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In this video (19 December 2016), Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains one of the Panchakrityas - one of the five actions that Sadashiva performs which is putting into delusion. He explains that it is we ourselves, who take decisions which have certain side-effects which limit our future possibilities and freedom, and we forget about these decisions leading to blind spots and delusion. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe.
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Participant - Bhagwan, earlier I heard you saying that the 4 aspects of creation, maintenance, destruction and delusion are independent of the God’s Will….and it’s not God’s Will, they happen….




Swamiji - No, no, no, independent of your support.




Participant - Your support…..but only the liberation…..




Swamiji - I need your Will to support Me.




Participant - Why it is like that Swamiji?




Swamiji - See basically, till you are put in delusion, you don’t have a delusion - you have a Will. Now, because of the delusion you develop a delusional Will, which need to support Me, to get into the real pure Will. Delusional Will means just saying ‘No’ to everything, tantrum throwing child. Actually, why it is called delusional Will you know? You don’t have your own reason to say ‘No’; just because he said ‘Yes’ - I am saying ‘No’. That is what is called ‘delusional Will’. So in delusion, the fourth state, you develop a delusional Will, where you needed your delusional Will to support, cooperate, to reach the fifth stage.




Participant - Means...for the delusion itself, when it happened irrespective of my own Will…




Swamiji - I should say, you decided to move to US for various conscious reasons, but after going there, you discover which you did not expect...expect also has come to you. Like a parking ticket or the speeding ticket. In India, you don’t have that problem at all. So what I am saying - you went there for some purpose, but something which you did not expect has come, then you are caught in that corner….when you are cornered in that situation, what you feel about you and think of you, “Why am I having this problem?” That is where you understand the blind spots which you accumulated, due to the decisions which you took for certain reasons. When you take decisions for certain reasons, you lose freedom of certain things and the lost freedom gathers as a blind spot, that is what I call ‘delusion’.




Participant - So forgetting….so forgetting the….




Swamiji - Yes. You see, you took the decision of coming to US for this and so you are only responsible for this speeding ticket, parking ticket, system also. You can’t say, “I will earn in dollar, but I will not pay the parking ticket, speeding ticket, because that is not there in the tradition as India.” Then you earn in Indian rupee! Be here, nobody pays tax here! Only 1% of the country pays tax in this country. I don’t know whether you know or not, but that is the truth and 90% of the Indians – “tax... why?”!! No, only 1% of India pays tax. I don’t how many of you are aware?! That’s the actual statistics as per Government.


So understand, the decisions you take, accumulate certain blind spots and when you are not able to handle the blind spots, it is called ‘delusion’.


If you know why you have voted for what you have voted, you will not have blind spot - one. Second, even if there are some difficulties, you will take responsibility for it because you voted for it!! But forgetting why you voted for what you voted is ‘delusion’. Clear?