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This morning devotees gathered to offer Paduka Pada Puja (an offering of gratitude to the sacred sandals of the master) followed by chanting from Guru Gita and the daily ‘Nithya Satsang’.  Today is day 15 of Inner Awakening + En-genius programs, as well as the 22nd batch of the Nirahara (No-Food) Samyama, Level 4.  Today Swamiji expanded on being a catalyst to cause others reality.  When you provide your authentic listening, an empty space will appear in others, for them to be able to listen to you.  You will easily find where they are stuck and be able to help them the pattern they have been struggling with their whole life! Learning to enrich, learning to authentically listen is a knack, which we all have to learn – if we don’t, we will start believing the ‘NO’, of others, society. Only when you master listening and enriching others will you be able to live with people.  Be a catalyst to cause others reality. Nithya Satsang concluded with a powerful Upanishad (sitting with the master and mirroring his neuron activity) and individual blessings in ‘Sarva Darshan’.