All of us carry the energy to make what we want as reality in our space. That is what is life. What is life? The ability to make what you want as reality is life. Whether you want health, wealth, happy relationships, bliss, completion – ability to cause that in your life is life, Kalpataru.
Carrying the space of possibility in your heart is “Kalpataru”. There is a big difference between every action you take with the idea of “impossibility” and with the idea of “possibility.”
You need to know and experience that there are more than four dimensions of the Universe, the four being length, breadth, depth and time. In the science of Sanatana Hindu Dharma, there are 11 dimensions of the Universe, which are elaborately described in the ancient scriptures. There are in fact,...
This one technique can give you whatever you want and lead you to the space of not wanting you anything – Enlightenment itself.
Yoga is much more than just bending the body or focusing the mind – it is a pathway to expressing the extraordinary in every human being, it is a method to realize the ultimate potential latent within us.
A human being is a seed; a great possibility. You have that being in you which is a great possibility for experiencing and manifesting Sadashivatva. Sadashiva has revealed the science of moving from seed to radiating Sadashiva in the Vedagamas – “Sadashivoham”. As a direct representation of...
Just like the two eyes you have, you have a third possibility to perceive not only the whole world, but the whole Cosmos. Third eye awakening is a new possibility.
The Third Eye is a natural superpower available to every human being. Just like the two eyes you have, you have a third possibility, with which you can perceive not only the whole world, but the whole cosmos. It is called your Third Eye.
Empower the solution - Nithyananda
All life forms are part of you – this is the truth. Please understand, if I take handful of clay and understand it thoroughly, then, I know all the clay on the planet earth. Same way, you are life.
Imbibe life with humbleness - Nithyananda
If you move with humbleness and the attitude to imbibe, every stone, every tree will teach you. I am not talking about humble submission in front of the Guru. Have that attitude with everything. You will be enriched.
You are not an island - Nithyananda
You are not an island, as you constantly believe and are made to believe. If water you drink is poison, it is not that only you are going to die! If air you breathe is poison, it is not that only you are going to die.
Choose war or peace - Nithyananda
You fighting with your own patterns is peace. You fighting with others’ patterns is war!