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In this discourse, Paramahamsa Nithyananda scripts a groundbreaking theory on the secret of time and describes how the correct understanding of time can directly help in anti-ageing process. Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes Kalabhairava - the lord of time and the metaphorical meaning of Kalabhairava. He explains in detail how the west and the east conceive time and how the very understanding of time is responsible for anti-ageing across the two cultures.
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 Secret of Time & Anti-Ageing


DATE: August 31st 2010


LOCATION: Anandeshwar Temple, in front of the main sanctum, Bidadi ashram


Asmadaacharyaparyanthaamvande guru paramparaam.


The today’s truth, live conflict free and stay young forever. You may think how living conflict free canmake you live young forever? Understand the concept of time in the Vedic tradition. Because of our rishis, our masters, know the time is a one more matter which can be handled, manipulated, used as we want. They’ve created a clear understanding about time. Please understand, time is a matter, just like a chair on which you are sitting. The chair on which you are sitting, you can move wherever you want. You can either sit on it, or sit on the ground or use as you want. Same way, just like that, time is a matter. What is ageing after all? Look deeply into this idea of time and idea of ageing. See your body is made out of bio-memories. Means lot of thoughts and engraved memories, engrams which inspires you, pushes you into actions. Thoughts, engraved memories which pushes you into actions. These two are the base material for your body. Thoughts are like a random, vague as I said, random fishes jumping. Engraved memories, the thoughts which you picked up again and again to work, those become engraved memory. These two are the base material.


Please understand, I am giving one of the important truth. The gap between one thought and the other thought is chana, one unit of time in Vedic tradition. If you pick up more and more thoughts to make it into action, more and more engrams, please understand step by step, first your body is made out of random thoughts and regularized engrams. Regularized engram means the thoughts which you again and again picked up to work, to make into reality. What for you are working? Your, maybe even your thinking is a working. If you’re thinking in that particular direction again and again and again, it can be called as working. So, random thoughts like a fishes jumping in the lake and specific thoughts which you again and again picked up, try to make into reality. Try to infuse reality. So engrams, these two are the base material for your body. This is one truth. The other truth, the gap between one thought and the other thought is a chana, means time. As long as there are only thoughts, there is no ageing. Only when the engrams hit the thoughts or the thoughts hit the engrams, the ageing starts happening in your body. Please understand, when you pick up more and more thoughts and try to make them into reality the conflict starts. Ten seconds before you picked up the thought of being in silence and trying to make it reality. Ten minutes later you are picking up the thought of going to the office and working wildly and making money, you want this thought to become reality; then starts conflict. Ageing starts happening there is a con, there is a fight between the engram and thoughts. If there is only thoughts, there is no ageing. There is no ageing. Only the fight between the thoughts and engrams in your muscles is responsible for ageing. If you look little deeply, the time which is a one more matter, itself has no power to distract, destroy your consciousness. Then what is it that is adding so much of fear, insecurity and sense of ageing on us?


Please understand the time itself has no power over your consciousness. But in your inner space, which consciousness is also part struggles constantly with fear of insecurity of ageing and getting destroyed or being lost. What is that suffering? What is the reason for suffering? What is that which is suffering? Look both. The reason for suffering is, your thoughts and engrams having conflict. What is that suffering is the bio-memory which is made out of these two. The thoughts and engraved memories. It’s a very, very, very, very subtle, deep truth. I wanted you to understand this important fact. If you go and see the kalaabhairava in our ashram, in charge of security, he’s the lord of time, you will see he will be standing on the time shaft. Means he is the lord of time shaft, who is beyond time shaft. If you see he will be having his left leg in the front and right leg in the back, funny thing is the right leg represents the future. Left leg represents the past. So he says, past comes before the future.


Please understand, now what I am going to utter is past. Please understand what I am going to utter is past. What I am going to say is past. What I am going to do in next one hour is past. I am not saying what I did is past. What I am going to do is past. You may think what? What is happening here? Anything which is going to happen as you understand is the conflict between the thought and engrams. I don’t know whether you are able to catch. Anything which is going to happen is the fight and conflict between thought and engrams means time which is already defined. Anything already defined is past. So the layer of your thought and engram which is projected further even if it has not yet happened, it is past. It is past. You understand? It is standing, it is standing, but it is past. Because already it is projected. And that moments you spent in the past without the fight between thought and engrams is future even though it is already lived. Listen. The moments you are going to spend in conflict between the thoughts and bio-memory, thoughts and engrams, even it is not lived, even if it is already projected, it is past. The moments you spent without having fight between the thoughts and engrams, even if it is already spent it is future. Emptiness.


The ageing process is quickened if more and more thoughts hit engrams. Or if more and more efforts are made to make thoughts into engrams. Now stopping the conversion process of thoughts into engrams is un-clutching. The process of converting thoughts is automatic process when you’re clutched. Stopping that conversion is un-clutching. That is what I call conflict free life. Either just go on fulfilling engrams then they will become thoughts, they will becomes diluted and become thoughts. Or go on having thoughts, don’t create engrams. Just sitting and something is going on, like a breeze. It’s like a dreams passing by. Both will not let ageing happen in you. When thoughts are getting converted into engrams that is where the conflict starts happening, the ageing starts happening, your muscles gets tired, the ageing process is working on you, time is creating its impact on you. You’re inner space which is mixture of pure consciousness and thoughts and engrams will start experiencing chaos only when the thoughts and engrams start hitting each other, try to overlap onto others space. Actually if the engrams becoming thoughts will not have much difficulty, much problem. But thoughts becoming engrams will create deep tiredness in you. See all catharsis process which I am teaching you, either shouting or screaming or crying or releasing is nothing but diluting engram into thoughts. So that you can un-clutch easily from it.


All catharsis process including samana balancing. This samana balancing is a subtle part of engrams becoming thoughts. Reversal of engrams becoming thoughts.What you do in the life is making thoughts into engrams, that is what we call pravithi; pravithimargha. And converting engrams into thoughts is what we call nivrittimargha in Sanskrit, understand? If you are moving towards nivrittimargha you will stay young forever. If you are moving towards pravrittimargha you will get aged very quickly. Ageing is directly related to your inner space. The idea which you carry about you in the inner space directly reflects on your body. You can see the Indian middle aged women are more aged, I can say at least twice as more aged than a western middle aged woman. Because for an Indian middle aged woman after two kids her life is done. Nothing more to be done. Nothing more to be done! But in the West, it is not like that, there is a life! There is life, there is something more to do. So your inner space, what it feels about you is going to reflect directly on the physical ageing. One devotee asked me in US why my father died? My father died by age of 50. And she asked very innocently, will your mother not re-marry? She can’t imagine my mother is going to live without getting one more marriage. In India you can’t imagine after 40 a woman getting re-married. She cannot imagine that my mother is going to live without getting re-married in India you cannot imagine! Forget about planning and failing and all that, even a thought will not cross in the mind about more marriage. Because if you have two kids, your life is over. That is why quick ageing, means done, what next? But there in the West, the idea is different. There is so much to be done. Means understand, understand, you may feel like so much to be done idea and converting thought into engrams are conflicting. Please understand, so much to be done means, you are expecting the moments happened in your past which are future. As I said, there are moments happened in your past where there is no conflict between the thought and engram, that’s what I call the space of excitement, happiness.


When you wait for that, which is a, even though it happened in the future which is past, you are waiting for that past in the future, so there is a constant excitement, the ageing does not happen. Understand, I am just breaking your idea of past, future and present. Past is not past as you think. Future is not future as you think. What you think you are going to do today is already past. Whatever few moments yesterday you had conflict between the thought and the engrams is future. Even though it has already happened, it is future. So having more and more space of future in the past is the anti-ageing. So push more and more time into future. I can say, push more, live more and more time without conflict and send it to the past, you have future. The ultimate bank balance you can create for the future, is spending, putting more and more time in the past without conflict between the engram and thought. So that account directly comes to you as future. If you want to save money for your future, the only long lasting wealth is the time you spent in the past without the conflict between the thought and engram. Because that is going to come back to you, it will be reimbursed. They say na? Money back offer.Whatever you spend in our shop, 10% money back. Same way, whatever time you spend in Dhyanapeetam 100% time back. Whatever time you spend in un-clutching, 100% time back guarantee. Just be un-clutched, do not allow your thoughts and engrams to fight as much as you can, you will see the bio-memories become so soft, no fight. Every moment you go on spending is future, not past.


Even if you have not lived the moments you already planned, with the conflict between the thought and engram is past, over, done, your aged. That is what happens to a middle aged Indian women. They’re done! Whatever they think is going to happen is already planned. What is their life, going to get up and fight with the daughter in law and have some gossip with others and over OK. It’s already lived, done. So ageing. When it is done, they have finished living their future with their engram and thoughts. Means whatever they have is not future, it is past. That is why body also acts as if it is past. Your body is intelligent enough to respond to your inner space. It’s already past, over. Then body says ‘eh, what am I going to do?’ C’mon let’s fast, fast forward. Quick! Pack up! I tell you push more and more chronological time into your past, without fight between the engram and thoughts, that is your bank balance future. That will straight away come as future. Will never let ageing happen in you. I tell you for the planet earth I have given one of the greatest gift!


Not as pride. I have opened the huuuuuuge Vedic Pandora box. Just like un-clutching when it is applied with anything creates a new philosophy. I am telling you today this one truth which I revealed, apply with everything, with lust, with anger, with fear, with greed, use this key to solve all the problems of life. It’ll become a new religion. This is the philosophy of kalaabhairava. The truth of kalaabhairava. The past, the chronological past which is represented by the left leg is in the front. The chronological future which is represented by the right leg is in the back. Understand the theory of kalaa. If your projected with the fight between the engram, even if it has not yet happened it is past. If you have not projected, if there is a fight between the thought and engram, the fight between the thought and engram was not there, those moments, even though chronologically happened it is your future. Same thing with your lust, fantasy. Please understand, if there is no fight between your thought and engram, if the act has happened it is tantra. If there is a fight between your thought and engram, even if the act has happened it is just masturbation with another body which is not going to let you rest in peace. Which is only going to add more and more and more load! In every step I tell you. In every step the same idea. If all your sex is a past, you are already old. If all your sex was future embedded in the past, you have a great future. I can say just analyze this truth and understand thousands of questions about the sexology will be answered. Same way wealth, money. The time you spent with wealth, if there is was no conflict between your thought and engram means the fulfillment, contentment, aparigraha you have future. If it was spent with the fight between the thought and the engrams, whatever wealth you might have or going to have, it is going to be poverty. The bio energy, health, wealth, fear, everything can be solved with this one truth, the truth about past, present and future – kalaa.


Now sit and go on digging your each problem with this one truth. Churn your each problem with this one truth. Grind your each problem with this one truth. Whether it is money or relationship or sex or ageing I tell you, you will straight away enter solution. You will straight away enter solution. When you hit the solution, the past you created, in future, please understand the past you projected in future is ghost. When you kill that that is the skull which kalaabhairava is having in his hand.The un-lived life. See the skull which kalaabhairava is having in his hand, see anything you put in his hand, the skull will swallow. It will swallow. That is why so many people gave bhiksha but the skull itself swallows. Kalaabhairava is hungry, Shiva never got anything. Then comes Devi anaabhorini. Please understand, Shiva goes and stands,




Oh Devi, give me the food for gnana and vairagya. Means not to project my past into the future and destroy my life by quickly ageing. And Devi gives the grain of the great truth, knowledge of not projecting your past into the future, means I can say your, fight between the engram and the thought into the future and bringing yourself to the present to this understanding. I can say you don’t even have to practice anything, just this understanding. When the grains are offered into that skull. See the greatness about the time is just the understanding is enough nothing much needs to be practiced. With this understanding scan all your problems, the skull will just disappear. That ghost will just disappear. The ghost will just disappear! That is what is meant when Devi put the food. She put little in the skull. The skull was enjoying, so she purposely dropped little bit outside the skull on the ground. The skull felt the taste of the food so much it just jumped to eat that food and Shiva was free of the skull. And he was liberated.


Understand, just this understanding look, look Oh my God, this is what the problem is in my sex. This is what is the problem in my money. This is what is the problem in my relationships. When there is no conflict in your thought and bio memory the other person with whom you are living, her thought and bio memory, the time you spend together is so fulfilled, so satisfying. That is what I call the time you are in relationship. All other time spent together is not relationship. Maybe rational-ship.Trying to rationalize. Why I am like this? Why she is like this? I can say the a and e changes its place. Relationship and Rationalship. Everything look with this one truth. The past is not past as you think, your future is not future as you think. How to make your past into, how to have more future? Means let your past be filled with the future. So naturally your future will be pure future. There is no ageing. There is no ageing. Understand? When you relax into the space of conflict free zone, yama, Lord of death, when he tries to take you, please understand, the rope which he is using is the conflict between the thought and engram. Means attachment, attachment only makes your thought into engram. That is the rope which he uses, paasha. To take the life out of body, means make the ageing process complete. When Lord of yama throws that paasha on you, because your inner space is not converting thoughts into engrams, that paasha, that rope will fall on the pure consciousness, Shiva and he will destroy yama. It’ll just fall on Shiva who you are holding, like marghanday was holding, he was holding onto the Shiva linga and Yama came and threw his paasha. And because he was holding onto Shiva linga it did not fall on marghanday it fell on Shiva. And Shiva kicked the Yama; the usual process. So just all you need is just do not allow the thought to get converted into engram. Thoughts are not enemies as we think, don’t worry.


It is just some simple poor fishes jumping for their food or fun. But you taking note and trying to give some food or some ball for them to play. No, no, no they’re all dolphins, they don’t have any ball. See we should be very generous, why not get some balls or balloons for them to play. Why not make their life more entertaining? Now they have the load of kicking the ball. Till then it was a fun! If they want they jump, if they don’t want, they don’t. Once you provide the ball and food, now they have to eat, have to play the whole thing is routine now! That is where the play and fun becomes game. Let play and fun not become game in your life. Game means the winning and losing and prize. Play means…just! Fun means…just! So any thought which just happens is play and fun. But when it becomes engram it’s a game. Game is the most dangerous thing. Fun is the most funny thing. Understand do not allow the kalaa’spaasha, the Yama’s noose in your inner space to convert thought into engram. You will see the noose will fall on Shiva and Shiva will kick Yama and Yama already because he got one kick he will never come near you when he see’s you are there holding Shiva. That’s all is the whole science of ageing. I have not only given the science of ageing, the solution for anti-ageing, not just mentally, it will directly work physical. Understand apply this now in your breathing. When your breathing happens just see what kind of thoughts are raising. And just see what kind of thoughts are raising. When you are exhaling, what kind of thoughts are raising. What kind of thoughts are getting intertwined with your inhaling and exhaling? Just sit with it. You’ll suddenly see you are not abusing your future by projecting past.


By living it.By creating hanging bridge on it. Same way, you are adding more and more empty space into your past which is your bank balance. Which is going to be reimbursed. Let your past be reimbursable future. Let your future be free from the load of the past, you have no ageing. Simple science of anti-ageing. And I tell you this truth is so doable! So practical! Just practical. If you sit with this truth the understanding will happen in so many levels, with this understanding scan your death fear engrams, scan your desire engrams, scan your guilt engrams, scan your suffering engrams, pain engrams, we can do one more NSP, actually let me do, today I will make you guys go through the seven layers with this understanding. With this one understanding. I tell you I am not just assuring, I am promising in front of the camera, I know around the world people are watching, I am promising I will make you guys have the body like mahavatar baba. You can simply have, you see, the science of the body which mahavatar baba carries, is this is, this is what is the science. What body mahavatar baba is carrying this is the science. Just scan and have the honesty of killing that ghost. Trishul, trishul is the honesty. The trishul which kalaabhairava carries is honesty of killing that ghost, kapala, brahma kapala. Understand, when Brahma created this whole world, it was a fun, play! For a moment he made it as a game, that moment is the 5th head. And Shiva cut that. ‘Eh, play should be play. Why are you making it as a game?’ It’s like a, I tell the temple priests, sit in the golden thrown. It is a play! And suddenly if that fellow thinks I think I am also equal to Swamiji, when somebody touches his feet, ‘I think I am great, mmmm the gold thrown, let us feel and see?’ Then comes the 5th head and what to do? The play has become game.


So now let us convert the game into play. Let us come back, game into play. And play the whole fun of life. Life is not worthy at all to be played as game. Even death can be gamed as play. Understand? Life should not be played as game. Even death should be gamed as play. That’s all, that’s all is the essence of whole thing. Essence of whole thing! Nothing else. And it’s direct prasada from Shiva, Kalaabhairava. Understand? I am honestly telling you. Only when I walked into the hall that title was given to me. Only when I walked in the hall, Brahmaswarupa brought the title and gave. And today we did not have pada puja for me to download. It was not thought words. Just the truth.Happened. How many second would it have taken? To walk from there and sit and say sadaashivasamarambaam, maybe 30 seconds, or maybe 60 seconds. So the truth expressed itself in maybe 60 seconds in this bio-memory. So understand, in any bio-memory, if anything this profound can express within 60 second, it is straight word from Shiva or the bio-memory is Shiva. Because I am telling you, this one truth, this one truth can revolutionize the way in which you live, think, act, eat do everything! Because it is straight practical understanding.


Anyhow, I know for sure it is a prasada from Shiva. Shiva prasada, let us work on it today. And then we will get into prana. Today I was planning to get into prana, but at least today, let us work on this, then get into prana, we have enough time, we have 48 days. 8 days? Not even 8 days are over? 24th we started. Today is only 30th or 31st? 31st. 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, thirty one. Today is eighth day. Eighth day only. So first seven days we spent on prana, sorry samana we spent, today I thought we’d get into the prana, but let us get into prana tomorrow. Maybe by tomorrow evening, let us work on this great truth. This great revelation and not only that, see whenever you work on these great revelations you respect the space in which it is delivered. You respect him. We receive it. We honor you. We humbly receive it, we honor you, we request you to be delivering this more and more and more. We submit our humble devotion to him. For delivering these great truths, so let’s honor Shiva, Kalaabhairava by working on this great truth today, so that we can expect more and more from him. More and more from him. See this is the plan for miracles, when one miracle happens, even if it is small, very small, honor the space in which it was delivered to you. Respect the space from which it was delivered to you.


Don’t take it for granted. Surrender it. Devotionally say, I honor that space from which it has been delivered to me. As I submit myself in a humble way to the space from which it has happened on me. That is the plan for more and more miracles to happen. The other day I received a letter, one devotee was saying, one ex-devotee who had a satori experience, she was claiming that I had satori because of my efficiency, my intensity, not by him. I said great, I am in no way contesting, let, if it is her sincerity tell her to have one more satori that’s all. When I had my satori, see the greatness of Samadhi is it will never come the moment you think you had satori because of you! Because the ego has come back. So the second time the satori will never repeat. It’ll never repeat, done! She has doomed herself. I tell you, she doesn’t need to give the credit to me. If she has given the credit to a small stone that was in front of her, when that satori happened, ‘hey that stone is responsible’, she would have had the satori next time. Surrender to something which you think is responsible, or just say that from the space from which it has happened, I do not know? I surrender to that space humbly. So that, let that space have its grace on me. You call it as Shiva or Parvati or Vishnu or Guru or anything! Or Guru Paduka or anything.No problem. God, I was fortunate when I had Samadhi, I just put the responsibility on Shiva, the Arunachala hill and that Kuppamal. On both I put, actually Kuppamal was not responsible but I put it on her.


And I said, ‘Oh God, she is responsible, let it happen to me again’. And it simple repeated, and I am advising sincerely that ex-devotee, you don’t need to put that responsibility on me, I am not responsible, don’t worry. I am not taking the claim or credit or anything. Just put it on something! Shiva or Arunachala or something. Something! So that it can repeat and happen in your inner space again. Don’t doom yourself claiming that your sincerity, forget about it. Even now I am telling you, this message has been delivered by the sincere request of the person who have chose the topics and the sincere need and the passivity mood with which all you guys were sitting. That’s all. I am not interested in claiming. Because I want these kind of things to again and again happen. Let us submit to the space where it happened. See when you don’t claim responsibility for the highest happenings, the play remains as fun. When you claim responsibility for the highest happenings, the play becomes game. It stops. It stops. See, this so called modern day games, so much of violence, how much of violence, whole fun part is taken away from it. Alright, let us, I don’t want to talk about it.


Alright, so humbly offer my gratitude to whatever space we call as Mahadeva, Shiva, from which this great truth of kalaa came out, and all your devotion and the sincere seeking, the passive sitting and waiting, that is responsible. See this was receiving end, this was giving end. Both are responsible for the happening. Through this bio-memory. So I offer my gratitude to both ends, the end which delivered and the end which received. So that let this great things happen again and again, let me also enjoy this fun by being medium or by being the channel, by being the bio-memory in which this whole thing is happening. So let Shiva happen again and again. Let the cosmos celebrate itself again and again. Let us all experience this truth and radiate enlightenment. Let us all live and radiate the eternal bliss, Nithyananda.

Thank You