colour on top of the Indian Flag.  That is why still this country is alive. This colour. Thousands and thousands of men, I can say millions and millions of men and women held this flag of Dharma fly high, Dharma Dhwaja so high.  I think the first job of our Sangha is enrich at least million lives with Sannyas.  Then Sannyasis who live in the space of Completion will start enriching the world with the Science of Completion.  Sannyasis who live in the space of Completion will enrich the world with the Science of Completion. 16:36 Hindi - 19: 24  


I tell you, it is only Sannyasis who are going to hold the Dharma Dhwaja up and high without being traitors of sanatana Dharma.  Please understand, I tell you from my experience I am going to build my Sangha based on Sannyasis.  And it is Sannyasis who are going to keep the Flag of Dhamma high, alive. The very logical flow, cognition flow of the intellectuals is different.  The very cognition flow, logical flow of the Sannyasis is different.  That is why I am telling you, Sannyasis.


Ramakrishna says, ‘Even a failed Sannyasi is million times greater than a successful grihastha.’  I was shocked when I read that. It felt really fanatic.  And Ramakrishna, himself a grihastha, making this statement.  Please understand, till death he was officially married to Sharada Devi even though he took Sannyas.  Of course, he never lived together; that’s different he never had a physical relationship; that is different!  But until the end of Ramakrishna's life, Sharada Devi was living with him, taking care of him. And he continued to function as a Sannyasi, doing all the rites and rituals of sannyasis, even going to the extent of giving Sannyas to his disciples. Twelve disciples he gave Sannyas. Vivekananda, Shivananda, Brahmananda all of them all twelve of them were initiated into Sannyas by him.


21:35 Hindi - 22:27


Understand Sannyas in every dimension makes you mature, makes you ripe, makes you intelligent and understand the Cosmic law deeper and clear.

I trust only Sannyasis for the revival of integrated sanatana Hindu Dharma, and I am very clear I don’t trust anybody else, neither intellectuals nor scholars.  I trust only Sannyasi scholars and Sannyasi intellectuals for the revival of integrated sanatana Hindu Dharma.


Let you all achieve, experience, live, express, radiate, share and explode in eternal bliss, Nithyananda.