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In this video (15 December 2016), Paramahamsa Nithyananda introduces the Navagraha Mandala and insights about how the Navagrahas (nine planetary energies in Hindu astrology) influence us on our path to enlightenment. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe.
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It actually represents Hindu Cosmology. So, in this ...please listen, in this sheet, Navagrahas are installed. In this 2D sheet Navagrahas are installed in...with three Kala Vari vadivu, oli vadivu, kuri vadivu means in the form of mantra, in the form of figure, in the form of symbol. Vari vadivu, oli vadivu, kuri vadivu, these are trikalas. In that trikala, means He is in the form….Navagrahas in the form of symbol and in the form - actual form and in the mantra; 3 shapes they are installed... and each one of them are installed in one Garbha - their life is installed in one Garbha. So 9 Garbhas are on the plate. Then, this represents 11 dimension, this 3 layer - length breadth, depth dimension. Inside 9 Garbhas are kept, representing 9 more dimensions. The 11th space cannot be given in matter, it will be given to you as a initiation.




So understand. This represents Navagrahas and 11 Dimensions. Sadāshiva talks about it in Kamika Agama and Shastra Pramana we have and Apta Pramana also we have - Tirumular a great Saint, He talks about it. Because in this, the Trikala, means - the line form, visual form and mantra form, all 3 are there, it can be considered as deity and you can even do puja to it. In mandala, the visual form will never be there usually, but in the Navagraha Mandala, it is written - ‘the visual form has to be there’ - because the visual form is there, now it is equivalent to a deity also; not only a spiritual alchemy product... deity also. But you don’t need to….there is no compulsion of maintenance, but if you want you can worship. It is equivalent to a... energy of a deity.




It’ll nullify all the evil effects of Grahas on you and it’ll keep you very pleasant and complete with Grahas. So naturally, they will not behave with you like a sadist, they will inform you, support you and evolve you. You see, I tell you, all the 9 Grahas have been given a command by Sadāshiva - making every Being experience Sadāshivatva is their responsibility; either by giving you right experience or wrong experience, they educate you to manifest Sadāshivatva. Now, they will make it more easy for you. That’s all. It will….there will not be rude shocks, surprises, collapsing, waste of time, all that. So it’ will keep you in the space of completion with Grahas.