Kalpataru, The Space of Possibility

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Carrying the space of possibility in your heart is “Kalpataru”. There is a big difference between every action you take with the idea of “impossibility” and with the idea of “possibility.”


Beauty in Action is Possibility

Beauty in the action is “possibility”. We all know how to beautify our body and skin. We need to know how to beautify our actions. If any action brings you tiredness and boredom, you already have a subtle belief of “impossibility” already developed in you. When you are carrying “possibility” and acting, every action brings more and more joy and excitement. You will grow younger and younger. Your face will become younger, more graceful, more beautiful.


Walking Across India by Foot: My Parivrajaka Yatra

For example, if you have the desire to walk from the city of Haridwar to Delhi in India, every step you take with the idea that you are never going to reach Delhi, with the idea “Who knows whether this is the right road? Who knows whether the weather will be helping us? Who knows whether I will not get into an accident and die?”, with all kinds of doubts, the more number of steps you take, the more and more you will be tired, sick, depressed. On the other hand, if you walk on the same road with the idea of “possibility”, you will feel more and more excited; and with every sign-board, you will feel “Wow! We are coming closer to Delhi, closer to Delhi!”; and the thought of what you are going to achieve, enjoy, and have in Delhi will inspire you and excite you more and more.

When I started my parivrajaka yatra (waIking journey), I never thought or planned I’ll walk the length and breadth of India, and that I will spend so much time in my parivrajaka yatra. The first few days of the yatra, I carried the idea of “possibility”, that’s all. The concept of “possibility” gave me so much courage, so much joy; I never imagined I will spend nine full years. See, a person who is more awake, for him one day is equivalent to the three days of a normal man.


Don’t Think Like an Irrational Rationalist

Don’t ever think like a so-called “irrational rationalist” who would walk with “impossibility”. When you walk with “impossibility”, the number of steps may be same, but the effort will be more. If you walk with the “possibility”, number of steps may be the same, but the effort will be practically zero. The more and more action, the more and more the excitement, is the definition of “possibility”. The more and more action, more and more tiredness and boredom, is the definition of “impossibility”.

Please take this one lesson, intranalyze this one truth: It may be same number of steps, same distance, but the effort, result, everything will be different if you carry “possibility” with you. 


No Struggle Is the Secret of Life

Travel in your life also with the “possibility” in your heart.  You will see, one: every step does not tire you; it adds to more and more excitement.  See, when you walk with “impossibility”, every step adds anxiety, not excitement.  When you walk with “possibility”, every step adds excitement, and when you reach the goal you won’t even feel tired that you did so much, because when you were walking you did not feel tired.  See, when you were walking if you did not feel tired, after reaching you will not feel the tiredness memory.  But, with the idea of “impossible” while you are walking, you will feel tired; you may not reach; by mistake if you reach, it will give you the idea ‘Oh, with so much difficulty.

I don’t feel at all that I have struggled to do anything in my life. This is the secret of life. I don’t have any vengeance, I don’t have any violence. My inner-space is full of power. I neither feel I am doing too much, nor do I have any vengeance against anybody, nor do I have anger. No, nothing! This is one of the very important lessons in life: you just go with the space without vengeance, go with completion, you will just win because the space of “possibility” excites you more and more, inspires you more and more, brings rejoicing in you.

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