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Today, the day started with Paramahamsa Nithyananda's temple visit to have the glance of Anandeswara Anamdeswari, Lord Dakshinamurthy and Sacred Banyan tree. It is followed by Pratyaksha Paduka Puja, immediately followed by Swamiji's morning satsang on 'levitation and science of coherence'. Later, it was followed by eN Kriya initiation to the devotees all around the world. Swamiji has blessed all the devotees who had come for Sarva Darshan. Today's eN miracles news: Materialization of a green emerald gemstone from the mouth of Ma Nithya Devi, Oman satsang center The day is followed by daily sessions to participants of Inner Awakening, eN Genius and Hi-Tech. It is followed by evening session of powerful energy darshan to Kaplataru, IA, eN Genius and Hi-Tech participants