What Are the 11 Dimensions of the Universe

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You need to know and experience that there are more than four dimensions of the Universe, the four being length, breadth, depth and time. In the science of Sanatana Hindu Dharma, there are 11 dimensions of the Universe, which are elaborately described in the ancient scriptures. There are in fact, five unit dimensions which are length, breadth, depth, time and space.

  • Length is everything connected to logic.
  • Breadth means dimension of creativity and visualisation.
  • Depth can be briefly named as “Oneness”, Advaita.
  • Adding time and space and combining these 5 basic unit dimensions with each other leads to 11 dimensions of the Universe. The following are the various combinations:
  • Length and breadth combined with time.
  • Length and breadth combined with space.
  • Breadth and depth combined with time.
  • Breadth and depth combined with space.
  • Length and depth combined with time and length
  • Depth combined with space.

That truth and the powers which come with that are already tested and proven by the Balasanths, which are the children in my Nithyananda Gurukul. The Gurukul is the traditional Vedic school system, revived by me. The Balasanths are expressing different powers only by understanding and knowing these truths. So can you. I initiated my disciples who came to Sadashivoham into all 11 dimensions. Preparation included pure Satvik vegetarian food, Nithyananda Yoga, and the alchemy products which the participants received. I can say, the initiation has been successful. The Balasanths and Sadashivoham participants express powers of length, breadth and depth dimensions.

Length Dimension

The length dimension is connected to logic. The power expresses by being able to answer questions about length and logic. The initiates are able to manifest powers of solving Math problems like extracting the root of high numbers in very short time. They are able to answer questions like the distance between Moon and Earth within seconds. They also answer questions about height of statues and buildings. They tell distances between places and length of roads or rivers, even of places they have never heard of.

Breadth Dimension

The breadth dimension is connected to creativity and visualisation. It is all about the emotion which comes up with poetry, art and music. I initiated the Balasants into breadth dimension. And now the Balasanths sing songs they never heard before. They draw pictures of famous art they have never seen before. They even draw pictures of obscure art that has never been shown in the gallery, just by hearing the name of the artist

Depth Dimension

After length and breadth dimension, I initiated them into depth dimension.This is the dimension in which you can express powers like Materialization, Teleportation and Telekinesis. The initiation also awakens the ability to read the Akashic records. Depth dimension is experienced through Entanglement, experiencing Oneness.

For eg, The Balasanths express Telekinesis by sitting and connecting with a coconut. Just through the power of will, either by staring, eye-movement, or waving their hands very casually, they direct its movement. They are able to make it roll, stand up straight and crack it open.

Why You Need to Know About the Eleven Dimensions

Understand, even the intellectual understanding and the knowledge of these 11 dimensions makes most of the suffering redundant. Not only the suffering caused by others to you, but also the suffering caused by you to yourself. Just the understanding of 11 dimensions of the universe leads to inner peace.

Shaastra Pramaana

śaktisandhāne śarīrotpattiḥ ॥ 1- 19 ॥


By aiming and fixing the self on Shakti, uniting in Oneness with the supreme power, the embodiment of that which is cognized and willed manifests at once in its length, breadth, depth, and time and space dimension.

— Shiva Sutras, Sutra 1.19

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