A beautiful picture of what Swamiji was describing in today's morning message
What an exciting time!! A solid form of mercury materialized during the Brahma Sutras yesterday. Never before has a solid form ever been on earth without the usage of chemicals.
Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam Malaysia has blissfully celebrated Sri Krishna Jayanthi, the birthday of Sri Krishna, the Incarnation of Enlightened Love, at Klang Centre in a grand way.
It had just stopped raining and the air always smells fresh and clean as if God sends the rain to clean the earth. It was 7:30 and there was a few of us walking to the meditation hall for the set up of the cameras and computer systems for pada puja. As we came closer, we could see Swamiji walking silently toward the temple...
This is a rare moment - the tears and childlike excitement on the face of Swamiji when he sees Kailash Mountain. A miracle as well as he moves the clouds out of the way to have the darshan of Shiva - Kailash Mountain.