The Source of Yoga and Yogic Powers

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Yoga is much more than just bending the body or focusing the mind – it is a pathway to expressing the extraordinary in every human being, it is a method to realize the ultimate potential latent within us. With the advent of Yoga across the globe, many different practices and methods of Yoga have become available. For a sincere practitioner, it is important to choose the most effective and authentic method of Yoga.

What is the Source of Yoga?

Adiyogi Mahadeva revealed the science of Yoga in the Shivagamas to the whole universe, as a science to awaken your inner potential energy. Yoga encompasses many features; physical postures are one part of Yoga, and physical health is a side-effect of Yoga, but these aspects by themselves are not Yoga, they are a part of it. Today, there is understandably a lot of confusion about Yoga, as anything practiced by billions will have variations, confusion, and debates, but this is not necessary:

“Yoga is not no man’s land, it is clearly leading, defined by Mahadeva, Patanjali, Svatmarama, Goraknath, Matsyendranath; the great yogis have done enough of foolproof, time tested GPS which never gets expired, understand? Yoga is not no man’s land where you just have to walk blindfolded; of course, if you are initiated into the third eye, you will be able to walk blindfolded!You do not need anyone else to develop any of the yogic techniques and methods. Do not believe if someone says they developed from yoga – he only diluted. He is complete for the past, present and future. Let’s go back to the Source! Let’s open the original books, the original scriptures, original literatures, follow only that, live only that!” –Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Yet, Yoga remains a great science where your body is trained through asanas, your mind is trained through liberated thinking, and your breathing structure is trained through pranayama.

The True Purpose of Yoga

The various steps used in Yoga are to ultimately awaken your Kundalini Shakti. Yoga is not meant just for your well being or health, it is meant to awaken your mystical powers. It is meant to awaken your spiritual realization. To realize your spiritual identity is the ultimate goal of Yoga.

Kundalini is the inner potential energy. Once it is awakened, you will experience extraordinary health, physically and mentally, and extraordinary powers. Everything in Yoga is finally aimed at awakening your Kundalini Shakti. To awaken the extraordinary possibilities and abilities in you, Yoga is one of the greatest gift given to the world by Mahadeva directly.

Basically, Yoga is to awaken your Kundalini Shakti and manifest what you want as reality. Ultimately, to become One with, or realize your highest spiritual identity: the experience of “I am Shiva, I am the Divine.” Yoga may start with bending the body, but it ends in uniting your consciousness with the Divine, becoming one with the Divine. However, even in the most polluted, diluted, crudest form, Yoga spreading is okay, because once people start practicing Yoga, it is such a powerful science, it is independently intelligent to awaken the intelligence of a practitioner and guide them step by step to it’s purest form! Yoga is not some dead postures; once you start practicing, it will lead you to it’s purest form. It’s an independent intelligence, it will lead you to it’s highest experience. That is why, even in a polluted or diluted form, if you start, that’s great. Somewhere, somehow, begin. Start!

Manifest Powers immediately!

Authentic yogis have shown shocking talents such as reading blindfolded, remote vision (with the ability to see far off places, people and events) and even living comfortably for days without food or sleep! Yoga is the science that empowers every being to realize his or her highest state of possibility.

In an ordinary system of yoga, the followers put in a lot of individual effort, with hours, days and even years of practice to manifest yogic powers called Siddhis. In fact, it is not uncommon for evolved yogis to have built Siddhis over 30 years of practice. This is where Nithyananda Yoga is spectacularly different.

“Yoga is not just the science of keeping you healthy. Yoga is the science of radiating enlightenment. It is not just for ability to stretch your body. [It is the] ability to manifest what you want. Not about making you better man, but about making you superman! Radiate powers immediately. Please understand, do not have patience with your practice. You have been given wrong instruction! No! If you have been asked to wait, you have been cheated. Yoga is a powerful alchemy system, [it] gives result immediately as you start. Otherwise you are being cheated, that is not yoga. Quality of yoga is, even if it is practiced little, brings tremendous result immediately!”

After being subject to years of dilution and pollution of this sacred science, the most profound intention and context of Yoga is now being revived and transmitted as a tangible experience by the Avatar of Sadashiva Himself. Nithyananda Yoga is hence all about producing the experience of Sadashivatva, the state of Sadashiva, His qualities, His glory, His grace and his powers in YOU!

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