3 ways to enjoy meditation

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In the beginning, keep aside at least half an hour for meditation everyday. Even if you plan on practicing anytime-anywhere meditations, always include a half-hour of sit-down meditation. This is the way to cultivate discipline in your meditation. Also, you need to practice consciously, in an environment set aside for the practice of meditation. It is preferable to keep the timings the same every day. The body and mind get accustomed to routines very fast. If you practice at the same time every day, you will find that you can slip into the meditative state more easily at that particular time. Choose the right place Choose a clean, uncluttered, silent space for meditation. If you already have a prayer-room in your home, that would be the ideal place. A space that has already been used for worship or meditation will have high energy level, which will help you meditate better. It is better to meditate in the same place everyday. If the space is indoors, ensure that there is sufficient sunlight and plenty of ventilation. If you are meditating outdoors, make sure that it is a private space where you won’t be disturbed. Do as much as you can Don’t make a problem out of your meditation! In the beginning, you may have trouble sitting in a particular posture. Be patient with yourself. Sometimes, a technique may require you to squat on the floor. If you are not accustomed to this, use a chair – but keep trying. Use a cushion as a seat if you want. For lie-down techniques, don’t lie on the bare floor. Use a carpet or a straw mat. Ensure that some time has passed since your last meal - at least two hours. Initially, you may feel sleepy during meditation. This is the tamas (lethargy) that is weighing down your system. Don’t try to fight the sleep – ultimately, you will be able to neither sleep nor meditate! And don’t feel guilty about feeling sleepy. If you are sleepy, just go to sleep. When you finish sleeping, you can get up and meditate, that’s all!