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Master Technique to Realize Yourself

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"All teachings, techniques, all practices boils down to this one Maha Vakya- Be Unclutched. Start Unclutching, an ordinary person can practice and experience this." declares Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Rare Avatar and Enlightened Master in response to the Q&A session, when asked if living inside the body independently means functioning in the body with pure consciousness. Unclutching is the ultimate technique, the Maha Vakya gifted by Nithyananda to the planet. "Master technique to realize yourself!" is the message for Jan 7th 2011. Continuing to enlighten us and take us to higher and higher consciousness with ultimate truths through Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Paramahamsa Nithyananda today dealt with yoga sutra no. 92, from Sadhana Pada, chapter 2, 41st verse, "Sattva Śuddhi Saumanasya Ekāgra Indriyajaya Ātmadarśana Yogayatvāni Ca" explained as "There also arises purification of the Sattva, cheerfulness of the mind, concentration, conquest of the organs, and fitness for the realization of the Self". Patanjali is continuing from the last sutra of Soucha, purity which gives you the science of pleasure. Paramahamsa Nithyananda again and again stressed that purity is not morality. It is given as a mystical technique. The Master gave the core essence of this sutra as, "Understand the mystery of pleasure through the eyes, ears by continuously looking, seeing, experiencing through those senses means achieving the purity. When you understand the science of pleasure, soucha, purity, through the spiritual practice, you will understand the science of bliss. Sattva Śuddhi means purification of the senses, the understanding, when you stop the trial & error method, that space only I call Sattva Śuddhi. The intense happiness which comes out of your being by the understanding of the mystery of pleasure is what Patanjali calls 'Saumanasya', it brings you tremendous happiness, Nothing can take away the happiness you have. 'Ekāgra', the ability to focus happens in you. Senses will not be using you, you will use them. Destroying or slave of senses is not right thing. Be master of senses. You will become the master of the senses and be ready for 'ātmadarśana', self-realization". Nithyananda then went deep into explaining the rare science of 'mystery' and how we lose the Shraddha (sincerity) in our spiritual practices in very simple words, He says, "When I say, understand you are looking through the eyes, if you just listen, it is a technical knowledge. If you try to do it for 10 minutes, it is technique. But even when your bio memory, laziness and diverting tendency takes you over -- after 3 minutes it will divert you, then the Shraddha in the technique, the tapas will be lost. But when that is lost by the diversion or by the laziness, even in those moments you stand -- No, I am going to do it. When you look through the eyes, suddenly the mysteries of looking will be revealed to you, which your ordinary eyes will never grasp". Then, Nithyananda explained what is practicing Brahmacharya and who is a Paramahamsa, "Attend to every sense with the clarity of purity, the mysteries will be revealed to you. This is what I say is practicing Brahmacharya. Then you will create a life around you. What is that which gives excitement again and again. Person who has created a beautiful conflict free life around him, which may not be set up in any human community set up or varna (brahmacharya, grihasta, vanaprastha, sannyas), but you have a clear understanding of mystery, this is what is mystery of pleasure for me, seeing for me, taste for me and you set up your life as you want and you live, you are called Paramahamsa. You know in clear, mystical way what you want, what for you can spend and what can constantly keep you in eternal bliss. I tell you, whenever you are established, you are in eternal bliss." Then, Paramahamsa Nithyananda declared His vision to the delight of all, "My vision is creating more & more 'Paramhamsas' who are capable of creating more & more Paramahamsas. It should become like a millions of swans flying in the sky. Understand only dogs hit and fight each other. Swans never hit each other though millions fly together close to each other. Swans don't get into traffic jams or accidents. Only dogs get into accidents. I am interested in all of you becoming swans so that whether you are here or not here, there is not conflict. But dogs will always have conflict wherever they are".