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Paramahamsa Nithyananda today continued the process of preparing 'Aushadha', an esoteric science from the Siddha tradition which is used to achieve the state, space, powers of Sadashiva, and gain access to the 25 states of consciousness.

Today, we witnessed the next process of preparing Aushadha for the upcoming happening of #Mahasadashivoham.

This Siddha technique is called Pudamgaatal. Pudam means purifying, Pudamgaatal is the process of purifying the Aushadha by keeping it above the ground and exposing it to heat and smoke. This smoke was generated by burning cowdung from Nithyananda Goshala's pure Desi cows.

Bhasma from the cowdung was also prepared. This pure Bhasma made precisely as per the Agamas revealed by Sadashiva also acts as Aushadha and was the second Aushadha product prepared, for Mahasadashivoham.