Swamiji initiated Sri Prananda Swami into healing by giving his energized healing stick and blessed this will be a Vaitheshwara (a great Healer) and said with this energy "start healing any one coming to you for any disease, if you touch with it (the energized healing stick) it will heal"
Since then Sri Prananda Swami started healing many who came directly and also those who requested healing via email, phone or whats up. Prananda Swami explains "I take the photo sent to me and bring myself to the Ananda Gandha and heal people by touching the healing stick on the photo"
Further Prananda Swami adds "People are reporting immediate healing i.e. within 2 to 3 minutes of I starting to heal they experience relief  of what they sought healing for I just ask them to pray to Swamiji as i heal and they say they feel the energy flowing through their body immediately".
Counselor Contact: 
phone / whats app: +91 94980 28199