Kalpataru – Ability to Cause Your Reality

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All of us carry the energy to make what we want as reality in our space. That is what is life. What is life? The ability to make what you want as reality is life. Whether you want health, wealth, happy relationships, bliss, completion – ability to cause that in your life is life, Kalpataru.

For example, you can’t do anything in your life, then how can you even call that as a life? The ability to cause exists in everyone. Unfortunately, like if too much of wood is dumped on small fire; even too much of wood can put off the fire, if the fire is too small and wood is too much. Same way, too much of impossibility is dumped on possibility fire. Possibility fire is too small and the impossibility wood is too much. If the fire can somehow manage to catch the wood, it will burn any amount of wood. All of us have the possibility as a fire in us.


Reject the Space of Impossibility


Unfortunately, the idea of impossibility is dumped on us. Too much idea of impossibility is dumped on us – by us, nobody else dumps on us, only we dump it on our self. So no one dumps the idea of impossibility in us. Making some idea as member of your inner space again and again is remembrance. The idea of impossibility, the concept of impossibility, the more and more it is remembered, it is remembered as part of you.

Remembering the wrong ideas is giving up on you. Please understand, we think whenever we give up on our self, we don’t do anything, we just rest. No! When you give up on you, you work a lot in the wrong direction. When you give up on you, you strengthen your negative faith, you strengthen your negative patterns. You will be remembering either your possibility or impossibility. You can’t keep quiet. Keeping quiet is not possible even after death, forget about while you are alive. Even after death, you go on remembering either your hell or heaven. So when you remember your impossibility in you, the impossibility gets strengthened.


Remember  Possibility to Make it Part of You


Anything you remember again and again becomes member of you, part of you. If you remember integrity again and again it becomes part of you. If you remember authenticity again and again, that becomes part of you. If you remember possibility again and again, that becomes part of you. If you remember impossibility again and again, it becomes part of you. Understand, anything you remember again and again becomes your muscle memory. Anything you remember again and again from your muscle memory becomes your biomemory. Anything you remember from your biomemory again and again becomes your bioenergy. If the impossibility comes inside you in the form of remembering, eject it out! Remember possibility. Re-eject impossibility. That is essence of Kalpataru.

Understand, whatever you eject again and again out of you, comes out of your bioenergy to biomemory. If you again eject, it comes out of your biomemory to muscle memory. If you again eject it leaves your muscle memory once and for all. This re-ejection of impossibility, remembrance of possibility, is life. Anyone who teaches this two is doing good work to the planet Earth. Anyone who is doing this two is causing enlightenment. He may be doing this in the form of giving you health, making health as a possibility for you. He may be making justice as a possibility for you. He may be making happiness as a possibility for you.


Kalpataru – Awaken the Fire of Possibility


You may be making the wealth, financial regulation, accounting possible for somebody. Even that is causing enlightenment. Understand, causing enlightenment happens in various levels. If you cause the highest inner awakening in them, then you caused the ultimate reality for them. But at least till then, do the level in which you are growing, you are in. Wherever you go, whoever comes around you, should know everything is possible in their life! You should just be the energy of possibility. The power of possibility! The power of joy! If you have awakened that fire in you, you have blessed yourself. If you can awaken that fire in everyone, you bless others. This Kalpataru Darshan, Nithya Kalpataru Darshan is nothing but awakening that fire in you. Remembering possibility, re-ejecting impossibility.

Atheists teach nothing is possible. Materialists teach it is possible if you work hard. Capitalists teach it is possible if you work smart. Communists teach it is possible if we all work together. Politicians teach it is possible if you work for me. An enlightened being teaches it is simply possible because it is quality of life. The quality of life is possibility. 

Re-invent Yourself as New Being


Mahadeva is embodiment of possibility, eternal embodiment of possibility. Possibility is Ananda, eternal possibility is Nithyananda. I am not giving possibility as a fantasy to you, I’m giving possibility as factuality to you. I tell you possibility is factuality, impossibility is a fantasy. Impossibility is the fantasy you load on yourself. Possibility is the fact you constantly try to forget. I tell you that is the meaning of the mantra Shiva. Shiva means causeless auspiciousness.


The biggest impossibility you believe in you is getting rid of your past personality, getting rid of the old, re-inventing yourself as new. Shiva is embodiment of getting rid of old and the possibility of new, the power of rejuvenation. He can get you rid of your karmas, negative patterns, body, mind, disease. Sula, trishula, is a symbol of getting you rid of all the impossibilities. Damaru is the symbol of remembering, reinforcing all the possibilities. Damaru is the sound, symbol of creation. Trishul is the weapon of rejuvenation. That’s why the damaru and trishul are always together, worshipped. Through the trishul, he removes all the old impossibilities. Through damaru he creates all the possibilities.


Always Nurture the Space of Possibility


When inhaling is possible, everything is possible. When the air can be converted as the prana, life energy, if that is possible, everything is possible. If bread can become blood, air can become prana, then everything is possible. Kalpataru Darshan is reminding you in your bioenergy level that things are possible. Each one of you have Kalpataru in you. Awakening that possibility energy in you is Kalpataru.



The ability to build the possibility inside you is tapas. Not allowing impossibility in you, re-ejecting impossibility, is renunciation. Building the biomemory of possibility is tapas, and initiating you into the level of your biomemory with the energy of possibility is Kalpataru.