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This morning devotees gathered to offer Paduka Pada Puja (an offering of gratitude to the sacred sandals of the master) followed by chanting from Guru Gita and the daily ‘Nithya Satsang’.  Today is day 16 of Inner Awakening + En-genius programs, as well as the 22nd batch of the Nirahara (No-Food) Samyama, Level 4.  Today the Maheshwara Puja  takes place, a beautiful ritual where participants can complete with loved ones whom have left the body. Swamiji expanded on Enriching, saying that at the end of the day, he can elaborate on the taste, the experience of enriching but it is up to us to ‘eat’, to live it. 

Swamijis discourse concluded quickly to make way for a powerful Cosmic Super-Brain Upanishad (sitting with the master and mirroring his neuron activity) and individual blessings in ‘Sarva Darshan’.