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In this video (17 December 2016), Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals a breakthrough methodology on how to manifest powers. The right attitude with which to approach manifesting powers is explained by the example of Maha Vishnu and His great devotee Prahlada - Maha Vishnu cannot afford to let His devotee down. In the same way, we just need to shift the pressures of success and failure on to His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, and effortlessly manifest powers. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe.
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How many of you are confident, you can do the demonstration of at least one power? Raise your hand. Now I know, I need to break your SDHD. Powers I have given. It’s all about now breaking the SDHD. SDHD is nothing but arrogance….okay, I’ll have to work. Where your arrogance need to be surrendered to Me. You see, they should know “If I am successful the pride is for Swamiji, if I am a failure - blame is for Him. Why should I bother?”




There is a beautiful story. Vishnu was lying on the Vaikunta. Maha Lakshmi was pressing His feet. Suddenly Vishnu got up and started running. Maha Lakshmi thought,” Did any demon attack Vaikunta. Even then I have never seen in My whole life, Maha Vishnu running like this!” And she was also chasing Him and asking, “Array, tell Me why are you running? At least tell and run! Which demon is attacking? I don’t see any demon, any attack!” Then Vishnu, without reducing the speed, in the same speed running, and He is telling, “Look, look, look, look there, look there.” There the Prahlada was trying his small hand and trying to show in which pillar Vishnu is there. The father is asking, Hiranyakashipu is asking, “Aye, in which pillar your Narayana is there? In this pillar or that pillar?” So the Prahlada, small kid, he is only 5 year old kid. When Narasimha avatar happened, he is only 5 year, not even 6; 5 running. So that small baby, is raising the hand and trying to show….Narayana says, “Whichever pillar that finger is showing, I have to get into that pillar. I can’t afford to….I can’t afford to let My devotee down.” It boils down there. And I will not let you guys down.


There is so much of self protection ma; so much of arrogance and self protection. It is arrogance, please understand, the word is sharp, but that is the truth. Ability to throw - “If I am successful, praise goes to Him. Everyone knows I have not done anything. 21 days before I am same bondu only and everyone knows. And ... if I am not successful, blame goes to Him, if I am successful, praise goes to Him. Come on, let me put Him in risk.” No, that is the attitude, that’s the only way you will move out of you. Otherwise you are so protective of you.


Actually if you never get into the stage and start the demonstration, forever you will live with the idea, you don’t have that power... that is where the whole problem is; because you plan and cognize you, only 40% based on your thinking. You cognize about you 60% based on other’s conclusion. So now, the fight between this 40 and that 60. So I can neither take this side nor take that side, I have just put nuclear bomb for both. I have to break both. I’ll do it. I’ll do it. Hmmm...




Initiation is playfield and now breaking your arrogance, means, making you open up and breaking your SDHD. You see, when you are catching, when your intuition is showing, in a subtle way you get aligned. Catching what kind of a alignment you are in when you are manifesting and getting back to that, is what I need to do now for you guys.


See, when you are manifesting the powers, you are in certain space, like a...your back will be little stretched or certain kind of a kundalini flow will be there, something will be going on in you. Recreating the same, just by remembering, not with any technique, just by remembering. That is what now I have to do to you guys. Then you will get the confidence. It is not even confidence, it is more like a challenging. “I don’t….I can’t demo, I can’t manifest powers, let me see what you can do to me.” Anyhow, I will put you in a situation, where you have to manifest this power for survival. Then, you will naturally manifest and you will get confidence, that’s all. I’ll put you somewhere where you are completely lost. Unless you use the extraordinary powers, you will not be able to get out of the situation, then you will be forced to use, then only then you will be able to get out of the situation. Then...then second time onwards, you will not ask Me to put you in that situation, “No, better let me manifest powers. Don’t do this anymore.” It will all become all right, that’s all. Come on, you do your game, I’ll do My game. Lot of fun for Me. No, sometime...




I think I should tell you this story. At one time in 1999.... when I sit with closed eyes, I just know I am Sadāshiva, but when I open My eyes and start operating...there is one small stone kind of a thing in front of My Ananda Gandha, which will always hit. So I tried to break that stone again and again, means manifest Sadāshivatva through this body also. At one point it become like almost, “Aye, why to then have this body, let’s leave the body because I know if I leave the body, I’ll be in Sadāshivatva. Unnecessarily why struggling?” I was in the banks of Narmada, doing tapas. I decided to give up, leave the body and started walking into Narmada. When water came up to the knee level...sorry, neck level, I closed the eyes and started walking, started walking, walking, walking, suddenly one rock hit at My knee and I fell. When I got up, I saw I was on the other side. When I turned I saw….Narmada is actually considered to be a small girl. She just stood up from the river and laughed at Me and I saw that stone was missing; that’s all. That stone was missing, means that blockage was missing.




So even I have to put Myself in certain situation, where manifesting Sadāshivatva becomes survival. Only then, I Myself manifested. So that is the only way, you are going to manifest...I think. No, sometime even if you know you have everything, you do not want to….you do not want to shake the status quo. You are afraid people will make fun of you. “Aah, you went 21 days and sat with that Swami, jumped around. I saw your photographs all over the Facebook and that stupid big big mala and big big bindi, rudraksha and everything. Now you are coming and claiming you have extraordinary powers!” You are afraid of people laughing at you. But I tell you, people will never laugh at you, if you decide and start manifesting. I tell you, I will not let you down.


Anyhow, I will do the job, little more and then….. I’ll make it happen. I have to. You manifesting power, whether it is survival for you or not, it is survival for Me, because that is the only reason I am surviving, I am alive. Making you manifest is My responsibility more than your responsibility. Come on.