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Summary of Today's Satsang

In today's (01st July, 2015) special satsang from Varanasi, Ananda Vana, Paramahamsa Nithyananda launches the 33rd Inner Awakening Program where he is initiating people into into SHIVOHAM in Shiva's Home and Third Eye Awakening.
Narrating the glory of Varanasi, he shares the greatness of Annapurni Devi's energy-field that gives the feeling of bliss, health and completion., which is in the very air of Kashi. Varanasi is the very DNA of Hinduism and is directly controlled by Mahadeva, where He dances, celebrates His own existence and protects it as Kalabhairava. All these divinities are literally, physically living here in Varanasi. Varanasi is literally the place where Gods make themselves available to everyone who comes here to relate with them, talk with them, receive blessings or offer gratitude. "Among the Gods - Mahadeva; among the kshetras - Varanasi; among the mantras - Pranava; among the books - Upanishads.

The satsang can be watched here




Third Eye Awakened Reading / Blind Fold Reading by Nithyananda Gurukul Kids

The Nithyananda Gurukul kids visited various places both in Chennai and in the vicinity of Bidadi to demonstrate the ability to read blind folded. The Gurukul kids began to have these miracle powers after being initiated by Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda. It can be noted that in the "Inner Awakening kids program" this initiation is given and the participating kids begins to express these powers


Viboothi - the sacred ash making process

At the Bidadi Ashram Viboothi is made through the culmination of a series of most auspicious process. Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda sat inside a ring of fire in the ancient process called Pancha Tapas, The fire around Swamiji gradually turned in to ash in the physical presence Swamiji and that forms the first crucial part.

Every day the eloborate Rudra Homa, the ancient fire ritual is performed with the Chanting of the Mantras and various offerings are made to the fire, at the end of this sacred process the Homa Kundam (the Homa pit) continues to radiate mild heat over the night and turns all that is offered into ash and this forms the next important part.

Additionally the dropped (not plucked) leaves of the the Sacred banyan tree are added in the Homa offering that by itself is a very powerful energy radiant.

Then these are taken together and mixed with the traditional vegetable oil and made into spherical balls and using the cow dung and the dried grass they are baked to form Viboothi.

This energized viboothi blessed by Swamiji is offered at the Nithyanandeshwara Temple at Bidadi and around the world that has healed many from physical problems to mental agonies and have blessed the worldly aspirations of the wearer

More information on this and how you can receive this viboothi can be had from writing to [email protected]