Sharing the Give of Healing with World

Ma Nithya Prematma Ananda Swami was initiated as a specialist healer and a distance healer by His Holiness Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji. She says, “Swamiji blessed me to be a healing specialist and a long distance healer, using an energized healing spear to heal anyone, both in person or even with their photo. This is an extraordinary gift from Swamiji that I am blessed to have and share with the world.”

Counselor Contact: 
+1 909 230 1002

24 Therapy Sessions Failed - 1 Spiritual Healing Was a Success

“The healing with Ma Prematma Swami was truly remarkable. My whole body was instantly filled with an intense healing energy that lasted for some time after the healing finished. I felt strong and energetic after the healing in all levels: physical, mental emotional and spiritual. The next morning I was surprised and delighted to be able to touch the tip of my right index finger to the right thumb. This had not been possible at all even after 24 physiotherapy and hand therapy sessions. Thank you Swamiji for initiating the special healers who are doing so much good in the world" - Ma Nithya Brahmanjnana Ananda