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Nithyanandam is designed to be an intense opportunity for exploring the Truth for the sincere seeker. It is an ‘enlightenment intensive’ program giving the torch to discover the Truths of life and thus to understand clearly who you are. The fulfillment of the basic needs naturally leads you to the self-actualization needs. Nithyanandam is the answer to this quest. Nithyanandam is a unique and intense meditation camp wherein we work directly upon the cancerous tumors of ego in each of us, making us intensely aware and getting rid of the various forms of ego deeply hidden in us. The participants continuously go through various activities like discourse and meditation, and ritual. The intense energy of the program and the energy field present a royal invitation to go beyond the clutches of the mind effortlessly. Nithyanandam is an exchange, drop your illusions and pick up reality. It is not a conventional meditation program; it is an event of celebration. One learns how to play the game of Life with spontaneity and joy, centered in the inner space while functioning effortlessly at the periphery.