Ma Nithya Jyotikananda Swami started to heal after being blessed by Swamiji to be a Healer. Jotikananda Swami brings the moment of Swamiji initiating her as the healer with the blessings "Whoever is touched by this Healing staff be cured of all their ailments" and gently places the healing stick on the person or the image of the person. Miraculously many get out of pain instantly and even those with serious medical conditions experience a miraculous cure within few hours  many of whome were given up by the regular medical system.


"With Swamijis blessings the healing happens instantly" says Ma Nithya Jotikananda Swami. From knee pain to emergency medical condition people have sought and experienced miraculous recovery. Having the initiation to heal Ma Nithya Jyotikananda Swami is ready to heal on the phone or in person when circumstance allow

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Recovery from Coma in a Single Healing session of attempted Sucide person

 Krishna Moorthi - BA
 Nithya-Jyotikananda Swami Healing Krishna Murthi Sucide VictimKrishna Moorthi a yong graduate from Salem attempted sucide and damaged his neck and went into coma. He was rushed to a leading hospital in Salem for 15 days without any recovery and was later moved to another hospital in Salem. In the hospital all his physiological functions were perffomed by various instruments including respiration (breathing), feeding, etc Their parents were desperate on how to take him to the house as there would be no support machines to support him at his home unlike in a hospital. He continued to be inactive and the body and limbs were lying as is. He contined to be in the hospital without improvement. That was when their parents requested Jyotikananda Swami for a healing. In just one session of healing Krishna Moorthi started recovering and in days he was out of homa and completely recovered.

Completely recovered from serious hospitalization in 3 days

 an IAS studentson and the son of Malarvizhi
 "Due to high fever i was admitted to the hospital and the doctors diognozed me of having minimum plateletts and said the condition is serious" says the student. I was there in the hospital and had stomach ache as well and my condition continued to be bad and that is when i called Swami Ma Jyotikananda of Nithyananda Order for blessings. Following my request Jyotikananda Swami came to the hospital and healed me. Miraculously in about half an hours time the stomach ache completely disappeared and the next day doctos said i can eat normally and within the next 3 days i was back in home fully healed

Serious blood condition miraculously recovered in one day of healing

 Salem Selvam hospital
 Athayi Rasipuram
 I went to the doctor after feeling very sick. The doctors on examining me were alarmed and asked me to immediately get adminted in the hospital because my platelette count was dangerously low and i was to pay the initial hospital fee and get admitted righ away. That is when i thought of Swami Jyotikananda a disciple of Paramahamsa Nithyananda and called Swami Jyotikananda for healing and prayers, On taking my call Jyotikananda Swami chanted the Sankalpa Mantra and asked me to pray to Swamiji. I very strongly earned to meet Swamiji in person and immediately started to the Bidadi Ashram. On the way to the Ashram my foot started swelling. But the next morning i was blessed to see Swamiji in the morning after the daily Satsang during the Kalpataru Darshan. I went near Swamiji and prayed for healing, Swamiji blessed me with both his hands. Immediately I felt relief and in 3 days my condition miraculously recovered to normal state.

Gita - Cancerous clump disappeared after a healing session

 Gita's Mother
 6 months after i went thrugh an operation to remove a cancerous lump in my stomach i started developing a lump again at the same place and it started to pain. Went through initial diognosis to hear it is most likely again a cancerous lump. I went to take healing from Swami Jyotikananda the disciple of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Jyotikananda Swami performed healing I felt immediate relief in pain and after few days i went for a scan and to my pleasent surprise the test showed the lump totally disappeared. I am so grateful to have the blessings of Swamiji through his disciple