Dr. Ma Atmapriyananda is an intiated Spiritual Healer and disciple of Paramahamsa Nithyananda.


She has been travelling and attending healing calls at various parts of Tamil Nadu and is also a Specialist Distance Healer.
People find relief in just a single telephone request for healing. Swamiji initiated and gave the healing stick blessing that people will be healed when she performs healing. Dr. Ma Atmapriyananda brings her consciousness to the "Ananda Gandha" and prays to Swamiji as she touches the seeker with the healing stick. When healing over phone she brings the image of the person to be healed and if a photo is presented she touches the healing stick on the person's photo.


People repot being miraculously relieved of pain and suffering instantly and long drawn diseases are healed in days.

Counselor Contact: 
Phone: +91 72590 17848